Biden: Together We Can Get This Done
Judy Kinsman
Judy Kinsman Minutë më parë
So fresh So clean
So fresh So clean 3 minuta më parë
STAY STRONG LEFTISTS LEADERS. ignore the bots and domestic terrorists aka trump's cultist #MAGAts
Brandon Lampkin
Brandon Lampkin 3 minuta më parë
They always want to remind us we were slaves!!! Put Prince Hall on the front of the $20
Bogdan Jovanovic
Bogdan Jovanovic 4 minuta më parë
There are exactly 35 likes, dislikes and comments, wow
Daryl A
Daryl A 5 minuta më parë
So speaks the monster. Be very afraid!
J Kinzel
J Kinzel 5 minuta më parë
Mia Luz
Mia Luz 6 minuta më parë
Illegitimate President making decisions that we all knew were going to hurt America. Already eliminated Keystone Project XL pipeline and thousand of jobs. Brought energy cost up and join Paris Accord which makes no difference to eliminate the climate change but takes our tax payer money for all the corrupt nations like China who also is in the Paris accord to keep emitting more and more carbon emissions with no reductions. The United States emitted less carbon emissions during President Trump than any other administration. This dead person comes in with his handlers and starts throwing money away so that they can crash the economy as fast as they can.
Silent Wisdom
Silent Wisdom 6 minuta më parë
Hell yeah make America the place to go for the stuff we trust. I'm sick of buying Bosch tools that are made in China, or Milwaukee, or Dewalt. Can't find good stuff here anymore.
Delling Conley
Delling Conley 8 minuta më parë
Alan F
Alan F 8 minuta më parë
he already weaseled his way into office... he can quit virtue signaling already
vicki s.
vicki s. 8 minuta më parë
I'd marry him
So fresh So clean
So fresh So clean 8 minuta më parë
Hell yeah. That's be so cool. I'm going to keep my first one
Ayye Tyla
Ayye Tyla 3 minuta më parë
Fuck that they should of done MLK jr
Babe Meurer
Babe Meurer 15 minuta më parë
And they'll be screaming that the military has to pay for their treatments and surgeries, TAKING RESOURCES AWAY FROM SOLDIERS WHO ACTUALLY NEED MEDICAL HELP!!! But hey, Biden and democRATS don't care because they hate our troops anyway. So anything that they can do to LOWER READINESS is alright by them!!!
Iris Essex
Iris Essex 15 minuta më parë
Oh look who has the same message of UNITY. They are laughing at the US because they helped with throwing the election and they are getting away with it. We need to take a close look at election laws and crashing those state and local switch boards if need be. For every Dem they need to have independents and conservatives so they can't pull this again. Observers are no help if they can't get close enough to observe. One party should not be running the show.
David Palmacci
David Palmacci 21 minutë më parë
The issue was having soldiers need hormones on the battlefield. If you're captured or deployed where there is no access to the hormones you need then it becomes a liability. The same reason diabetics, or people who take anti-depressants etc. can't join. when you need to take something every day to function and then suddenly don't have it anymore then it's a problem. but this is all pointless because feelings > facts.
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 23 minuta më parë
The Red Dragon is China *THE DEVIL*
chef by Jon Favreau
chef by Jon Favreau 24 minuta më parë
The uh um the uh uh uh
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 24 minuta më parë
Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Christina Sibuea
Christina Sibuea 26 minuta më parë
That fake old demented fool is not The president of the United States of America 🙄 STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY
Brandon Lampkin
Brandon Lampkin 27 minuta më parë
Micro-cluster zones 😂😂😂
Mit Hall
Mit Hall 27 minuta më parë
Yeah, that's the biggest problem we have right now.
Lina El youssoufi
Lina El youssoufi 29 minuta më parë
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 31 minutë më parë
And Joe Biden I know Your Religion
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 33 minuta më parë
King Cuomo has spoken!
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 34 minuta më parë
People Was Vote Donald Trump Out, They Still don't have a president. People Won against Donnie Boy You Were in Wrong Place Wrong Time.
