Audi S8 v Audi RS6 - DRAG RACE
Audi RS6 generations DRAG RACE
Skoda Enyaq 2021 in-depth EV review
Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls 14 orë më parë
These are mahoosive
dennis collins
dennis collins 14 orë më parë
No mazdas 💯👍
Jeff Hsu
Jeff Hsu 14 orë më parë
This guy is so biased. He’s a euro car fanboy
maxwell smart
maxwell smart 14 orë më parë
OMG, the 10 speed mustang would win. Why compare an automatic with a manual a guy can't drive well?
1.Prasanna Shinde
1.Prasanna Shinde 14 orë më parë
Drag race Audi SQ7 VS LAMBO. URUS
LotusOmega 14 orë më parë
Mark Walhberg drive RR Cull....
DimmyV 14 orë më parë
She went for a wee. Us lads just do it in the field 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Margaret Tait
Margaret Tait 14 orë më parë
Not impressed
Margaret Tait
Margaret Tait 14 orë më parë
8s that it I want ur body maybe in a yr or 2 ur or urself have good holiday
kacy 14 orë më parë
the dodge is the perfect example of america: over weight, over powered, uselessly loud, uncontrollable, overpriced junk. I'll take my Jetta gli everyday of the week.
Coolcarz 14 orë më parë
Jeff bezos isn’t the richest man… it’s elon musk
Nicholas 15 orë më parë
AMG and still all that black plastic... no thanks
AllanteA4 15 orë më parë
Stuffing socks down your pants 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Ranjit Kaur
Ranjit Kaur 15 orë më parë
Ranjit Kaur
Ranjit Kaur 15 orë më parë
We went to look at Toyota’s and they told me to watch this video
Balaji Venkat
Balaji Venkat 15 orë më parë
Bmw ❤️
Krxnk 15 orë më parë
Just saw one of these on my way home from work haha
R JJ 15 orë më parë
The only thing the Yaris has on the Mini is AWD - off the line hooks up better Mini will always win rolling
Munir Azman
Munir Azman 15 orë më parë
clickallnight 15 orë më parë
Yo think Tesla is going to release a hatchback with only 160 miles of range? That hatchback looks much larger than a Fiat. More like a Golf. I expect a 300-400mi battery
A C 15 orë më parë
How do you feel now, Muskivites?
Fabian Luongo
Fabian Luongo 15 orë më parë
Ferrari 812 Superfast is the best!
ibrahim sharaf
ibrahim sharaf 15 orë më parë
in another video, with the Lambo performante vs Lambo Aventador SV, the performante did the quarter-mile in 10.4 seconds but in this video, it did 10.6
ibrahim sharaf
ibrahim sharaf 15 orë më parë
its all about the driver and not car itself
seb Jedidiah
seb Jedidiah 15 orë më parë
Adz Win
Adz Win 15 orë më parë
12.23 matt lying through his teeth.. you not even touching the scren on your phone yet alone type!! 🤣🤣
dragonstone 10
dragonstone 10 15 orë më parë
SQ7 vs X7 vs GLS 63
HMBM 15 orë më parë
It doesn't really look that aggressive tho :(
ACID CUBE 15 orë më parë
# suggestions... How about Grannies zimmer frames? 〽️🕶
Mob 15 orë më parë
Wow automatic Supra Kys
Munir Azman
Munir Azman 15 orë më parë
advanced tech on new golf R.... Lovelyyyy !
Jordy 15 orë më parë
RS7 is still my fave though
Jose Uribe
Jose Uribe 15 orë më parë
Lmao matt really riled up the entire world reviewing this ugly ass car. We get it, it's functional. But they could still make it look not like shit, and the interior is lacking so much taste you'd think it has COVID-19.
Matthias Borremans
Matthias Borremans 15 orë më parë
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie 15 orë më parë
The only valuable bit of info in this vid is that you can probably gap the douche in the v8 Raptor with a 10 year old 4cyl camry.
Aidan Abdul
Aidan Abdul 15 orë më parë
i really would like to know how yianni wins all the break test
zadman49 15 orë më parë
What Bentley owner has an android lmao
Paijo Van Buurem
Paijo Van Buurem 15 orë më parë
It's a monster!
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 15 orë më parë
1:33 why is there a Volkswagen in the background?
madystone 15 orë më parë
Even you Matt. Greetings from Egypt
Nima Dezhkam
Nima Dezhkam 15 orë më parë
Mat, recommend reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek if you haven’t. If your Why is educating and entertaining your audience I’m sure you will keep prospering and even at a deeper level. If your Why is getting views and clicks you will turn away a lot of viewers and will be more easily forgettable. Reason I’m saying this is that I have noticed in many videos you compare the car (like its 0-60 or stopping distance) to another car you’ve reviewed. But instead of mentioning the other car’s performance numbers, you ask viewers to go and check the other video. If you think about the Why I mentioned earlier you’d know what’s the right thing to do. And trust me if you share the info rather than asking people to check another video, people will like your video more (as they get more info/value out of it), and also it’s more likely they check the other video, as they’d trust you as a person more and know they will likely get more value out of the other video too. Cheers.
Jaswinder Singh
Jaswinder Singh 15 orë më parë
Hey Mat why haven't you reviewed even a single Lamborghini on this channel?
