Burning Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater (w/ an iPad)

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Mark Rober

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Digital Dudz- Holiday Edition is pretty much your key to Ugly Christmas Sweater party domination... just sayin.
Search the app store for "Digital Dudz"
or use this link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/digital-dudz-christmas/id582542863?mt=8
Android version not yet available.
See how I made the fireplace mantle here: alnets.info/work/rMeFbsW4mX6ayqg/video.html

Special thanks to Joe Hunt of ToJo Media for helping to make the opening shot so cool also to Lincoln Hoppe of the ALnets channel Kerblink.
Also special thanks to Sunny the dog for letting us use her house as a location.

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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- Music by Qwiet. Check out his website (qwiet.com).
He also makes cool videos. You should subscribe to his channel:
Twitter: qwiet
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Ellie Thompson
Ellie Thompson 15 ditë më parë
when blossom copies the ides
kiky fauzia
kiky fauzia Muaj më parë
this is when my Lil sis was born
bittermelonn Muaj më parë
don’t mind me, I’m just binging Mark’s videos
Gage Guttmann
Gage Guttmann Muaj më parë
Rebecca Howell
Rebecca Howell 2 muaj më parë
This guy lives off of duck tape
Mr Man
Mr Man 2 muaj më parë
Why does this have so little comments?
Camo Flauge
Camo Flauge 2 muaj më parë
Any royal fans still here from 2020?
ChanceXx MC
ChanceXx MC 3 muaj më parë
Old videos: Era of phone shirts
blanketminded 4 muaj më parë
woah 72 comments
SEBTHEDEV 5 muaj më parë
Only 70 comments!
bigpo2 5 muaj më parë
69 coments
My_life_as_Nils 7 muaj më parë
2018th like in 2020. Bam
Steve Leahy
Steve Leahy 8 muaj më parë
Merry Christmas not happy holidays it’s a CHRISTMAS sweater not a HOLIDAY sweater
BitLemon 8 muaj më parë
Brooklyn Brohat
Brooklyn Brohat 10 muaj më parë
Fireplace sweater? Ummmm uncomfortable
Tyler Cash
Tyler Cash 10 muaj më parë
#16 of the binge
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 10 muaj më parë
What do I need to do to get one of these sweaters & put the fireplace scene (& other scenes) on it?
Mike Volkin
Mike Volkin 10 muaj më parë
No free holiday app available
Becca Wilson
Becca Wilson 9 muaj më parë
Mike Volkin this was 7 years ago so that’s probably why
Landon Moore
Landon Moore Vit më parë
noatryy Vit më parë
The cursed mustache
lemon peach1
lemon peach1 Vit më parë
Do you have Murcia yet with those designs?
Rohan S
Rohan S Vit më parë
2019 Anyone...
David Jr
David Jr Vit më parë
Haha 😂
Alex King
Alex King Vit më parë
Mark Rober is my favorite ALnetsr ever
DarkBrave_ 2 muaj më parë
i agree
Sambhav Jain
Sambhav Jain Vit më parë
Look cool with the moustache on🤣😂
IsaacPB 2 vjet më parë
My dad made an app like that
Rushab Dwivedi
Rushab Dwivedi 2 vjet më parë
am i the only one to think he is gonna burn ugly sweater with an ipad
Gumaro Lopez
Gumaro Lopez 3 vjet më parë
Shama the Savage Llama
Shama the Savage Llama 3 vjet më parë
Why did I think that he was going to throw it into the fire?
Andy M
Andy M 4 vjet më parë
this so needs to be available for Android as well. there are some of us that don't use Apple products
tupperware 4 vjet më parë
I did this twice for Christmas parties and people loved it.
Equencawacha 4 vjet më parë
Ahhh... with the chunky fireplace surround there's no need to cut a hole in your shirt.
Pat rick
Pat rick 4 vjet më parë
What's the music
Stronger 5 vjet më parë
Because iPads are free
CapyBara God
CapyBara God Vit më parë
Victor Palacios
Victor Palacios 5 vjet më parë
Man I started watching these vids yesterday and they r awesome
Rey Vinz
Rey Vinz 5 vjet më parë
What's with the mustache :)
Carlos sleep
Carlos sleep 27 ditë më parë
Its a Halloween hitler suit
Mei-Xing Pen
Mei-Xing Pen 6 vjet më parë
Aww, says not available in US store.
milanthron 6 vjet më parë
can i just say, when I saw your first video, which is one of your most recent. I thought you were Ben Affleck??? Sorry no offence, I think both are pretty cool.
Dana Tuy
Dana Tuy 6 vjet më parë
By maigc boy prank
ArachnosMusic 7 vjet më parë
Ivar Huisman
Ivar Huisman 7 vjet më parë
wow you look a bit like chris hadfield with that mustache lol!
