When You’re Friends with a Dentist/ 15 Funny Situations

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Do you have a good dentist? And sometimes doktor is your friend and he doesn’t just care for your teeth! Check out WooHoo’s new video about what it’s like to be friends with a dentist!
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A for apple
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ruliph auditor
ruliph auditor 2 ditë më parë
You should break up with him because you want to eat sugar right
Beatrish Salas Diaz
Beatrish Salas Diaz 3 ditë më parë
I hate doctors
Boris Demak
Boris Demak 6 ditë më parë
i lost 5 tooths@!!##$@!
KathyAV8AV8 Vo
KathyAV8AV8 Vo 8 ditë më parë
Of my bad Life is not bad life
Harry Shepherd
Harry Shepherd 8 ditë më parë
Safet Tafaj
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Jim Flaherty 9 ditë më parë
I have zero teeth that I lost and none are wiggly
Aya No
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I live you
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Is a awesome video🐱
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I hate Tomoy
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Hi ai like the videos so cool! 🎖️🎆❄️
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Hi wooHoo Do you know this is my tooth loses loses my tooth ❤️😊😍🥰❤️💜❣️💖🧡🖤💕💘💛🤍💞💝🤎💓💓💙💗💗💓💞💕❣️☮️💟💟💝💘💘💖
perkha shahgul
perkha shahgul 19 ditë më parë
Lol I was eating candy while watching this vid😆😆😆😂😂😂
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Fatima Espiritu 19 ditë më parë
Pan nga
Anna Tran
Anna Tran 20 ditë më parë
Shahzadi Khan
Shahzadi Khan 20 ditë më parë
The tltie of the video is my friend was a dinait and it is her boyfriend
Emma Baker
Emma Baker 20 ditë më parë
I would not want to be friends with a dentest
rupa sri
rupa sri 24 ditë më parë
Winny Pendergrast
Winny Pendergrast 25 ditë më parë
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Yes 👍
Amulya Kumar Sahoo
Amulya Kumar Sahoo 26 ditë më parë
Baredu Hirna
Baredu Hirna 26 ditë më parë
N-N-Nana? 26 ditë më parë
😑Boy VS Girl 😘
Maria Muniz
Maria Muniz 26 ditë më parë
He didn't get out of her mouth he was pretending
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wing chan 28 ditë më parë
So sorry 😞
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Khaleelah Ziyad 29 ditë më parë
Hi love ur channel and ur videos
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Aishath Hussain 29 ditë më parë
Blah I hate it when it loads ugh does anyone else agree with me
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I love your videos it is beautiful 😘😘i am a girl i am six
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I love this 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Dinky little
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I like your videos
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Him Hole
Him Hole Muaj më parë
Him Hole
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Sumit Bansal
Sumit Bansal Muaj më parë
When your kids of a dentist
Samantha Donofrio
Samantha Donofrio Muaj më parë
I like sweets too because I have dessert every night so I think that having a dentist and a boyfriend will not be really cool idea I don’t like that so I am that’s that
Rianne Kool
Rianne Kool Muaj më parë
I can see that you’re not putting your head into a mouth
thewanted99 Muaj më parë
i love it
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I am love loved games.
Andy The Gamer
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Lucy Zamora
Lucy Zamora Muaj më parë
It would be nice for your teeth but I love sweets
Keith Kozina
Keith Kozina Muaj më parë
Rowena Esmilla
Rowena Esmilla Muaj më parë
I dont want to have a freind dentist because my favorite is sweets
Frank van de Woestijne
Frank van de Woestijne Muaj më parë
hari nikhil
hari nikhil Muaj më parë
While you taken the food from mouth we can see that from back someone giving the food
Anshika / Ansh Agarwal
Anshika / Ansh Agarwal Muaj më parë
I don't like very bad vedio
Efrain Dejesus
Efrain Dejesus Muaj më parë
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💖💝l Love your videos I Will make sure that I I am going to make sure that I subscribe😍🥰
Malak Lombarkia
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Malak Lombarkia
Malak Lombarkia Muaj më parë
Gavin Wardle
Gavin Wardle Muaj më parë
This disuing
Leyton Oliver
Leyton Oliver Muaj më parë
You put your hands behind her mouth
Aaharshi Dey
Aaharshi Dey Muaj më parë
Aaharshi Dey
Aaharshi Dey Muaj më parë
Not fair dentist give the money
Dheeptha E
Dheeptha E Muaj më parë
Yo want to make sure we are you going to be home tonight or tomorrow morning and will be back to work
Taha Asad
Taha Asad Muaj më parë
علي الابداع
علي الابداع Muaj më parë
Harmony I believed in myself. Pinnock
Harmony I believed in myself. Pinnock Muaj më parë
The dentist took the food behind her not in her mouth of course
Harmony I believed in myself. Pinnock
Harmony I believed in myself. Pinnock Muaj më parë
Ashley takes too long to eat the sweet that's why the dentist always see her
Solmaz Karajabadi
Solmaz Karajabadi Muaj më parë
Nichola Hopkinson
Nichola Hopkinson Muaj më parë
You see at the dinner part with the girl an the doctor you can see that they are pulling out the things form at the side of her mouth no form her mouth I can see that they are pulling it out form the side
Aline Kamugunga
Aline Kamugunga Muaj më parë
HRYVNMP was my day Hello. The first time. Yup keep HK the jns is u a lottery and that we have to be n
David Vinh
David Vinh Muaj më parë
We’d xssdrr
Daddy Daddy
Daddy Daddy Muaj më parë
Sasha Gold
Sasha Gold Muaj më parë
That date is from Brooklyn99#Netflix
Ronald Bowers
Ronald Bowers Muaj më parë
Ronald Bowers
Ronald Bowers Muaj më parë
Grace luna
Grace luna Muaj më parë
Who likes the dentist 😂 *no one*
Macey-Jay Platt
Macey-Jay Platt Muaj më parë
jarnel eldrep
jarnel eldrep Muaj më parë
Wtf did i just watch
connie mendoza
connie mendoza Muaj më parë
connie mendoza
connie mendoza Muaj më parë
connie mendoza
connie mendoza Muaj më parë
Kiara Kincey
Kiara Kincey Muaj më parë
You are interested
Ashling Halligan
Ashling Halligan Muaj më parë
Hi. 123go
Zyeka Thomas
Zyeka Thomas Muaj më parë
Hey can you please name some one Zyeka please
SSsniperWolf fan
SSsniperWolf fan Muaj më parë
Why couldn't je just use the toothpaste on the discoball
Isla Pioro
Isla Pioro Muaj më parë
Aaaaaa dentist!!!!!!!!
Marielle Ebreo
Marielle Ebreo Muaj më parë
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