Edward R
Edward R 35 minuta më parë
If China would be satisfied with the monster of an economy it has already and quit threatening its neighbors I don’t see why there would ever be a clash between them and the US. They are the ones pushing the limit and causing conflict.
ricky yacine
ricky yacine 36 minuta më parë
The end of middle east and mass migration to europe will be back 😞😞😞😞😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
STILL 37 minuta më parë
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️
Jim Pickering
Jim Pickering 39 minuta më parë
McConnell is a liar who does he represent not the people
Ian Ayers
Ian Ayers 39 minuta më parë
If you voted for Joe, I hope you're happy
The Unconscious Shadow
The Unconscious Shadow 39 minuta më parë
Kool..... im all for people serving.... just don't think being trans gender is gonna give you some special treatment
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 41 minutë më parë
You're Not Against China These Are Your Murderous Friends
Juan Rodas
Juan Rodas 43 minuta më parë
For better economy in USA Buy made in America Say do not to China o wherever other country product ... Many people here making complain about president shoul do this and that BUT we the people who lives in USA still can do a lot to improve our economy ... fist thing that I do before buy anything is to check where was made if is in America I buy it other way I will not buy it ... am doing this for 4 years already ... you can imaging how much better will improve our economy consuming made in USA ... 300hundreth million people who live in United States can improve a lot
Ein Gadreel Sof
Ein Gadreel Sof 43 minuta më parë
Joe Why Your lying We Know All That You With China Makes Love Behind the Closed Doors
Gypsy Rhiannon
Gypsy Rhiannon 44 minuta më parë
I’m so disgusted by anyone supporting what BIden has done already ! I mean REALLY?
Sharp Sniper
Sharp Sniper 44 minuta më parë
Ooooo, so now the agencies have a higher budget to buy steak and wine for themselves. Great job big guy.
conrad fkery
conrad fkery 45 minuta më parë
About time all of his supporters can get shot at for his lefty ideas good luck shims
Danny Sedgwick
Danny Sedgwick 46 minuta më parë
No shit... Bloomberg news must have hired my cat to write the political news headlines. Idiots!
Jeff Etow
Jeff Etow 46 minuta më parë
Biden is horrible trash
Thegooob95 47 minuta më parë
Love these dislikes
keith g w
keith g w 47 minuta më parë
China is demanding their 10% back from Biden
Lee Williams
Lee Williams 47 minuta më parë
JB is a joke and even those who actually voted for him realize this.
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 48 minuta më parë
5ish days in and over 40k Covid deaths under Biden. AntiFa is rioting again. The pipeline has been cancelled angering Canada and shutting down 50k middle class jobs. The land the pipeline was supposed to take up has been sold to China to develop a solar farm. We are back in the Paris Accord which means companies can move manufacturing back to China and India who have way less worker protections and environmental restrictions than the US where they had to relocate under Trump. Moratorium on deportations. Insulted the National Guard. Argued with the media. Sent troops back in Syria. Totally Disrespected major union supporters. Destroyed fairplay in woman's professional sports. So far sounds great!!!!!!!
Casandra LA
Casandra LA 50 minuta më parë
American goods made in China by Beijing Joe's partners.
wolf family
wolf family 51 minutë më parë
What we need biden to do is open government offices So the elderly can get copies of their security Cards and Birth certificate copies so that day What be victims from their homes
Paw Power
Paw Power 52 minuta më parë
Noo Joe
James Lee
James Lee 52 minuta më parë
massive economic problems and a trade war with China that not too many are against.