Eduardo Godoy
Eduardo Godoy 7 vjet më parë
Dude my creativity has gone insane since ive been watching you and I tried the Halloween thing and... amazing results from family, friends, etc. please don't go and keep it up man!
Parker smith
Parker smith Muaj më parë
David Allan
David Allan 7 vjet më parë
Dude your awesome....subbed
oneandunique 7 vjet më parë
he look like Watson from Sherlock Holmes 80's TV series
Joyce Lin
Joyce Lin 7 vjet më parë
This dude is awesome!
deltaforce229 7 vjet më parë
Merry Christmas and thanks for the gift!
cyndidee 7 vjet më parë
My husband needed an ugly sweater and a friend told us about DigitalDudz. We used my ipad, so we found a larger fireplace to use the entire ipad screen. I added some decorations and bells. He wore it to his work holiday party and unbelievably, he got third place in the ugly sweater contest. He definitely got the most attention, especially with the jokes about heart burn. (Can't seem to leave a link to the photo. I'll find another way...)
Isabella Bezerra
Isabella Bezerra 7 vjet më parë
Put the app on Android plzzzzzz
aufshnitt 7 vjet më parë
Thanks for the Tip! I should be winning my ugly christmas sweater contest at work!
KindWally 7 vjet më parë
How do you iron on pictures onto a sweater?!?!
Jason Grant
Jason Grant 7 vjet më parë
Mark!! I stumbled onto this via geekologie and almost fell off my chair when I realized it was you! (your old Canadian friend from highschool). Amazing idea, love the video.
debthareb 7 vjet më parë
I made your sweater for my Christmas party! Thanks
jenny didzena
jenny didzena 7 vjet më parë
thats so asome like how you do that its i like that
phat59 7 vjet më parë
Any chance the app could be made so that the 'X' which allows you to exit out of the fireplace video, will fade away after 10 seconds or so? It could appear again when you tap on the screen. The problem right now is that if I choose to use the full screen the 'X' is visible over the flames and kind of breaks the realism.
Jeremy Bolyard
Jeremy Bolyard 8 vjet më parë
Mark, appreciate the work you did on this project and the instructions were great! I added a miniature Christmas tree and LED lights that I found at a big box store. Still a work in progress...ready to dominate the Christmas Sweater party with a ridiculously awesome ugly sweater.
lpsmadlol 8 vjet më parë
TheWaw3r 8 vjet më parë
you did get a new happy subscriber here :)
Charlot Cauchi
Charlot Cauchi 8 vjet më parë
Wayward Martian
Wayward Martian 8 vjet më parë
Are you high? O__o
Clare Lotarski
Clare Lotarski 8 vjet më parë
love. it.
vera turner
vera turner 8 vjet më parë
And I was actually invited to an ugly christmas sweater party lol!!! Mark you rock!!! tell Arturo he better watch out as you are racing ahead!! please take care, vera
MeanusGeneus27 8 vjet më parë
Make New Years next!!! Great ideas!!!
misssupreme 8 vjet më parë
I'm pretty sure this is better than anything Santa's gonna give any of us. Thanks!
TheEmoclew 8 vjet më parë
Awwww.. No Android yet!! :( Hope you get it soon!
VideoReply 8 vjet më parë
You need summer Christmas variations for all of us who live in the southern hemisphere.
lori8973 8 vjet më parë
I love all your attire lol You've got great taste in hideousness lol. LOVE this app!
billytwix 8 vjet më parë
billytwix 8 vjet më parë
I need this how to like yesterday! - awesome projects as always, sleep it up and then - UPLOAAAAAD
boydcc2 8 vjet më parë
No Android?! :( I'd still like to make the sweater and just use a fireplace app. I'll be anxiously awaiting your video!
Amy He
Amy He 8 vjet më parë
You're too awesome! I love your awesomeness xD
Justin Lui
Justin Lui 8 vjet më parë
Yangjo 8 vjet më parë
I wonder if I can do this in time for Christmas...
Tyler Poppe
Tyler Poppe 8 vjet më parë
Can't wait for the video. This will be great for my Ugly Sweater/End of the World Poster.
Cesar Esparza
Cesar Esparza 8 vjet më parë
I don't know who that guy is but I like him.
phat59 8 vjet më parë
Awesome. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I've got a sweater party next weekend and this is perfect!
WildYonder 8 vjet më parë
don't wear that mustache again! :P It was creepy lol
phat59 8 vjet më parë
How did you make the 3-dimensional fireplace? Or can you buy them somewhere?
guiga123able 8 vjet më parë
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