sharon terry
sharon terry 22 orë më parë
here we are Josh got steam rollered, I always knew he was just a model pretty boy.
sharon terry
sharon terry 22 orë më parë
Eddie stop performing like this, its shamefull, those who have no humility get humiliated. you reeped what you sowed.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones 22 orë më parë
Not enought credit Carl same as few other fighters joe calzaghe list goes on what a shame.
Vince Ciotoli
Vince Ciotoli 22 orë më parë
If they would've added Toney and B-Hop this would've been insane lol
norman mckenna
norman mckenna 22 orë më parë
one of the lads but class
Mario Legend
Mario Legend 23 orë më parë
Keep on being being yourself AJ. Your an inspirational person bro. 👍
Ricky 23 orë më parë
This round highlighted Mayweather's genius and brilliance for me. Many theorised he was a defensive fighter because he never had a chin but he actually had an unbelievable chin. You might finally crack the defence but then the chin will hold up. He had never faced a so called crisis round like this before yet he knew exactly what to do. The way he held on for a guy who has never had to hold on in his career just shows you he was well prepared for any scenario. No matter what Mosley did he just couldn't find the space for another big shot. Mayweather went front foot to stop Mosley having space and any time he was in range held him. Saw the round out then schooled him. Pure genius.
Mario Legend
Mario Legend 23 orë më parë
Was gonna say isn't ksi of the telly or something?
Kenneth NSB
Kenneth NSB 23 orë më parë
I love watching this round, the closest Floyd was to getting dropped
Dhaniyal Hasan
Dhaniyal Hasan 23 orë më parë
The way Logan acted after this fight shows how much of a little BITCH he is
R 23 orë më parë
Great fight. Very decent opponent for a world class fighter
Terminus Est
Terminus Est 23 orë më parë
Best fight i a while.
in4mus85 Ditë më parë
I honestly believe Mosley would have won if they fought sooner
ziggi08able Ditë më parë
I like Dillian and wanted him to win that first fight. But that upper-cut...was a thing of beauty! No luck involved, he didn't switch-off, it was just a wonder shot. Not to fussed who wins the re-match but I'd like a Whyte-AJ:II so I guess a whyte victory makes that more of a possibility.
Beaky Cole
Beaky Cole Ditë më parë
This is the greatest boxer of all time
jason owen
jason owen Ditë më parë
Simply the best, he beat them all
Locust Ditë më parë
This was a Mosley who was subjected to stringent drug testing and wasn't on his his EPO, HGH, The Clear, and The Cream. Hence why his gas tanks mysteriously depleted after 3 or 4 rounds. The juiced to high heaven energizer bunny Mosley who was able to throw massive roid bombs all night who beat Margarito would've 100% sparked Floyd.
Hadi Mirfatahi
Hadi Mirfatahi Ditë më parë
F..k Coner 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Raf 7
Raf 7 Ditë më parë
After this round Mayweather made the necessary adjustments and took Mosely to school.
Mark Dennis
Mark Dennis Ditë më parë
Slurring there fella.
raycorey Ditë më parë
This is the fight that made me respect Mayweather. It was like watching a surgeon at work. Even in his toughest round he didn’t run, he stayed in the pocket and picked Mosley apart with precision.
JUST DO IT Ditë më parë
Markou all in
BrownDogGames Ditë më parë
good reffing style letting fight continue
Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller Ditë më parë
Did maywether win the fight?
TheDslick1 Ditë më parë
Floyd has one of the sharpest reflexes in Boxing ever..His chin is so underrated..Most Boxers would have gone done after that 1st big right hand..But Floyd took it well fought on & the 2nd shot buckled his knee but Floyd is so sharp so alert & reacted very very well and hit Mosley with a good Body Shot" just to slow him down enough to buy himself time to recover.. Very Clever from Floyd . Most guys wouldn't have survived that round..
The last Emperor
The last Emperor Ditë më parë
Mexicans fight grown men at 15.
Noel Molloy
Noel Molloy Ditë më parë
He's had at least two fights he lost givin to him... Gtfoh
zizou 23 orë më parë
Lol which fights ?
Inferno Ditë më parë
I thought they used head gear
Rohail Iqbal
Rohail Iqbal Ditë më parë
Most fighters take 3-4 rounds to recover from a round like this, but mayweather recovered and fought back within the same round! It’s actually madness and then dominated nearly every round after it!
P Rockett
P Rockett Ditë më parë
Another one that won't make it.... all hype 😏
Anonymous Ditë më parë
They might aswell have put round in its plural form lool
kieren Ditë më parë
Have you guys seen the first Maidana fight? Every round in that fight was mayweather worst rounds lol
Danny Stattizz
Danny Stattizz Ditë më parë
Fury is a good bullshitter
andres viveros
andres viveros Ditë më parë
use your jab whyte
Mark Dark
Mark Dark Ditë më parë
He never touched down the canvas ...foh zab juda made him touch It ffs
HUNTER MC THC Ditë më parë
Same ref for conors McGregors fight what joke, one dodgy ref 😆
Special K
Special K Ditë më parë
Floyd took those shots and kept coming forward, heart of a champ!
Magoo Ditë më parë
And who said Floyd Mayweather fights are boring lol. The ironic thing is Floyd went on to absolutely outbox and aggressively attack Mosley after this round. Was an exceptional round for Mosley but an even more better performance by Floyd from round 3 onwards.
