Chrystalbaby 6 orë më parë
Where did you guys get your couch from? 😭
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson 6 orë më parë
21 hit different when you get a crib and kids to go with it. Hope you are ready for the journey ahead at such a young age.
Amari Sanders
Amari Sanders 6 orë më parë
Cherelle Gooch
Cherelle Gooch 6 orë më parë
A lot of ppl love home improvement vids so you should do a backyard transformation video
Britt britt Saucy
Britt britt Saucy 6 orë më parë
@RebeccaRoots The comment u made us jus so UNNECESSARY BUT U KNOW The HARDEST part about “Business” is MinDing YouR OwN Hmmm that part don’t be a Troll #ReeceAndRay #Haters Gon Hate no matter what u do weather u got makeup on or u naked they always gotta be #negative Let’s be positive in #2021 Stop Hating Stop Trolling stop making unnecessary comments just too be ugly and because your jealous and miserable 😩 much Love & Blessings Too Everyone :) 🤘🏽🙏🏽🖤
Britt britt Saucy
Britt britt Saucy 6 orë më parë
Stop wasting your time Judging People and Spend your time Loving people Period PoOoh!
giselle galvez
giselle galvez 6 orë më parë
Is it me or is one of reeces eyebrows shaded in??
Hector Ortega
Hector Ortega 6 orë më parë
tdollasignnn 6 orë më parë
reece and his coffee cup the whole time, he’s such a dad HAHAH! Congrats Reece & Ray, your family is beautiful ❤️
Klarissa Castillo
Klarissa Castillo 6 orë më parë
You guys should get rid of the closet door in your bedroom
Cecilia Isordia
Cecilia Isordia 6 orë më parë
Beautiful home love the vibe and of course love u guys together
Ay Dubb
Ay Dubb 6 orë më parë
The shit makeup do
Savanna Michelle
Savanna Michelle 6 orë më parë
Raylene is me eating the whole time lol
Monique Alonzo
Monique Alonzo 6 orë më parë
Damn Justice, take the jacket off stay a little while 😂 Totally my favorite family! Bless you & yours.
joanna diego
joanna diego 6 orë më parë
Rayleen is so beautiful
Deanna Tolliver
Deanna Tolliver 6 orë më parë
9:15 I love her face when her dad says “cause you don’t know if it will last”
Sky Stinnett
Sky Stinnett 6 orë më parë
I’m rooting for y’all !❤️🤞🏼
Jayara Ortega
Jayara Ortega 6 orë më parë
Awwww that was beautiful he loves his girls God Bless you Reece 🎊💕👑👐💑👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🤩🥳
Lizbet Sandoval
Lizbet Sandoval 6 orë më parë
“Cook don’t know how to cook” 🤣🤣🤣
Elida Escobar
Elida Escobar 6 orë më parë
When jcook said “hey your toes bout to touch my fucken toes” lol saaaaame
Rochelle Chanell
Rochelle Chanell 6 orë më parë
lmaooo when reece was showing why he don't like the pantry n was trying to fit to get " skittles" lmaooooo I love you guys together
Daisy 6 orë më parë
12:08 “I bet you fit in it too” pops throwing shots 🤣🤣🤣
Damaris Anaya
Damaris Anaya 6 orë më parë
Awww I’m so proud of Reece ! And grateful he has a good woman by his side!❤️
Nicole .089
Nicole .089 6 orë më parë
I like the decor gives me comfy vibes ✨and for the ppl saying it’s to small no it’s not other ppl have more kids and a way smaller house there lucky and blessed , there place is cute and as long as the love it that’s all that matters 💞
Jessy Marie
Jessy Marie 6 orë më parë
@Destiny Ramirez yuppp it’s better than living on street as long as you got a roof under your head your good and everyone she be grateful for even having a apartment or place to live 😩 there just showing the place and people bring up the size of it like FOR WHAT if y’all don’t like the size of there apartment get them a bigger one or shutup with all that complaining damn they happy and living there best life ✨
Karla sanchez
Karla sanchez 6 orë më parë
@Destiny Ramirez facts ‼️
Destiny Ramirez
Destiny Ramirez 6 orë më parë
Yes ! That’s a very pretty house people 🥺 only care about the size like shit that’s a big ass house to me compared to where I live byeeee no but I love it it’s my comfy spot I rather be here then anywhere else 🤷🏻‍♀️ppl are crazy talking about the size of it like whattt as long as you even got a house should always be grateful no matter what size it is 💞 & as long as there happy that’s the only thing that matters 💯
Israel Sanchez
Israel Sanchez 6 orë më parë
Are the girls twins? They look the same age
Miya M
Miya M 6 orë më parë
Every girl needs a jordan❤❤
its_simply_ME 6 orë më parë
Love both you guys 👫and those little cuties👸👸, stay grinding, ignore the hate, live life the way you love ❤
Stephanie Zaragoza
Stephanie Zaragoza 6 orë më parë
Yesss you guys are a cute family 💕
Isabel Carrion
Isabel Carrion 6 orë më parë
ummm can we talk about how rayleen is still gorgeous with and without makeup and how flawless her skin is!!
