Nothing EVER Works!
Shikime 1,1 mln Ditë më parë
Trying to make my old school garage door openers "smart" has left me with a multi-year-long nightmare of different solutions that ...
I turned my Diamond Play Button into a Gaming PC
Shikime 2,1 mln 16 orë më parë
We put a PC into our Diamond Play Button - and it's sooooo sick... and of course also a bit janky. Even more machining footage!
The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade
Shikime 2,1 mln 16 orë më parë
David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure. Discuss on the forum: ...
Reacting to Linus react to my PC Build TRAINWRECK!
Shikime 928 mijë Muaj më parë
If you own content in this video and would like it removed, please contact me at: xQc (Félix Lengyel) is ...
Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea
Shikime 1,9 mln 16 orë më parë
PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself ...
What Linus Tech Tips DIDN'T Tell You About NiceHash
Shikime 139 mijë 21 ditë më parë
Gotta get that crypto money!!! A great writeup on nicehash's founder: The ...
Do they think gamers are suckers?
Shikime 1,9 mln 2 muaj më parë
Can Optoma's UHD30 stand in for a gaming monitor? Does 240hz refresh rate look good on a big screen? With HDR 10, 4k and a ...
Roasting Your WORST Setups
Shikime 1,9 mln 7 ditë më parë
You guys asked for it, and today we deliver. We're roasting the best and worst of your setups from Twitter. Discuss on the forum: ...
Daydreaming | A Film by Linus Svensson
Shikime 1,1 mijë Ditë më parë
This is a film I made from the footage of my travels last year. It has always been a dream of mine to see the world, but things didn't ...
I Was RIGHT!!!! (and I hate it) - Semiconductor Shortage Explained
Shikime 2,6 mln 14 ditë më parë
At the start of the pandemic I guessed we were about to have a massive shortage of computer hardware... and unfortunately I was ...
I broke my camera man's bed! - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade
Shikime 2,4 mln Muaj më parë
Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Discuss on the forum: ...
It's time.
Shikime 1,4 mln 16 orë më parë
If you build it, they (developers) will come - at least that's the idea behind this open source smart watch. Follow the project: ...
Our First Build Together in YEARS! - Luke Personal Rig Update 2021
Shikime 1,8 mln 14 ditë më parë
It's been years since Linus and Luke have done a build together, and since Luke's previous "Geodude" build was in need of some ...
Building a gaming PC at… WALMART?
Shikime 1,4 mln 21 ditë më parë
When you don't have a Microcenter, why not look to Walmart? We're going to build a gaming PC from the store that claims to have ...
Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade
Shikime 4,5 mln 2 muaj më parë
We're back with another Intel Extreme Home Upgrade where one lucky LMG'er gets $5000 of Intel's money to do whatever they ...
My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER - feat. Twomad
Shikime 3,3 mln 6 muaj më parë
Twitter demanded we help fellow creator TwoMad out with a computer build. On a whim, Linus agreed! Now here we are, we have ...
Linus was right. - ECC Memory Explained
Shikime 1,7 mln 2 muaj më parë
It's possible to use ECC server RAM inside of your regular desktop computer at home, but is it something you SHOULD do?
Trying out a Windows knock-off
Shikime 2,5 mln Vit më parë
Windows has never been open source… But there is a project aimed at fixing that. How close can it come to the real Windows ...
I'm DONE covering for NVIDIA - RTX 3070 Review
Shikime 3,6 mln 5 muaj më parë
With the RTX 3070 launch, Nvidia caps off the third of its high-profile RTX 30-series releases, but while performance has been ...
How far will Intel GO?
Shikime 1,4 mln 7 ditë më parë
Intel's 11th-gen Core architecture wasn't supposed to be on 14nm - But it is. Let's find out what kinds of trade-offs they've had to ...
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