TobyKingGaming Ditë më parë
Canelo vs may weather now . Canelo would destroy him
R M Ditë më parë
Only one professional fight and they both have more skill than wielder.
Robert Mulherine
Robert Mulherine Ditë më parë
Shameful judging. Love Zelfa though. Exciting fighter.
Mohammed Alli
Mohammed Alli Ditë më parë
Great boxer great man and a legend in boxing for the whole world 🌎
Julian Zamba-Ezeoke
Julian Zamba-Ezeoke Ditë më parë
I have no words. This fight was all that needed to be said. ❤️
Neutral Observer.
Neutral Observer. Ditë më parë
No ifs, no buts, Floyd Mayweather is THE most overrated fighter of all time. One day, all the stories will come out of officials who were on his payroll.
spaghettihoe 198
spaghettihoe 198 Ditë më parë
What about when zab dropped him with a right hook?
Kamrul 82
Kamrul 82 Ditë më parë
He didn't go for it after he floored him if u watch the whole fight let beterbiev off
Jack Wells
Jack Wells Ditë më parë
Tommy fury vs Johnny fisher would be a sick fight. They both have power and that eager to get the job done quickly
ch33ris Ditë më parë
Glass jaw Khan No shock really.
David Henderson
David Henderson Ditë më parë
He gets a lot of justified hate and negativity but not a ounce of it for what he can do in that ring one of the best to ever do it.
HAZZA Ditë më parë
my mans showing of a ufc belt at a boxing match lmao
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas Ditë më parë
Did Mosley not get test positive for steroids for this fight? And still mayweather schooled him in the end
Ben Knowles
Ben Knowles Ditë më parë
the goat imo
Enzo-Oliver Bamala Year 8
Enzo-Oliver Bamala Year 8 Ditë më parë
maybe logan wants a hug
Zain Ditë më parë
The hatred was real against Floyd. The whole crowed wanted him to be taken out. One of the best fighters Iv ever seen. 👌
Aaron White
Aaron White Ditë më parë
Floyd has underrated heart and chin. Casuals say he “ran” but every timehe had to dig deep and solve a crisis he did. How he dident go down off the 2nd shot to the temple with his legs dipping like that then regaining them mid fall. Greatness is built different.
Haz Hazz
Haz Hazz Ditë më parë
Imagine being so good they make clips of you almost getting knocked out
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Ditë më parë
That Kelly was made to look like an amateur. Beat down
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Ditë më parë
I heard that Mosley got docked 2 points in this round for the fact that he actually hit Floyd's face twice...😆
Mr Like
Mr Like Ditë më parë
Watch my newest video
Mr Chow
Mr Chow Ditë më parë
My only beef with him is that I met him and he didn't say Hello. Lol
Eddie Ditë më parë
Prime Lennox K.O.'s prime Fury, I honestly believe that.
Sam Mcloughlin
Sam Mcloughlin Ditë më parë
Hope he got him to his wife and kids safely and disappear from the public eye 🙏
shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia
shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia Ditë më parë
Ringing femi the fake for advice!!!🤣🤣🤣🪐🪐🪐🤣🤣🤣🪐🪐🪐
FIrst Last
FIrst Last Ditë më parë
From January 1990 - December 1994, Eubank fought 24 times. 19 of those fights were world title fights. Let that sink in.
Sean Ditë më parë
Nothing really to say about this one, I mean its his debut so I a result like this is expected. Good ref I have to say
marcus marriott
marcus marriott Ditë më parë
Not what you know but who...!
Chris Iacovou
Chris Iacovou Ditë më parë
My favourite UK fighter of the last 5 years, been in so many exciting fights and always great entertainment, plus a truly authentic, interesting, charismatic guy with self awareness. He deserves to win and get his shot.
Venermous YouTuber
Venermous YouTuber Ditë më parë
Those who like are KSI fans. Those who dislike are Logan's fans. See who everyone prefers.
Sdot Man
Sdot Man Ditë më parë
The GOAT 🐐 in my lifetime for sure.
Lcvilla Ditë më parë
Canelo destroys saunders
Jack Plays
Jack Plays Ditë më parë
if anyone that's never seen floyd or heard of him not many i know but if u shown them this as his toughest ever round them u know how successful if a career Mayweather had
Jay Chadwick Rugby
Jay Chadwick Rugby Ditë më parë
Logan Paul will be his toughest ever round after 2021.
Venermous YouTuber
Venermous YouTuber Ditë më parë
Ayyy! Ethan
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly Ditë më parë
I see ali
Luke Bell
Luke Bell Ditë më parë
Fight like this are why boxing has a bad name. This was a total miss match
Pokerclown 79
Pokerclown 79 Ditë më parë
Amazing fighter although I still believe he lost to Castillo.
Uk luck cards ?
Uk luck cards ? Ditë më parë
I think being uppercutted to the balls twice was worse for him 💯🤣🤣
adrian wright
adrian wright Ditë më parë
Norwich In The house
Tyler B
Tyler B Ditë më parë
Stature wise he looks a bit lie Mike Tyson. Very hard hitter and powerful legs. Still very early days but he definitely looks a prospect.
Neil Simpson
Neil Simpson Ditë më parë
Ortiz is one of the most overrated heavyweights in boxing history. Dave took the fight on 2 weeks notice