Desirey B
Desirey B 6 orë më parë
Love how you guys put your house into a home 💖
YNBA MONEY. 6 orë më parë
Where is your bedspread from!
Iris Dejesus
Iris Dejesus 6 orë më parë
God bless your beautiful home I have a few ideas you need some kind of table underneath your tv where you could put family picturesa nice vase and also this is just me that clock should not go in the living room.Get a nice big picture frame Ross has nice frames and they’re not expensive.
CAR & ZAR 7 orë më parë
prayers over your home wishing you both a happy home
Elida Escobar
Elida Escobar 7 orë më parë
What Jordan said about the pictures is sooo true lol and the way people criticize everything nowadays better to say it before ppl start assuming
Sammy Boo
Sammy Boo 7 orë më parë
Cute!! Congratulations 🎉
saira Contreras
saira Contreras 7 orë më parë
Favs! Congrats !!! Beautiful , humble little family & home🥺💓
LaToya Martinez
LaToya Martinez 7 orë më parë
Love How She Says Cause Cook Don’t Know How To Cook 😂😂
Roxanne Alvarado18
Roxanne Alvarado18 7 orë më parë
Loves yalls spot so cute and cozy ! ❤️❤️
Celeste Perez
Celeste Perez 7 orë më parë
Pescatarian 🤣🤣
Jesse Rae
Jesse Rae 7 orë më parë
2 things that I absolutely loved in this video was when he fixed the baby ponytail "awww precious" and the fact that she felt comfortable enough to not wear makeup.. I love that she can show young women that you can be yourself and still be beautiful.. because she is so beautiful without make up. so far I love the vibe yall have and I must say you seem to be a great father figure in those babies life "which i already knew you would be" because your mom did a great job raising you all 👏 ♡
Elizabeth Watt
Elizabeth Watt 7 orë më parë
So happy for you guys! ❤️
Jessica Cerqueira
Jessica Cerqueira 7 orë më parë
also take off ur closet door to have more space
Paola Brigitte
Paola Brigitte 7 orë më parë
He really waited for the right person to come to his life 💜🙏🏻🙏🏻 amazing family Btw I been obsessed with y’all’s ALnets channel 😁
Jessica Cerqueira
Jessica Cerqueira 7 orë më parë
i think u should put a big circle mirror where the tv in ur room would go
Michelle Rivera-williams
Michelle Rivera-williams 7 orë më parë
I love that frame it's how happy it is❤❤❤❤100 percent always
Lizzie VG
Lizzie VG 7 orë më parë
What eyelashes ur wearing . ?????
Grace 7 orë më parë
Love your new place, CONGRATULATIONS!
i love y’all !!🥺🥺🥰
Lanette Marie
Lanette Marie 7 orë më parë
Omg I love the house it’s so nice.🤍 the cutest family on ALnets 🥰
Nitika Webb
Nitika Webb 7 orë më parë
“ Cook don’t know how to COOK” 😂😂😂 DAMN RAELYNN
Jen O
Jen O 7 orë më parë
For Vlogmas one of the videos should be Rayleen doing a “Get to know me Q&A”
Dioselyn Diaz
Dioselyn Diaz 7 orë më parë
Can I say, you guys are a very beautiful and mature couple!! You guys have a good head on your shoulders! God bless you guys and I pray blessings over your guys beautiful little family!!!
