How Did The NBA Let This Happen
This Changes Nothing
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We All Made a Big Mistake....
How Does He Get Away With This?
The NBA Has A Big Problem....
This Will Never Happen Again
When A Man Becomes A Legend
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When Trash Talking Goes Too Far
No One Has Ever Done THIS Before
We Have Witnessed History
We Were All Lied To.....
The Only Player That Matters
The Day LeBron Became King James
DerDaniel 15 orë më parë
Chicago Bulls NBA Champion 2021 led by Finals MVP Zach LaVine
lilk1dgamer 15 orë më parë
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit 15 orë më parë
They also got older after the rule change. JS
Luh Foc
Luh Foc 15 orë më parë
Its not really iconic but Dennis Rodman diving for the ball is a crazy photo
geoffvbb 15 orë më parë
Nathan Hale from Seattle is (and was in 2017) a public school... I won't argue who was the best team in the last decade, but NH is definitely a public school. I got very lucky to cover some of their games and would have enjoyed photographing the Chino Hills team for a few games. 👍
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 15 orë më parë
I hope the NBA fails. They need to learn from their stupid mistakes. Every NBA exec has already sold their soul to the Chinese.
Luh Foc
Luh Foc 15 orë më parë
Bruh does anyone know what michael said??
Connor O'Balle
Connor O'Balle 15 orë më parë
lamelo has grown so much
Rüdiger Schwerdtfeger
Rüdiger Schwerdtfeger 15 orë më parë
This sport is so subjective. It’s pathetic. Abandon basketball, it’s pointless.
Artur Leão
Artur Leão 15 orë më parë
No surprise "The Answer" is the answer. Awesome video, are you going to do the assist and rebounds statistics one?
roundy 130
roundy 130 15 orë më parë
Too bad the sun's didn't get Luka to go with Booker
G2KPOAT 15 orë më parë
I called the heat beating the bucks and Boston vs Miami last off-season. I even had tickets to a Boston Miami game for April and then Covid
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 15 orë më parë
Starks probably still has nightmares about that crossover
Wilken De Guzman
Wilken De Guzman 16 orë më parë
Don’t hate on my Beerman
Brendon Brock
Brendon Brock 16 orë më parë
What about Jordan’s vert
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 16 orë më parë
Jordan wasn't 195. Most likely 215
J x e l
J x e l 16 orë më parë
The media: "this is baby jordan" *mj goes to maury* "You are NOT the father"
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 16 orë më parë
How u gonna say 2008 Celtics had it easy with LeBron and the Cavs Josh Smith and the Hawks and don't forget Kobe and the Lakers for gods sake they had it rough even with the big 3
chuckHart70 16 orë më parë
Typical MJ worshiper. Left this guy out: Bird has a 17-11 record against MJ.
Prolific TV
Prolific TV 16 orë më parë
Damn jimmy you way off bluhd I bet you feel dumb as hell tryna talk down to a younging who surpassed you at 15yrs old what did he sign 33million?
Eduard W.
Eduard W. 16 orë më parë
Tbh I think the problem is that yall have watched it too many times. I've only seen it once and I was amazed
Justin Lawrence
Justin Lawrence 16 orë më parë
I’d watch a 30 for 30 on this team
Rüdiger Schwerdtfeger
Rüdiger Schwerdtfeger 17 orë më parë
NBA is dead. It’s not only the slam dunk contest.
Raymond Edens Jr
Raymond Edens Jr 17 orë më parë
LBJ is the best of all time argue with me if u want...
Ronnie Harper
Ronnie Harper 17 orë më parë
Someone once said that it's unfair to say who is the G.O.A.T. As good as Lebron James is and Michael Jordan was, to say they are or were the G.O.A.T. is an insult to the other great players. Besides you make it sound as if Pro Basketball is coming to an end for good. There may be another player to come along in the future who will put Michael and Lebron to shame.