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen 15 orë më parë
The front looks like the b*stard love child of a Suzuki S-Cross & Dacia Duster, gone wrong! And as for those CHEAP FAKE PLASTIC VENTS, Oh Jeeez.. Puke!
Jano 4
Jano 4 15 orë më parë
Unfair using the S8 instead of A8L
MrAdlingtonm 15 orë më parë
I have the 1.4 and I have to say its a bit underpowered, Im getting around 39 to 40mpg but the 1ltr 3 cldr was even worse, saying that the car is very comfortable to drive on a daily basis infotainment system is easy to use. All round its a comfortable car. Rear view mirror gets in the way quite a lot. There is a lip in the boot but do you want your luggage sliding out when you open the boot?
Neil Canzius
Neil Canzius 15 orë më parë
Me playing tag and getting caught off guard. 5:07
Matyas Gaspar
Matyas Gaspar 15 orë më parë
Thought it’s impossible to design an uglier SUV than the latest X6 but this Merc is really a competition.
Kris Tech
Kris Tech 16 orë më parë
Awesome channel! Maybe a tesla model s plaid, bmw 5 series, and audi a6 comparision video would be interesting, but amazing channel!
Aidan Abdul
Aidan Abdul 16 orë më parë
Huracan won the sound test for suree
Leandro Damascena
Leandro Damascena 16 orë më parë
Awesome Design
fRed Neckerson
fRed Neckerson 16 orë më parë
Yes it's amazing, it'll need timing chains by 60 k and everything else will start breaking. Come on folks wise up don't buy this shit.
Raul Mirica
Raul Mirica 16 orë më parë
Come on is a 180 hp diferences
Juan Daniel Ortega
Juan Daniel Ortega 16 orë më parë
Mat, I'm disappointed you didn't use the stick of truth for the exhaust. Don't let it die!
Lauritz Mussmann
Lauritz Mussmann 16 orë më parë
My right leg is a prosthetic, so any faster than this becomes a problem for me.
Aidan Abdul
Aidan Abdul 16 orë më parë
Literally no one: Mat: It's gonna be literally moist 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bob Whyte
Bob Whyte 16 orë më parë
Too big...too ugly ...a. bloody battleship
George Downs
George Downs 16 orë më parë
How is it ugly?
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio 16 orë më parë
What a particular color!! 🍆
ALightInTheForest 16 orë më parë
You completely ruined this car for me with your KK metaphor.... :-(
Dell Ausus
Dell Ausus 16 orë më parë
Pawel1323 16 orë më parë
Anyway you can start adding the trap speed to the times? Would be interesting to see the MPH or KMH.
Oti el
Oti el 16 orë më parë
Compare it to : polo 2021 ane A1 2020
Lee Mace
Lee Mace 16 orë më parë
That looked so wrong Matt you rocking that car hahaha 🤣
Gil Fatien Origí
Gil Fatien Origí 16 orë më parë
Sound check 😂😂😂 you clown 🤡 💀
Ian Elsley
Ian Elsley 16 orë më parë
Matt randomly waving his thumbs in the general direction of the phone when taking about the price.. Bay City Roller of phone typing mime.... (12 mins)
George Downs
George Downs 16 orë më parë
I think he should just give up with that section. Simply too long...
Zyzz Gmail
Zyzz Gmail 16 orë më parë
Lo pueden traducir en español?
Aaron MacQuesten
Aaron MacQuesten 16 orë më parë
There’s literally no emotion from the driver on launch.
DTN S 16 orë më parë
Amazing, no Italian cars on the list! XD
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed 16 orë më parë
Isn’t it evergreen?
Curtis Joseph
Curtis Joseph 16 orë më parë
Was that a steering wheel mounted shifter on the Merc? Grand Dad would be proud.
Twice As Vice
Twice As Vice 16 orë më parë
Makes me feel very good about myself 🤣👏
Jazem 16 orë më parë
You're funny.
Demonology 16 orë më parë
Give me that stock Demon, and catch me at the Track😈😈😈
Cars top speed And drift
Cars top speed And drift 16 orë më parë
Hi M Can you do LFA vs Tesla
Ben Bigballs
Ben Bigballs 16 orë më parë
There’s never a pop out banner
George Downs
George Downs 16 orë më parë
I am so jealous you don't get them...
Euticus Nyaga
Euticus Nyaga 16 orë më parë
I would rather buy a range Rover sv autobigraphy
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood 16 orë më parë
Cars like this are kind of pointless tbh. Performance SUV but it can't go off road, it's a big family SUV with an impractical engine that would suit a saloon or a maybe a sports car. Shoving an 'S' Badge on everything doesn't automatically make it better.
Mart j
Mart j 16 orë më parë
Audi drivers though, what's that all about.
Giorgi Gelashvili
Giorgi Gelashvili 16 orë më parë
Oooo, I’m so sorry my friend, are you ok?
Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez 17 orë më parë
Words can't express my experience so far from Dr. Ikpoko on ALnets, in terms of herpes permanent cure
dqwaszx 17 orë më parë
Hmmm, what if I'm a top AND a bottom? 👀
Bender 2999
Bender 2999 17 orë më parë
TESLA ARE NOT SAFE! They refuse to do a small lap offset test! They won’t do a rollover test, only find the maximum speed which is required to not make a vehicle rollover! Not even close to VOLVO or a Kia Rio!
john michael haduca
john michael haduca 17 orë më parë
1:11 it reminds me of mr. Bean's car