HOLE.io with Polymer Clay
PotatoAim 1805
PotatoAim 1805 22 orë më parë
Rainbow six quarentine? Didnt that get delayed?
devit_sowjet 22 orë më parë
thicc ≠ fat lol
Kiersten Gonzales
Kiersten Gonzales 22 orë më parë
can you make sonic
Therdy Ubaldo
Therdy Ubaldo 22 orë më parë
joan sebastian nieto gomez
joan sebastian nieto gomez 22 orë më parë
Next Video Among Us map
Easton - Studios
Easton - Studios 22 orë më parë
I saw ClayClaims insta and his comment was talking to someone saying he posted the vid like 30 seconds ago so I hurried and went to ALnets seeing that it was 4 hours ago he made the comment😂
FR3D TR4P 22 orë më parë
Are you milk gang? You’re talking about milk a lot...
Math SuperCat
Math SuperCat 22 orë më parë
24:51 that face killed me XD
BTS Lover powerful
BTS Lover powerful 22 orë më parë
Pls make groot marvel x fortnite
Anton Marusich
Anton Marusich 22 orë më parë
This was very satisfying and entertaining thank you
Dewayne Renfro
Dewayne Renfro 22 orë më parë
Plz do the new shadow midas next by the way if you do shadow midas he is at the authority aka now the ruins
Rodion Kilinc
Rodion Kilinc 22 orë më parë
This little tubes on her leg are like flash grenades but sticky and active when someone's near them
Mercy Recruit
Mercy Recruit 22 orë më parë
You should make the Lord Almighty TANCHANKA
Rylan Beryt
Rylan Beryt 22 orë më parë
How do you get those stickers HOW!!!???
Trexkillergamezz 125
Trexkillergamezz 125 22 orë më parë
The things on her legs are her gadget her grizmo mines
Mateo Popp
Mateo Popp 22 orë më parë
Make pokemons please!!
Alejo CHAPIN 22 orë më parë
You are really cool
GUCCI MAN 22 orë më parë
ClayClaim you should do ace holding his Selma gadget :)
HOME REMOTE 22 orë më parë
Who’s watching the vid in 4:00 am bye nice vids keep the hard work up
Banana_slushy s
Banana_slushy s 22 orë më parë
I’m surprised there’s no fortnite kids in the comments wanting shadow Midas lmao 😂
MaverickRiou 23 orë më parë
Suggestion to do an Operators’ Series? Hunnigan from RE4, the Operators from Nier Automata, or the Operators from any of the Megaman games are my suggestions.
goldy 23 orë më parë
Are you ok
MOR TAR 23 orë më parë
Guys from which site can i buy something like that ?
Russel Adarayan
Russel Adarayan 23 orë më parë
The reactor,lower engine ,upper engine and security
Logan33 23 orë më parë
Wow what a great way to k i l l some one
Turb0 Turtle
Turb0 Turtle 23 orë më parë
Please never change the music u play in these videos lol it’s awesome
Guadalupe. 23 orë më parë
Like for: make character of Call of duty
Math SuperCat
Math SuperCat 23 orë më parë
1:31 lord why is this guy giving a close up of making the butt
SC Yang
SC Yang 23 orë më parë
Oh! Your a Glod hand happy Halloween !~
Byron 69
Byron 69 23 orë më parë
You make it look so easy
M. FAISAL 23 orë më parë
Please make a Green Lantern🤓
diamond ducky
diamond ducky 23 orë më parë
Ima rate this a 3 out of 5 only bc you didnt give her the thickness she actually has lololol
b g
b g 23 orë më parë
Hey clayclaim your probably not gonna read this but I love your content and i got two questions for the among us map series 1. Are you gonna glue the whole map together once your done? 2. How are you gonna make the big reactor in the reactor room. ok bai :D
AapieX597 -YT
AapieX597 -YT 23 orë më parë
1:29 THICC 🍑
Fiete mehroderwenigerkreativ
Fiete mehroderwenigerkreativ 23 orë më parë
could you look into other Tom Clancys Characters? Like the ones from Division or Ghost Recon? or maybe Sam fisher from splintercell?? that would be EPIC
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie 23 orë më parë
0:16 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
pokymonster 23 orë më parë
Can you make stark Industries
Miryam Miller
Miryam Miller 23 orë më parë
Felipe Cancella
Felipe Cancella 23 orë më parë
The project is completely AMAZING. Another good ideia would be to do a barricade door broken with the Virus coming out. Just an idea 🤪. Good job mate
MilesPlayzRR 23 orë më parë
I need to ask you please im begging you make more and include the fall guy sonic
Sara Vega
Sara Vega 23 orë më parë
Little did he know that this year sucks because of quarantine
Jose Morales
Jose Morales 23 orë më parë
Communications looks really good
Lt Lemon
Lt Lemon 23 orë më parë
R 6 quarantine supposedly comes out at December 12th
Mr. Cudddlefish
Mr. Cudddlefish 23 orë më parë
Clay climbs over Clay Claim!!!!
