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I Have Notes: Karts VS Cats
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Chu Chulainn
Chu Chulainn 3 orë më parë
Sarge: "RED VS... Lopez: Shit. Me: Red vs Shit?
ScaryCellar5153 3 orë më parë
It's Ruby's Birthday Today!
InanimateSum 4 orë më parë
Posting this before purging the series from the same website, clever girl.
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong 4 orë më parë
The Chibi is better than the actual show.
Jason Grey
Jason Grey 5 orë më parë
When did they announce they flaked out and pulled it from ALnets?
Jason Grey
Jason Grey 5 orë më parë
What the hell mates? Bring our rwby back.
Aralm Legend
Aralm Legend 5 orë më parë
8:17 They are Villagers from minecraft....
ZestySauce 5 orë më parë
First time watching this entire series😀👍
Josh Russell
Josh Russell 5 orë më parë
I know she isn't real because Canada isn't real.
steelosteeZ 5 orë më parë
I always forget where I am oh well time to start over
Drake Ware
Drake Ware 5 orë më parë
*raises hand* I have a question! Will you actually give us a good season of RWBY, sans any ridiculously forced Bumblebee moments?
Cococrash11 6 orë më parë
Awesome I Have Notes Video.
Elemental 6 orë më parë
Burning? Anybody else getting sharkface vibes or is it just me (Yes I know he died)
Chad Pringle
Chad Pringle 6 orë më parë
3:31 thank me later
Hail Chocolate
Hail Chocolate 7 orë më parë
"I've got my eye on you" *Sees a kid with an eye-patch, a one eye* anddd this is why you need plural words
howdy partner
howdy partner 7 orë më parë
Wait grif and Simmons did it
newb431 8 orë më parë
Clearly... only the original is worth a damn. Sad to see RT die...
Luis Dorame
Luis Dorame 8 orë më parë
Look back in caboose 3:55
James Bell
James Bell 8 orë më parë
Who misses church
Connor's Corner
Connor's Corner 8 orë më parë
Doc, I'm- Sorry bud
Crownos 9 orë më parë
A project freelancer version.
Connor's Corner
Connor's Corner 9 orë më parë
Sampson Brandon
Sampson Brandon 9 orë më parë
I'm pretty sure this show isn't classified as animal, but this fight scene is. Monty you and your animation are legendary
A Daks
A Daks 9 orë më parë
man I love the show Random People vs. [checks notes] Unity Asset Aliens
Sampson Brandon
Sampson Brandon 9 orë më parë
I honestly was gonna skip this season and thank God I didn't cuz boyo if you thought the animated scenes last season were good just wait
Keisu Federation Mapping
Keisu Federation Mapping 9 orë më parë
i like to consider it two seperate series in one continuity. the church saga, and the crazy saga.
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt 9 orë më parë
So... Call me crazy, but I think Siris might be another ex-Freelancer. Locus and Felix are pretty damn badass here, definitely a cut above the average marine. But the kind of speed and agility Siris demonstrates really seems like it'd take an entirely different CATEGORY of training than they would've had. Furthering that, his leg might be the reason why he got out. Maybe it's too bulky to fit in the suits properly or it interferes with the systems in some way. Or, knowing the Director, he decided that giving one of his men time to adjust to a new prosthetic wasn't worth the effort and just dumped him someplace like the Triplets.
Sampson Brandon
Sampson Brandon 10 orë më parë
Love how doc is pretty smart this season, And that was an amazing speech, these 3 seasons set a foundation in both the stories, the characters and their development, and the animation.
Shadesword675 10 orë më parë
This is was a nice episode.
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 10 orë më parë
Anyone else realize how god damn smart Caboose actually is when it comes to AI and this worlds super science topics? while everything basic is gibberish to him
Alan Thiéris
Alan Thiéris 10 orë më parë
Wait, so Salem has gone all this time without figuring out how to activate the lamp? Looks like OZ was doing SOMETHING right, at least.
Goomyiscute777 10 orë më parë
Adam Taurus doesn't deserve redemption. Don't change my mind.
Braden Ziemski
Braden Ziemski 10 orë më parë
Can we all just praise burnie for that Washington roar, my god it gives me chills every single time
captain venom
captain venom 10 orë më parë
I don't know what's more scary church's aim or the fact the guard didn't do anything until he died
HWO x Valianze
HWO x Valianze 10 orë më parë
When's the first episode coming out
HWO x Valianze
HWO x Valianze 10 orë më parë
Ps didn't watch it I don't like even a little bit of spoiler in trailers.
idk with nick melvin
idk with nick melvin 10 orë më parë
Caboose voice:I miss church...
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt 10 orë më parë
I really wish we could get a Grifball mini-series with Junior. That'd be great. Sadly, I think the time for that has passed, as with many things.
Meraki Moira
Meraki Moira 11 orë më parë
This episode could've been REALLY dark. Daniels plan was to kill Max while having David watch, Then he would kill David....
