The Kahoot Rap (Kahoot Star)
Bassthoven (feat. Shawn Wasabi)
The Mom Rap 2
10 muaj më parë
TikTokin' (The TikTok Song)
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The Mom Vs. Dad Rap Battle
The Crazy Girlfriend Rap
The Little Brother Rap
The Family Rap
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Trap 3 Little Pigs
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Starbucks Be Like
Vit më parë
Apple Be Like
Vit më parë
The Bad Dentist
2 vjet më parë
Tests Be Like
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Yes Indeed Parody
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Lucid Dreams Parody
2 vjet më parë
Crazy Customers Be Like
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iPhone Ex
2 vjet më parë
Crazy Girlfriends Be Like
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Helping Grandpa With Technology
Home Sick With Parents
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The Christmas Mom Rap
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Babysitting a Crazy Kid
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5 Worst Types of Friends
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TAY-K x THE RACE (Parody)
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The Group Project
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Driving With Parents
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The Teacher Rap
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Points Off (Mask Off Parody)
The Grade
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The School Nurse
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April Fools
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The Ugly Baby
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5 Worst Types of Parents
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Lil Big Mac 2: J. Cole Diss
Kyle Exum Vine Compilation
The Annoying Brother
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5 Worst Types of Students
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The Report Card
3 vjet më parë
5 Worst Types of Teachers
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That One Annoying Friend
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Lil Big Mac
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The Mom Rap
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Rehana KHANOM 39 minuta më parë
a number one: a water gun? n...A nUmBeR oNe : your ma son? got me laughin so harddd
Darnell Baldwin
Darnell Baldwin 40 minuta më parë
Question of the day: Are fish wet if they’ve never been dried before?
Skinny J And DoPeBoY
Skinny J And DoPeBoY 40 minuta më parë
Can I get a feature?
Aayan Adnan
Aayan Adnan 41 minutë më parë
Me: i want dababy Mom: we already have dababy at *home* Dababy at home (in a good way) :
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 42 minuta më parë
Fwinx 42 minuta më parë
Can I have a shoutout
Toxic Param
Toxic Param 43 minuta më parë
3:31 song starts
the lego pro bros,gaming,life and lego
the lego pro bros,gaming,life and lego 44 minuta më parë
This is the best!
Koalith 44 minuta më parë
The smoothest rap ever
ThatOneWierdAlien 44 minuta më parë
That's some W A P
Adithyan Benoy
Adithyan Benoy 45 minuta më parë
0:38 that hurts even when you don't have one:(
Darnell Baldwin
Darnell Baldwin 45 minuta më parë
The kid that always talks but gets annoyed when other people start talking
Kollabs On 1 FPS
Kollabs On 1 FPS 45 minuta më parë
Halo101 001
Halo101 001 45 minuta më parë
PLZ make a among us rap
Coolcat Hearst
Coolcat Hearst 45 minuta më parë
Be a rapper
Rishi Sanjeev
Rishi Sanjeev 46 minuta më parë
This reminds me of Daniel Thrasher or for the oldies MuffinMan3000. He talks to himself.
CODEX 46 minuta më parë
this is the song where classical and rap merge
can0lie 46 minuta më parë
ur actually epic bwo
Nave 47 minuta më parë
yo that’d be mad if you replied
Wesleynator 49 minuta më parë
Does this guy know he has someone who looks totalally like him
Bears Gaming
Bears Gaming 50 minuta më parë
Liked and subscribed
#FreeFortnite 50 minuta më parë
1:50 he has headphones on at the phone part
Bears Gaming
Bears Gaming 50 minuta më parë
Operation Cake
Operation Cake 51 minutë më parë
Robber: Do you have a laptop? Kyle: You think I got laptop money? *fast forward to the beginning*
Zayed AMA
Zayed AMA 51 minutë më parë
What’s up kyle
jase post
jase post 51 minutë më parë
Hi I just wanted to say, this was epic
Foo T
Foo T 52 minuta më parë
He predicted covid
Stripete Katt
Stripete Katt 53 minuta më parë
Why is ur video so good
ali murtaza
ali murtaza 54 minuta më parë
When he bought the new phone there was no button when he broke the new phone their was button wth?
Mosh Moss
Mosh Moss 55 minuta më parë
this song fire
Patrick McCon
Patrick McCon 57 minuta më parë
Hi boiii
BoiEdit TV
BoiEdit TV 58 minuta më parë
Bruh we just answered an arithmetic series recap on kahoot If this was the background music my score would have been nice ps. you are awesome and just got a new subscriber
Dreking Matakino
Dreking Matakino 58 minuta më parë
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore 59 minuta më parë
When he said it's gonna get worse and stop ur bear thing I thought of Arthur idk why
Coconut Coco
Coconut Coco 59 minuta më parë
Bruh at my country a coffee is only 00.50 cents
Perri Ramiriz
Perri Ramiriz 59 minuta më parë
Zane Pittenger
Zane Pittenger Orë më parë
He is my favorite ALnets channel
Ace YT
Ace YT Orë më parë
Kingrobbo044 Orë më parë
Kyle if you see this, Do you like cheese
HeLLo Orë më parë
YoU hAvE tO rEsPoNd
HeLLo Orë më parë
Y0u have to respond
Omkar Chhetri
Omkar Chhetri Orë më parë
where discord
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish Orë më parë
So true
Jeremiah Izonritei
Jeremiah Izonritei Orë më parë
" More broke than a McDonalds ice-cream machine " Lmao, seems impossible to me, but hey anything is possible. It's 2020 we're dealing with.
