Sunday starts with wintry mix
Mee Gen
Mee Gen 46 minuta më parë
"Tried to go in" - what's if I said I try to go in your house? What's that sound, I wonder.
Panzer 48 minuta më parë
Damn, homie snitched on his own dad lmao
Katoclemenz ShiestGang
Katoclemenz ShiestGang 51 minutë më parë
Wow lol his son must really hate him
DrPepperJNL 51 minutë më parë
This teen is morally good and should be protected
Mari G
Mari G 52 minuta më parë
Why are the people involved being charged so lightly?
Demanicon 54 minuta më parë
I don't generally agree with the death penalty, but "murder for smokes" or "murder for looking at me" should always be a death penalty case.
Matt w
Matt w 54 minuta më parë
I never get tired of these "local man arrested for " videos, hope you look good in orange.
Misty Rivers
Misty Rivers 56 minuta më parë
Now that u put ur dad in that situation you should start looking for job and feed your family coz daddy will be out of work plus you need to get out of his house and be the man that you are
Salvatore Giuliano
Salvatore Giuliano 58 minuta më parë
His moral compass as him turn his day one in it also prevents him from getting a haircut
Bluye Bluye
Bluye Bluye 59 minuta më parë
Bet if it was a white boy who shot so much more would’ve taken place
Wes H
Wes H Orë më parë
Terrorist attack
Brianna Daylon
Brianna Daylon Orë më parë
God bless this young man...that's got to be a hard situation to be in. That's his father.
Bobby D
Bobby D Orë më parë
Snitches his dad out then grifted 100 thousand on GoFundMe dem for it. This is the disease this nation is suffering that some trash kid did this to his own blood.
kokolicious k
kokolicious k Orë më parë
Doxx the son, hes a dead man
Phil Gawthrop
Phil Gawthrop Orë më parë
Lock him up!
Crystal Telf
Crystal Telf Orë më parë
“I don’t care” Round up all these terrorists and what did trump say!? 10 years of prison! And what do you get for domestic terrorism? Next time they want to do the right thing....don’t listen to a LIAR.
Floyd Thompson
Floyd Thompson Orë më parë
That’s one sorry son .
d du
d du Orë më parë
HA HA and the hits keep coming Lock him up go FBI go FBI get the anti American's that stormed Capitol
Joe Miller
Joe Miller Orë më parë
A Trump fan Dhaaa" (MULDEW)
vudu8ball Orë më parë
Jackson you are a remarkable person. I don't honestly don't know if, when I was your age, I would have the courage to do what you have done. You are a real hero in my eyes and I wish you all the best luck in your future life.
CarolCorp5x5 Orë më parë
He needs at least one other employee in the store with him. If it's just an old man in the store it will embolden thieves to try stuff like this.
solitario 77
solitario 77 Orë më parë
"You gonna shoot me" has never Been a threatening fraze to me. I dont get how someone would get threatened by it. It seems that people that own guns always look for ways to use them. Understandable but not when facing a woman who you could easily beat down even if you are older. And outside of your home. This was murder.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Orë më parë
This for every time you grounded me !!! Ahhh yes hello i like to report my Dad......
NORMAN OTT Orë më parë
And Antifa can destroy Federal buildings in Portland and Seattle with no intervention.
Randall Green
Randall Green Orë më parë
Unbelievable that the Man gets shot because the puke bubble with the gun thought he was being"looked at".
Joseph Sias
Joseph Sias Orë më parë
This story is epic
Wes H
Wes H Orë më parë
You got to ask yourself how your doing as a father when you find yourself the subject of thus video.
dannytheman1313 Orë më parë
The father is the real traitor in that family and should be begging for his sons forgiveness.
Wes H
Wes H Orë më parë
You mean terrorists
The Wicked One
The Wicked One Orë më parë
The father is another supporter of the "family values" party. Honestly, he should swing for being a traitor, let alone threatening to shoot his own kids.
Michael Hake
Michael Hake Orë më parë
Traitors are people who tey to overthrow governments, idiot.
Shelley Schoenfeld
Shelley Schoenfeld Orë më parë
Courage. God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can And The Wisdom to know the difference.
charles becker
charles becker Orë më parë
Jazzy J
Jazzy J Orë më parë
He does not deserve to serve us the public any longer. We should hire someone that will respect the badge and citizens!
Raisha Ferreira
Raisha Ferreira Orë më parë
God bless you! U doing righr
Alex Caballero
Alex Caballero Orë më parë
THIS is what we speak of when people talk about "Law abiding citizens" who want free range at owning guns uncontrolled and why we need proper gun control laws. Openly threatening to shoot your own son for taking part in attempting to overthrow the government should be reason enough to keep this guy from owning weapons ever again.
Brad Bakes
Brad Bakes Orë më parë
He wasn't at trumps speech I bet. He is NOT a patriot
X-MISMA-X Orë më parë
The SON shows TRUE Patriotism.
