Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea Watchalong
The grubhub guy
The grubhub guy 4 orë më parë
Thanks for donating tuchel to the bridge PSG!
alexander k
alexander k 5 orë më parë
This could be the worst professionally edited video I’ve ever seen
Francis Kanneh
Francis Kanneh 5 orë më parë
Great first goal by Maccabi Tel Aviv!
Frank Ruiz
Frank Ruiz 5 orë më parë
Why did the coach hold Up the substitution board
Itz trippinz
Itz trippinz 5 orë më parë
this is amazing but he had his sixth hattrick when he scored goal number 100, so 103 was hattrick number 7
Larry Ly
Larry Ly 6 orë më parë
Giroud, I hope you retire soon, your card blows. 47 pace, I’m begging you why wouodnt have you just score a regular clinical goal so you wouldn’t be in packs
Nate Kang
Nate Kang 6 orë më parë
Brobbey has so much potential
Patrick Kogo
Patrick Kogo 7 orë më parë
Well played
Scott Dorman
Scott Dorman 7 orë më parë
So Leicester City couldnt beat Slavia........I bet Rangers can !!!!!!
HIPSTER 7 orë më parë
Props to the keepers or wait nope props to reals keeper
Kenneth Tennyson
Kenneth Tennyson 7 orë më parë
Brobbey made the difference and doesn’t get the credit
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez 7 orë më parë
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Javier Esparza
Javier Esparza 8 orë më parë
Do this guys real rules of game? There is no mention of being last defener in rules.
Mart Petez
Mart Petez 8 orë më parë
6-1 again maybe? Deja vu?
L 8
L 8 8 orë më parë
Ajax could definitely make a run depending on who they play
Dan winters
Dan winters 8 orë më parë
Mikel arteta isn’t the solution
Yanko Joseph
Yanko Joseph 8 orë më parë
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Arian Shariatmadari
Arian Shariatmadari 8 orë më parë
i don't know how you can knee someone in the face and its not a straight red card. If that was one of my players getting a knee right in the face I would want at least a two match ban.
Eden 8 orë më parë
Tbh wtf do they want lindeloff to do watch the ball go by without going for it? Not his fault he jumps high
MMAoracle 9 orë më parë
Clear red card imo
Zane Brinkley
Zane Brinkley 9 orë më parë
Does anybody know what the score on the right side of the actual is
Chris George
Chris George 9 orë më parë
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englenn806 9 orë më parë
On the bright side Lazio at least you didn’t concede 7 or 8 goals
englenn806 9 orë më parë
the Italian Mafia are gonna kill the Referee
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 9 orë më parë
Announcer: " Stoppage Time " Referee "👀 Nope" Announcer:" Well okay then"
Vinny Flores
Vinny Flores 10 orë më parë
bayern could have had like 12 lol
ViBE FEED DeSIGNS 10 orë më parë
For all of us who are looking to go pro or have kids that aspire, I’ve got the long career path figured out. Get to France less physical and technically decent. Avoid injuries early on and get a chance to shine. Then try to get to a top or mid to top club by 21. 25 heading to prime get to top club and thrive as long as you can. Leave when you start or play in less than 50% of the games after age 31. Then move to smaller club in same league, start and be one of the best. Then move to Italy by age 34 and you’re good to 39 or 40. 20 years at least right there. Now! I want to express.....get to Italy at the start of your mid 30’s they love old players
Javier Peña
Javier Peña 10 orë më parë
Barcelona never had a great defense just a dominant strikers
Vishaal Doppalapudi
Vishaal Doppalapudi 10 orë më parë
Fun fact Gironde has more goals in Spain than Hazard this year
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 10 orë më parë
Mbappe was in such a good place when he scored
mynala110 10 orë më parë
The hand ball rule is absurd should have to be intentional. Good call by the refs
Muktar Monkey
Muktar Monkey 10 orë më parë
Arsenal they will beat you up olympiacos
Captain Murphy
Captain Murphy 11 orë më parë
Woohoo no more Israel
Parabola 11 orë më parë
The fix was in early?