Yatze’s Life 🌺
Yatze’s Life 🌺 7 orë më parë
The couch looks super comfy 🙂😬
Kenia Ana
Kenia Ana 7 orë më parë
Are ya’ll getting barstools or something to eat? Cute house and cute couple 😍
Jen O
Jen O 7 orë më parë
Omg Rayleen looks soo young without makeup
Marie Malave
Marie Malave 7 orë më parë
😍😍😍😍 everything is nice
Kieanna Smith
Kieanna Smith 7 orë më parë
You guys are the best you guys should do a morning routine video now
it'sTy4 Short
it'sTy4 Short 7 orë më parë
2:15 he fixed her ponytail 🤩
Lexiss Ramirez
Lexiss Ramirez 7 orë më parë
Love the video! The house looks amazing 🔥
Dina Bonilla
Dina Bonilla 7 orë më parë
For the girls room I suggest to install like a chalk wall so they can draw on that and not on the floors or walls >> and it’s a pretty cool piece to have in their room ! 💖
4152005 7 orë më parë
So proud of you guys....!!!
Alyssa V
Alyssa V 7 orë më parë
I thought Reece was going to say he can’t live without music 🤦🏽‍♀️ how was that not one of them lol
Dina Bonilla
Dina Bonilla 7 orë më parë
For the closet problem in your bathroom you guys can easily take the door off and leave it in a sense of a walk in closet ! 💚 Just an idea ...
Cassandra 7 orë më parë
That door to the closet in your bedroom can be so annoying but why don’t you guys take off the door? I’ve done that to my apartment and it actually looks bigger and not ghetto at all 😆 Glad you guys are doing vlogmas can’t wait to see you guys grow and be successful together!! God bless 😊❤️❤️
Kylee Mangskau
Kylee Mangskau 7 orë më parë
Aw how cool you guys have a board and brush around!! We have one here in Modesto California and I went for the first time last month and it was so fun!!
Hb _
Hb _ 7 orë më parë
Rayleen, are you a Pittsburgh fan? I see the Pirates shit on your little girl!!
Ashley Garay
Ashley Garay 8 orë më parë
I loveee the colors 🤍😍
KP 8 orë më parë
Y’all forgot the backyard!
Christina Stanley
Christina Stanley 8 orë më parë
Pink and grey princess theme for the girls room 😍😍
SimplyD 8 orë më parë
Awww that house is so Home ♥️ This New Fam bam definitely is fav
Ashley Rosario
Ashley Rosario 8 orë më parë
What a beautiful family god bless you guys🙏🏼💖🥰
duhitzyessicahh 8 orë më parë
She looks so pretty with and without makeup
KP 8 orë më parë
I really really like rayleen. You couldn’t have picked a better girl. I’m so happy for y’all and your home is beautiful and I love all the love signs and homey feel. 💕
Iliana h
Iliana h 8 orë më parë
Don’t buy nothing especially from Amazon!! Think sustainable living!!!
Alexis Maturino
Alexis Maturino 8 orë më parë
Justice looks sooo zooted 😭
Misscynbaby 8 orë më parë
I like how when Ray said “ where the magic happens 😉 “ & her dad said “ hey hey hey “ 😂 I loved the house tour! 😍❤️✨ the girls should get their names in their room ☺️💘💘 either way can’t wait for the results 😍🥰
Leonairys Santana
Leonairys Santana 8 orë më parë
I love your little cozy fam😍
Adedoyin Adebiyi
Adedoyin Adebiyi 8 orë më parë
She looks more beautiful without her makeup on
C R 8 orë më parë
Damn she really knew what she was doin by cuffin Jordin. Poor jordin think this is the life lmao he went from talkin crap about his bro to him being a whole ass step dad to 2 😹
Kayla Sanaa
Kayla Sanaa 8 orë më parë
Rayleen unrecognizable BUT MAD PRETTY W NO MAKEUP
King Cat
King Cat 8 orë më parë
New favorite ALnets couple you guys look so happy with each other and just seem so humble I can see you guys in a way bigger house one day