my hair: a comprehensive tutorial
have you seen my laptop?
4 muaj më parë
building your online brand
PEPCORN: a cooking video
9 muaj më parë
it's time to get good at darts
how to make jorts
Vit më parë
new shoes
2 vjet më parë
alone in my apartment
2 vjet më parë
shingle jingle
2 vjet më parë
buy my bed
2 vjet më parë
this video got me a job
3 vjet më parë
It's November 8th
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CRAB - Dances Moving! Ep. 3
When I Make a Good Pun
4 vjet më parë
Rejected Old Bay Jingle
4 vjet më parë
My Autobiography
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This One's for the Swedes!
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Best Comeback Ever
4 vjet më parë
Ice Bucket Challenge 2016!
Watermelon Man
4 vjet më parë
Thom Yorke was raised in a barn
Henrique Jambu
Henrique Jambu 2 minuta më parë
When they're older I hope my twin baby siblings force me to do a remake of this
Abbey Craig
Abbey Craig 6 minuta më parë
Abbey Craig
Abbey Craig 10 minuta më parë
You should consider scrunching your hair with some sort of curling product while wet because your hair kinda curls and I wonder if you could get more curls
Dinodogst 30 minuta më parë
i could never betray my hair spikes like that
littlesalmon 30 minuta më parë
scarves for ferrets are pretty cool ngl
grayarea 30 minuta më parë
3:25 the ooh brings me joy
ZOEY HANCOCK 47 minuta më parë
This is life when you have 1 sibling and 2 parents-
Noah Jones
Noah Jones 59 minuta më parë
grateshirt ironer
grateshirt ironer Orë më parë
Thank you I hadn't realized until now, but this came out on my birthday
Jonas Sungaila
Jonas Sungaila Orë më parë
WoW, you have 63 days and 22 hours before you run out of money *That's 63 days and 22 hours more then me!*
AziziTheStorm Orë më parë
2017: Broke: Okay that was weird 2018: Woke: Screw you Old Bay. I can't believe you'd reject this masterpiece! 2021 Bespoke: 0:32 WAIT, THAT'S THE FINANCIAL PLANNER FROM THE MARIO UNRAVELED!
Evelyn_ Gacha
Evelyn_ Gacha 2 orë më parë
Dylan Brady
Dylan Brady 2 orë më parë
I like this version of the song better then the one in silo
LeoS05 2 orë më parë
number 14 made me litterally go "haha, what?"
LeoS05 2 orë më parë
im getting infected
Count Drewku
Count Drewku 3 orë më parë
I didnt know Jason Schwartzman made vines
Shepard Valentine
Shepard Valentine 3 orë më parë
This activated the fight or flight response in every fiber of my being
greenwitte 4 orë më parë
BDG is the exact right cross-section of funny, weird, and talented for my sense of humor.
Aishwariya Roy
Aishwariya Roy 4 orë më parë
"We have a brother!You thought there were two..." Yoda: "There is another."
Rajan Dey
Rajan Dey 5 orë më parë
the first video I watched was when you had long hair.. and then this came.. long journey I'd say
Al Capwned3
Al Capwned3 5 orë më parë
Alexandra Norris
Alexandra Norris 5 orë më parë
can we get one of these for brexit actually finally happening?
dexter111344 6 orë më parë
Your work is a lot like Alan Reskin's. Take that as a compliment because it might be.
Dex Does Stuff
Dex Does Stuff 7 orë më parë
The plot twist ending lol
Caspian Gaming Bornmo
Caspian Gaming Bornmo 7 orë më parë
Im swedish
DuckFan55 8 orë më parë
lol just pay yourself infinite money
Mizztree72 8 orë më parë
Wtf 😂😂
ENJELRU 8 orë më parë
So there's two Patrick but the other one is a starfish
Robin Trọng Di Đỗ
Robin Trọng Di Đỗ 9 orë më parë
Patrick looks like John Lennon with long hair
hotelmario510 9 orë më parë
I like how Brian's sister is as weird as he is
Gay Boney Bones!
Gay Boney Bones! 9 orë më parë
Will byers
Nazish Talati
Nazish Talati 9 orë më parë
I think about See the Day a LOT but holy shit I should think about the rest of the Dances Moving songs more often. Bdg says hes not a rapper but he's wrong
James Duncanson-Hunter
James Duncanson-Hunter 9 orë më parë
IzeFox 10 orë më parë
i hate it here
Patrick D
Patrick D 11 orë më parë
Must be a Saturday
IAmSeamonkey 12 orë më parë
i did not have board game fun with that women.
angel 12 orë më parë
i was not expecting this to be a song but alright
Clare Lay
Clare Lay 12 orë më parë
0:21 I-
perfanity 12 orë më parë
This is a really weird episode of Mr. Robot
Christopher Craven
Christopher Craven 13 orë më parë
Ahh, you have a gas issue.
