Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

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Kylie Jenner

15 ditë më parë

Watch my mom do my makeup.
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rafaella :D
rafaella :D 3 minuta më parë
You are beautiful without or with makeup 🤍 Lamento si escribi mal xd
Zoe de Wever
Zoe de Wever 16 minuta më parë
The end be like 😍😍😍😍😍😍 she does better then me..
Sierra Pullen
Sierra Pullen 17 minuta më parë
You need to do Kris Jenners makeup now!!
Danny Davito
Danny Davito 29 minuta më parë
“This one is called “better half” probably referring to me” lmao how iconic
Danny Davito
Danny Davito 29 minuta më parë
Then again she was super sweet
Aniyah Vega
Aniyah Vega 37 minuta më parë
The fact that she still calls her mom Mommy is seriously the cutest thing in the world to me😍
Krista Brady
Krista Brady 47 minuta më parë
Would be better if you’d stop looking at yourself in your phone so that we can see a reveal with your TRUE reaction. Just STOP and let your mom do her thing!
Mayra Vitória
Mayra Vitória Orë më parë
Marlee Davis
Marlee Davis Orë më parë
🥰❤❤💖 you and your mom are so both Beautiful My IDOL 💋❤
Hello. Hello.
Hello. Hello. Orë më parë
Kris is so sweet like we could be friends😂
cobezz Figueroa
cobezz Figueroa Orë më parë
This is what ALnets has come to like seriously come on, really?? my godd i think ill go kill my self, maybe..... maybe... even go drown my self in bleach and hope i never wake up just to see thisss fuck dude
Vanessa Quiñonez
Vanessa Quiñonez Orë më parë
Hola soy de colombia felicidades
Ekabaa Rodriguez
Ekabaa Rodriguez Orë më parë
Lol me liking how she did her makeup 💄
Girly Cat
Girly Cat Orë më parë
Actually she's a cool mom! 😅💅🏻😍😍💖
phebe jeane cadogdog
phebe jeane cadogdog Orë më parë
Youre so cute without make up Kylie. Stormi really got your beautiful face ❤️❤️😍😍🇵🇭🇵🇭
Sincerely Eccentric
Sincerely Eccentric 2 orë më parë
Kris is the epitome of "Im a cool mom" from Mean Girls
Hannah I
Hannah I 2 orë më parë
Kris is such a mood.
AhHhHhH 2 orë më parë
Kylie with james charles: “i never let anyone do my lips” Kylie in this video:
Nikki Sjardijn
Nikki Sjardijn 3 orë më parë
such a cute mom!!! they are cute together too
loser 3 orë më parë
When Kris dies what gonna happen
Alrighty then
Alrighty then 3 orë më parë
Awee Kylie you look so cute ☺️
Serella X
Serella X 4 orë më parë
"This one is callleddddd... better half. Probably relating to me💅" I diedddddd
baby boo
baby boo 4 orë më parë
slow down with the filler on the cheeckbones
Scali Family
Scali Family 4 orë më parë
that was really funny. She is losing her balance due to aging
Mari Mendoza
Mari Mendoza 6 orë më parë
Omg I loved this video when she cracks up I can’t handle myself I start laughing so hard she’s the best
Purple Perfume
Purple Perfume 6 orë më parë
This was so hilarious🤣🤣🤣 kris is so funny♥️♥️♥️
Alicia Renee Phillips
Alicia Renee Phillips 7 orë më parë
I love the results
Sara Cantero
Sara Cantero 8 orë më parë
Kris Jenner is definetely the most interesting to look at.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 9 orë më parë
Seriosuly, LMAO you can tell that kylie hates this makeup look XD
Lisa W
Lisa W 9 orë më parë
you should really make a little series out of it where Kris does every daughter’s make up that’d be so funny
annie brown
annie brown 9 orë më parë
Check out
Lisa W
Lisa W 9 orë më parë
I‘m not even a minute into the video and I’m already so entertained this is so funny
Surabhi Sablania
Surabhi Sablania 10 orë më parë
SoPhia Luna
SoPhia Luna 11 orë më parë
This people are soooo fake, that they cant even show how she is doing the make up, cause someone else its helping.. Its so obvious every time they cut the clip
Ioanna 12 orë më parë
This video was so cute!! I love Kris's cute voice!
