Dian Irma Ningtyas
Dian Irma Ningtyas 4 orë më parë
I'm here for The Daddies @BWF WTF 2020 in Bangkok. Hope they can give the best performance like this match. Aamiin
Best movies clips
Best movies clips 4 orë më parë
I am exciting to see legend commentators by live ...we love them both. ❤️❤️❤️
Agam Dwi Syahdan
Agam Dwi Syahdan 5 orë më parë
Twice - Cheer Up
Lacveg rd
Lacveg rd 5 orë më parë
Marin 👍
Haikal Hazzam
Haikal Hazzam 5 orë më parë
1:17:29 😂😂
PeeTee 5 orë më parë
Many people who shouldn't make it made it because of the missing japan and chinese pairs
Baddyforall 5 orë më parë
Sameer was leading in the first set. He should have taken the first set .. Then the match will be finished in two games.
Maharestu Wardoyo putri
Maharestu Wardoyo putri 5 orë më parë
yg nonton di tahun 2021 ada?
Dani Cahya
Dani Cahya 5 orë më parë
Pemain cina tegang gitu yaaa...
Cassie 5 orë më parë
I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna 5 orë më parë
MS Group A is exactly just like last year drawing (axelsen, ginting, ctc, chen long), but this year chen long is replaced by LZJ. last year, ginting was in the top form, he beat viktor, he beat chen long, and in final he faced momota and lost in 3 games. but this year, viktor is in the top, and ginting in his worst performance
Idola saya
Afiq Asyrofi
Afiq Asyrofi 5 orë më parë
The title is misleading. It should be Plays of the Decade
sartono tobil
sartono tobil 6 orë më parë
Kesayanganku TTY... 😘😘😘😘😘
Mona Moon
Mona Moon 6 orë më parë
Masih nonton ini 2021
Ameng ikp
Ameng ikp 6 orë më parë
Indonesian player is the bes't
arif alexandria
arif alexandria 6 orë më parë
Indo ga punya single woman yg hebat Kya jaman dulu
Luthfi miftahul Anwar
Luthfi miftahul Anwar 6 orë më parë
Ada yang nonton di tahun 2021? wkwk
Rady 2019
Rady 2019 6 orë më parë
Set pertama penjaga garisan berat sebalah..2 x bulu tangkis atas garisan..kalau x lcw mng set pertama
Fij Tips
Fij Tips 6 orë më parë
Nice to see some variation e.g. that attacking clear at 3:17 from Vendy sets up winning the point.
Fredy Lombok
Fredy Lombok 6 orë më parë
Super ...👍👍👍
黑黑 6 orë më parë
Bro Tizeh
Bro Tizeh 6 orë më parë
The minion minnya bersih bgd sdkit sekli keslhan. Bhkn lawan pun sdkit prustasi susah nyari celahnya. Minion defend nya kokoh. Nyerangnya juga gx monoton sllu dengn variasi2 pukulan.
Developed country Republic of Korea
Developed country Republic of Korea 6 orë më parë
Lee Yong-dae is one of the Korean badminton legends who won the Olympic gold medal at the age of 21. I'm always proud of him. I respect you. Yongdae hyung~☺️👍🏻
parno saogo
parno saogo 6 orë më parë
Gak ada alasan kecapean emangnya lawannya gak main langsung lawan ginting saja kualitas lah yg membuktikan bukan karna soal capek semua atlet capek.
parno saogo
parno saogo 6 orë më parë
Memang kualitasnya dia buktikan di hongkong open bukan karna curang nyatanya sekarang gak ada perkawanan good job pemain hongkong ini👍👍👍
Ai Vira
Ai Vira 6 orë më parë
No Chinese No Japanese ... it’s a poor Final !
sartono tobil
sartono tobil 6 orë më parë
2021 TTY kesayanganku...😘😘😘😘
Agung Nurcahyo Official
Agung Nurcahyo Official 6 orë më parë
Andai ke tiganya juara WD + XD serta MD pasti akan dikenang sepanjang zaman😭🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🥳💪
Dianne 7 orë më parë
2021 nih yg nonton mana?🤣
Irdina! :D
Irdina! :D 7 orë më parë
Priya Emmanuel
Priya Emmanuel 7 orë më parë
So good to see Gil and Mortan.. the true entertainers..
Regina A'prillee
Regina A'prillee 7 orë më parë
Yang unik dari mereka adalah, kalau marah malah makin fokus 👍👍
Phạm Đức Khánh
Phạm Đức Khánh 7 orë më parë
Momota is really fast. I think Momota is the best badminton player now
mhuda muhammad
mhuda muhammad 7 orë më parë
Pengambilan kameranya mantap..
ari hamdar
ari hamdar 7 orë më parë
this is a much better game than the final..
Peaceful Angel
Peaceful Angel 7 orë më parë
Marin starts to master some trick shots, even the trick master was tricked by it!
Pin Puranin
Pin Puranin 7 orë më parë
Amazing 😯
Munanisa Ica
Munanisa Ica 8 orë më parë
Koo gue malu yaaaa,,,klo lawan dapat poin,langsung di uuuu in...
Pin Puranin
Pin Puranin 8 orë më parë
Jongkonphan&Rawinda 🏸🏸 🇹🇭🙏👏👍🔥🌹💛🥇🏆
Agung Nurcahyo Official
Agung Nurcahyo Official 8 orë më parë
Putri Kusuma Wardani the NEXT susu Susanti🇲🇨🇲🇨
Dara Ardhia
Dara Ardhia 8 orë më parë
Kangen dengar turnamen dengan teriakan penonton..😭
RUDI WALANGADI 8 orë më parë
Besok mainnya mulai jam berapa?
