SCIENCE CLASS #2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?

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Mark Rober

7 muaj më parë

This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.

Mark Rober
Mark Rober 7 muaj më parë
I stream science LIVE M-W-F at 1pm PT. Thanks for being here!
Ruth Soriano
Ruth Soriano 2 muaj më parë
Mark Rober PT means Philippines time...does it?
hudson Coleman
hudson Coleman 2 muaj më parë
I thought that the fart would weight less because it goes out the behind.😁😁
Whitney Barrington
Whitney Barrington 2 muaj më parë
do u still do it???
Wes Gaming
Wes Gaming 3 muaj më parë
What’s up my nasa brain
Evan Stout
Evan Stout 3 muaj më parë
This Mark the way you tech just gets me excited thank you
HHaimetuber 6 orë më parë
School gets canceled+not going outside+no studying=mark rober thinking *ahhh i will be thier teacher now * =mark rober has no experience in teaching but still will teach (some how he needs a miracle for him to succeed in this)
MIDAS 16 orë më parë
Arjun Jain
Arjun Jain 23 orë më parë
*sees video title is about farting* Me - "That isn't gonna help me in my exam I'll watch it later." Also me - *Watches the video and gets all his doubts cleared of buoyancy chapter which is gonna come in my exam!" *WOW*
Timmythetunasalad Playz
Timmythetunasalad Playz Ditë më parë
If he was my teacher that would be my favorite subject
Katherine Mitchell
Katherine Mitchell Ditë më parë
will you continue to make videos if you are a school teacher?
JUST MARK 3 ditë më parë
Paul McMullan
Paul McMullan 4 ditë më parë
Keep your vids to less than 10 minutes and make them more interesting.
Clarence Gardner
Clarence Gardner 5 ditë më parë
You're going to be a great teacher! (Already are)
Pablo T.V.
Pablo T.V. 6 ditë më parë
Thanks! I finally understood buoyancy.
Bella Perez
Bella Perez 7 ditë më parë
I wish I could back to high school just so he can be my teacher.
Reyansh Routray
Reyansh Routray 7 ditë më parë
Wish he was my science teacher it'll be so cool
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen 8 ditë më parë
Before I watch or read anything in the comments im going to say no it doesn’t make you lighter because it’s a gas so it floats anyways so it’s not pushing down on your body - again maybe I’m wrong I’ll edit after
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen 8 ditë më parë
I mean I was right but you would weigh more
Julian Wei
Julian Wei 8 ditë më parë
tin foile
Rawan Squad
Rawan Squad 9 ditë më parë
Finnaly time to ask the real question
IKONIC_SOHAM 10 ditë më parë
Which high school are you going teach in? Which country, state, city? Edit: I swear I'll move there to take classes from you you're the best teacher. Edit 2: Like so he can see and answer
Ktushy 11 ditë më parë
Title: “does farting make you weigh less?” 1.3 million people: I don’t need sleep, I need answers.
Alita Mary
Alita Mary 12 ditë më parë
Will a printer float in water
Wonder Waves
Wonder Waves 13 ditë më parë
I’m in middle school, I was never crazy about science. But the way he explains everything related to science, it makes it much more intresting
Lucie Ciepka
Lucie Ciepka 15 ditë më parë
If you become a school teacher, you’ll have less time to teach all of us 😢 but I still hope your dream comes true 🤓
Gerard Ivan Agapito
Gerard Ivan Agapito 15 ditë më parë
I'm dense cause i have great mass haha
Elepsie 16 ditë më parë
i thought the cans were not full!!!
Night Bot
Night Bot 16 ditë më parë
I just beat my brother in a science test and I’m in 5th he’s in 11th you have taught me so much
Maddy Rocks
Maddy Rocks 17 ditë më parë
2 year old clicks after seeing the word fart : mark making titanic with Barbies Lol yes I’m here in 2020 and yes it’s 5AM and again yes I’ve been watching these lessons since 2AM
Aarom Nuarin
Aarom Nuarin 17 ditë më parë
You inspire me to become an Engineer
I don't get the joke
I don't get the joke 18 ditë më parë
Charles Hoot
Charles Hoot 19 ditë më parë
Precision is important and the answer to your question depends on how weight is defined. For the common definition that weight is mass times gravity, when you fart a tiny bit of mass leaves your body and you weigh less. If you define weight as the force measured by the operation of weighing it, now you have to introduce notions of support. I such cases then other forces like buoyancy can play a roll in determining the weight.
IXxblazikenxXI 19 ditë më parë
Why can’t you be my teacher
H.J. Petersen
H.J. Petersen 21 ditë më parë
But what about how much your intestines compress the fart?
