2 muaj më parë
how 2020 has me feeling
2 muaj më parë
LOVE & OTHER DRUGS (a paris vlog)
oops! i moved to NYC!
10 muaj më parë
my most worn clothing of 2019 ♡
preparing to make 2020 my b*tch
my last weekend in LA...
my first time at vidcon!
taking myself on a date ♡
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Vit më parë
how i do my hair
Vit më parë
a week in my ~gLaMoRoUS~ life
how to put together an outfit 101
how i (fiNalLY) cleared my skin
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2 vjet më parë
Maria Campos
Maria Campos 23 orë më parë
I’m not crying you’re crying
Mamy Lany
Mamy Lany 23 orë më parë
I want her whole dressing T.T
Awana Al Islam
Awana Al Islam 23 orë më parë
Hair stylists in LA: **talks about drugs, spills tea, super friendly** Hair Stylists in my country: "is the water too hot" *_*and nothing else for the next two hours*_*
Inc Inc
Inc Inc 23 orë më parë
The views from those terraces were depressing as fuck. I hate apartment hunting - so many shitty places I looked at - like EMBARASSINGLY shitty, I couldn't believe someone had the nerve to advertise them.
redr0ses 23 orë më parë
omg this is so good ashley! the talent is absolutely immaculate, I will defend this beautiful, talented, awesome girl who has the most gorgeous taste in beauty till my last breath.
Lucia Calderon
Lucia Calderon 23 orë më parë
Hope this kind comment overpowers a mean one. I see all the work you put into your videos, great job :) hope you are doing okay and feeling happy.
Queen-Beulah Official
Queen-Beulah Official 23 orë më parë
The styrofoam design is SOOOOOO CREATIVE OMG
softmocha 23 orë më parë
Ashley is such a honest and lovely person. She just really like to show her outfit ideas and give people inspiration while presenting a lifelike image of what's like being a young woman doing her best and living on her own.
softmocha 23 orë më parë
Why the fuck is the first comment is someone judging her thumbnail? Who cares?
Ebba Varga
Ebba Varga 23 orë më parë
27:10 me watching this during a pandemic, not far off tho Ashley
jongin is a baby
jongin is a baby 23 orë më parë
MISS ASHLEY you are stunning 😩❤️
- dreamsaboutlondon -
- dreamsaboutlondon - Ditë më parë
I always come back to this <3
Mariana Souto
Mariana Souto Ditë më parë
wow this video really helped me!! You put on words and images somethings I have been feeling and could't figure out myself just yet! Thank you <3 thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities with us, for allowing us to see you so truely. And congratulions on this beautiful video. It was incredible
trontron lanlan
trontron lanlan Ditë më parë
I have just known you but...already adore you 🥰. You’re way too adorable ❤️ luv youuu
karolina d
karolina d Ditë më parë
I only want to say that you are an amazing youtuber and I love your films. Actually because of your channel I started to pay more attention to my wardrobe and realized that I love fashion. Thank you ❤️
kakashi is hawt
kakashi is hawt Ditë më parë
0:55 anyone know what fabric this dress is made of
Miriam Forman
Miriam Forman Ditë më parë
❤️ same ✨
Kate Lindsay
Kate Lindsay Ditë më parë
i like soft girl and indie and cottagecore and street wear and grunge and barbiecore and idk what it is but kinda schoolgirlcore or something? please help
Mamy Lany
Mamy Lany Ditë më parë
Apurvaa Sardar
Apurvaa Sardar Ditë më parë
Cora Pennacchietti
Cora Pennacchietti Ditë më parë
ashleyyy you are not only bestdressed you are the best at anything you try!!! love this video, you are so good at expressing all the emotions this pandemic made you feel! i’m not sure if you realize how talented you are:) hope you read this comment and it makes you smile. lots of love
banoffee06 Ditë më parë
step 1: have a dress you actually look good in
J Bautista
J Bautista Ditë më parë
She looks like Anastasia in the yellow dress 😍
OwO EveeAwesome
OwO EveeAwesome Ditë më parë
i would but i’m fat 😜
99rkm 99
99rkm 99 Ditë më parë
is this sped up
Kelechi Vanessa
Kelechi Vanessa Ditë më parë
love your positive energy in this video ashley . Just need to get excited about dressing up again because I fucking live in my PJs nowadays.
rufaida Ditë më parë
Girl u r awesome
Akbope Nurmakhanbet
Akbope Nurmakhanbet Ditë më parë
This is literally what i feel rn!! Glad to know that I’m not alone. thank you Ashley💕
Nathalie Stav
Nathalie Stav Ditë më parë
I'm really mad about how she gets backlash for literally anything. Like I remember when she was a much smaller channel and the comment section was so much more positive. Stop trying to hold up women to impossible standards.
