Carto - Pre-Order Trailer | PS4
Cake Bash - Out Now Trailer | PS4
Cloudpunk - Launch Trailer | PS4
Space Crew - Launch Trailer | PS4
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Haven - Gameplay Footage | PS5
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Ponpu - Release Date Trailer | PS4
GMV STEVE 7 minuta më parë
Everyday come new game wowww
Riggsdapizza 8 minuta më parë
It is sort of like wreck fest but a lot more awesome
Bangcat 8 minuta më parë
Not bad. But it's still not MOTORSTORM. Still asking for that franchise back, SONY.
marlin games
marlin games 9 minuta më parë
Reminds me of twisted metal
jeff nicklaus mijares
jeff nicklaus mijares 11 minuta më parë
Garbage game can't even play it without saying "CONNECTION ERROR"
Roy Bright
Roy Bright 11 minuta më parë
I wonder if this is going to be outstanding, until approximately half-way in where it consta-ganks you with ridiculous numbers making it much less enjoyable? :P
riku riku
riku riku 13 minuta më parë
Stigmou’s friend
Stigmou’s friend 14 minuta më parë
Your content rock! 😃👍🏻
Ronplayz 15 minuta më parë
They literally just copied rocket league like if im right
Sam D
Sam D 15 minuta më parë
Any news on whether they’ll be fixing their pre order disaster? Or we still gunna have to wait until 2021 to buy one of these things
Veen Nogare
Veen Nogare 16 minuta më parë
Will this be available even after the PS5 launch?? I really hope so
Eagle's Perch
Eagle's Perch 17 minuta më parë
Yeah, I'd play this.
mr joshski
mr joshski 18 minuta më parë
Does anyone think this will be on ps5?
Nathan THEKID 19 minuta më parë
mr joshski
mr joshski 19 minuta më parë
I can't wait to get this
Bones 71
Bones 71 19 minuta më parë
Announce black panels not white then I’ll buy one
gamerorsomething 19 minuta më parë
look at how they massacred my childhood
YuriMagcalas 19 minuta më parë
The newest comments are posted like a minute ago holy smokes
rodrigo vieira
rodrigo vieira 20 minuta më parë
Another game that looks f2p, should be f2p, but cost 25 bucks
Spam Bot
Spam Bot 20 minuta më parë
Are there any confirmed ps5 exclusives yet because that would be the only reason for me to buy it.
Crem8tor-2 21 minutë më parë
Ban the cheats. Remove crossplay. Microsoft who? Oh the game, Reminds me of Wrecfest, which is heaps fun.
CodeNameUnicorn 21 minutë më parë
I’ll always love you PS4.. I’ll never forget the times we shared but there’s jus someone else. I’m seeing another console.. his name is PS5, I’m filing for a preorder.
Helmy Zainuddin
Helmy Zainuddin 22 minuta më parë
I love the music
ALI ESSA 23 minuta më parë
Looks kinda fun.
Echo 23 minuta më parë
so underrated
Ashton Mears
Ashton Mears 25 minuta më parë
Remember when 2k ratings were realistic? Not just rookies getting a 96 overall
Commander Keen
Commander Keen 26 minuta më parë
I completely forgot this game existed
TOP Fusion Trixzz
TOP Fusion Trixzz 27 minuta më parë
Imagine disliking the vid
nog the great
nog the great 30 minuta më parë
Its morphine time
nIkHiL .g
nIkHiL .g 34 minuta më parë
when is this coming out ?
Renato Paz
Renato Paz 35 minuta më parë
Music? Thanks
lordsysop 36 minuta më parë
Ads are you serious!!!
ThePhenomm 37 minuta më parë
Here’s my wallet Playstation: Your Welcome
ItsClout2k 37 minuta më parë
Game released 10 years to late😆
Joey - -
Joey - - 37 minuta më parë
Goodbye...I will never forget you
toxy pro 123
toxy pro 123 39 minuta më parë
toxy pro 123
toxy pro 123 39 minuta më parë
i can't play i dont have ps5
David Jurado
David Jurado 40 minuta më parë
Osea que solo hicieron que lo corriera ps4 por que los graficos se ven igual
lawrence TV
lawrence TV 40 minuta më parë
Not paying for this
† Ranger for Jesus †
† Ranger for Jesus † 41 minutë më parë
Is it on PC?
kaio CJ
kaio CJ 42 minuta më parë
The game favorit for PS2
Lennex Louis
Lennex Louis 42 minuta më parë
Honestly can’t wait for this, I don’t play Warzone, but this update looks intense.
