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Name User
Name User 5 sekonda më parë
Great more glitchy tech stuff to disable our cars when malfunction
Joseph Przybilla
Joseph Przybilla 6 minuta më parë
Or people could learn to not be so stupid and not walk on the road
UrBuddyEvan 6 minuta më parë
Is it wrong I busted out laughing at 0:38?
Space_ Fe4r
Space_ Fe4r 7 minuta më parë
This man is a true Hero R.I.P love from Sweden
Sedition Case
Sedition Case 8 minuta më parë
Even if they're not reliable, they never will be unless they're used, tested, and perfected
toronto girl girl
toronto girl girl 11 minuta më parë
Just like Trump she feels no shame.
Will Cresson
Will Cresson 24 minuta më parë
All of these rely on lidar. This is typically housed in the headlights. It doesn't have a perfect fov, there are gaps.
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real 26 minuta më parë
Time to strip these Treasonous traders of everything the good USA afforded them ...⭐️
soinfinite 27 minuta më parë
No one: Pedestrians: all roads are my playground. My favorite thing is to violate the traffic lights and be hit by an unlucky car.
eternalgamer25 27 minuta më parë
Jamie Sanchez
Jamie Sanchez 28 minuta më parë
Ausmerzen this broad immediately!
Дарья Куртаоо
Дарья Куртаоо 28 minuta më parë
Steve A
Steve A 28 minuta më parë
What about the other 2 hero's ?!?!?!?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 29 minuta më parë
How ignorant can these peasants be, working hard for their 1% owners; to dismantle the very government that gave them the right to protest. Minds so easily manipulated, to turn on their own self interest. This fantasy, trump and his cohort are selling has been used by the filth of man since time began...
84b 29 minuta më parë
but if you think about it, its still really new technology so you can't expect much of it, in my opinion they shouldn't of released any braking features like this until its 80%+ reliable in most situations (as in it wont hit the pedestrian or obstacle)
stopthecrazyguy 30 minuta më parë
He doesn't regret his actions. His lawyer regrets his actions. Lawyers always lie about that stuff. It's a knee-jerk defense.
kilo 31 minutë më parë
Ride On
Ride On 37 minuta më parë
isnt this in canada toronto why we doing news on them oh nevermind its a joke
CodeNameNova 39 minuta më parë
no shit,of course you cant depend on them use your eyes
Dylan 40 minuta më parë
What if someone's attacking you but you can't get away because the car keeps stopping
The Proud Asshole
The Proud Asshole 42 minuta më parë
Plot twist: training simulation for how robots will kill us all until this improve to robot apocalypse levels lol
Frankie Plays
Frankie Plays 46 minuta më parë
Volvo works a bit too much if you get my drift
M. Meeker
M. Meeker 47 minuta më parë
childred of the corn
itchykami 47 minuta më parë
automakers agreed to put nonfunctional tech in new vehicles. That is our country these days
paranoidandroid 54 minuta më parë
I love seeing the juxtaposition of these happy, smiley 😊 selfies -- then mug shot 🤬... 🤭
Pat 55 minuta më parë
Actually, the BMW that you see at the end worked exactly as intended. Its designed to lock on to pedestrians and run those gross, poor people over.
Fleas G
Fleas G 57 minuta më parë
Only in Texas
inthso Orë më parë
Boebert is being investigated.
Brian Nolf
Brian Nolf Orë më parë
I hope they now see they were willing to die or commit violence for a man who wouldn't break a fingernail for them.
Alex Gaona
Alex Gaona Orë më parë
Ive seen videos of ppl falling asleep at the wheel of a smart cart driving its self.....dont think we need to rely on technology to stop a car.. We need ppl to be better drivers
joan baczek
joan baczek Orë më parë
The Milwaukee protocol only worked for that girl because she had residual antibodies from vaccine given to her years before the actual bite. And why it only worked once and result could not be replicated. How scammy that the pushers for Milwaukee leave that detail out. The one survivor was a vegetable by the time she cleared the virus and took 20 years to recover and still clearly neurologically damaged
Black_Horse_Lover Orë më parë
Whaat! That’s not English?!?! I would have never known. 🙄
Zettakahdk Orë më parë
Everyone put your hand in up your eye brows! Salot! For all the soldier!!! I don't know what the spelling can anyone comment...
Fallwell Poolboy
Fallwell Poolboy Orë më parë
Keep em coming, keep showing pix. Names. Videos. We are enjoying seeing these idiots getting arrested. Especially when we see them tears and begging after getting caught, and yeah threaten people who turning you in, that’s real smart. And Jenna Ryan I have one word for you ...S T O O P I D
LimPu Orë më parë
Ruining your entire life for somebody who does not give a flying about you...well deserved.
cromanxx1 Orë më parë
Peopled died during this insurrection. You crossed the line - your a gangster now. Different rules.