caleb mulili
caleb mulili Orë më parë
Bro its funny how just a couple of year ago he was asking for only 50k likes
Artverse Orë më parë
This guy
Awab Mutasim
Awab Mutasim Orë më parë
Ngl.........I be vibin hard
lil osprey
lil osprey Orë më parë
Your vids take long but there worth it
Ajani Peart
Ajani Peart Orë më parë
You have a laptop the videos showed it
Omar Rza
Omar Rza Orë më parë
I will give u an idea Do mood by 24kgoldn First 3 lines: Why you always on that phone When your grades came bad news You: what? Don’t you talk in that tone Or I will break your bone And the next planner is yours
Sindhu B
Sindhu B Orë më parë
Munsif Thasleem
Munsif Thasleem Orë më parë
Sindhu B
Sindhu B Orë më parë
wait what I’ve seen you before but where...
Abon Miah
Abon Miah Orë më parë
How rich are you?
Stealth Vortex
Stealth Vortex Orë më parë
Emmanuel Tete
Emmanuel Tete Orë më parë
Pinned by Kyle Exum Kyle Exum 6 days ago I hope y'all enjoy! (Make sure to like and comment if you did!) Oh, and text me! +1 (860) 385-6295 13K dangmattsmith dangmattsmith 3 days ago A FUTURE MILLIONAIRE WILL LIKE THIS COMMENT 5.5K Kyle Exum The Deca-Dimensional Entity The Deca-Dimensional Entity 11 hours ago "I'll be responding to every comment upto that point" Hmm... Could you make a Children VS. Parents Rap 77 シ 𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝 シ 𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝 11 hours ago “Y’all lucky I can’t cancel this parenting subscription” 😂 70 Phill Pickle Phill Pickle 10 hours ago after 5th time watching, I finally realized he said "y'all Nevada slow" LOL election 26 Rebel Playz Rebel Playz 9 hours ago Everybody: This is great! me: SO DID HE GET THAT A? 14 Arcade Craniacs Arcade Craniacs 5 days ago A FUTURE MILLIONAIRE WILL LIKE THIS COMMENT 9.4K Timeguy33 Timeguy33 9 hours ago Hey wait a minute did the teacher sneeze.... Get him in lockdown 15 Havok Havok 9 hours ago “We don’t use the K word in this household” 😂 29 BANANA Invasion BANANA Invasion 2 hours ago “Dude average” Ryan and his team: well you see here, the different between perfect and average is that you always shrug in between 1 Bella The Donut Bella The Donut 8 hours ago (edited) “It’s Sociál Distancé” !😂😂 Great video! 6 Lavender Lavender 6 days ago Wow... This guy a literally a boss. He doesn’t curse, and his raps are so soothing. You continue to impress me Kyle. 10K Kyle Exum JustPumpz JustPumpz 5 hours ago (edited) “Before I become the beat producer. I can make them real hits. Call me belt-tro booming” 😭 💀 2 L2M Mystuk L2M Mystuk 7 hours ago “Your more broke than the McDonald’s ice cream machine”🤣😂 1 Googleツ Googleツ 12 hours ago (edited) “Kyle’s above me”. Was I the only won that saw that? 2 Danhex0 :D Danhex0 :D 8 hours ago the " and I'm winning " gets me every time!! 3 King Science King Science 3 days ago This goes sooooooooo hard wow 907 Kyle Exum RAREgoat YT RAREgoat YT 43 minutes ago POV: when the quiet kid gets first place in the Kahoot. 1 Tyler The Hero Tyler The Hero 7 hours ago "Im sorry because I thought I heard someone failing my class say something" Destruction:100 1 Noah and mackay Noah and mackay 9 hours ago Petition for Kyle to make a real song and not a parody | \/ 5 Jazzy Games Jazzy Games 7 hours ago “But I’ll take you to this real nice place called the fridge” 😂😂😂 1 Shadowtyger Gaming Shadowtyger Gaming 6 days ago "Can we get some McDonalds?" "*You got some McDollars?