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BRYAN KENNEL 2 orë më parë
Wait, I’ll send in the drone *Tosses pen*
Varshith Peddi
Varshith Peddi 2 orë më parë
2:15 LMAO
Shrek Worshiper
Shrek Worshiper 2 orë më parë
The special moves look to spamable
Dustin Olsen
Dustin Olsen 2 orë më parë
this game looks horrible. cancel it.
CondorCalabasas 2 orë më parë
They are describing alien isolation without realizing it. Game so scary people simply wouldn't finish it? That is Alien Isolation.
Cooper Scheider
Cooper Scheider 3 orë më parë
Dude this game looks so fucking awesome man and if this game would cost my soul I would definitely pay my soul for it and I'm serious
SR_ Azyrus
SR_ Azyrus 3 orë më parë
For Me That Shouldn't Be Posted That Has To Be Considered As Spoiler😑. 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ruben Montoya
Ruben Montoya 3 orë më parë
Is it me or is the smoke effect from the gun gone from the full game?
Benjamin Carbone
Benjamin Carbone 3 orë më parë
No, we want more miles Morales
JoseRomel Manzanero
JoseRomel Manzanero 3 orë më parë
Jesus the cat attack
TEE MAC MB 3 orë më parë
Lmfao im in tears at work after seeing that cat punisher
Adan Corrilo
Adan Corrilo 3 orë më parë
I hope they add the suit that miles used in spider verse I'm talking about the scene in the movie when he was wearing the jacket and shorts with the Nikes
Spider-Man Unknown
Spider-Man Unknown 3 orë më parë
I almost worried peter would die in this game.
Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha
Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha 3 orë më parë
oooooo i am grinding it once it comes out
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard 3 orë më parë
This looks awful, glad I can forget about it.
Derek Gatz
Derek Gatz 4 orë më parë
I am from Edmond Oklahoma also!!!
TheLoneWanderer 111
TheLoneWanderer 111 4 orë më parë
Bizarre? I think you mean awesome
Carson HILLIKER 4 orë më parë
I can see this as a free game in 2 years
Prime 237
Prime 237 4 orë më parë
Ok that’s my fave suit
Safi Khan
Safi Khan 4 orë më parë
If we can play as the cat perfect game in the entire world
Joey Illz
Joey Illz 4 orë më parë
Xbox fans punching air right now
Sajeel Ghuman
Sajeel Ghuman 4 orë më parë
Is it weird I prefer this more than the actual game
StuartTheMadLad 4 orë më parë
Still can’t get over his frog toes
Christopher Southorn
Christopher Southorn 4 orë më parë
I don't agree that you have to play a mage in Dragon Age 2. In fact, doing so takes all the choices out of the game. You're never going to even consider siding against mages in any situation. It's a much stronger game if you play a Warrior/Rogue Hawke and you're looking after your sister while unsure if she's susceptible to the corruption commonly found in mages.
Liana LiLi R
Liana LiLi R 4 orë më parë
Agree to disagree 💜
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego 4 orë më parë
Everyone saying it looks like Breath of the Wild. To me it looks like a rated teen God of War
supersonicsanic 21
supersonicsanic 21 5 orë më parë
Spider man voice is different
Caiden Dopey
Caiden Dopey 5 orë më parë
They should let you use you venom power to electrically imbue his webs
Ben Ibarra
Ben Ibarra 5 orë më parë
I sense a DLC for Spider-Cat
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue 5 orë më parë
I cant wait for this and the next Peter Parker game. I cant wait to see how they improve peters gameplay
mrshmuga9 5 orë më parë
2:03:46 Are you saying you don’t want “The Bloods and the Crips” game?
david arenas
david arenas 5 orë më parë
is it just me or his voice squeaky
Random Guy
Random Guy 5 orë më parë
Man that “LETS GO” shows he LOVES being Spider-Man
Eijiro Uchiha
Eijiro Uchiha 5 orë më parë
This is the "alrightiest" game I've ever seen.
FavreMyYeeters 5 orë më parë
wait, what if the symbiote attaches to Miles? (Or maybe we have a boss fight with symbiote Peter)
Connor Lehane
Connor Lehane 5 orë më parë
Amnesia, Soma, Devotion, and a quick mention of Outlast, how am I so lucky as to not have to hide another “MILES MORALES” video lol it’s a good day
Jônatas 6 orë më parë
0:01 Notice how Peter just jumps right to the wall but Miles slides down for a little while. Details like this show the difference between their experiences as superheroes.
david arenas
david arenas 5 orë më parë
😂the way he slides down is funny
Jody V
Jody V 6 orë më parë
Could this be any more of a BOTW rip off!??!
Rodrigo Rosas
Rodrigo Rosas 6 orë më parë
Did the full game just came out
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 3 orë më parë
Rashad Maloney
Rashad Maloney 6 orë më parë
Was that suit in the thumbnail for Miles?
Maxim Drake
Maxim Drake 6 orë më parë
Don't be fooled by this shit, the combat is basically the same.
