Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Sweet and Tender Hooligan 16 orë më parë
He is small but scary in a way😂🤣
won ton min
won ton min 16 orë më parë
I say 5 round liver shot inoue
Neil Oscar Salac
Neil Oscar Salac 16 orë më parë
yea no it should start with the dude to put zolani tete to sleep. but bob too scared
shoopshoop 16 orë më parë
That fight with Donaire was a fight of the year candidate as far as I'm concerned.
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 16 orë më parë
Naoya and Donaire actually hugged like 2 or 3 times. They both have so much respect for each other
Willam Almanon
Willam Almanon 16 orë më parë
11:48 I'm not fan of pinauwi but I don't like Aussie British irish fighter they all have something in common boastful. that's why they don't last long..can you imagine the stupidity of thier general during world war2 sending your men in battle just wearing shorts
Phinks wore Gucci before it was cool
Phinks wore Gucci before it was cool 16 orë më parë
at 2:03, this old exec man tries to take the belt to give it to Inoue but the japanese guy with Inoue is like nah, I can do it
The Boxing Corner
The Boxing Corner 16 orë më parë
Anyone else see inoues eye looking kind lazy?? Could it be the eye that was broken?
Hog Rider
Hog Rider 16 orë më parë
But afraid on casimero stop avoiding him if donaire in he's prime goodnight for you
kev ow
kev ow 16 orë më parë
Good fighter by no means should be top 5 though. Espn p4p list is an absolute joke. Usyk shouldnt be on and i dont think inoue does either or GGG. Usyk and inoue dont have that many fights and fight in weak divisions and havent beaten anybody special. Teo little different beating commey and loma and fighting in a tough division
こうさか 16 orë më parë
こうさか 16 orë më parë
こうさか 16 orë më parë
samjam306 16 orë më parë
Inoue got hit so hard he changed races. Still rooting for him though.
John Smith
John Smith 16 orë më parë
Hes already great and it didnt start with maloney lol
I LIKE YOU 16 orë më parë
I LIKE YOU 16 orë më parë
Richard Vargas
Richard Vargas 16 orë më parë
Sana yng angAs nang pinas kinalaban hnde c moloney
Christian 16 orë më parë
He has not fought anyone! why he is being advertised.
OnePunchFatality 16 orë më parë
He hasnt fought anyone? Hes been consistently fighting the best fighters back to back.You dont know anything about boxing go back to golf son
Chris Vejerano
Chris Vejerano 16 orë më parë
Still the kind of fight that every fans wants to see unlike with Mayweather
Vien Bien Byen
Vien Bien Byen 16 orë më parë
Let's gooo Inuoe Vs Casimero on 2021..
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek 16 orë më parë
Bernard Guinto
Bernard Guinto 16 orë më parë
Nixtility 16 orë më parë
@Bernard Guinto okay 👍
Bernard Guinto
Bernard Guinto 16 orë më parë
@Y T you know whos gonna win.. ill rather watch davis vs sta cruz
Y T 16 orë më parë
Why come here and write a comment? Are you curious?
Carlitos Brigante
Carlitos Brigante 16 orë më parë
He's name is difficult to pronounce ,but getting up after one of he's body shots it's impossible .
Joe Magsajo
Joe Magsajo 16 orë më parë
Dang ur eye is still busted from the donaire fight.
