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Keep it 100 ft. NLE Choppa
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Joe Biden Town Hall
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Nt Mthembu
Nt Mthembu Orë më parë
"My life is like a movie"😂😂😂😂😂 where's part 3.
Higinio Jimenez
Higinio Jimenez Orë më parë
Everybody acting hard until they in 6ix9ine shoes when it happened you a clown if you would do 40 some years over niggas that did some shit like that to you
dirk digger 123
dirk digger 123 2 orë më parë
Alex Harris
Alex Harris 4 orë më parë
51:49 😂😂😂
Confident Frank
Confident Frank 4 orë më parë
This nigga high af
Youngfijidadrip 5 orë më parë
bro was high ash
jessie bee
jessie bee 6 orë më parë
The leg touching, and hand grabbing lol 😂
Khaos969 7 orë më parë
He's got manipulation down to a fine art
Rashida Earl
Rashida Earl 7 orë më parë
This interviewer is really pissing me off. Like girl HUUUUSSSHHH 🤫 wtf? can the man tell the story Gahdamn 🙄
Foxy and Lucy
Foxy and Lucy 7 orë më parë
What is she talking about that nobody knows snoop snitched? I'm 42 white chick from Canada and I damn well knew he snitched back in the mid/late 90s. That wasn't no well kept secret. People just chose to let it go cause it was snoop. If y'all are old enough you'll remember Snoop repped hard as being a cript for his first 5 to 7 years, he spoke out about 69 but he was still a snitch too
Valencia Hairston
Valencia Hairston 8 orë më parë
Some interviews should not happen!
Dwayne Dwayne
Dwayne Dwayne 8 orë më parë
Yes I’m Telling Too. Fuck it! Also I watch First 48 99% every nigga tells.
The Jinn
The Jinn 9 orë më parë
This nigga 69 is the most thugged out snitch ever. He genuinely owns his shit.
Neatlyyy 9 orë më parë
Humble King
Humble King 10 orë më parë
This boi rocking a lace front 🤣🤣🤣
Alan Mcleod
Alan Mcleod 10 orë më parë
This nigga touched her way to much
miko foin
miko foin 11 orë më parë
Lmaoo this man DDG straight up look in this dude face and lie.. “that’s not ya mama page?” Nah
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 12 orë më parë
He still a snitch
Phoeveezy 12 orë më parë
Broo I understand his frustration sooo well when he was asking the uber mans to just drive and stop panicking. Like fuck i felt his frustration 💯
John J. Garcia
John J. Garcia 12 orë më parë
69' bro,let me come work for you! You a down ass that gangbang sht..its played out!!
Guyanese Villain
Guyanese Villain 13 orë më parë
The interviewer is so annoying Who else agree 👇🏾
T.O.B 13 orë më parë
If someone stole money from me, threatened my fam. f'ed my girl... me??? would sing like a bird..
Cadon Hull
Cadon Hull 13 orë më parë
Beat part abt the interview is how honest he is abt everything he don’t lie to make himself look better
Official RG4L_KOG
Official RG4L_KOG 14 orë më parë
Only good thing about her interviewing him was the shirt she was wearing.
Foe Nem
Foe Nem 14 orë më parë
on foe nem
LYNDP2100 Sabes lo que te digo
LYNDP2100 Sabes lo que te digo 14 orë më parë
Jim jones most be cooperating cause how he didn't go to for compirace
D1RTY K0RPZ 14 orë më parë
Isent athens the capitol of greece ? Lmao
Llucy Llong
Llucy Llong 15 orë më parë
So, so good!
LYNDP2100 Sabes lo que te digo
LYNDP2100 Sabes lo que te digo 15 orë më parë
Is this guy serious about been snitch this guy did all that he define as a rat.He did all those things a rat do to get out the problem.
Surf Locc
Surf Locc 16 orë më parë
Respect to this dude honestly. I would’ve done the same shit to those snakes.
Ethan Fritch
Ethan Fritch 16 orë më parë
This is prime uzi😨
Best movie Scene
Best movie Scene 17 orë më parë
Just like the one I reveled on my page
Roy Brown
Roy Brown 17 orë më parë
This chick keeps interrupting and now I’m buggin 😂
Bradford Barling
Bradford Barling 17 orë më parë
Yo this dude has facts to speak .. speak to the sny population in California.. solid dudes that got fucked for dumb shit
Bradford Barling
Bradford Barling 18 orë më parë
Explain to me lucy .. why is the code a double standard .
Bradford Barling
Bradford Barling 18 orë më parë
Meek is a statistic of all these pc's and sny . This lil punk is speaking facts
Bradford Barling
Bradford Barling 18 orë më parë
Most of his fans in California are PCs and sny inmates..
عادل شوقي
عادل شوقي 18 orë më parë
I enjoyed the comments, more than the interview.
Giovanni Rodriguez
Giovanni Rodriguez 19 orë më parë
😆 sad 2 c diss 2 foos don't no what a SNITCH is.. bible says (As he thinketh in his heart so is he) n again .....For as the man is ,so is his heart. U guys do the math what diss man is.....nuff said...
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 20 orë më parë
Around 15:40 he was talking about Cardi B 🤣
danny mai
danny mai 20 orë më parë
He tells stories like a woman. Man: I left my phone in Europe. Woman: Remember this happened back in June 16. I was in Europe, flying back to America. I was in Athens flying to New York, sometime in June, it's court documented. I left my phone in Europe and I knew i would get stopped.