OverseerX7k 23 orë më parë
You should make daredevil from fortnite
mario augusto andrade neves
mario augusto andrade neves 23 orë më parë
Nao mexe com a nana😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sacred Llamas
Sacred Llamas 23 orë më parë
Terra Gaming
Terra Gaming 23 orë më parë
Awesome! Next, Make Dokebi And Her Logic Bomb!
Martin Nesterovitch
Martin Nesterovitch 23 orë më parë
The fact that he though “Ela THICC” means ela is fat, makes me smile
Gaming with Brianna
Gaming with Brianna 23 orë më parë
Make “The ruins” from Fortnite plz
R4KZ1N 23 orë më parë
entedi porra nenhuma kkkk
Samoyed 23 orë më parë
Grisly Oliveira
Grisly Oliveira 23 orë më parë
Incrível mano como ele consegue fazer isso
Cj 23 orë më parë
Can u make something from horror game called Dead by Daylight,killer or something I think is whuld be awsome
Malak You
Malak You 23 orë më parë
C l a y
Phoenix fire
Phoenix fire 23 orë më parë
I think you do zofia cause she my fav
pibe de 12
pibe de 12 23 orë më parë
Una poronga
Lynn Sourbeer
Lynn Sourbeer 23 orë më parë
Didn't you say in the first part of the skeild that you'd make a fall guys thing?
Francesco Belfiore
Francesco Belfiore 23 orë më parë
Can you make hulk?? PLS
Liam Rooker
Liam Rooker 23 orë më parë
The Chimera virus? I mean it was an in game event.... With zombies
Shy_mon 23 orë më parë
This Polish anchor symbol, if you want to know more, it is like Literally MORE stuff about that. Long story short, it is called "Kotwica", it was a WW2 emblem of Polish Uderground State and "Armia Krajowa" (Home Army). It was created as an easily usable emblem for Polish struggle to regain independance.
Emperock 23 orë më parë
I am sorry to say so, but "thicc" in the context you read in the memes doesnt meen that Ela is fat. It means she has a huge ass.
Kerobyx 23 orë më parë
Another great creation! You never stop amazing and inspiring me!
ÂRCH3R 23 orë më parë
Make more of these rainbow ones please
Klinton Esplin
Klinton Esplin 23 orë më parë
Make Aloy from Horizon zero dawn
Jo Pulster
Jo Pulster 23 orë më parë
hey clay claim! I love your videos I just discovered you and I am watching your videos all the time now! I just had a question and I hope you see this, I just started making clay figures and I was almost done and I was working on another detail and I was so focused that I took the perfectly made head and squished it because I thought it was another stray clay piece, has this ever happened to you ? have a great Friday! (P.s I am also German!)
Josselyn Guan
Josselyn Guan 23 orë më parë
If u guys have this space ship, HA! U can make among us player walking around the space ship LOL XD U CAN ALSO PLAY WITH IT XD
Couchman’sDiecast 23 orë më parë
This is beautiful @clayclaim
Jakub bogdanowicz
Jakub bogdanowicz 23 orë më parë
This 'smoke granades' on her belt are her ability . Grzmot mines
Fifi LeShtu
Fifi LeShtu 23 orë më parë
Heyyyy Plz Make Zero from r6s and Sam fisher from splinter cell !!! PLZ
Davis O'Brien
Davis O'Brien 23 orë më parë
You should do Mira pls I love this series’s
Scorched Phantom
Scorched Phantom Ditë më parë
Those "Milk cans" are actually grzmot mines she can throw them on walls floors and ceilings and they explode and give a nausea stun effect.
Araceli Maldonado
Araceli Maldonado Ditë më parë
Clian cliam puedes doblar tus vídeos al español te quiero
masterimbecile Ditë më parë
Umber ela ela ela eh eh eh
Libbymiss Ditë më parë
Important battle equipment: guns, bullets, bullet proof armour, MILK.
Dr.Gatser Ditë më parë
Another dose of "Details"
Matias Garcia Arevalo
Matias Garcia Arevalo Ditë më parë
Where can I download the images?
Znip-EnZoXx Ditë më parë
Good men! I like it
Stickles 27
Stickles 27 Ditë më parë
There called grzmot mines
Slimy Fadil
Slimy Fadil Ditë më parë
whos playing pub g