淳安谷屋 16 orë më parë
ShoGo 16 orë më parë
tim mutohfan
tim mutohfan 16 orë më parë
How was this an upset? Cotto's entire middleweight run was a goldenbrick road towards a money fight with Canelo. Sergio Martinez was in this fight because Cotto could beat him.
vince mirate
vince mirate 16 orë më parë
Happy Halloween moloney
Artur Duran Boxe
Artur Duran Boxe 17 orë më parë
Robson Conceição 🇧🇷🥊🤙🏼💪🏼
ShoGo 17 orë më parë
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek 17 orë më parë
Fist one to look away in the stare down loses the fight
Mardoy Madolaisog
Mardoy Madolaisog 17 orë më parë
,.. Go casimiro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Kimble
Thomas Kimble 17 orë më parë
Dad made the right decision
羽毛布団 17 orë më parë
動画なしで登録者50万人の確率0.5%を達成する漢 17 orë më parë
Mardoy Madolaisog
Mardoy Madolaisog 17 orë më parë
So much talk..if your the best boxer why you don't fight casimiro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰
Marino Doctolero
Marino Doctolero 17 orë më parë
Moloney rip
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales 17 orë më parë
Let’s go japan! He’s definitely a killer.
over seer
over seer 17 orë më parë
Inoue the real take over
Vince Campos
Vince Campos 17 orë më parë
The undercards aint playing than
Jay D
Jay D 17 orë më parë
Inoue KO 6. This will be a better fight than people are expecting, though, I think.
Diane Barron-kelsey
Diane Barron-kelsey 17 orë më parë
Wow so incredibly beautiful. I love Dan Hill and I Love boxing
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 17 orë më parë
I'm a big fan
Che Guevarra
Che Guevarra 17 orë më parë
Damn Nonito really opened up that eye To become the best, you must be better than the best
darkeagle 17 orë më parë
Yoy couldnt be, since nonito punched you in the eye that almost knocked you out!!!
darkeagle 17 orë më parë
You are blinded from that eye
James Affleck
James Affleck 17 orë më parë
What a birthday gift. Duran Duran
Che Guevarra
Che Guevarra 17 orë më parë
Godzilla vs Kangaroo
wayne mcauliffe
wayne mcauliffe 17 orë më parë
Go the roo
Christian Wallace
Christian Wallace 17 orë më parë
Inoue will smash this Aussie
General Suzuki
General Suzuki 16 orë më parë
How? The Aussie is the number 1 pound for pound
Jameel Yasin
Jameel Yasin 17 orë më parë
That eye the one who broke may a massive issue for him. Its still looks swollen and fragile x
Eddie Silerio
Eddie Silerio 17 orë më parë
I thought bam was fighting on this card
Y T 17 orë më parë
Sure, this card may not be attractive, but Inoue has only fought champions in bantamweights so far. He should show a good match soon.
Rafa Marquez
Rafa Marquez 17 orë më parë
mostro vs pantera 🇲🇽🇯🇵
Che Guevarra
Che Guevarra 17 orë më parë
Nonito left a mark on Naoya's right eye
vince mirate
vince mirate 16 orë më parë
BrainFuck10 17 orë më parë
Inoue is just another hypetrain that stands out amongst a mediocre generation of boxers
itsme jdc
itsme jdc 17 orë më parë
why inoue move up to 118 when he can fight the best at 115 like estrada,chocolatito,rungvisai?
C 17 orë më parë
Cause that boy can crack anyone at any weight
Y T 17 orë më parë
Inoue participated in the WBSS where his opponents couldn't escape because they escaped from Inoue
ゲボ愛子 17 orë më parë
ONCE TKG 17 orë më parë
бодя голіней
бодя голіней 17 orë më parë
Люди всем привет подпишитесь пожалуйста на мой канал
Marley Park
Marley Park 17 orë më parë
Go naoya fight for Asian more love from your neighbor Philippines....
HeWhoChills 17 orë më parë
Ippo Makunouchi by KO
RCsnake 17 orë më parë
Maloney was nodding his head like "Yeah.. I'm going to get knocked the fuck out.'
Sheriff of YouTube
Sheriff of YouTube 17 orë më parë
shitan1121 17 orë më parë
JB CBBA 17 orë më parë
Even if you not a Hardcore Boxing fan. When you see a Inoue Fight, you will not be disappointed. This guy is a complete monster.
alex fernandez
alex fernandez 17 orë më parë
Face Cuadro Alas.
phone jack
phone jack 17 orë më parë
Inoue is gonna destroy this man.