Cece Danielsen
Cece Danielsen 53 minuta më parë
Beijing-Biden is plagiarism again or should I say borrowing ideas from President Trump
Skyelar EmeryEagle
Skyelar EmeryEagle 54 minuta më parë
So glad
White HoodRich
White HoodRich 54 minuta më parë
America has turned its back on the Lord and his ways. whats wrong is deemed right whats right in Gods eyes is deemed evil. Americas only chance is revival and repentence. Turn away from the tv america turn away from the hatred america turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ before its to late. Get your face in the Bible, America has become Soddom and Gomorrah and faces Judgement and Gods wrath. Repentance and prayer is the only chance america has. put down the hate, put down the racism that the media is pushing, REPENT AMERICA REPENT.LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. PRAY THIS AND REPENT OF YOUR SINS, LIVE FOR GOD INSTEAD OF THE PLEASURES OF EARTH, EARTH WILL PERRISH, HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL AND IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU HAVE TIME TO CHOOSE . PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING. Dear Heavanly Father,i come into your presence, by the authority of Jesus Christ, your precious Son, and my savior, Today I Confess, there is sin in my life, and i ask you to forgive me, cleanse me by the blood, of the cross of christ, from this moment foward, i am free, from the power of sin and darkness, from this moment foward, I will Honor the lord, i will read and obey his word,because christ becomes lord of my life, from this moment, until eternity, in Jesus name. Amen.
Orene 54 minuta më parë
I love the bleeding salt trumpies in this comment section. Holy fuck this is funny, the hogs get what they want but it’s under someone they hate so they don’t like it, fucking amazing
Floundrpoundr23 55 minuta më parë
How about open up America and let people works. That will boost the economy without draining the value of the American dollar... this is the first step into socialism... dangle $600 in feont of your face for obedience... thats how stupid they think we about an actual real economic expert instead of some biased reporter from wall street... i thought the left was against wall street? Oh yhe abundant hypocrisy of the left...
Jim Lawson
Jim Lawson 55 minuta më parë
Nothing he does will be good for the people of this country. China owns Joe Biden and the quicker he can destroy this country the better for them .
alan smith
alan smith 56 minuta më parë
Hey man buy American even after I cut your job
Rigell 57 minuta më parë
Hunter must have struck a deal with some US companies. Big guy has to get his cut right?
Just keeping It a buck
Just keeping It a buck 58 minuta më parë
Smitten at the Most High is not very wise. You’ll see.
American Freedom
American Freedom 58 minuta më parë
I can’t believe you even pedal this bullshit line really? He just went after them with restrictions and red tape and high taxes. And you think you could pedal is lie that these businesses are going to stay in this country and keep making products In America??? You people really are the classic examples of fake news ... 83 million and growing organizing and coming for all of you .!!!❤️🇺🇸👈🏾
Funnyfresh420 59 minuta më parë
Weird how everything hes doing, Trump was labeled a racist for....
Leo de Alvare
Leo de Alvare 59 minuta më parë
A President trying to half-heartedly pander to the opposition with a watered down order that sounds a lot like America First Policy is gross, weird and just not normal.
GAIL rowland
GAIL rowland 59 minuta më parë
Oh look, Castle Rock Entertainment Oval Office Movie Set Los Angelos, California
Thomas Hornback
Thomas Hornback Orë më parë
This is idiocracy in action. Welcome to 1984.
Jarson Barson
Jarson Barson Orë më parë
Potato head!!!!
Blue Patriot
Blue Patriot Orë më parë
You have to convict Donnie the Traitor. If you don't, you are guilty of treason.
1Drummer Orë më parë
Sheep Herder
Sheep Herder Orë më parë
Soon... America will decimate the CCP .. War is coming to China and our beautiful military weaponry will finally get to taste war. Our new tech is going to obliterate the CCP so easily
Dkamps 2020
Dkamps 2020 Orë më parë
Joe Biden is not president hes at castlerock studios in ca look it up
Dkamps 2020
Dkamps 2020 Orë më parë
look up event 201
Minute Man
Minute Man Orë më parë
Hypocrisy at it's best! Liars always tell on themselves.
Michael Dart
Michael Dart Orë më parë
Sounds like bullshit
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers Orë më parë
thats all lies
ProPoolGuy Orë më parë
Be sure to watch which american energy companies to SHORT