Yasmín MF
Yasmín MF 12 orë më parë
Kris is the cutest ❤️ I love her 😍
Olga Seliverstova
Olga Seliverstova 12 orë më parë
just someone
just someone 14 orë më parë
She is so stressed out and scared of the results throughout the whole video lmao
Queen Love
Queen Love 15 orë më parë
Wish I was her:,( wish I had a mom
Queen Love
Queen Love 15 orë më parë
Must be nice having money and a good life
shamia mayfield
shamia mayfield 17 orë më parë
I love Kris 🤣
Veronika Eevee
Veronika Eevee 19 orë më parë
Kylie is so beautiful. I wish she didn't use so much filler. Her cheeks are so full.
Marcella Teles
Marcella Teles 20 orë më parë
I love Kris Jenner so much. She's cool, she's awesome.
JoAnn Pereyra
JoAnn Pereyra 21 orë më parë
This Was the Best 😂 LOL I've had in Months.. I'll have to watch this again.. and again... 🤭🤣
Romeena Bnt
Romeena Bnt 22 orë më parë
a little rough the mother😂😈
Ernestina Jael Arhin
Ernestina Jael Arhin 22 orë më parë
I think Kris did great 👍
Sara Warwas
Sara Warwas 23 orë më parë
when kris started talking about picasso 💀
BetChaTV1 23 orë më parë
You have a Tiny little booger lol you gonna keep it there ? She scared it’s gone fly out on her
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Brandy Lizzy
Brandy Lizzy Ditë më parë
Wow super mum..♥️♥️
A V Ditë më parë
Good job Kris 🥰
Imani Okolo
Imani Okolo Ditë më parë
Vicky Troll
Vicky Troll Ditë më parë
does anyone else agree that she literaly looks the beautiful with and without make-up
ALYSSA EVANS Ditë më parë
hi Kylie, I love u and I love your makeup. I love watching Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians just so I can see you and your kids
Novelle Magbanua
Novelle Magbanua Ditë më parë
Kris is stunning
Ada & Yaya
Ada & Yaya Ditë më parë
lovetoyou lovelove
lovetoyou lovelove Ditë më parë
You soo cool hi from Moldova I like you n your family soo much God bless
Mia Aragon-Arvizo
Mia Aragon-Arvizo Ditë më parë
Nobody- Kylie-you have a tiny little gunu keep I there?😂❤️
Mariah Ditë më parë
It must be nice to have this type of relationship with your mother. 🥺💞
rashmi kunder
rashmi kunder Ditë më parë
Kris Jenner is so sweet ❤️
Ella W
Ella W Ditë më parë
"picasso would've said 'bye hunny'"
thankyounextera x
thankyounextera x Ditë më parë
I died when kris blow on Kylie face lol
Juwara Awad
Juwara Awad Ditë më parë
kris jenner is so cute and just so precious
Avigail Levi
Avigail Levi Ditë më parë
I’m dead! This is a relaxing
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo Ditë më parë
@ juanita smith it said in the article they use a skin lightening & bleaching lotion that is very well known as it doesnt even make them look black anymore they look like mixed or bi racial.The thing is they deny it though evidently this is the same lotion african american hollywood celebs use to lighten their skin.I dont know why they deny it unless they want people to think they are naturally light skinned.
Choub_idou Ditë më parë
You two crack me up 😂
Nehal Fernandes
Nehal Fernandes Ditë më parë
I think kylie is pregnant again!
amir rafiq
amir rafiq Ditë më parë
This is such a wholesome videa loved it
isley loryn
isley loryn Ditë më parë
Kylie: Are you gonna keep that little booger there? Kris: What, on the left side? Kylie: Yeah, on the left side. Kris: .... yeah❤️
Bulk Boys
Bulk Boys 14 orë më parë
ivy stewart
ivy stewart Ditë më parë
how do you have a favorite shade concealer? like a favorite skin color?
