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Jon Melissa McClain
Jon Melissa McClain 35 minuta më parë
Wow - can;t believe i just learned of this amazing trio!
Ravyn Katzen
Ravyn Katzen 35 minuta më parë
Bogusław S
Bogusław S 37 minuta më parë
Tylko dwie gitarki a cały świat pozamiatany, dziękuję, super byłoby na żywo.
Denis Vertinsky
Denis Vertinsky 40 minuta më parë
That Neverhood shirt tho
Theon Graham
Theon Graham 42 minuta më parë
God I love this mans music!!!
Rocío Belén
Rocío Belén 45 minuta më parë
Am Gonzalez
Am Gonzalez 46 minuta më parë
Thank you tiny desk for sharing this beautiful song from Africa a beautiful voice en very good musicians many thanks you muchissimas gracias
white chicken
white chicken 47 minuta më parë
Nina 47 minuta më parë
im listening to this while i study, its so relaxing!
Lewis Buckley
Lewis Buckley 50 minuta më parë
I miss you Mac
DON8691 51 minutë më parë
Eargasms Ms. Isley...Yes ma'am!!❤❤
Audiophiles Allowed
Audiophiles Allowed 51 minutë më parë
Umberto De Marchi
Umberto De Marchi 53 minuta më parë
Can't wait for you to come to 🇮🇹
Sydney Grace
Sydney Grace 54 minuta më parë
Tell her what I want, what I really really want 😂🔥
Luka Music
Luka Music 54 minuta më parë
Can anyone hear the electric guitar? I think they forgot to turn him up
JazzMentos 55 minuta më parë
The first song had me cry. It was beautiful like I knew the lyrics although I did not. Incredible. Thank you. 💖🦋
John Doe
John Doe 56 minuta më parë
Would have loved to hear Seasons!
Am Gonzalez
Am Gonzalez 57 minuta më parë
Thank you very much tiny desk for sharing great hope for all on earth great band en good musicians muchissimas gracias
Matt Clinton
Matt Clinton 58 minuta më parë
Anyone know where to find the sheet music for these songs?
Daniel D Santiago
Daniel D Santiago Orë më parë
We need a second album from these two!
Luka Music
Luka Music Orë më parë
Such honesty. My music was so inspired by him 15 years ago
amran307 Orë më parë
Ryan Craik
Ryan Craik Orë më parë
Goosebumps ❤️
fede falcon
fede falcon Orë më parë
i just love this woman
Lostmyhead Orë më parë
Yessssss been waiting for this
Michel Besedin
Michel Besedin Orë më parë
Чакаем у Менску!
Top top tooooooop !!!!
Tia Diggs
Tia Diggs Orë më parë
Lost Ones sounds like a Praise & Worship song here 🙌🏾
bassplayer9432 Orë më parë
Amazing when the music just flows and everyone's having a good time
74 torino
74 torino Orë më parë
Dad Dance
Marie Andrée Burhin
Marie Andrée Burhin Orë më parë
Ah j'adore !
Ndeye Sock
Ndeye Sock Orë më parë
Why did I just notice the beautiful run at 17:03?!? My ears are so blessed.
Mixxster Orë më parë
singer reminds me of Jack Black : )
k a r m a
k a r m a Orë më parë
Queen Gleaux
Queen Gleaux Orë më parë
I watch this everyday! Getting this to 5 Million Periodt!
Rachael Nxs
Rachael Nxs Orë më parë
this is goood
teopini Orë më parë
This is actually pretty listenable
mari poblete
mari poblete Orë më parë
Rocío Belén
Rocío Belén Orë më parë
I've probably heard this Tiny Desk more time than Dua's family, I'M OBSESSED AND I'M NOT SORRY 'BOUT IT
Erik Diaz
Erik Diaz Orë më parë
My life is complete now.
Yash Rastogi
Yash Rastogi Orë më parë
This has no way near as many views as it deserves!
Zulhusni Husin -
Zulhusni Husin - Orë më parë
Mohd salah pretty cool with drum
Andreas Rausch
Andreas Rausch Orë më parë
What else than beautiful?! In every sense
Cristobal Villarroel
Cristobal Villarroel Orë më parë
Stevie T on guitar
Wander Almeida
Wander Almeida Orë më parë
Big fan from Brazil! Thanks NPR and Future Island!
David Coushila
David Coushila Orë më parë
I discovered tiny desk concerts a year ago. Well my mate showed me on holidays Meute and I think Gnarls Barkley one, he said there are good music here you should check it out.....so i did.....but man little did I knew I'll get stuck on this masterpiece. I never heard Mac before, then through comments find out this man died. So this become something special, can't explain but I comeback to this quite often...it just...i dunno...relaxes me, takes me away from it all i guess...
Zach Orë më parë
this was 1 month before he passed... Wow. R.I.P Mac a.k.a Larry Fish!
Zach Orë më parë
& this rendition of what's the use is sooooo fire smh
Josh Paine
Josh Paine Orë më parë
Ive been coming back to this when I need some live mac, and I am always left with wanting more.
Tonny Bardales
Tonny Bardales Orë më parë
4:30 gestos de una mujer sencilla y tierna <3
ChristinaQueenHeart Orë më parë
This gives me happy feels about Salaam and Amy.
Evgeny See
Evgeny See Orë më parë
Thx ALnets )
fede falcon
fede falcon Orë më parë
why does she see sad? :(
John Carusone
John Carusone Orë më parë
This brings the word "Talent" to a whole different level. Yasmin, this is outstanding music.
drudnhax Orë më parë
zu welchem Karnevalsclub gehören wohl die ?
camrok937 Orë më parë
Most talented group on the planet!!!
