Rappers And Celebs React To Nate Robinson Getting KO By Jake Paul Chris Brown, Jim Jones, 2 Chainz

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robert rashad
robert rashad Muaj më parë
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robert rashad
robert rashad Muaj më parë
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robert rashad Muaj më parë
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Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts 11 orë më parë
Blurred video
hawg hawg
hawg hawg 11 ditë më parë
Nate needs to be sponsored by SOME MILK 🥛!
Leonardo Arroyo
Leonardo Arroyo 13 ditë më parë
We need a rematch
Andy Clem
Andy Clem 13 ditë më parë
Call amber lamps!
african kaleab
african kaleab 15 ditë më parë
Jesus is King. Pray to Mary and The Savior. Have faith in Him. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. God bless. 2021 will be your Year.
ssdtrain1 15 ditë më parë
Well back to basketball I guess..
aaron walker
aaron walker 28 ditë më parë
And no gun
aaron walker
aaron walker 28 ditë më parë
Amazing what happen when it not 15 against 1
Josh Clark
Josh Clark 29 ditë më parë
Brown laughing but the only people hes beating is woman lol
Mike Stumpgrinding
Mike Stumpgrinding Muaj më parë
Bringing a large pro ego into a fight and assuming your gonna wine because of race 💁
Darius Linton
Darius Linton Muaj më parë
Wait wasn’t jimmy either running from a fight from the Rucker or got beat up in da Rucker 🤦🏾‍♂️people didn’t have a camera phone 🤳 he would have been done lol
Francene Rodgers
Francene Rodgers Muaj më parë
Smokey: " u got knocked da fuck out haha " 🥊😪😪🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Tech_ Support
Tech_ Support Muaj më parë
What’s the point of this video
Drew Harris
Drew Harris Muaj më parë
Black dont crack? They def hit the canvas tho 😅🤣
ZAK THE LEGEND 10 Muaj më parë
I love Chris Brown's reaction 😂😂😂
Shaun Victory
Shaun Victory Muaj më parë
Get up Craig
Mevoy Keys
Mevoy Keys Muaj më parë
Jim Jones tried to hold his laugh in with everything he had.😂😂
L A Muaj më parë
Doing it for my family? Not one member of his family warned Nate he could get knocked out lol No one had Nates back, they all laughing
Karl Wall
Karl Wall Muaj më parë
Yo, internet breaks everything
Fase Muaj më parë
all these celebrities are past there expiration date.
Juliandimas 1
Juliandimas 1 Muaj më parë
NBA ‘never box again’
Kim Candy
Kim Candy Muaj më parë
Downs goes Frazier 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bryant Costello
Bryant Costello Muaj më parë
Jim jones thooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Robert Rix
Robert Rix Muaj më parë
Nate said a bunch of racist shit about white people before..the gets ktfo by a white guy ..karma is real..stop hating
Matthew Reyes
Matthew Reyes Muaj më parë
Chris Brown seeing Jake Paul punching Nate harder than Chris punching his "pals".
IAM Legend
IAM Legend Muaj më parë
It be ya own people
Autonomous Ultra
Autonomous Ultra Muaj më parë
1:31 why TF would you even include this, these trash ass compilation channels. Grow some art bruh
Da'mon Bigsby
Da'mon Bigsby Muaj më parë
@2:13 ambalambz?
VeRsSaTiLe BEATZ Muaj më parë
Everyone that's laughing will get knocked out by Paul as well
Myron All
Myron All Muaj më parë
At the end when they were doing the NBA meme and showing all the NBA players why the f*** did they show Chance the Rapper
Skyrim's_For_The_Nords Muaj më parë
Imagine taking this personally. LOL
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Muaj më parë
I CALL OUT MIKE TYSON TO BE MY TRAINER Calling out a Match with loganP wih JakeP. Boxing Cash Clown Cow at 140. Hartford CT
Nykole Davis
Nykole Davis Muaj më parë
Somebody with Rick Ross said call an ambulance 😂😂😂😂
hottamanful Muaj më parë
Nothing funny though.. a punch of low class..