Paris M
Paris M 14 orë më parë
when people say "chaotic bi energy" about brian they're referring to exactly This video
Bloxyway 15 orë më parë
your the best bread i've ever had
gunrugger 15 orë më parë
1:25 WAHt price you must paayyyyy Wario confirmed.
?Autumn? ?Lillies?
?Autumn? ?Lillies? 15 orë më parë
Patrick at the end: *eating hair*
Ceres Azalia
Ceres Azalia 16 orë më parë
As a hairstylist: This video was a delight. I had too much fun watching this. I fucking loved the mullet and the bowl cut. Was it "how it's supposed to be done"? Of course not, but I'm not here to judge, I just think it's fun to watch people experiment with their hair. A lot of clients assume I'm going to judge them or kind of...look down on their efforts if they do their own thing with their hair. But I don't get anything out of critiquing it, and it's YOUR hair. I just happen to know how to do it professionally. But this was fun. You're the type of client I'd love to have because you're not uptight about your hair. "It's just hair" is the right attitude to have. EDIT: Also, the last cut is actually really easy to salvage and make look awesome. She snipped a bit of a "bald spot" in the back, but I would just do a fade with maybe a 1 or a 1/2 guard and fade that up into the top, and have it be disconnected. Finesse the top with a little more blending and trimming and It would look really good! Nothing to worry about at ALL.
Joseph Chacra
Joseph Chacra 16 orë më parë
I want this as a superbowl ad
NS777 16 orë më parë
At “the” darts
MooNay Soe8x
MooNay Soe8x 16 orë më parë
Holy Jesus God is scary mean brother that’s funny🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
RobotJonny 17 orë më parë
I mean its not like I needed this video... But you do have really pretty hair.
Johnathon Jacobsen
Johnathon Jacobsen 17 orë më parë
sounds like a jethro tull
Kenan Alper Aydoğan
Kenan Alper Aydoğan 17 orë më parë
Jonas Sungaila
Jonas Sungaila 17 orë më parë
*So how do I join?*
Toni Rajalammi
Toni Rajalammi 18 orë më parë
If you own a business there is NO limit whatsoever to how much you can earn. With a job, there is a limit.
Cly Marin
Cly Marin 18 orë më parë
I thought this said "A comprehensive history" and it was a video essay on how you did your hair in the past
honeycomb x
honeycomb x 18 orë më parë
i can’t be the only one who noticed how gorgeous laura’s arms r
Diehard 270
Diehard 270 19 orë më parë
They’re not siblings he hired two people that look like him
Arnold 19 orë më parë
Taijin popcorn is also delicious.
Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata 19 orë më parë
You son of a bitch
Luna Limi
Luna Limi 19 orë më parë
That was the longest 5 minutes of my life
G_Manitie 19 orë më parë
Bro this was you?!?!?!
jam on toast
jam on toast 19 orë më parë
i just really can't watch this, like physically i cannot watch this
Brian Says
Brian Says 20 orë më parë
What's the jpeg-y distortion effect called, and how do you do that?
KazuOmi 20 orë më parë
Lots of me vibes on a video released on my birthday. Thank u king
feret113 ajpw
feret113 ajpw 20 orë më parë
Oma gad
Luna Limi
Luna Limi 20 orë më parë
As a finn I am officially bitter.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 20 orë më parë
I really see the arc from Jort horror to spreadsheet horror, amazing work
Nova Ray
Nova Ray 20 orë më parë
Center, Nebraska has a population of 94 people. It has a total land of .10 square miles. I don't know what to do with this information but here it is.
Andrius Saz
Andrius Saz 21 orë më parë
you real dude? you have no style, no class but interpeting things you way below
waffledingus 22 orë më parë
ok so brian is doing fine in quarantine
Pumpkin Dog
Pumpkin Dog 22 orë më parë
I wonder if Brian ever sold his bed
Olivia Cowart
Olivia Cowart 22 orë më parë
So when are you going to make your first horror film ?? Because I’m ready
TheSneezingAnouki 22 orë më parë
I showed this to my mother and her only response was "I'm scared"
Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan 22 orë më parë
I need a Brad Mondo reaction vid. Someone bring this to his attention.
Tim 23 orë më parë
If his siblings fused they would make him-
Guiseppe Falzarano
Guiseppe Falzarano 23 orë më parë
Making pepcorn today, thanks for sharing this with the world Pepdate: Such a unique flavor. Pepcorn is the new popcorn forever
Alex Shindelbower
Alex Shindelbower 23 orë më parë
Bro I have been trying to grow a manbun for so long but my curly hecking hair turns into a bob ross/rizzo from grease giant orb of curls. This tutorial actually helped me out quite a bit thanks dude keep up the great work.
SPTrol 23 orë më parë
At 0.75x speed is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen
Kagen Wondren
Kagen Wondren 23 orë më parë
Things for ALnets engagement: traductor, Costco, Reddit, indeed, you tube, ups
GraphicJon Ditë më parë
Guybrush Threepwood??
Rohan A.
Rohan A. Ditë më parë
“I got a cut on my hand I mean I cut if my hand” Ha ha funny #relatable