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The Lincoln Project

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In 8 days, we’ll make sure this story has a happy ending.

jjktng 37 minuta më parë
Gabe 14 orë më parë
This was great!
J D V 15 orë më parë
This was scary and true !
Kelly o
Kelly o Ditë më parë
You guys did this a month ago but somehow I missed it. Great ad! Love all of you! Thx!
firebearfl Ditë më parë
One of the best yet, but you should have included Moscow Mitch and Miss Lindsey.
Tanya Flemon
Tanya Flemon Ditë më parë
Lord we voted the scum bag out but we’re having a hell of a time dragging him out of there!!
The Life of Jenelle
The Life of Jenelle Ditë më parë
And we did just that~~~~ Biden Harris won and a new dawn approaches
Matthew Riot
Matthew Riot Ditë më parë
All of the people disliking this kill me. When honesty and truth makes people sad 😂😂
dream-_ weaver
dream-_ weaver Ditë më parë
Does anyone know how they are able to turn out these vids so fast?
Judee Hebz
Judee Hebz Ditë më parë
Jason Tuscaloosa
Jason Tuscaloosa Ditë më parë
The Lincoln Project are the best trolls ever...
Evil Rev
Evil Rev Ditë më parë
The "fairytale" is that these "political grifters & hacks" are 1) Republicans & 2) Patriotic Americans. Patriotic Americans do not initiate online harassment/cyberbullying of attorneys
Teresa M
Teresa M 2 ditë më parë
He continues to spew his hatred and lies people are dying every single day he has blood on his hands. He should be in prison
lenne02 2 ditë më parë
and the lesson is do not ever vote for a republican
Pamela 2 ditë më parë
The History Conisseur
The History Conisseur 2 ditë më parë
L😂ook closer at the witches!
ryan1303a 3 ditë më parë
He's going back to Florida. Wish I didn't live so close to that dumpster fire
Tameka Dobson
Tameka Dobson 3 ditë më parë
Best ad ever!
Serge Ménard
Serge Ménard 3 ditë më parë
Yvonne Athena
Yvonne Athena 3 ditë më parë
I love this!
Bo Bird
Bo Bird 4 ditë më parë
Well done LP. A great way to present the facts. Fabulous animation 🏆🏆🏆👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Joe Lapoint
Joe Lapoint 4 ditë më parë
..better yet, Donald Trump is the rat-catcher of Hamelin. Tweeter: magic flute, his 74 million voters ARE the children, and the rest of us, villagers. Heed the cautionary tale of the Pied piper. THE Lincoln Project needs to start the hard part where half the population is deprogramed | It's a matter of National Security and Public Health. If no one does this then most of you will witness the logical conclusion of the Christian meme in your lifetime. Persecution complex to the extreme, the right to lie for a higher cause, the non-stop shameless projection.. resume programming
Marie Slabbert
Marie Slabbert 5 ditë më parë
wendy macmullen
wendy macmullen 5 ditë më parë
Just when I think you won't be able to top this you post another great ad. When are you going after bitc MacDonald? Pansy Gingham? Will Barf? And the 2 GA current senators?
MJ Gonzalez
MJ Gonzalez 6 ditë më parë
paul710 6 ditë më parë
This tale has a happy ending. People voted, and America lived happily ever after.
Dima G
Dima G 6 ditë më parë
Desinfectant potion injection 😄
Sooz 6 ditë më parë
And so it was a happy beginning ...
Shaun White
Shaun White 7 ditë më parë
I am so honored and proud I voted for Biden. My wife and kids did too except for my mom and her brothers who are brainwashed. I love my mom but I am trying to show her the truth.
Mike Lord
Mike Lord 8 ditë më parë
When the Senate Republicans had all the evidence before them and failed to act, remember what they said? 'Oh well. Don't like it? Go to the polls in November.' DAMN RIGHT WE DID!
DG LYM 9 ditë më parë
Thank you Lincoln Project for what you did to get rid of this awful person
Xman34 9 ditë më parë
Jay E
Jay E 10 ditë më parë
Oh oh oh, I want to see this movie. I hope it has a happy ending 🙂 😊.
Leonardo Bernal
Leonardo Bernal 9 ditë më parë
😁 Maybe it does have a great ending.
Juan Miguel
Juan Miguel 10 ditë më parë
I voted.
Stormbreaker 309
Stormbreaker 309 10 ditë më parë
Send him out with your signed document in favor of sending him out
orhblin 10 ditë më parë
Well we tried that, who's ready for plan 2? It's called the second amendment.