The Brodie Dakota
The Brodie Dakota 17 orë më parë
A lot of it has to do with the league getting so political. No matter what you think of it, and I won't state my views here, but many, many people stopped watching because of the politics
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 17 orë më parë
Shoutout to Jimmy for reaching out to someone who is in the professional women's basketball field instead of going in biased. You legit better than 80% of the sports analysts on ESPN
LILSUSHI CHEF199 17 orë më parë
It took lebron longer than kobe and Michael did to get the scoring record look it up.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 17 orë më parë
I never knew I wanted to see Brad Williams play in an NBA game until today
sebas sebas
sebas sebas 17 orë më parë
Lonzo:”as great as Lonzo was” Lamelo:”as much potential lamelo displayed” Liangelo:...... “As much dominance chino displayed”
Davin Wilson
Davin Wilson 17 orë më parë
The 2020s had alot of legends were gonna be saying that in like 15 to 20 yrs
matthew ramirez
matthew ramirez 17 orë më parë
1:33 is the greatest karma moment ever in sports history period.
rayjacker10 Booker
rayjacker10 Booker 17 orë më parë
But Paul Pierce doesn’t have an excuse tho lmao
rayjacker10 Booker
rayjacker10 Booker 17 orë më parë
Hold up you can’t do that to kg because he was in the west his his whole prime and he had to go against the lakers, Spurs, kings, suns, Mavericks and Rockets and ray allen did when he was on the Sonics
BE 17 orë më parë
he ain't had to play against Kobe that game. Kobe would shut that down if it was happenin to him
Filip Szczepkowski
Filip Szczepkowski 17 orë më parë
I told my mum when I was 6, that I'm not gonna get gf and it sticks.
SolarNeptune 17 orë më parë
My prediction: 2021 phoenix suns 5 games finals
Darnell Simons
Darnell Simons 17 orë më parë
They had a 3 top 10 nba draft picks
Sher Singh
Sher Singh 17 orë më parë
I know no one will ever have any success as good as Kobe's, but I feel the same pain Kobe was feeling back in 2004. He had a woman who was accusing him of rape, he was playing against a big rival, and he looked like he was going to show out, but then his mamba showed up and lit up the arena and won the game. I know I have had the toughest nights in my life and I'm not even old enough to vote, but then I look at my two favorite NBA legends ever. My coach used to tell me that I practice all day like the mamba, but I ball up like the greatest ball-handler ever in Allen Iverson. I never tried to be like Kobe, because I knew I would never be as tall as him, but I knew I could become a ball-handler like the Answer and ball up better than anyone else. Ironically, just like Allen Iverson, I never won a state championship. I always felt the state finals to be the NBA championship equivalent to highschool. I thank my inspirations for giving me an opportunity to shoot for the stars and try to become as good as they were.
Davin Wilson
Davin Wilson 18 orë më parë
Why would I pick any 15 yr old in the draft idc if he's the reincarnation of jesus lmao🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤣
OddKoopa 18 orë më parë
Dude was on par with Zach Lavine in HS. dude could’ve been in the NBA.
Squilliam Fancyson
Squilliam Fancyson 18 orë më parë
ShopOpti sales surged last night after I made the announcement that I'm trying to make this all an established business. Thank you guys for your votes of confidence! is having a 10% Flash Sale on November 23rd only, all products, no minimum purchase required, active now!
BOSNIAN JESUS 18 orë më parë
I honestly never even knew jalen rose played on the raptors let alone be the one who guarded Kobe for parts of that game
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 18 orë më parë
When Cowherd said KD had “Antonio Mcdyees written all over him” 😂
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 18 orë më parë
skip Bayless is one of the greatest cappers of all time, he doesnt actually believe half the shit that he says he just says it because hes good at capping
Joey Yang
Joey Yang 18 orë më parë
dammm that ending tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you the Goat for that lol
Joey Yang
Joey Yang 18 orë më parë
Damn. Why dont they hire me. Ive been making wrong predictions for free.
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 18 orë më parë
Mitchell Thompson: 1 three, thirteen years. Klay Thompson: 1 game, thirteen threes 🤔
Erasble_Savge Bo3
Erasble_Savge Bo3 19 orë më parë
2020 viewers wya
Jon Jon Harreld
Jon Jon Harreld 19 orë më parë
Supreme Being
Supreme Being 19 orë më parë
westbrick cant even hold Luka's jock strap.....what we talking here
Supreme Being
Supreme Being 19 orë më parë
EZ money Sniper
J 19 orë më parë
Tired of celebrities in general. I think the NBA will have less viewership this coming season. They will continue to push politics in the NBA it’s only going to get worse. Lebron also hates a certain type of race. Well all really except one.
John Houston
John Houston 19 orë më parë
Only thing I haven't heard was Zion did all this with a tweaked knee, I could be wrong but is that what was going on?
Jonathan Lucas
Jonathan Lucas 19 orë më parë
should have added kobe to it.