Rodrigo Rosas
Rodrigo Rosas 6 orë më parë
Is this a demo
DunkinBolt 6 orë më parë
The real question is: Hi=ow come we had to have a whole fight with Rhino but Miles beat him with one punch? Unfair!
youweechube 6 orë më parë
I'll tell you what's frightening..... the intro music
PHENIEL LANZ 6 orë më parë
It's glad to see they put Ganke in the game. He's like the o.g. Ned lol
GGB_CORN 6 orë më parë
I love the background music
Gil Falkovitch
Gil Falkovitch 6 orë më parë
So underwhelming...
Manny Grey
Manny Grey 6 orë më parë
Yo, that beat drop
DM 6 orë më parë
I always get their magazines but never subscribed. I apologize gameinformer for my disloyalty.
SuperT Man
SuperT Man 6 orë më parë
Meow bitch
mrshmuga9 6 orë më parë
I’ve never heard of celebrating a game launch with pancakes, but I’m not against it, haha.
Gabe Stein
Gabe Stein 6 orë më parë
Still got Rhino running stupidly
MagikShiken 6 orë më parë
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 6 orë më parë
Upload 10 minutes of Spider-Man web slinging? Thank you.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 6 orë më parë
Upload 10 minutes of Spider-Man web slinging? Thank you.
Mediocre Gamer
Mediocre Gamer 6 orë më parë
Squeaky voice miles🤦‍♂️
dan don
dan don 6 orë më parë
everyone is arguing with loudness. everyone keeps talking over each other, there's no valuable discussion to be had.
The Movie Critic
The Movie Critic 6 orë më parë
The score at the beginning thooo
mv vo
mv vo 6 orë më parë
this is bland, generic and uninspired, ubisoft is dead husk of its former self filled with boring, talentless, tasteless, lazy creators. this sucks, ubisoft sucks. dont buy this trash looking game
Chrisolisk 6 orë më parë
the flight glitch explained
Ivon Shiva Naicker
Ivon Shiva Naicker 6 orë më parë
Is this PS4 gameplay or Ps5?
bestseller 111
bestseller 111 6 orë më parë
miles is the worst friend. 😭 he failed trust fall
Sven Bätz
Sven Bätz 7 orë më parë
Enferno 7 orë më parë
I got into Alpha today, so I'll be giving this a shot on Oct. 29th. For all of the people hating by saying it looks cheesy, clones, etc - Pay attention please, this is PRE-ALPHA, apparently a lot of players don't understand what that means. Also, this is far from a Diablo "clone" , it's nowhere near as fast pace , I don't see them getting swamped by mobs all over the screen and I am sure it'll have a hella lot more creation than Diablo. I bet it'll actually have more set armor variety / deck customization so that it's not the same boring stuff every season over and over like Diablo. Amazes me how many noobs jump aboard the dumb train without even giving it a shot or understanding that this is ALPHA, not a full game. Another thing, I am very excited that they're giving us a different type of game for Magic, I mean at least they're trying something new instead of the same boring shit like Diablo. I played a game back in the 90's on PC where you got to walk around a map and fight random mobs / plainswalkers to duel them and win cards that was friggin AWESOME! So, yeah I love playing the Magic card game, however it gets boring really fast.
Joshua Domingos
Joshua Domingos 7 orë më parë
Like = Miles Comment = Peter
Joshua Domingos
Joshua Domingos 7 orë më parë
Like = Miles Comment = Peter
Fishst1ckBoi 7 orë më parë
I want more Miles Morales not this peace of craps AHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHAHHHHAHAHHAHAHHA
M Otkins
M Otkins 7 orë më parë
This looks bland as hell to me. Really expected more from this game after the reveal.
Michał C.
Michał C. 7 orë më parë
Michał C.
Michał C. 7 orë më parë
I'm not surprised that the Chinese ripped off BOTW (yes I'm looking at you Genshin impact) but Ubisoft?! Come on...
Fishst1ckBoi 7 orë më parë
Let be honest most people in this channel just want to watch Spider-Man Miles Morales
Kenan Eregli
Kenan Eregli 7 orë më parë
literally the same game with new animations, and slightly new techniques. The game feels extremely rushed, wish they took their time with making it.
Ana Yap
Ana Yap 7 orë më parë
I have just a single question though...what happened to Yuri from the original game because in the silver lining dlc she ends up killing somebody and she ends up running away so I hope with the new game or spider man 2 will add closure to the yuri thing
J Hitcho
J Hitcho 7 orë më parë
What’s this footage being played on?
tauto 7 orë më parë
I really dont like Miles´s voice...could be more cool. this sounds like hes a little dumb
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 7 orë më parë
If the tinkerer isn’t Yuri I will be very disappointed lol it’s basically confirmed
Mike C
Mike C 7 orë më parë
Wow, really awesome additions to GI with Marcus and Blake. Great episode!
Marlesden 7 orë më parë
so the game looks good but no one can say that UBI didn't copy the shit out of botw
Можно просто Тёма
Можно просто Тёма 7 orë më parë
Why did he do that flip? 0:58
mrshmuga9 7 orë më parë
I liked the old art style better. Even if it made it look more like a BotW clone it at least looked nice. This looks bland, despite Greek mythology not being use a whole lot for an open-world action game.
Angel Díaz
Angel Díaz 7 orë më parë
The PR flag❤❤❤