Disclosure Files
Disclosure Files 11 ditë më parë
Remember when Trump was telling this story, ranting madly against anchor babies from Central America. Well it seems if you're a rich Russian oligarch and you have plenty of money Trump doesn't have a problem with your anchor baby he has luxury Apartments and properties waiting for you in Miami. alnets.info/work/n9OQprem32li2W0/video.html Trump losing is MAGA.
Jen 11 ditë më parë
Thank God--the king is no more! His transgressions will not soon be forgiven--protect the republic at all costs!
Executin Andobas
Executin Andobas 11 ditë më parë
Well, literally he is going to prison pretty soon...
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 12 ditë më parë
Trump has lost! But he won't go quietly back to his Tower of Obscurity.
ehla 01
ehla 01 12 ditë më parë
For real people, this guy wants to start a fascist dictatorship. America, wake up!!!
Kombizz 13 ditë më parë
3D Possible
3D Possible 13 ditë më parë
So, sad, but Trumps still POTUS, is denying a peaceful transition as 1 American dies every 60 seconds. Criminal Trump "Dereliction of Duty Donald".
Jackaloopt 13 ditë më parë
Holy crap. That hit home.
GlamwithT 13 ditë më parë
You would think this sounds like something from the medieval times but nope 2020
Pak De
Pak De 15 ditë më parë
Off with his head. Not the big one either... The little one
Juls 16 ditë më parë
This the scariest fairy tale ever! What’s worse? We’re living in it.
Steve Gruenwald
Steve Gruenwald 16 ditë më parë
Wish granted
C. Dulude
C. Dulude 16 ditë më parë
The narrator's voice👏👏👏👏
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 16 ditë më parë
Great ad.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 16 ditë më parë
alnets.info/work/o8qKfdTS2XyHs2k/video.html Trump and his enablers changed the Republican party to the Autocratic party.
Annie Fanny
Annie Fanny 18 ditë më parë
I HATE TRUMP'S GUTS. - a senior citizen in sw Florida who is afraid to go out because of my compromised immune system. -- I voted for JOE BIDEN!💙🇺🇸
caridad Garcia
caridad Garcia 18 ditë më parë
Grover Baker
Grover Baker 18 ditë më parë
A diseased president brought pestilence upon the land,while the insane praised his evil!!
Hodo A
Hodo A 19 ditë më parë
True story!!
Darryl Brown
Darryl Brown 19 ditë më parë
If this wasnt based on a true story, this book would make the top 10 list NY times best selling novels.
Mijo Richie
Mijo Richie 25 ditë më parë
This Lincoln project is a joke 😂
Disclosure Files
Disclosure Files 11 ditë më parë
Maybe you can remember when Trump was ranting madly against anchor babies from Central America. Well it seems if you're a rich Russian oligarch and you have plenty of money Trump doesn't have a problem with your anchor baby he has luxury Apartments and properties waiting for you in Miami. alnets.info/work/n9OQprem32li2W0/video.html Trump losing is MAGA.
Mike M
Mike M 23 ditë më parë
The Lincoln Project are genuine republicans, not RINOs like Don the Con. Trump is a draft dodger, a coward, a tool of foreign powers, and a corrupt swamp rat. He robs the US taxpayer and he robs the benefits of first responders. He sells out America to foreign powers. He breaks his promises. He is the swamp. His cultists hate America.
The Only Monkol
The Only Monkol 25 ditë më parë
alnets.info/work/Zc6CbZmj1qZ412k/video.html Training session for voter fraud!! And this is how it was done!!
Mike M
Mike M 23 ditë më parë
There is no evidence of voter fraud. Trump knows he lost, but he despises democracy and his cultists spit on the constitution. So they try to steal the election through their own fraud.
The History Conisseur
The History Conisseur 25 ditë më parë
So accurate! You guys should make a part 2!