Carlos Luis Vega Almanza
Carlos Luis Vega Almanza 2 ditë më parë
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Bay Smith
Bay Smith 2 ditë më parë
Kylie! You need to re-do this & next time shush an let your mom do it without any tips advice or anything.. an stop looking at your self.. let it be a surprise
LIL Racoon
LIL Racoon 2 ditë më parë
Hey, guys my friend and I just launched our website I would appreciate it if anyone could show some support.
Alejandra María Mora
Alejandra María Mora 2 ditë më parë
I love how Kris is so excited to do the makeup 😂 She's too cute.
B.Shayma 2 ditë më parë
Entrepreneur Mood
Entrepreneur Mood 2 ditë më parë
Great mom daughter video.. subscribe to my channel if you’re awesome 😘
Anna Ca
Anna Ca 2 ditë më parë
I don’t want to be evil but I think it’s tragic How many sick ideals this family make. It’s not healthy for Young people to have her as an idol when she had 450 tousans Surgeries. You dp What you want with your body but at least be honest with it
Fernanda Espinoza
Fernanda Espinoza 2 ditë më parë
You look younger without makeup
Mirelys Ortiz
Mirelys Ortiz 2 ditë më parë
mxrquise 2 ditë më parë
when youre a millionaire with 720p quality
Ganaat Hadwan
Ganaat Hadwan 2 ditë më parë
I have a question where is the mirror and the desk from
Gia Abigail
Gia Abigail 2 ditë më parë help me and watch that video for me please! thank you!
Sbeth82 2 ditë më parë
I love Kris but her daughter is just so damn annoying and self obsorbed
Mia barnaby
Mia barnaby 2 ditë më parë
Why does she still over line her lips soooo much I want to see her with lipstick on her actual lips
KamilleGina 2 ditë më parë
Kylie is so obedient and polite to Kris and so is Stormi to Kylie nowadays. So admiring of you Kylie! 😊 Moms are always the best❤
Jemma Wesso
Jemma Wesso 2 ditë më parë
I don't know why but I was laughing through the whole video
Malvina Barbosa
Malvina Barbosa 2 ditë më parë
I like 🥰🇵🇹
Kimberly Hendricks
Kimberly Hendricks 2 ditë më parë
This was fun
gelar putra fitra
gelar putra fitra 2 ditë më parë
Momy can do anything to her daughter 🤣🤣🤣 #savekylie
Lina Lavender
Lina Lavender 2 ditë më parë
"Mom 😅" "Ya?"
Lin Da
Lin Da 2 ditë më parë
Kris is so cute
Kath Jasmin
Kath Jasmin 2 ditë më parë
Her cheeks are literally shining ✨
john jim
john jim 2 ditë më parë
k k you can't be heartless..make someone die inside as he goes to have to be thoughtful of other people...its called being a humen
Bikin Film Yok!
Bikin Film Yok! 2 ditë më parë
She looks younger and whatever her age is with her mom's makeup than her own.
Aida 2 ditë më parë
The moment Kris start doing Kylie's eyes is when I don't stop laughing. Such a sweet mother-daughter moments.
hamst R
hamst R 2 ditë më parë
Kris will always be my favorite Kardashian
Öznur Akkaya
Öznur Akkaya 2 ditë më parë
You are spot terrorısm
Jessica Konecna
Jessica Konecna 2 ditë më parë
please help 000000-4226192023/0800Thank you.
منوعات جميلة
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Sefnstl Floyd
Sefnstl Floyd 2 ditë më parë
So much fun! She did a great job!
AMF Professional
AMF Professional 2 ditë më parë
i LOVE doing my daughters makeup even tho shes only 8 now and its rare but i cant help but brag about the beautiful piece of art i made lol
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