Unbiddenfox 22 ditë më parë
He just made the nastiest soup ever
gager church
gager church 22 ditë më parë
NotBryan 22 ditë më parë
Jack A. Lope
Jack A. Lope 23 ditë më parë
According to Einstein Gravity is not a force.
Elijah Bowden
Elijah Bowden 24 ditë më parë
this guy taught me more in 30 mins than my teacher does it 2 days
John Puhrmann
John Puhrmann 25 ditë më parë
distribution of wight
JANIS CHEN 25 ditë më parë
You could put a flat piece of metal under the block
Rachna Sharma
Rachna Sharma 26 ditë më parë
I learned about density in third grade
mycraftingbyknight 26 ditë më parë
Good to know for the biggest loser.! Eat some beans before the weigh in. and.....hold it in!
Anna Joseph
Anna Joseph 27 ditë më parë
dont know why?, but i really liked ur handriting ; )
GoldieShortzz 27 ditë më parë
if mark was a teacher everyone would want to stay after class
Savio Dor
Savio Dor 28 ditë më parë
Mark Rober what is your secret sign to go back live I think you do have a sign
Bambix x
Bambix x 28 ditë më parë
Give this man the Netflix show that he deserves.
Robotscience Love
Robotscience Love 28 ditë më parë
Float Sink Sink Float Float Sink Float Float
Robotscience Love
Robotscience Love 28 ditë më parë
Robotscience Love
Robotscience Love 28 ditë më parë
5K Subscribers Without Any Video
5K Subscribers Without Any Video 29 ditë më parë
*This dude is better at explaining than all my teachers, combined*
Sabetimani Family
Sabetimani Family 29 ditë më parë
Instead of focusing on covid, we are focusing on farts.... XDDDDD
хреновый свинья
хреновый свинья Muaj më parë
Ummm you copied vsauce
Maria Jose Dominguez
Maria Jose Dominguez Muaj më parë
Omg what a great message at the end🥺♥️ i needed that
Maria Jose Dominguez
Maria Jose Dominguez Muaj më parë
We need more classes🥺
Sean Ball
Sean Ball Muaj më parë
Bill Nye 2.0. Some sponsors to increase production value (and make it worth your time) would really make this thing a great value to, "dare I say....the world!"
iSustain Muaj më parë
So it means that big people farts more than an average people?
Jessica Evelyn
Jessica Evelyn Muaj më parë
I passed a test because i remembered this.. lol
_Stormflight Studios_
_Stormflight Studios_ Muaj më parë
What would be really cool is if he recorded each of his classes and posted it on his channel every day so that even if we don’t have him as our teacher we can still learn something everyday!!
Antank Muaj më parë
29:08 good advice toward the end
ponix Muaj më parë
He’s my favorite science teacher and no one is gonna change my mind
Moss Top
Moss Top Muaj më parë
I would enjoy the class if you were my teacher
ZblasterPlayz Muaj më parë
Instead of doing more cool video's make a cure for coronavirus
Rachel Sortino
Rachel Sortino Muaj më parë
As a physics teacher, I love these videos and would love to use them in my classes, but the auto-captions that they currently have do not meet ADA standards for my Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. ALnets makes it pretty easy to go through and edit the captions for grammar and accuracy (ie adding punctuation and correcting any words that did not transcribe properly). I know some of your videos have full and proper captions, would love to see that for this video as well!
carolineshahid Muaj më parë
I know
Vincent Young
Vincent Young Muaj më parë
*worked at nasa* dream job hs teacher 👏
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann Muaj më parë
Covering the important questions of life. Farts
SBerT Muaj më parë
How come these videos are INTERLACED? 😫
abstruseoni Muaj më parë
This explains the burping scene in Willie Wonka! sidenote: I'm amazed you got through this without a single mention of farting in a pool.
Joep Lukken
Joep Lukken Muaj më parë
So you just eat beans before doing push-ups and start farting to gradually make it harder? Haha
Dit ben ik
Dit ben ik Muaj më parë
I'm a first year applied physics student, this is actually a better explanation than my teachers have on some of these subjects. Keep it up man!
StinkPickle4000 Muaj më parë
But Mark! Farts are compressed inside of you! How much would a fart have to be compressed by to be more dense than regular air?
Ace Brothers Two-Of-A-Kind
Ace Brothers Two-Of-A-Kind Muaj më parë
If u were in a vacuum, it would make you weigh less. Because if you have more molecules inside of you, then it weighs more. Overall, with variables, yes, before you fart, you weigh less. But in a vacuum, if you have a baloon filled with 10 grams of helium and a different baloon (same weight of baloon) with any other gas, it would weigh more. If it was measured in the same measurement of moles, it should be the same weight.