\ \ C r i m s o n M o n g e r / /
\ \ C r i m s o n M o n g e r / / 11 orë më parë
The opening. *THE OPENING!*
Kyler Groff
Kyler Groff 11 orë më parë
They could bring someone that resemble Mordred.
Bick Sins
Bick Sins 11 orë më parë
anime halo
Nicholas Lawson
Nicholas Lawson 11 orë më parë
Whose watching this to prepare for zero
Shadesword675 11 orë më parë
I saw this fight scene before watching the series
Uriayah Williams
Uriayah Williams 11 orë më parë
Who else cant stop watching this if you agree like
Jose Cano
Jose Cano 11 orë më parë
What makes this even more sad is that the new guys who CT was working for are bigger dickheads than the Director aka Malcom Hargrove and Charon
ShadowRen326 11 orë më parë
Petition to get rwby back on youtube anyone?
Shadesword675 11 orë më parë
Oh... CT was Agent Connecticut... How did I now piece that together?
sharpshooter13ify 11 orë më parë
I liked Kimballs explanations or felix’s motivations before season 13, I still consider it canon except in this case it’s in an AU where Locus and Felix never worked for Charon
Amber Knight
Amber Knight 12 orë më parë
Wait. Ruby: Hyperactive, sometimes wacky and yet powerful protagonist. Weiss: Somewhat lonely, awkward, dorky tsundere. Blake: Dead humored, also kind of tsun, kuudere. Yang: Busty big sister with a lot of heart. ... Neptune: Hyperactive, sometimes wacky and yet powerful protagonist. Noire: Somewhat lonely, awkward, dorky tsundere. Blanc: Dead humored, also kind of tsun, kuudere. Vert: Busty big sister with a lot of heart. ... Ships... Girl 1 with Girl 2, Girl 3 with Girl 4... All lesbians, Yup. I'm pretty sure RWBY is just Hyperdimension Neptunia, just with more guns and less fanservice.
Jayden Robinson
Jayden Robinson 12 orë më parë
I heard this is going to be on the engin for halo 5 guardians will you chang it to halo infinite
Aksinger 2000
Aksinger 2000 12 orë më parë
Why do I have a feeling that all of this will just turn out to be one of Jax's flims? (I didn't finish this season sooo don't spoil it for me.) huh... I take back what I just said.... kind of... just waiting for it...
Shadesword675 12 orë më parë
Wow... Sarge is probably actually the smartest Red Team guy
Face with the mortal Gray
Face with the mortal Gray 13 orë më parë
1 year anniversary
Meraki Moira
Meraki Moira 10 orë më parë
You're right!
Caitlin Kolick
Caitlin Kolick 13 orë më parë
Yeah the guy narrating the Red vs Blue history kinda sounds like Morgan Freeman which is awesome in my opinion! 🌟✌️🤟
LilRadRidingHood 13 orë më parë
spOOooOOokYY. and oooh I think I remember hearing about Trese a while back. excited to see it
Emily 13 orë më parë
Starts up again on my birthday!
KritoSkywaker 14 orë më parë
You have one job to do. Bring back RWBY to ALnets and APOLOGIZE to the community.
Frank 14 orë më parë
Evil dead reference lmao
Better Than You
Better Than You 14 orë më parë
This 4 people look like partners in crime with Ryan and Adam, Kery Specialty
TH3 BLACKGHOST 21 14 orë më parë
Okay she can't be killed and She's got the Relic. Can anyone or anything stop this woman!?
Hellbent Fredbear
Hellbent Fredbear 15 orë më parë
6:37 I forgot he said this
britshell 15 orë më parë
4:39 I have been watching this show for way too long, it's J. As in "My name is Michael J. Caboose, and I HATE BABIES!"
britshell 15 orë më parë
I'm with Sarge on this one
Denita Shepherd
Denita Shepherd 15 orë më parë
My birthday is July 28 💀jdjsjddkjff
thel Vadam on cracc
thel Vadam on cracc 15 orë më parë
1:16 Enabler shippers: *unzips*
Jmasterturbo2 15 orë më parë
8:14 ahhh now I get it... I should have understood at the cravings, or the cramps, or the feeling of blood leaving your body. Now that I see all of them I feel stupid
Admiral Spots
Admiral Spots 15 orë më parë
So... *_Who' ready to become one of the best Pirate from the seven seas?_*
Admiral Spots
Admiral Spots 6 orë më parë
@CrossoverBingo 64 *_Welcome aboard mate_*
CrossoverBingo 64
CrossoverBingo 64 14 orë më parë
I'm Blindbeard the pirate.
Carnivalle 16 orë më parë
Give us the other volumes back on ALnets you cowards.
Carleigh Carmody
Carleigh Carmody 16 orë më parë
.....yo if penny dies again.....she'll be thinking of ruby I'm willing to bet....what if ruby becomes a maiden? Maybe that's the leg up they're looking for