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov 11 orë më parë
Saka passing is World Class
Lalo Uchiha
Lalo Uchiha 11 orë më parë
Wtf is this
Luqmaan Peet
Luqmaan Peet 12 orë më parë
Hansi flick is so dependent on sule. Why does he start most of the time?
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico 12 orë më parë
no one: the post: \ 👁👄👁 /
meowmix 12 orë më parë
"hardest league in the world, premiere league that"
Ketchapp Legends
Ketchapp Legends 12 orë më parë
My biggest take away from this is how much crowd noise is missed
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico 12 orë më parë
Bayer needs some milch
Brandon Farrington
Brandon Farrington 13 orë më parë
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Filipina Angels
Filipina Angels 13 orë më parë
3:42 Leno... gets out of the way...
Filipina Angels
Filipina Angels 13 orë më parë
2:40 Can't Schmeickel come out and punch that? Any ball that gets into the small box is the keeper's responsibility.
Lindsey Gonzalez
Lindsey Gonzalez 13 orë më parë
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Leota Viernau
Leota Viernau 14 orë më parë
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Rasheeda Parente
Rasheeda Parente 16 orë më parë
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Ta Xa
Ta Xa 16 orë më parë
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Sam Albro
Sam Albro 17 orë më parë
Love Blink 182 after every goal haha
thedarkcranberry 17 orë më parë
Saka MVP
Introvert kid
Introvert kid 17 orë më parë
This highlights should be AGE RESTRICTED
HELLCAT X132 s 17 orë më parë
Fuck Messi
L 8
L 8 17 orë më parë
Rangers are so fun to watch
Ua Ca
Ua Ca 18 orë më parë
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Ua Ca
Ua Ca 18 orë më parë
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Rose T
Rose T 18 orë më parë
Bad defense and poor finishing of Napoli
Rose T
Rose T 18 orë më parë
What a terrible penalty shot
Uzo Design
Uzo Design 18 orë më parë
Lol, Leroy Sane did him dirty with that own goal.
Gered Lodi
Gered Lodi 18 orë më parë
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Leota Viernau
Leota Viernau 18 orë më parë
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Leota Viernau
Leota Viernau 18 orë më parë
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Michael Ogbebor
Michael Ogbebor 19 orë më parë
fabian is like james maddison’s doppelgĂ€nger lmao
Leota Viernau
Leota Viernau 19 orë më parë
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Daniel Pacelli
Daniel Pacelli 19 orë më parë
shoulder to was a good pk
j 19 orë më parë
A fucking goalscoring machine
Ng Jeremy
Ng Jeremy 19 orë më parë
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Hacmvers Quicnbvm
Hacmvers Quicnbvm 19 orë më parë
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Wade 19 orë më parë
They really choked but congrats Molde
Mega Scrafty
Mega Scrafty 20 orë më parë
Cancelo, Bernardo Silva and Ruben Dias all playing together. all in world class form Portugal are a huge threat in the upcoming Euros
LeoAngel67 20 orë më parë
Sometimes I think EPL is a farmers league
3 JaySlapIt
3 JaySlapIt 20 orë më parë
Number 18 is so iconic to me and i dont know why
bansam loiem
bansam loiem 20 orë më parë
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Matthew Connelly
Matthew Connelly 20 orë më parë
Zahavi came to mainland Europe too used to be a machine
SORANOV 20 orë më parë
Thats not a UCL
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 20 orë më parë
Salzburg should get a new defense Ramalho and oguene are crap
Big Entertainment
Big Entertainment 21 orë më parë
Leister aren’t ready for Trips abroad they need to insure they’re league standards in the prem than they can work they’re way into world football
Jerry Spikes
Jerry Spikes 21 orë më parë
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Mac Andy
Mac Andy 21 orë më parë
Var ruling out Tuanzebe's goal is ridiculous and should be banned for at least a month
tennisblood 21 orë më parë
Both teams are super weak!! Dynamo Kiev is just the name now. Long gone are the days of Sheva and Rebrov... Both are coaches now... Dynamo will most likely loose the very next encounter in the UEFA... But the strongest team was under Maslov in the 60's, beating in 1967 Celtic the CL winners in 1966.
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 21 orë më parë
"The Spanish fairy tale continues..." Judging by what I saw, it won't for much longer.