$300,000 By Opening Pokemon Cards?!
This Is Big...
2 muaj më parë
I Lost My $55,000 Pokemon Card...
We Still Have A Problem...
Herby Dauphinet
Herby Dauphinet 7 minuta më parë
Keep up the good work
Sam Marchan
Sam Marchan 11 minuta më parë
I just want a single card pikachu V
Alex Durbin
Alex Durbin 12 minuta më parë
I want Celebi so bad
Bole Barullo
Bole Barullo 21 minutë më parë
Who’s on the pikachu hunt?! 🤩😍
Tj Timmothy
Tj Timmothy 22 minuta më parë
We donated so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tj Timmothy
Tj Timmothy 25 minuta më parë
Who else is whatching this in 2020
Lala Pep
Lala Pep 31 minutë më parë
Guys is this worth if i buy for battle?
platinum - roblox
platinum - roblox 32 minuta më parë
You said fire but it was fighting
Orias X
Orias X 35 minuta më parë
It’s weird to see xerneas as psychic type
Sigma 37 minuta më parë
The artwork man!!!! 🔥🔥
Sigma 40 minuta më parë
Funfact: you did search for this.
Sigma 50 minuta më parë
My heart cant take all this nostalgia bruv Also, rip to my stolen dark arbok, vileplume, weezing, electabuzz, magneton, pidgeot
KaiTheRedShowGun 58 minuta më parë
When you were talking about rainbow charizard I think? If so my friend has it
Corie E
Corie E Orë më parë
Collectables Guru tried to scam Dumb money
Dalem Otter
Dalem Otter Orë më parë
I know the hartsquad is humble but. Ain't nobody coming close to this collection anytime soon. Especially logan Paul. No one will ever be leon
My celebi has a diamond in the middle of the card
Dropkick92 Orë më parë
is the first edition reseald? bc the real ones have wizard logo on the plastic seal right?
Tj Timmothy
Tj Timmothy Orë më parë
Why do you like sp Ce
Sam P
Sam P 2 orë më parë
I'd consider selling, prices are never going to be this high again, prices will drop and settle once the hype has died down
truongvinh truongvinh Box
truongvinh truongvinh Box 2 orë më parë
Zaman Cooks
Zaman Cooks 2 orë më parë
CNM Device
CNM Device 3 orë më parë
Not really a Shiny Pokemon but I like a snorlax
Pomzy 3 orë më parë
Top 5 skyridge 🎊
Joshua Orozco
Joshua Orozco 3 orë më parë
Wow great pulls. The ending was worth it! Lmfao
Keiarn K.G
Keiarn K.G 3 orë më parë
Buying 1 or 2 next week. $175 each here in NZ.
Miriam Perez
Miriam Perez 3 orë më parë
Some guy pulled one he has a video on youtube its not a scam just rare
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 3 orë më parë
You heard me!
Whenhotdogsswim ?
Whenhotdogsswim ? 4 orë më parë
I think mine has to be dynamax Gengar
BtC MikeGOplay
BtC MikeGOplay 4 orë më parë
Two Amazing Rares per box is NOT AMAZING. NOT LOVING THATTTTT
Francisco Rocha
Francisco Rocha 4 orë më parë
Grading is some BS. Beckett kinda looks like a fake system trying to stay in business so they can’t just hand out too many 10’s
Dpacker013 4 orë më parë
Posting all of this stuff with millions in collectibles while not taking the proper precautions to hide where you live on Texas directories is a sketchy move brotha. Dallas is a dangerous place when you have a lot of money sitting around.
BtC MikeGOplay
BtC MikeGOplay 4 orë më parë
That pack w the Amazing Rare and the Vmax shall not be topped for the rest of this set 🤣🤣 best pack ive ever seen
prabhu das
prabhu das 4 orë më parë
i have that charizard card but i sold it for 10 rs for my friend😗😅😂
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 4 orë më parë
minecraft boi97hulkthor
minecraft boi97hulkthor 4 orë më parë
Guo Yang
Guo Yang 4 orë më parë
You made it big legend aka Leonhart!
Demonic Deception
Demonic Deception 4 orë më parë
where can you buy them AT????
FF ẞAÇKẞËÑÇHËRS 4 orë më parë
Do u have an Pikachu illustrator card?
Ian Paul
Ian Paul 4 orë më parë
Leon: They are store in a secure location Reality: They are at my mom's drawer
Fire Raptor
Fire Raptor 5 orë më parë
Any page
Jiří Dortíček
Jiří Dortíček 5 orë më parë
With Zorude
Al Everdred
Al Everdred 5 orë më parë
I pulled it out of the first Aquapolis pack I ever got and it’s holo and NM and still have it to this day. And the funny thing about it is that my friend and I were at Walmart once with his dad and his dad allowed us to get one pack each, I think we were 10-11 at the time, anyway so we both chose a pack. Well when we got back to his house my buddy didn’t seem to confident with his pack so he asked if we could swap packs before opening, to which I agreed, and well after swapping and opening I pulled the Crystal Lugia holo and I felt bad because he didn’t even get a holo rare. And that’s a true story! Probably one of the luckiest pulls I ever had
Rupali Verma
Rupali Verma 5 orë më parë
Celebi packart
Jonel Dizon
Jonel Dizon 5 orë më parë
Does he sell mystery boxes?