Jauston Carter
Jauston Carter 21 orë më parë
He was getting uncomfortable with the Rubi question. It can be hard avoiding questions like that when you famous. Sometimes you gotta change the subject or just anything.
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 21 orë më parë
At first I was thinking I couldn’t respect him because of hitting his BM, but when the interviewer said “you know it’s hard for me to hear that” and he was like I’m not gonna leave nothing out. I’m gonna tell you all my wrongs. You gotta respect that..
Priscila Vzqz
Priscila Vzqz 22 orë më parë
Love you 6ix9ine 🇲🇽 Can you make more reggaeton tho👏
megann hearts
megann hearts 22 orë më parë
i have NEVER wanted to hear a story and want it to end at the same time to this extent, ever in my life 🤦🏽‍♀️
s1dest3p 23 orë më parë
Kim speaks the truth and so called Christians don't want to hear it, and claim she is spreading hate when in actuality she's spreading love. Homosexuality and racism is running rampant through black so-called Christians too and it's really sad to see; Kim is trying to help people see that it's wrong in God's eyes. There's nothing hateful about the truth.
FEAR-_-KINGZ 23 orë më parë
i get the situation he in but he could have prevented it the cops knew they could have prevented this conflict
FEAR-_-KINGZ 23 orë më parë
bruh he would not be called a snitch if he said it all then he had the cops keep the info secret and tell the suspects they got it from a unkown sorce then his name would be clear and he wouldnt have all this beef
BlakeBlends 23 orë më parë
We just ain’t gonna talk about her laugh? Lol 😂 @37:10
BlakeBlends 23 orë më parë
33:48 Gets proven wrong “Explain that!” *Listen* ...
Daniel Ditë më parë
know how to maneuver in these streets
Turbo Lazer
Turbo Lazer Ditë më parë
Time's ticking 69..... They will get you...
Goerge Chideje
Goerge Chideje Ditë më parë
Very smart kid
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Ditë më parë
69 put a booga on her leg
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Ditë më parë
He picked his nose than touched her leg 😂
elizabeth goddard
elizabeth goddard Ditë më parë
You,v been green lighted🤝 were at big nose 🤥
Copelan Scanlan
Copelan Scanlan Ditë më parë
Man, that chick is annoying
Payton Ahakuelo
Payton Ahakuelo Ditë më parë
This girl interviewing him isn’t that educated in life. Smh
Uriah Allen
Uriah Allen Ditë më parë
He got 69 dislikes
Yasmine_Beauty_L.A Ditë më parë
The prices are crazy dumb a piece lmaooo😬😂 shein is the way to go affordable and super cute clothes and shoes etc.
Sabrina Ruiz
Sabrina Ruiz Ditë më parë
“Why you lookin at my watch” lmao finally he called her out 🥴
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia Ditë më parë
He needs a pardon from TRUMP
xTD isSWAGGINx Ditë më parë
NLE is my fav rapper but this just made me respect him so much more much love. We also got the same bday
J Mutz
J Mutz Ditë më parë
These clothes so bummy.
miko foin
miko foin 11 orë më parë
Mer de noms
Mer de noms Ditë më parë
What about August???
Caitlyne Bottomly
Caitlyne Bottomly Ditë më parë
He was actually a gentleman in this interview. I him props for that 100
Mr Tokes
Mr Tokes Ditë më parë
Bruh opened an umbrella just to flex 😂
dtraynham76 Ditë më parë
DDG needs to invest in a skin care regimen and Dermatologist
Oley Power Gaming
Oley Power Gaming Ditë më parë
No ly this nigga talking about Cardi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mrs. Rodriguez
Mrs. Rodriguez Ditë më parë
But no matter what God bless every1 of them and us 🙏
Mrs. Rodriguez
Mrs. Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Makes sences and now I understand i just feel bad for there daughter she doesn't deserve that at all.
Kelsey Ditë më parë
Did Justin Beiber pay him to wear that sweatshirt though? 🤔😂
BankMan Dan
BankMan Dan Ditë më parë
I really look at this guy different now. He put wolves in his circle and almost died because of it. Still learning to never judge anyone till you know facts.
Dwayne Riley
Dwayne Riley Ditë më parë
Thats what his liar i mean lawyer told him to tel people🤣
Brian Ditë më parë
I gotta say. He’s changed my opinion of him for the better for sure
The Motorsport
The Motorsport 12 orë më parë
That’s because u just realized your a snitch also lmao. Treeeyyywayyy
Jonathan 16 orë më parë
You’re weird
SkinCarver Ditë më parë
His mom has lived in the United States since 1988 and speaks no English wtf?
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Ditë më parë
It’s still FUCK 69 for me! You know what I’m sayinnn?
David Ditë më parë
when he cuts to: "so long story short", after saying the wildest shit it fucking kills me I cant lmfao
C. witdastickV.2
C. witdastickV.2 Ditë më parë
He hitting that on da low 🚫 🧢
Yung Xa
Yung Xa Ditë më parë
DDG Rolls Royce need rims... smh bro that rolls royce got no shine rn... plz do it bro, u know it got enough miles on it now dawg.