M Igor
M Igor 26 ditë më parë
Lincoln Project... What a joke. We finally sent the Clintons packing, now it is time to move the Bush family empire down the same road. WE DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE~!!! LP believes the US citizen is a dupe, but then that is the pedigree of the Bush machine as it was with the Clintons. Unfortunately, with Joe Biden we face the very same self-serving legacy that is more motivated by selling US policy to foreign countries for personal financial gain than honoring the oath he pledged to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. You abuse facts in your whimsical, mediocre adware tales and you assume your audience is an 'easy mark'. There is vast intelligence among the body-politic and it is only a matter of time before they awaken to the fact that the GMC (Government Media Complex) is bent on fomenting division between free citizens, whether they lean politically left or right. Much of the sickness in our society today is a result of the lies the people are subjected to by the GMC. As more free people come to the realization that we have far more in common that the relative minority of issues on which we irresolvably disagree, a clarity will emerge across our society that will redirect its focus on the eradication of the administrative state and the self-serving politicians who sell-out their constituents for the benefit of their own greed. LP, your time is near. President Trump is the new broom that is here to expose the filth that IS the administrative state of Washington DC and set in place policies that will effectively sweep it clean. In President Trump we have found a successful citizen in his own right who has dedicated his advancing years and his unique and juggernaut acumen to fighting for our republic, because he loves and appreciates this country that has been the bulwark of his enterprise. Seeking public service at the tail end of a productive career in order to contribute the lessons of valid accomplishment in the private sector is exactly the kind of public service our founders envisioned - this is honorable. Creating work is the entrepreneurial value that brings about enrichment to thousands of private individuals - this is productive. President Trump is not a great communicator and the GMC spares no opportunity to use this to vigorously harm and bias the divided citizenry against his reckless speech. The administrative state cannot build, cannot innovate, cannot collaborate - so they seek to suck endless financial resources from the free citizens who pay their taxes and destroy those who threaten to expose their voracious hunger for power. President Trump threatens the state and seeks to elevate the free people. For now though the GMC controls the perception of the president and the narrative broadcast to the public The feckless founders and losers of the Lincoln Project are not work creators. They are not captains of industry. They are the intellectual clingers to big government who enwrap themselves in a belief that their own intellectual significance should be honored because they bloviate in the presence of other like-minded teet-suckers of the public trust. You all have dishonored our founders. You all dishonor the boldness and humility of Abraham Lincoln and all who genuinely revere our nations founding and our Constitution reject your timid lying morality.
Mike M
Mike M 23 ditë më parë
Good to see you are sore that Trump lost. The Lincoln Project are genuine republicans, not RINOs like Don the Con. Trump is a draft dodger, a coward, a tool of foreign powers, and a corrupt swamp rat. He robs the US taxpayer and he robs the benefits of first responders. He sells out America to foreign powers. He breaks his promises. His cultists hate America.
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen 26 ditë më parë
Whenever the younger generation ask me about Trump's presidency, i'll show them this video. thank you.
Dan Payne
Dan Payne 26 ditë më parë
Wow...great piece of history. Awesome!
Stable Genius
Stable Genius 26 ditë më parë
Send him back to his dungeon!! AMERICA FIRST🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Margaret Ross
Margaret Ross 26 ditë më parë
And the darkness began to lift from the land....
Eugene Polk
Eugene Polk 26 ditë më parë
Hey Don, YOU’RE FIRED! Vladimir’s going to be soooooo upset!
Stephanie S
Stephanie S 27 ditë më parë
0:50 Done!
Hu Jiaming
Hu Jiaming 28 ditë më parë
OMG, this is just way too true, it actually happened, many years ago and now, I can't believe it is still happening, after so many years past, oh god, white people never change, do they?
MY BIG FURRY BABIES 28 ditë më parë
this vid is fire ...
MY BIG FURRY BABIES 28 ditë më parë
it was sooo good watching it one time was not even close for me i need it like 5 times...
ann briscese
ann briscese 28 ditë më parë
Trump, his cronies, his base are so delusional! With his electoral count at 214 vs Biden's at 253, Trump declared victory. Talk about alternative facts. Once and done is still my mantra.
velcroman11 28 ditë më parë
Could Donald Trump be the Anti-Christ. He speaks words that flow like honey. He tells half truths and the foolish believe. He tells blatant lies and the foolish believe. He makes promises that he has never fulfilled and the foolish still believe him. If the people of the US of A put Donald Trump back in the White House, you will get what you deserve.
leg'o'lam 72
leg'o'lam 72 28 ditë më parë
Please please please make this into a feature length animated movie. 1min of pure genius is not enough.
Vamperina 28 ditë më parë
LOL vote for biden
Leo Kwak
Leo Kwak 29 ditë më parë
So well produced
Marge Roussell
Marge Roussell 29 ditë më parë
I think you are great p
Herman Helmich
Herman Helmich Muaj më parë
Youcan predict the future already
fajkoson Muaj më parë
ajajaj, Florida has 5M voters without education.
tonda heckle
tonda heckle Muaj më parë
Then why did he have Byrks and Faucie in front of the cameras everyday so THEY could guide us?