•Pytzamagirl• Ditë më parë
This is just beautiful , an amazing short film. Aesthetically perfect, human, real. If my head during these past months was a movie would look like this. Thank you, @bestdressed for making me feel less alone. 💕
Galamasunrise Ditë më parë
Fleece forget
Bailey at the Movies
Bailey at the Movies Ditë më parë
I wanted to see that moustache belt with an outfit!
Gabby Linscott
Gabby Linscott Ditë më parë
Hi!! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos :) they’ve always made me really happy and given me some time to breathe and relax. You’re an adorable human and I know obviously none of us know you but you seem so genuinely kind and clever. I’m 21 too, and I’ve followed you for a few years now and I feel like I’ve grown up with you in some ways. Anyways it’s a hard time and I hope you’re doing well :) thank you for the smiles :)
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen Ditë më parë
Why can’t people just view things without criticism? This is why creativity dies. Art comes in a lot of different forms, and Ashley is doing just that. EXCEPT she’s literally spilling her vulnerability to the whole world, so y’all need to just chill tf out. Don’t like her perspective? Don’t interact with her content. Not everyone will be to your liking, so stop pushing your standards, virtues and expectations onto other people.
StephenHeartASMR Ditë më parë
I love a good thrifted floor.
Ronke Oyerinde
Ronke Oyerinde Ditë më parë
Love you, Ashley!!! You're amazing!!!
Kbark3265 Ditë më parë
I appreciate your videos and you so much
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed Ditë më parë
OMG I'M WATCHING THIS ON 2nd DECEMBER 2020 AND I'M SO EMOTIONAL AAAGH. 💔😢😢😢😢😢I found her in April and have watched this a bazillion times
Ipanema Jukebox
Ipanema Jukebox Ditë më parë
Ashley is absolutely adorable. I totally can't relate to any shade about her. How can you hate Ashley.
Niebieski Plecak
Niebieski Plecak Ditë më parë
I love your videos and your aesthetic. You are sooo talented and funny, I want to be like you✨❤️
Leanne Gabato
Leanne Gabato Ditë më parë
i know she doesnt think she has her life together, but wow she does have her life put together HAHA
Tsukki Dino
Tsukki Dino Ditë më parë
I have a no uniform day and I’m not aloud to wear skirts of cropped shirts and it’s going to be really really hot (middle of summer in Australia) what should I wear :(
Nasrin Ditë më parë
This was such a beautiful little short film about her life and how her mind is doing during the craziness that is 2020. You can see the artistry throughout the whole thing, and you can tell she's a film student. It was such a brave decision to share this with people, and it just reflects on how authentic Ashley has always tried to be with her content. I feel like most ALnetsrs would never dare to be this bold and it just made me love Ashley, and this channel even more.
Jess Velarde
Jess Velarde Ditë më parë
5% here for the outfits, 95% here for the clever and hilariously endearing commentary ✌🏼💕
lavender_cupcake Ditë më parë
This video is the definition of “ not aging well” 😭😭😭
Frances Overton
Frances Overton Ditë më parë
I'm really trying to fix myself, and I'm so excited to change my clothes.
Claire April
Claire April Ditë më parë
literally going to cry from how cute these outfits are please 😭
Becky Huang
Becky Huang Ditë më parë
Becky Huang
Becky Huang Ditë më parë
just drive over to canada i will get u some omg
Becky Huang
Becky Huang Ditë më parë
ashley i love u so much thank u for saving me from midterms
Nina Karimy
Nina Karimy Ditë më parë
I have watched this 500 times...
Fatima Hasnain
Fatima Hasnain Ditë më parë
hey, Ashley ik I'm just a random person on the internet but I just want u to know that you don't always have to be this happy person who knows what they are doing bcz that kind of person doesn't exist. You're human and that is that. I'm sorry you are getting so much hate for absolutely no reason. You are a great filmmaker this video is so satisfying to watch and maybe you should make such stuff more often if you're comfortable with it. I don't know if this made sense I just don't know how to tell you what I'm trying to say. Ashley you are great <3
Mariana Souto
Mariana Souto Ditë më parë
that was so sweet <3
Salt Ditë më parë
love from your communist fans
ELLENA XN Ditë më parë
Came straight to the comments to see if they passed the vibe check....
Salt Ditë më parë
Old Ashley binge :) I remember watching all these when you first posted and now I really just need that feeling back
Salt Ditë më parë
Every part of this food in my menory
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida Ditë më parë
🥺🥺💖💖💖💖 i can relate!