UncleSarkis Muaj më parë
Were you friends with the king of random?
Horsey girl
Horsey girl Muaj më parë
i wish he was my teacher!!!
Shaswat Betala
Shaswat Betala Muaj më parë
You're literally like the most wholesome human ever!
MBKskills Muaj më parë
When ur British and are 13 yet know all of this mark u should be a teacher in eng then u don’t have to talk like a 4 year old to 19 year olds
Gustav Bruun Kjær
Gustav Bruun Kjær Muaj më parë
But isn't the fart pressurized in your body, so the density is higher?
Tx_Humble 999
Tx_Humble 999 Muaj më parë
Wished he was my science teacher
RobloxDovah Muaj më parë
im watching this as im doing onlinr class so double online class my brain hurts i even wrong spelling grammar my braih
renfri xxvii
renfri xxvii Muaj më parë
clicked the video to find out if farting makes one weigh less, finished the video understanding why old egg floats in water. 😂
JoshuaGaming PH
JoshuaGaming PH Muaj më parë
Thanks i learn a lot
Merdan Devedjinejad
Merdan Devedjinejad Muaj më parë
So basically if I fill a balloon with farts it will fly up
Janai Olson
Janai Olson Muaj më parë
When he pulled off the last clue and I saw "farts are less dense than air" my freaking jaw dropped as it all clicked 😮 And my husband who is an engineer started laughing as I'm freaking out that farts make you weigh more!!!!!
Nico Bowers
Nico Bowers Muaj më parë
Monique Rounds
Monique Rounds Muaj më parë
Making a boat
Baking Biking & More
Baking Biking & More Muaj më parë
If you had a podcast, I would only listen to that!
Chad Liu
Chad Liu Muaj më parë
After watching the video for 7 min, I actually thought about the question and remembered that since farting is "air" and air is bubbles and stuff which is trapped inside you, if you fart it out its like air in water which goes up, since it goes up air is less dense than water, so if that air is inside your body (which is less dense than water) and gets released, there wont be as much air therefore you are heavier albeit a little bit,
Sarthak Sinha
Sarthak Sinha Muaj më parë
20:34 who else wanted to know the weight🤣
Jason's Vlog
Jason's Vlog Muaj më parë
Fred Hansen
Fred Hansen Muaj më parë
This video is a confusing mishmash of weight, mass, buoyancy, and displacement. And by ignoring compression it reached a questionable conclusion. A scuba tank certainly weighs less when empty.
Yojana Sharma
Yojana Sharma Muaj më parë
I was just checking how to loose weight faster and then i end here 😂😂 And found how amazing his videos really are ..
Pink_Thunder Muaj më parë
He really likes dog Piles huh?
10timesamoon Muaj më parë
The sky is blue because of the reflection of the water around us with light. Edit: I know I'm late
Unknown-User Muaj më parë
Nobody: Me: Mr. Rober
Venomouse Garcia
Venomouse Garcia Muaj më parë
Okay we can all agree that we wish we were Mark's neighbor or his uncle.
Zachary DeLeon
Zachary DeLeon 2 muaj më parë
You can make the metal float by adding more metal inside that metal
Abby Simpson
Abby Simpson 2 muaj më parë
Mark Rober: my dream job is to be a High school Physics Teacher Me: You have worked for Nasa Made the worlds largest Water gun Made sand into liquid and so much more. I Respect the fact you want to pass on your knowledge
Karth Gamez
Karth Gamez 2 muaj më parë
It is actually impressive he wants to do his dream job more than work in NASA pls be my teacher
Katrina Leshanski
Katrina Leshanski 2 muaj më parë
I love how he had a little play time with the Barbies
DrShellyCooper 2 muaj më parë
@Mark Rober I don't think this is right. Why should the density of a fart in the air around you (P = 1 atm) be the same as the density of a fart inside you (P > 1 atm)? Unlike the solid objects you demoed with, gaseous objects' density should depend strongly on the pressure around them, so if a fart is, say, half as dense as air when they're at the same pressure, but the pressure in your small intestine is triple the pressure of the air around you (I have no idea what the actual number is here), farting should make you weigh less because its density will be greater than air until you let fly.
Bertha Aguayo
Bertha Aguayo 2 muaj më parë
Me too
real_bottie 2 muaj më parë
Can u be my teacher
Benjamin Symanski
Benjamin Symanski 2 muaj më parë
JOEY D 2 muaj më parë
it matters if the same amount of water weighs less or more if it's less than it floats if it's more it sinks
Deborah Hurtado
Deborah Hurtado 2 muaj më parë
tedrose15Vlog 2 muaj më parë
Please ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ To Mark Rober
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