Now he has a Joseph Charles Colin Painting 2 Days Before he Is Prez ...Again
Bravereality Muaj më parë
The message is bullshit, but I applaud the quality. Very well done.
thinkman1234 Muaj më parë
Amazing, and that's saying a lot considering how awesome the Lincoln Project has been through all of this nightmare. I'm a Dem who has proudly supported this great organization since day one.
Jack Buena
Jack Buena Muaj më parë
0:30 Is that Mitch McConnell stirring the cauldron? Lol
Nathan Skulls13X
Nathan Skulls13X Muaj më parë
Up early off to go vote against Trump who's with me let's go now thank you Lincoln project
The EDNC Muaj më parë
Send him to a 2x4 PRISON CELL for tax evasion! ... Only $750.00 in personal income taxes... good God! 😱
Nick Eton
Nick Eton Muaj më parë
I'm just excited to see what shit comes out once Vlad has no more use for Donnie Dumb Dumb.
Jeff Burmann
Jeff Burmann Muaj më parë
Plague filled air? I’d hate to be as scared and fear filled as you people. LIVE. Living is not being afraid to die, it’s standing in the face of adversity and saying I AM NOT AFRAID.
Cogent Vision
Cogent Vision Muaj më parë
I believe that the covid 19 virus is being used both here as well as around the world as a tool of genocide against those whom may be viewed as culturally invalid such as disabled, the elderly and the poor. This benefits the current administration by both free up capital for pet projects by redirecting funding allocated to assist these very social classes. As well as riding the country of people who are less likely to vote in a manner favorable to the current administrations interrests. I'll leave it up to each person's own innate intelligence to decide the validity of my statements. But I cant imagine an objective mind would come to a different conclusion based on the administrations policy and response across the board toward minority classes. Like below if you agree. 👇
John White
John White Muaj më parë
Well actually republicans might understand it
leo ordenes
leo ordenes Muaj më parë
Ahhh trump is a president
Teitoku Kakine
Teitoku Kakine Muaj më parë
katherine owian
katherine owian Muaj më parë
Brothers Grimm never created a horror scenerio as we have been living through these last 3 years & 9.5 months. Even their most terrible monsters were not as bad as the Orange one has been. Greatest fear is what he will do next. VOTE AMERICA, VOTE HIM OUT!!!
Mary Kim
Mary Kim Muaj më parë
I LOVE this
erock755 Muaj më parë
Lord please rid us of 'tis disease. Also of 'tis coronavirus.
Bruce Latulip
Bruce Latulip Muaj më parë
Gregory Winchester
Gregory Winchester Muaj më parë
Wow! A cartoon that is so true!
Don Murphy
Don Murphy Muaj më parë
Don't want Trump to go back to his tower, I want him in prison! For life!
JawJuh Cornfed
JawJuh Cornfed Muaj më parë
Only a idiot looks at the office of the president as a king. And those that do act like subjects.
JawJuh Cornfed
JawJuh Cornfed Muaj më parë
Dear DEMOCRATES ... when you elect a president, you are NOT electing a king, or a leader. A leader tells the whole what to do, where as a representative is directed by those he represents. DEMOCRATES often speak about the president as a king, and to prove they do not understand the president is only 1/3 of our leadership, just watch this latest attack ad where they depict the president as a....King. So, if you think the president is the same thing as a king, you sadly do not understand what makes AMERICA EXCEPTIONAL. Throughout mans history of govt, we have allways been ruled by a single man, a king, tyrant, or dictator. Until a little over 200 yrs ago, a group of God fearing men created a nation based on the guidelines of the Bible, where by we are no longer ruled by 1 man, but 3 branches of govt. The model of the governance of man in the bible places us all under the judgment of the Father , Son, Holy spirit. America is under the governance of the Judicial,Executive, and Legislative branches,, and not a KING.That made us the EXCEPTION to the rule, therefore America is EXCEPTIONAL. Please stop looking at the office of president as the king of this nation, he is not a king, nor leader. He is simply the representative of the Executive branch of our govt.If you think he is a king then just as the title of the video suggests, you are living in a fairy tale.
Yelena Bykova
Yelena Bykova Muaj më parë
What a disgusting and despicable way to speak of our honorable President. Shame on you.
Cogent Vision
Cogent Vision Muaj më parë
I believe the man is a genocidal coward that builds his future on the broken dreams of our nation's most vulnerable citizens. Prove me wrong!!!!!!! I'll wait.......
NightAtTheOpera3 Muaj më parë
And then the peasants rose up and had the king drawn and quartered.
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