Raneen Agbariah
Raneen Agbariah Ditë më parë
Idk why but you remind me so much of cate blanchett and I’m LIVING for it
Christina Moran
Christina Moran Ditë më parë
Salt Ditë më parë
Ashley I’m rewatching all your videos ;-; it makes me feel really happy and sad and it makes my life better. You’re really an important person to a lot of other people because of this service you provide, seriously
Alice Kang
Alice Kang Ditë më parë
me watching this video knowing that I have no intention of going back to my maths homework
Kenidi Harrison
Kenidi Harrison Ditë më parë
Taru Kurosaki
Taru Kurosaki Ditë më parë
I'm like a video and a half into this channel and I'm already in love! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Teresa Bradley
Teresa Bradley Ditë më parë
You always put a smile on my face. Thank you for being so strong!
smllpup Ditë më parë
I am so amazed by you and your humility, your passion, and your quirky individuality. You give me hope for the next generation and young females out there just trying to live, learn, and grow. You are a phenomenally GENUINE human being and I hope to continue to watch you grow and experience life to the fullest.
Salt Ditë më parë
Rebecca Chad
Rebecca Chad Ditë më parë
That dress is fully giving me prom 2004 vibes like actually that is straight out of an aging millennial’s closet 😂
Cristina Santana
Cristina Santana Ditë më parë
I always share her insta pics with my sisters and friends. I just love your style!!!!
Ashma Dhungana
Ashma Dhungana Ditë më parë
This is fab❤️❤️
shicalista Ditë më parë
Could you do a playlist on spotify with your favourite Lo-fi songs? I love all the music you use on your videos!
N330AA Ditë më parë
I agree with what you say. LA isn't a city it's just an endless suburb.
Kavita Balsara
Kavita Balsara Ditë më parë
I love your content Ashely!!!💕
lise fiad
lise fiad Ditë më parë
This was so beautifully made! Thank you for sharing. I literally got emotional and teared up on the scene where you talked about how you felt at home when you were with your friends. This is how I feel and I haven’t seen them since before COVID started and I didn’t realize how emotional I was about it till I saw this. As always, love your videos ❤️
laurajeanist Ditë më parë
Silk top with a black turtle neck?!? 😙
MinRosee Parkedes
MinRosee Parkedes Ditë më parë
I love you and you really mean so much to me, your channel is my safe place and I'm so glad and happy that you exist in my life ✨💚 Stay awesome Queen!!!
Cecily Rosenbaum
Cecily Rosenbaum Ditë më parë
I don't usually comment on videos, but I have to say, I love you and your videos!! Youve always given me comfy, Jenna marbles vibes. Keep doing you and growing into yourself at your own pace ❤️
Orange Rose
Orange Rose Ditë më parë
For the turtleneck problem, I usually just wear neutral turtleneck (black or black and white striped) with my graphic tees. I did this with my MCR shirt with a white and black striped turtleneck and worked great
Madeline Nickerson
Madeline Nickerson Ditë më parë
this is my comfort youtube video
Virginia Brennan
Virginia Brennan Ditë më parë
Hey Ashley I know you’ll never see this but I want you to know that your videos have really helped me be more comfortable with experimenting with style. You’re openness and vulnerability has made me feel more at ease in myself and knowing that there are people like you that love to create and do it In the wake of fucktards being overly critical is what inspires me. I’m so thankful for your channel and all of your videos. I know if I was in your position I would absolutely let the criticism get to me I’m hypersensitive to that kind of shit so if it does fuck with your brain that’s to totally valid. That being said I hope you know that there are thousands upon thousands of people that you’ve helped and entertained that don’t comment or make shitty call out videos and stay silent in their appreciation of you. I love u and ur videos. Ok BYE BB HAVE A GOOD DAY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
holly Ditë më parë
i’m a camp counselor in the summer and it’s one of my favorite times because i literally don’t go on my phone and it’s still fun because there’s so much to do so it’s not too boring
Sarah B
Sarah B Ditë më parë
When the pandemic first started , I saw many posts where people suggested you should sheep a journal and to journal it daily about your feelings , what happened and how things are going , one because its therapeutic , but also to record a piece of history and one day you will show that to your grand kids and i loved that idea but n ever did it . When i saw this video, This is basically what she did . She created a piece of art that is good way to channel her energy in to activities that keep her busy, its a good way to practice expressing her emotions in a healthy way that is self soothing and nurturing , and she recorded a piece of history and one day share it with her future grand kids . healthy expression through art is a wonderful release and good for wellbeing