*" Bet. Wait till I have kids. This line has been archived 1.4K Kyle Exum its Alexia_Savage its Alexia_Savage 2 hours ago ME: scrolling down yotube few mins later ..... what kylie knows kahoot oh ok lets see ... so funny ME few mins later:DONT YOU HAVE ZOOM CLASS OMG YESSSS 1 MentalPeanut MentalPeanut 9 hours ago Bro you need to put this on Spotify 4 Kyle Exum Ember Chalker Ember Chalker 8 hours ago NOT THE “ in my zone like im Aang” BYE 😭😏 caleb b caleb b 6 hours ago “We don’t use the K word in this household” haha MrDrewKing MrDrewKing 6 days ago Kyles dad is the type of guy to use “McDollars” at Wendy’s. 5.8K Kyle Exum Husky Puppy Husky Puppy 48 minutes ago 2:45 "are you serious he talking about Mr beat" that one got me laughing real hard 1 Drawinger Drawinger 5 hours ago BRO THIS WAS FIRE. my Kahoot! Name was always “Imagine Losing to CJ” Grey's Corners Grey's Corners 10 hours ago Me waiting for the “ I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends” Aka_RoseGaming Aka_RoseGaming 8 hours ago Not the “You got Mc-Donald’s money” Nathanael Brown Nathanael Brown 6 days ago I don't care that Kyle doesn't post that often... With this quality, its worth it 538 Kyle Exum ALVIN CHAN ALVIN CHAN 4 hours ago Kyle: Can we get some McDonald's? Dad: You got some McDollars? Selfish dad M1SCH1EV0US M1SCH1EV0US 8 hours ago Me and my friend were able to convince our teacher to play this in class and she actually did and ended up liking it! Keep up the good work! 1 500T 500T 7 hours ago 4:10 Look at his name tag “lil detention” I see what you did there Kyle Carter Clinton Carter Clinton 5 hours ago The person who gets 100% on the test Only him: I think I did alright Me who got first in Kahoot Everyone to me: He is the king of us all Jimmy is Promo Jimmy is Promo 5 days ago When he shakes his head as he speaks, wonder if he does that on the regular in real life convos. 756 Christian Kaba Christian Kaba 8 hours ago Me: vibes to the music. Kyle Exum: R A P. Diarra Diop Diarra Diop 11 hours ago Quarentina Genzie Sociál Distancé -names of the future 1 Jacob McCord Jacob McCord 10 hours ago "So-uh... Did I get that A?" A-mazing!!! I Ship Everyone Everywhere I Ship Everyone Everywhere 54 minutes ago The fact that lunch also has a grade in 2040 cracks me up 😂 1 Seve Kiragu Seve Kiragu 1 day ago No one: Dad with airpods: "Kyle why do your zoom university grades look like they got corona" I died😂😂😂😂 163 Laelia W. Laelia W. 10 hours ago I was right now I got a question “did you get that A?” CNO ZACK CNO ZACK 8 hours ago YOO THIS THE BEST ONE OTHER THAN "BASETOVEN" 1 Ridrik Recardo Ridrik Recardo 8 hours ago Responding to every moment huh well I'll be waiting 1 mystery watcher mystery watcher 11 hours ago Him thinking of a full song* Me: I CANT EVEN THINK OF 2 WORDS FOR A DAMN SONG I QUIT. Genius Z Genius Z 16 hours ago Teacher: let’s play kahoot and skip music! Kyle: 150 Laelia W. Laelia W. 10 hours ago Anybody else saw this and was like “yooooo this finna be fire 🔥 🔥 “ no just me ‘Ight😂
Sonic FaceProd
Sonic FaceProd Orë më parë
Kyle: Can we get some McDonald’s? Dad: Do you got some McDollars?
Avery Wilson
Avery Wilson Orë më parë
This is literally my mom
Zwiebelgian Orë më parë
Hello do you know Jacques Thurneysen
Mr Panda
Mr Panda Orë më parë
So did u get an A
Kaden Skariya
Kaden Skariya Orë më parë
did he get that A
Anaya Ilunga
Anaya Ilunga Orë më parë
This song is lit🔥
Cameron Cunningham
Cameron Cunningham Orë më parë
2:15 is the part we have been waiting for!😎
Omar Rza
Omar Rza Orë më parë
Damelio s are the mains there is Addison chase and etc lol
Linda Mirabelli
Linda Mirabelli Orë më parë
I never liked this nursery rhyme but now this has made it like 100× bettrr
Meghan Muni
Meghan Muni Orë më parë
I clicked the link for march and I just noticed u have custom merch for every state! nvm not ur merch
Omar Rza
Omar Rza Orë më parë
It’s m to the b it’s m to the b it’s it’s it’s it’s m to the b boing. How the heck did Bella parch get 45 mil likes on that vid?
Grga 1000
Grga 1000 Orë më parë
Daniel Ignjic
Daniel Ignjic Orë më parë
I always will love your raps
Omar Rza
Omar Rza Orë më parë
Damelio s lol
Meghan Muni
Meghan Muni Orë më parë
stop giving this guy hate he is extremely funny and u know it
28-skate -masturbate
28-skate -masturbate Orë më parë
Starbucks:"Whats your name for your order?" "Yeah my names marc with a c" starbucks:"ok cark"
Karam Okal
Karam Okal Orë më parë
Love you vids are you are so good at making vids
Lachie Wren
Lachie Wren Orë më parë
Imagine winning