Chiq Lou
Chiq Lou Orë më parë
Meanwhile, Trump is playing golf in Mar-a-lago worth it?
Judha 12
Judha 12 Orë më parë
Your fired 🤣
Kerrie Macon
Kerrie Macon Orë më parë
Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter....
Rolan Shun
Rolan Shun Orë më parë
Capitol Storm Troopers Motto: We love our country, we love our president and we love Jail.
WenD1908 Orë më parë
I hate that the son feels guilty. He did what was right. The hope is he can move forward with his decision and leave the family toxicity behind.
Evens Desir
Evens Desir Orë më parë
A son turn me to law enforcement im done with you
Rudy Cervantes
Rudy Cervantes Orë më parë
We know shes a lier as well.
Evens Desir
Evens Desir Orë më parë
u didn't take think he was a treat why turn him off
Lilly Pod
Lilly Pod Orë më parë
That kid needs to go into politics. We NEED people with a servant's heart that are willing to sacrifice themselves for a nation. God Bless!
Angela Barnes
Angela Barnes Orë më parë
He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Patricia Mammarelli
Patricia Mammarelli Orë më parë
Lock them up !!!!!!! Lock them up, lock them up!!!!!!
Toyota Pickup
Toyota Pickup Orë më parë
Can you say LOCK THEM UP 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Evens Desir
Evens Desir Orë më parë
I would never turn my dad to law enforcement
Gerald Washington
Gerald Washington Orë më parë
I thought that was a woman
billy lee
billy lee Orë më parë
Poster boy for the right.
Tom McCoy
Tom McCoy Orë më parë
It didn’t take guts to turn him in, $15000.00 was what did it.
On Ly
On Ly Orë më parë
What a bunch of filth in this world
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Orë më parë
Over 50 years of prison for this crap
DucMan888 Orë më parë
Ahh Snowflake you going to jail
Mizzie Pox
Mizzie Pox Orë më parë
Sooo many bad cops. This isn’t just a bad apple. All apples rot.
David Jackson
David Jackson Orë më parë
And yet Fox takes no responsibility for helping to spread the lies regarding the election results which instigated the insurrection?
Lance Ladewig
Lance Ladewig Orë më parë
Wow wtf is with these people!!?
Susan Orë më parë
Courageous son. +
DucMan888 Orë më parë
Feel sorry for your father, but please don't feel guilty or sorry for what you did. What you did took courage and I think you are a hero.
2dogarage Orë më parë
I hope it was worth it junior.
Bri Ram
Bri Ram Orë më parë
Texas is a mess, even Ted Cruz is (still) a senator.
Elle W
Elle W Orë më parë
Trump has blood in his hands.
Freedom Isn'tFree
Freedom Isn'tFree Orë më parë
WP brought us here..
Hoojo Orë më parë
Nice basses.
Mr. 6 liter
Mr. 6 liter Orë më parë
Hahah have fun kid paying your bills. Daddy isn't going to be going to work anymore so you can play x box all day 🤣
Mr. 6 liter
Mr. 6 liter Orë më parë
@rob sab Hopefully nobody donates. The point is the kid needs to take care of himself now that he wants to be an adult
rob sab
rob sab Orë më parë
kid will get his free money from gofundme page that he set up
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Eddwardo Chesterfield Orë më parë
Hopefully the wife and kids have better lives away from that man.
Angel Parras
Angel Parras Orë më parë
Wish more people were like his son, with a moral compass.
rob sab
rob sab Orë më parë
is that what mexicans do, inform on their parents? Hey ICE, my parents are illegals
Launa Banauna
Launa Banauna Orë më parë
That poor son who was raised in such a volatile environment to begin with , and being forced by his (good) conscience to turn his own father in, will probably suffer with cognitive dissonance, and/or some form of trauma, or PTSD for the rest of his life. How can a parent say, and do such things to their child?! Wow! My heart aches for this young man.
rob sab
rob sab Orë më parë
aww poor little baby
Randy Horton
Randy Horton Orë më parë
How come the media doesn't shame the people who burnt down my town of Kenosha or Seattle. It's so one sided!!!
SnuggeryBuggery Orë më parë
STASI 2021
Rob J
Rob J Orë më parë
Prejudice destroys common sense. People with prejudice will go to great lengths to justify what they WANT to believe. Too often, truth has nothing to do with it. The result can become unstable behavior.
Joseph 2 orë më parë
I don’t get it how does he only have two charges what about the cop that died ?
Tigerlilly 2 orë më parë
Hey is she not charged with boyfriend?
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 2 orë më parë
He said “traitors get shot”. Reporter “did you take that as a threat?”
Rayasappan 2 orë më parë
Brain washed!
keaton family
keaton family 2 orë më parë
Veronica 2 orë më parë
This child did what he had to do to protect his family. Its sad that his mother defended her domestic territory husband.