A Hernandez
A Hernandez Muaj më parë
That was some mortal combat type shit.... FINISH HIM!!!!!
Anthony Pyatt
Anthony Pyatt Muaj më parë
Stick to basketball nate lol
Indie88 Morris
Indie88 Morris Muaj më parë
Who is Nate Robinson???
Jay Fergerson
Jay Fergerson Muaj më parë
Whoever trained him should lose all credibility. Had zero composure! Fighting like he on the corner smh
Brittanae Powell
Brittanae Powell Muaj më parë
Chris ain't had to laugh like that 😭😭😭
Samuel Delbridge
Samuel Delbridge Muaj më parë
Waiting on UNCLE MURDA to wrap 2020 UP!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Travis Perry
Travis Perry Muaj më parë
Swing fo the finches nate you did you thing lol 😂
June Alexis
June Alexis Muaj më parë
2020 been a hell of a year. This knock out was the icing on a bad cake to finish the year. Hey, Jake put in that work though, salute 👏
jerriel smith
jerriel smith Muaj më parë
Chris Brown laughing, dude at lest Nate wasn’t fighting a female
Lucius Myson
Lucius Myson Muaj më parë
Lamont T
Lamont T Muaj më parë
I think Jake Paul should be matched up with Adrien Broner..if broner cant get past this dude he is cancelled
Marck shocker
Marck shocker Muaj më parë
Nate: c’mon kids put the trash out. Kids: if you don’t put that shit out I’ll knock you out myself. Nate: 🥺
Marck shocker
Marck shocker Muaj më parë
This man need to disappear for a while.
trever davis
trever davis Muaj më parë
He called jake out. Lmfao!
Rameen Jones
Rameen Jones Muaj më parë
Dancehall corona Queens
Dutchmasta Muaj më parë
And Jake Paul would knock all of these rap dudes out too.Facts.lol
Ed Neg
Ed Neg Muaj më parë
D NICE Muaj më parë
U gotta laugh man if it was lebron the whole world be clowning so laugh its ok he good he got back up u see it in nate face he didn't wanna be there after the first knock down but he didn't wanna quit so now he went out on his shield
MCES LEX Muaj më parë
He got hit in the back of the head he should immediately ask for a rematch 😂
viewmaster617 Muaj më parë
I can see ridiculousness playing this over and over
Giuseppe Mulè
Giuseppe Mulè Muaj më parë
Black people be soft nowadays.......Yo Jones teach this dude how to fight
King Enow
King Enow Muaj më parë
JustBlurrr Muaj më parë
me sitting thru jim jones part: 😐
last first
last first Muaj më parë
Why should he be embarrassed people get ko’ed all the time it’s boxing it’s a fight these fake ass gangsters on here or rappers don’t have enough balls get in the ring every seen Ross throw a punch hilarious so with that being said stick to choreograph dances moves and talking tough on camera or having ghost writers they just talk it they don’t live it just cause they have money buy flashy shit talk tough and oh yeah walk around with body guards not that’s gangster
SᄆS Nation
SᄆS Nation Muaj më parë
All these celeb would get KOed by Jake.. love to see these idiots get knocked out by Jake.
unthinkable456 Muaj më parë
They straight clowning Nate Robinson ☠🤣😭😭
Joe Koos
Joe Koos Muaj më parë
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marco sixeighter durazo
marco sixeighter durazo Muaj më parë
Jake Paul had octopus hands lol 😂
Marquise J
Marquise J Muaj më parë
All these ppl talking but won't get in the ring
Beecho EEZ
Beecho EEZ Muaj më parë
Tha boy Nate dropped befo carti
i am shakuri.
i am shakuri. Muaj më parë
Is jake Paul a ALnets celeb?