Nick Koorsen
Nick Koorsen 20 orë më parë
The viewership dropping is simply because of politics being in NBA. All the conservatives that watched the NBA no longer watched because they thought they were being shamed and disrespected. I, a conservative, still watched because Ik that it wasn’t about politics, they simply were just asking for black social justice. Unfortunately a lot of conservatives took it to hard and went to football.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 20 orë më parë
When charles made that pass,before the last possesion, that player was wide tf open and should of hit the long jumper... So dont blame charles for dishing it out when pippen initiated the double team. Like paxton did on the next possesion.. Like why were all those passes... Then on that last play.. He was wide tf open.. So.... Really this video kinda exxagerates what you were going for.. Charles did his job and his teammates failed him.. Happens all the time... If charles had 2 more stars like the bulls and a shooter itd of been on other foot..
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 20 orë më parë
Its crazy how nobody takes charles barkley seriously.. Like they treat him like a joke on tnt. This man beat out MJ for an mvp title... Let that sink in...Then won it again...Yea he talk slow... But man a hooper.. But he the joke of the crew... Hmph
Rolex Lopez
Rolex Lopez 20 orë më parë
even if they master there craft and would be. Better than an NBA player 60 or even 90 percent of the money will come from the fans to Watch there game likely because they could just watch men basketball players because it's more or obviously more interesting
A D 20 orë më parë
Achilles is no joke.
MarcDog GamerRice
MarcDog GamerRice 21 orë më parë
Click bait title and thumbnail with kd and kyrie and james
Tonatiuh Perales-Valencia
Tonatiuh Perales-Valencia 21 orë më parë
13:37 LMAO
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 21 orë më parë
Cowherd wasn't wrong in 2007 in 2007 the league was still in the big man era. When size was everything
Davy Lee
Davy Lee 21 orë më parë
fire video
Top Ramen
Top Ramen 21 orë më parë
comment mfs be like "a well rested and recovered klay thompson"
Skyro 22 orë më parë
Too many ads..
Big Goose
Big Goose 22 orë më parë
Can’t you get fresh legs I’m 72 days ?
marco arenci
marco arenci 22 orë më parë
0:24 wait what?
Gunned 22 orë më parë
forgot hockey was a sport 😂
Vedansh Pandey
Vedansh Pandey 22 orë më parë
an year later: Lebron still the best
Isaiah Nix
Isaiah Nix 22 orë më parë
Yo does everyone have to comment the same thing about Klay holy crap
Eric Flaquer
Eric Flaquer 22 orë më parë
Can’t wait for the movie!
Kasper Knutsen
Kasper Knutsen 22 orë më parë
Durant and Irving could both have GOAT potential in brooklyn, remember Mike won his first ring at 28 years old
mctone ortiz
mctone ortiz 23 orë më parë
D'ROSE in 1 on 1 is the hardest guard in NBA in Point Guard position bro
Oludayo kolawole
Oludayo kolawole 23 orë më parë
Jesus man, I'm legit disgusted at how successful he's been at everything he's done, 1.5M subscribers now
Christian Coleman
Christian Coleman 23 orë më parë
Prolly some of the shoes 👟
Marcus Gable
Marcus Gable 23 orë më parë
pretty simple... they didn't lose out b/c of scheduling... they lost out b/c of their bS nazi-liberal-brown-shirt liberal politics... and being scared of a "pandemic" with a 99% survival rate... they hopped on the nazi liberal bandwagon... and those millions and millions of middle class and upper middle class folks (of all races/ religions/ creeds) decided the NBA and it's mindless minion players do not deserve their time. They wanted to be outspoken politically... which is fine... but it cost them everything. Not this year... likely not next year... but in the near future... the NBA will be forced to slash teams and salaries... it will simply go bankrupt. And those millions and millions of folks will not care. Or.. they could have stood up together... decided to keep their politics to themselves (kind of like Jordon a/o Kobe) and there would have been slight drop-off; with greater money coming in the near future. You can't have both nazi-liberal outspoken politics and skyrocketing budgets... it's one or the other. They chose politics... therefore.. they will forever lose out on money. But those politics will cease to be relevant when literally no one is watching or buying their crap. Liberalism ruins everything... go ahead... find one example of liberalism making anything better... we will wait
Elite Sports Videos
Elite Sports Videos 23 orë më parë
Im just saying you can see Giannis preparing for the next season title run on my channel.
Jame Andy
Jame Andy 23 orë më parë
Jxmy had me feeling like I was actually going to make a pick at the end.
max cop
max cop Ditë më parë
Jxmy: “A well rested and a recovered Klay Thompson” Me: looking at the time he uploaded this