煙Astaloy 44 minuta më parë
This was my last childhood game salute black ops
Sanjana Mehra
Sanjana Mehra 45 minuta më parë
Hey team it's better now in these difficult days ps has mixed with nfs love you
Dark Basher
Dark Basher 45 minuta më parë
I think the female tinkerer is his mom rio morales
Max Keus
Max Keus 46 minuta më parë
Looks fun
Dogfartface 46 minuta më parë
Tarık Bilgen
Tarık Bilgen 46 minuta më parë
playstation 5 çıktı biz hala 2'yle oynuyoruz
Prince Groove
Prince Groove 48 minuta më parë
I’m a simple guy: I see monster truck in title, I buy.
Zouhair El maaroufi
Zouhair El maaroufi 49 minuta më parë
Xbox game pass still the king
Kushwant Singh Chauhan
Kushwant Singh Chauhan 50 minuta më parë
It's including Multiplayer ?
Yogi Firly aditya Yogz
Yogi Firly aditya Yogz 50 minuta më parë
Pak ayaken ath film na ni balaga goblog
Piero 51 minutë më parë
Coff coff, è "Sergio Splendido" se proprio vogliamo fare gli italiani con le scope del cu!
Nathan G
Nathan G 51 minutë më parë
Hey, where is the game ? It's October 2020...
theo hd
theo hd 51 minutë më parë
awesome,day one buy :D
Cadel Foster
Cadel Foster 51 minutë më parë
I kinda wish horizon zero dawn and killzone were in here
ThePowerOfNoSense 52 minuta më parë
the only thing that will scare me will be to see how many gb cod will occupy after the update
Jerzy Haftka
Jerzy Haftka 52 minuta më parë
And the price on that game xD It's not only ridiculous it's toitally unfair. You have the level design already, you have the script, you have all the other things people already worked on, you make better sound and better graphics yet you want money like the game was build from the ground up.
The Meme Boi
The Meme Boi 52 minuta më parë
Ok. Now add fire trucks.
Matenje Julius Matenje
Matenje Julius Matenje 54 minuta më parë
Add Offline split screen again pleassseee 🙏🏾 Thats why Gran Turismo has the upper hand on NFS
IRON SPIDER 56 minuta më parë
ALnets is weird...ps5 ui is out but no!! We will show u ps4 ui from 6yrs ago😂😂
Ahmet Öztürk
Ahmet Öztürk 56 minuta më parë
next up ps3 ui
Megatron Knows
Megatron Knows 56 minuta më parë
So characters are... a jersey shore loser, a mumble rapper, a Mexican wrestler, Deadmau5's gf, and a furry fanatic. The game is destruction derby but people run around at the same time cars are crashing through the arena.... i miss anything? I still have no clue what this game is about or how it plays 😂
THE GOAT 56 minuta më parë
Please remaster GTA - S.A. for ps5 and watch your records of sales be broken immediately
TRIALLED-BOT 57 minuta më parë
TRIALLED-BOT 57 minuta më parë
TRIALLED-BOT 58 minuta më parë
IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!
Ab. Su.
Ab. Su. 59 minuta më parë
I wish the real Enhanced Patch coming out for PS5 on Day One ! Pls!
Ибрагим Ахаев
Ибрагим Ахаев Orë më parë
Com on, CAPCOM! Now it's time to restart this project! Amazing graphics
Jeff Mijares
Jeff Mijares Orë më parë
Game is garbage, I can't play it on PS4 without saying "Connection error server" the solution is just to uninstall the game.
Munchkitten :3
Munchkitten :3 Orë më parë
25 dollars ain't worth it
Justin L
Justin L Orë më parë
It’s fine I’ll just stim shot outside the map!
Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield Orë më parë
I like this colour scheme more than the new one
Lorent Orë më parë
Cant wait to see the ps6 interface..
xFS Orë më parë
Love how this got recommended to me after the Interface Reveal of the PlayStation 5.
Momo Simpson
Momo Simpson Orë më parë
Wait so if u have ps plus in the ps5 u will be able to get these games?
int1me Orë më parë
I can just imagine the 2k game chat with controller mics