Joice Abraham
Joice Abraham 5 orë më parë
I got a Pokémon collection book today! And I read the whole book And it was AMAZING 😁😁😁🥰 And i LoVe iTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂 Btw good reading 👍....
Brian Kingsley
Brian Kingsley 5 orë më parë
And if you read this I would greatly appreciate a quick reply on what you think about how much 2020 product they are printing. When the print ru. Is over, it’s over right? No more printing? And what are the really rare modern cards? Thank you, I am 51 and a sports guy but I really like Pokémon!
john brackenbury
john brackenbury 5 orë më parë
That kakuna has the length mis-print. 🍻
Brian Kingsley
Brian Kingsley 5 orë më parë
And I pulled the Zacian gold from a single cardboard hanger from walgreens😉
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold 5 orë më parë
I hope he doesn't do another video with Logan Paul...
ms 24
ms 24 5 orë më parë
damn i see the old school gangsta beats leon for sure an OG
Zack jacobs
Zack jacobs 5 orë më parë
I’ll still never forget the day 2 years ago when I went to Walmart and found a neo revelations blister sitting on the shelf- and got a suicune holo out of it (just felt like sharing the story😂)
I like Subaru
I like Subaru 5 orë më parë
Did it come back yet?
Brian Kingsley
Brian Kingsley 5 orë më parë
And I pulled the gold Zacian about a month ago
Brian Kingsley
Brian Kingsley 5 orë më parë
I actually purchased a few of those yesterday. Are all the boxes sold with the outer clear shrink wrap having logos on the wrap? Do you k ow?
Chris7ian zares
Chris7ian zares 5 orë më parë
bruh you should also store legendary pokemons like oxie
bongocatbros356 5 orë më parë
Zion 6 orë më parë
when are you going to grade them?
SuperGamer 6 orë më parë
ms 24
ms 24 6 orë më parë
i pre ordered 3 booster boxes and im half way watching the vod and i saw the holo lugia i almost cried i want it... and leon was like whatever about it haha
rexelk 6 orë më parë
Really hope Pokémon does a throwback thing like evolutions for the hg/ss and sinnoh era Pokémon cards
Kyle Mitchener
Kyle Mitchener 6 orë më parë
10:26 PepegaHart
John McGinty
John McGinty 6 orë më parë
hi i collet Pokémon cards
Josh P
Josh P 6 orë më parë
Are those pre-release boxes (for when they release) gonna be how we get Zarude for SWSH?
HolyBeans 6 orë më parë
Dude I remember when I loved collecting Pokémon cards I would get booster packs a lot but yeah I’m a older version of me now lol would be nice to get some good motivation to keep collecting tho
micheal roche
micheal roche 6 orë më parë
Keyword: rose .I have just started collecting pokemon so if I could get this page it would really help but if not its ok love the vids.
Braydin Austin
Braydin Austin 6 orë më parë
U curse
Midwest Coin Hunter
Midwest Coin Hunter 7 orë më parë
I know absolutely nothing about Pokémon but the ALnets algorithm sent me down a rabbit hole. Started with Logan Paul live stream a couple of days ago and here I am now watching this video... I literally just Pre-Ordered 2 of these booster boxes 🤦🏻‍♂️
Luke Egner Vlogs
Luke Egner Vlogs 7 orë më parë
Congratulations you made about 200k on the psa 10 charizard
V ĢÅmeing Z
V ĢÅmeing Z 7 orë më parë
ste** Best
ste** Best 7 orë më parë
4:00 when you've been dating a smokeshow for a month, but she's deeply religious.
Gemein Hardd
Gemein Hardd 7 orë më parë
No black label?
Steezo 7 orë më parë
I’m got lucky today because today is my birthday and I bought Pokémon evolutions pack and I got a 400$ charzard ex
rodrigo urreta
rodrigo urreta 7 orë më parë
Sell and invest please
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 7 orë më parë
Eevee Apologies for lateness
Skype Call
Skype Call 7 orë më parë
Now this card is worth 10k, amazing pull
WINSTON ROMANOFF 8 orë më parë
Hukuna Matata from Mustafar LOL
ACEof_ KINGs 8 orë më parë
Question this is very important is dark make it rare I have a dark charizard and wonder how much it is
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez 8 orë më parë
The best Pokémon colecter
Mitchell 8 orë më parë
Is Gary from the future? He’s right on everything he says lol.