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna 5 orë më parë
jam 11, tapi kalo indo mulai mainnya jam 2 siang, daddies vs ivanov/sozonov
bahar adhan
bahar adhan 8 orë më parë
Indonesia pasti menang Aamiiiinnnn 🙏🙏🙏
clare xi
clare xi 8 orë më parë
Lindan is 11 year older than Momota
Gamers. House
Gamers. House 8 orë më parë
Srikanth Kidambi is in a good group. He has a good chance to qualify to SF
mas nono
mas nono 8 orë më parë
Smg bln maret minion bs main
LUTHFI JACKSON 9 orë më parë
maennye berisik , kyak org di apain tau 😂😂😂😂
STUDIO KAMPUNG 9 orë më parë
China tanpa gelar dong
Raid Nabil
Raid Nabil 9 orë më parë
Yg nonton 2021 sini merapat
Real Deal
Real Deal 9 orë më parë
No china. Boring.
Dzaky 27
Dzaky 27 9 orë më parë
indonesia 👏👏👏👏Indonesia 👏👏👏👏👏Indonesia 👏👏👏👏👏
Yosephia Vania
Yosephia Vania 9 orë më parë
orang orangan
orang orangan 6 orë më parë
loijokka 9 orë më parë
On a good day
gswdhm —
gswdhm — 9 orë më parë
Dorian_Tihi 10 orë më parë
Ive always asked myself how they look haha And finally I can see them
Asher Loh
Asher Loh 10 orë më parë
Mr Benkbenk
Mr Benkbenk 10 orë më parë
I ❤ ceu taty
margaretha m. t.
margaretha m. t. 10 orë më parë
Wei Shem Goh
Wei Shem Goh 10 orë më parë
Ade Sunawan
Ade Sunawan 10 orë më parë
No Chinese and Japanese players... So sad 😭😭. The tour final would not be interesting for me🙏
39 Sankyu
39 Sankyu 10 orë më parë
There is no way you beat momota in rubber game (3rd game) because he has already tired you down in the first and second game... you have to beat him in 2 straight games with everything you have... He is not a brutal attacker like lin dan or lee chong wei... he is more like chen long who relies on long rally game, but better... his stamina is crazy, and his footwork is perfect...
A Morning
A Morning 10 orë më parë
Group A of MS & XD are group of dead 😱
Muhammad Shafiq Iman Bin Siarum
Muhammad Shafiq Iman Bin Siarum 10 orë më parë
Moment of silent for those who never get to see they play before.
Tuấn Hùng Official
Tuấn Hùng Official 10 orë më parë
Ahsan mutant! My idol!
Nita _310
Nita _310 10 orë më parë
Wow 1m view 👏👏
Pambudi Tri
Pambudi Tri 11 orë më parë
Opa Morteeeeen...
Pambudi Tri
Pambudi Tri 11 orë më parë
Omaaaaa Gilll....
JR 1983
JR 1983 11 orë më parë
How come the field is so depleted? No minions etc? Didn't qualify?? Or due to lack of play has this changed the top 8??
JR 1983
JR 1983 8 orë më parë
@Nunu Nunu cheers, i saw lane and vendy in the draw which I think they are world no34 and wonder what was going off as it's normal the best 8. Might have been better to delay this and play some of the other cancelled events?? Anyway it's live badminton so I will enjoy it all the same. Take care!
Nunu Nunu
Nunu Nunu 9 orë më parë
@JR 1983 kind of. Kevin was tested positive on december. The Chinese team couldn't go due to their country's policy. And the entire Japanese team cancelled their participation as Momota was tested positive at the airport right before their flight.
JR 1983
JR 1983 9 orë më parë
@Nunu Nunu I am a bit behind mate to be honest assume it due to the pandemic then??
Nunu Nunu
Nunu Nunu 9 orë më parë
Where were you all this time dude?
kris smit
kris smit 11 orë më parë
Marin have an oppotunity to win again. What a draw.
Jiya Gulati
Jiya Gulati 8 orë më parë
No matter what a draw Marin gets, she will win. She has the best form at this time and even if she plays difficult matches in all rounds, she will still win.
Ardy Ch
Ardy Ch 11 orë më parë
Tidak ada Minions, Watanabe, kamura, duo tiang listrik, tidak seru, monoton persaingannya
Burhan Channel
Burhan Channel 11 orë më parë
23:07 surprise, finally i can see them. nice to see u both my favorite voice in badmnton Gill Clark and Morten Frost...love
Mi Doan
Mi Doan 11 orë më parë
I only want to watch matches that Gill Clark comments <3
Roy Sihite
Roy Sihite 11 orë më parë
One Piece Lover ✋
Quinarra vixilya Kurniawan
Quinarra vixilya Kurniawan 11 orë më parë
Definisi sebenarnya dari pepatah "sampai titik darah penghabisan" Dari sekian banyak match ginting,ini yg paling favo
husna wakhidakh
husna wakhidakh 11 orë më parë
Kita doakan sama². Seluruh atlit akan bermain dengan maksimal dan baik, bisa membawa gelar ke tanah air. Semangat PraMel, deddies, GreyAp, HafGlo, Ginting. Kalian tunjukan kualitas kalian yaa! Semangat