Manteiv 17 orë më parë
It's gonna be a murder scene.
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 17 orë më parë
Them maloney brothers are c level fighters and this one is getting stopped by the monster inoue
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 16 orë më parë
@General Suzuki thats maloney
General Suzuki
General Suzuki 16 orë më parë
C fighters are good but nothing special
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 16 orë më parë
@Stringy-bark creek are u from the UK?
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek 17 orë më parë
You just have z level opinions
おかゆ 17 orë më parë
楽しみでしかない。 応援してます!
Manteiv 17 orë më parë
Next big superstar. Been waiting on him to get his shine globally. LET'S GOOO!
adriano elblanco
adriano elblanco 17 orë më parë
He has a monster division under him at the moment! Who else want Inoue vs estrada, gonzalez or Rungvisai! Monster v monster
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Blue eyes
Blue eyes 16 orë më parë
GOD bless you and yours beloved 😇
Joker Ferrufino
Joker Ferrufino 16 orë më parë
phone jack
phone jack 17 orë më parë
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld 17 orë më parë
Maloney gets destroyed naoya will lose one day but not to this lol 😂
lh12cat 17 orë më parë
@Awarriorscall1 , I just noticed your comments, and this Corona covid IS FAKE and a PLANNED-DEMIC !!! on ALnets look at videos from “New World Order Resistance “ and “New World Order Resistance Movement “ and JTLC New World Order Resistance “ ( these are the same people ) they show that corona, George Floyd, Kyle rittenhouse, Jacob Blake, Proud boys , Antifa, Black Lives Matter, NFAC , are created and funded by billionaire George Soros to create chaos, confusion, havoc, to get people’s mind on one accord to be vaccinated and microchipped with a year 2025 finish date . ALnets has terminated thier account several times and the reason why they told them that they didn’t want them telling people the truth . Watch thier videos and make your own decision.
Naruto Peloñe
Naruto Peloñe 17 orë më parë
@ping wachara Internet troll 🤡🤡 bobo
ping wachara
ping wachara 17 orë më parë
He will lose to me I can ko Nagoya and casimero easy
Awarriorscall1 17 orë më parë
@wayne mcauliffe lol the Aussies are on lockdown and wont even fight back against a fake PLANdemic. They are takers not givers so thats how the fight will go.
wayne mcauliffe
wayne mcauliffe 17 orë më parë
Go Aussie
Kenpachi Muay
Kenpachi Muay 17 orë më parë
Would like to see inoue vs some of the bigger name.
音ゲー投稿 17 orë më parë
Let's go Japanese pride!!
Damian Heinich
Damian Heinich 17 orë më parë
Nie przepadam za Ewą i nawet życzyłem wygranej Mayer bo jakoś wzbudza we mnie sympatię ale im bliżej do walki tym bardziej jednak sercem za naszą Polką - robi często te swoje kiczowate show ale w gruncie rzeczy nie znam jej osobiście, boksem kobiecym się w zasadzie nie interesuję, lecz wśród facetów mamy taką bidę, że w sumie fajnie gdyby chociaż Brodnicka dobrze się pokazała PS Go Monster Inoue!
Lex Guevarra
Lex Guevarra 17 orë më parë
If only we could see a Prime Donaire vs Naoya Inoue, that could be an easy fight of the year.
samueladrian castaneda
samueladrian castaneda 17 orë më parë
HUBERT DARK 17 orë më parë
speszona jak dzik juz taka mocna nie jest w gebie i glupich minek nie robi zabogato na okolo
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz 17 orë më parë
peleá muy parecido a Julio Cezar Chavez Sr. Let's Go Inoue :D
Vince Campos
Vince Campos 17 orë më parë
so hes a real one.
agua bendita
agua bendita 17 orë më parë
japanese turtle by: casemero💪💪💪