C.BRONSiiiN Muaj më parë
Chris Brown laughing cuz he would have knocked out Jake Paul like he did Rhianna
handsomevex coolsman
handsomevex coolsman Muaj më parë
Wait it was Nate? I thought it was Kevin Hart? Damnn! So, Brutal. 🙃
Pason Jayne
Pason Jayne Muaj më parë
Jim Jones will forever look musty😂🤣
Dae'Lon George
Dae'Lon George Muaj më parë
“Get up Bruh Getup!”
Jayson Bourne
Jayson Bourne Muaj më parë
Bro no funny shit, I can knock out every rapper in this video. These is the niggas that shoot and dont fight so I dont want their opinion, besides Jim Jones, he got experience at the Rucker
Nathan Jeudy
Nathan Jeudy Muaj më parë
to all the white boyz out here this 1 niqqa loss dont be thinking iss sweet now
J25 Muaj më parë
Angel Zamora
Angel Zamora Muaj më parë
Angel Zamora
Angel Zamora Muaj më parë
Chris brown 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr. Burgess
Mr. Burgess Muaj më parë
Joy Vanlue
Joy Vanlue Muaj më parë
Not funny says Stephen A
envy0uz of 9ZS
envy0uz of 9ZS Muaj më parë
Milk..get him some
Corey Preston
Corey Preston Muaj më parë
Bro get up bro abro get up
Jxce Muaj më parë
Abder Lee
Abder Lee Muaj më parë
Aaron Lue
Aaron Lue Muaj më parë
JIM JONES 🤣😂💀💀💀💀
Justin Stephens
Justin Stephens Muaj më parë
That hit was on the ear. Watch the replay. Nate should not continue boxing.
James Philipson
James Philipson Muaj më parë
Tell you what - I’d love to see Chris Breezy showcasing what he’s been learning all of these years in the ring. Be fun to see how his natural footwork helps him against a Jake Paul
STRIKEFURY Muaj më parë
Love Chris Browns reaction 😂
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas Muaj më parë
Message Nate has for his NBA brothers, better to dribble on the court instead of dribbling in the ring After being knocked out. 👊🏽👊🏽
igfromthe323 Muaj më parë
He didn't defend not one punch, and he kept trying to bum rush dude like he was on the block. To my understanding Paul been training for real for about three years now. That fight was not it.....
Michel'le J
Michel'le J Muaj më parë
yea, Nate wasnt ready...came in running at him like that....that's what you call a fools fight....a good fighter, is patient, gives thought to his strategy, and uses wisdom...Nate showed none of the above, and can just as easily get beat up on the streets because of that as well.
Carlostuckjr Photography
Carlostuckjr Photography Muaj më parë
Ebrah Bey
Ebrah Bey Muaj më parë
Get Up Craig, cmon son, Get Up Craig
Don Dotta Music Co.
Don Dotta Music Co. Muaj më parë
Deshawn Shaw
Deshawn Shaw Muaj më parë
I know Jim Jones not clowning nobody. You stay getting your ass whipped
Jolin Valien
Jolin Valien Muaj më parë
Man this a classic, Jim Jones got me rolling like a mofu lolllllll
Filippo Cunsolo
Filippo Cunsolo Muaj më parë
They are both bums in the ring.
DivineSavior Muaj më parë
The Martin meme killed me🤣🤣🤣
Inform me tv news
Inform me tv news Muaj më parë
Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 The man got straight bodied!
Bob Langford
Bob Langford Muaj më parë
U know that KO reminded Chris Brown of his fights with Rihanna. What a piece of shit!
Skepz Muaj më parë
Chris Brown laughing cause he beat Rihanna harder than Paul hit Robinson.
Mulaa Cold Money Dev-O
Mulaa Cold Money Dev-O Muaj më parë
Jim Jones
David Marin
David Marin Muaj më parë
No respect towards your own brother homes SMH!!!
Jimmy Rosario
Jimmy Rosario Muaj më parë
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