Awesomekat Orë më parë
People need to understand that car drivers shouldn't be the only ones making sure you’re safe. Look both ways before you cross the street. Even if the crosswalk light says you can cross, make sure to look at your surroundings. Be responsible with your lives
Dee Annpea
Dee Annpea Orë më parë
Trump told Jen: "I love you, stay in Jail and don't cry"
Legacy Jeet Kune Do
Legacy Jeet Kune Do Orë më parë
Polismyndigheten Bröttjärna
Polismyndigheten Bröttjärna Orë më parë
do the same with a Volvo :)
WastelandWanderer Orë më parë
Looks like treason. These people must face justice.
Dmitriy Ka
Dmitriy Ka Orë më parë
It's scam. Companies should pay for that.
Rodney Zurek
Rodney Zurek Orë më parë
You are entitled to a chance at life,liberty and the pursuit of justice. Your chance is determined by your choices! How’s that working out for the 5 dead people! By the way you DO deserve prison!
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker Orë më parë
All I have seen with that few million some buildings were bulldozed down the projects were boarded up and a little bit of sidewalks put in...
KremitDeFrog Orë më parë
stop preventing natural selection! but if you're going to try, at least use infrared..
NitrousX Productions
NitrousX Productions Orë më parë
So they want actual physical human beings to be real guinea pigs for these real tests erm no thanks
JP Orë më parë
Chief should be fired
Fred A
Fred A Orë më parë
And I bet because this was Texas, those "privileged people" lost their minds; meanwhile, emboldened to say whatever filth they've wanted in support of Trump.
No Child Support
No Child Support Orë më parë
Get off your phone and this won't happen at all stop being distracted
Deborah Pinkey
Deborah Pinkey Orë më parë
She danced to the insurrectionist music. It's time for her to pay the piper.
bufunga Orë më parë
She should rot in jail, entitled little people
ThronRitter Orë më parë
If I want my car to stop ill push the break, what if you come into a situation where your own life is in danger if you break? I would remove that from my car immeadiatly, reminds me of that abs garbage you need to cut out of the brake system when you buy a new car lol
Katheryne Williams
Katheryne Williams Orë më parë
Get them all!!
Peaches Orë më parë
She does look like criminal. Just like all of us.
Sobki2018 Orë më parë
These people are absolutely deranged. Hyperbole my ass.
denise burns
denise burns Orë më parë
These people are adults they should not get off easy by blaming trump even though trump does share the blame they know right from wrong and all should be held accountable
Big Injun
Big Injun Orë më parë
So ots useless, don't buy it
PalmettoLockzz Yardi
PalmettoLockzz Yardi 2 orë më parë
Yooooooo crazy!!!!!!!
Tarek Zoabi
Tarek Zoabi 2 orë më parë
Absolute madlad.
Aero FPV
Aero FPV 2 orë më parë
Breonna Taylor's soul - "That's such a kind way of entering a home with a search warrant"
o 2 orë më parë
great news for car thiefs :D
neberboi 2 orë më parë
but is the car okay?
Michael Ma Gill
Michael Ma Gill 2 orë më parë
Good, maybe some pedestrians need to be hit.
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness 2 orë më parë
Threatened a Latina elected official , then goes to prison. What could possibly go wrong?
Destroy All Lines
Destroy All Lines 2 orë më parë
The news is so fucking stupid. "Is it better to have it..?" No fucking shit it's better to have it.
R B 2 orë më parë
So...these white folks don't believe BLUELIVESMATTER! More like BLUE LIES MATTER.
Lucky Baldwin
Lucky Baldwin 2 orë më parë
"Has the support of his family." Well that makes it all OK, then.
Joana María
Joana María 2 orë më parë
Fox Dye
Fox Dye 2 orë më parë
So i shouldn't used black long sleeve shirt and blue jeans ??🙊got it 😂
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto 2 orë më parë
Explain to me why this is bad, the pedestrians are hitching a free ride
Michael Rualzakhuma
Michael Rualzakhuma 2 orë më parë
Nazi did the same in the 1930s.
Anthony Bautista
Anthony Bautista 2 orë më parë
People that take the law into their own hands if guilty should pay the price the penalty is jail 😀👍
Wild Gaming
Wild Gaming 2 orë më parë
where. did. it. go.
Nomaad's Ghost
Nomaad's Ghost 2 orë më parë
It's a software issue not a hardware one, with enough time and money in R&D it's easily solved, got to love the CBS though, always have to show someone like Greg Brannon talking out of his ass.
Debbie 2 orë më parë
Wtf...there website said it was sent 1/ is 1/25???? Where is it? just a little senior citizen and i need it like NOW
Meeker Extreme
Meeker Extreme 2 orë më parë
Price of vehicle goes up and another system to break over time.
ro cc
ro cc 2 orë më parë
Or just pay attention
Roisin the tranny
Roisin the tranny 2 orë më parë
These comments are fucking dissucsing
Trevor V
Trevor V 2 orë më parë
0:24 Bounce
nigel aubrey
nigel aubrey 2 orë më parë
Thats a wrap! 😂