Zacara Moseley
Zacara Moseley Orë më parë
김홍기 Orë më parë
우리bts덕에 힘네요~쭉 국위선양하줘요 자랑스러워!
Londell Wiggins
Londell Wiggins Orë më parë
Beautiful voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Real fan of her's . Reality music
David Ortiz
David Ortiz Orë më parë
How is it possible that this doesn't have more views?!!! Que viva PR y su música puñeta!!!
JustaSoulchild Orë më parë
Today would be my son’s 15th birthday. He passed away when he was 7. I was in a dark place for years and then Swimming came out. Swimming 100% helped me deal with a lot of the feelings I still had in me, and helped me heal. Malcolm, your music will live forever and we are SO thankful we had you while we did. Legends never die.
onyntha Orë më parë
i would question this being a home concert, but this probably just what sam herring's house looks like
Ricardo Zapata
Ricardo Zapata Orë më parë
Adiós Adiós, adiós Adios to your afternoon Tonight I will be forever following the Colosseum moon Into a certain room Adiós, adiós I'm sorry for quickly jumping into the train I waited but no one came You were just too late The decision is mine The decision is mine So let the lesson be mine Let the lesson be mine The decision is mine The decision is mine 'Cause the vision is mine The vision is mine Adiós, adiós Adiós to the little child in me Who kept on blaming everyone else Instead of facing his own defeat After all, why should I have any regret If it wasn't for the mistakes I made yesterday Where would I be by now The decision is mine The decision is mine So let the lesson be mine Let the lesson be mine The decision is mine The decision is mine 'Cause the vision is mine The vision is mine Y'know, a lot of people have been coming up to me 'N they're talking about how, you know Benjamin, why is it so that, you know Your'e young, but yet your world seems very dark, and you Seem to be almost possessed I have quite, I guess, that's quite funny Because, well, I'm on my journey, you know You know, figuring things out I do come across, surprisingly, angels They come to me and they sing to me so beautifully And if I can recall very clearly their melodies It goes, it goes something like this Lest the trees cease breathing Lest the bees cease breeding And all the salts in the dead sea Ferment to honey Until then, I will be forever chasing Chasing Chasing it all to the very end The decision is mine Let the lesson be mine 'Cause the vision is mine The decision is mine Let the lesson be mine 'Cause the vision is mine
Ricardo Zapata
Ricardo Zapata Orë më parë
GONE I remember walking by the A406 Holding bags of mother-sent cornflakes Guessing somebody might have noticed A little boy big head small ears Whilst making a ballad through a Sunday mist Sure we've all been there, done it Prepare a little time to reminisce On all that eventually falls into nothingness Oh, all will be gone After all Before we all get to the knowing All will be gone I went back to where life seemed promising at first Gambling on memory's lane I tried a trip through all the pavements and fields But I lost 'cause all had changed Like the road I use to cross to school Is now full of prostitutes No wonder why the priest is dead No wonder why the priest is dead Oh brother when did you get married? Neighbors where did you vanish to? If it was to a wonderland Well it's not known to my kind, mankind All will be gone After all Before we all get to the knowing All will be gone And what about relationship? What is it about relationships that we don't get? Here we are always thinking we've learnt Only to get smacked and realize we are but mere students of life And feels like We've been fighting a lost battle To have always realize at the end of it all It feels like We've been brought to a royal banquet Just to be served a brew and a wretched floor But I say It doesn't mater All because am here now and it's too late to go back anyways And so I will get it all going Whilst it all gets lost and gone
PureFlevoSap Orë më parë
Can’t wait to experience a live concert from them soon
André Zambonini
André Zambonini Orë më parë
Marielle Franco vive! nice!!!
zzausel Orë më parë
minimal elevator
Denise Masino / Miss Fit 4 Life
Denise Masino / Miss Fit 4 Life Orë më parë
This is amazing! Thank you for sharing the gift of these wonderful artists from around the world!!!
LakerLand 420
LakerLand 420 Orë më parë
Wow!!! This is what they mean when they say “when it all comes together”
RodrigoCL 2 orë më parë
Malian music is close to my heart <3
sexy L
sexy L 2 orë më parë
6:30 is when I absolutely lost it. I love this group so much <3
StaceFaceKilluh36 2 orë më parë
Literally every single one of their voices are so talented and amazing. Wutang forever!!!!
Jason Fullinck
Jason Fullinck 2 orë më parë
Here in 2021 wondering if Lupita heard the song!🔥👑
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow 2 orë më parë
I accidentally watched this at 1.25 speed and didn't even notice anything was wrong. Their energy still fit the extra speed.
Diego Amateur Piedra FC
Diego Amateur Piedra FC 2 orë më parë
Sayf Bouazizi
Sayf Bouazizi 2 orë më parë
Can someone please tell me which scale is the second song played in... The song is "i wish".
Anthony Robak
Anthony Robak 2 orë më parë
mustafa sönmez
mustafa sönmez 2 orë më parë
şükürler olsun bu kızın sacınıda gördüm tamamen bu klipte
Mario Otto
Mario Otto 2 orë më parë
Best dancer on this planet!❤️👍👍
Joana Claro
Joana Claro 2 orë më parë
petition for tiny desk concerts to be on spotify pls
Sabietabby 2 orë më parë
A big S/O to the band they sound so opulent especially the keys it's so beautiful I'm crying 😭😭😭