$42,000 Reasons to WIN - Road to the Classic Ep.17 Bassmaster Lake Hartwell Championship Friday

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Scott Martin

25 ditë më parë

Everything is literally on the line.. I have to fish with perfection on this FINAL DAY of the Bassmaster Open on Lake Hartwell. Money, Points, Elite Qualifications and the Bassmaster Classic are what is at stake.
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BaitTheHook 3 ditë më parë
Grab a cup of coffee and watch the beat down on Scott today!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 5 ditë më parë
Awesome tournament. Always fun watching you fish. " THAT'S A BIGGIN"
Hdz Fishing
Hdz Fishing 9 ditë më parë
ive been curios what type of top water is he throwing on his spinning rod'
Lorenzo Jones-Raston
Lorenzo Jones-Raston 10 ditë më parë
Your boat’s steering wheel is pooping in my car’s. You made really made it
Bassin time
Bassin time 11 ditë më parë
"A little drizzelay" (*has wipers going 100mph) 😆 thats me as well but I'm blind when it 🌧
Ethan Aschenbrenner
Ethan Aschenbrenner 15 ditë më parë
so when are you planning to show us that little jerk bait/ 6th sense axis looking bait that you were throwing on the spinning rod?
NateBryanFishing 18 ditë më parë
If somehow.... i ever end up in a boat with you.... first thing imma say when i step in the boat.... “ soooo are you gonna go home and cry to ya wife or ya momma when this is over?!” 😂😂😂😂
caitlynn clark
caitlynn clark 18 ditë më parë
Does scott martin reply? I fish all the time, something I wanna do when I'm older. I also live on the Georgia side of lake hartwell!
MotoMadness 19 ditë më parë
As soon as I get a bass bout your in big trouble Martin
Tim Roberts
Tim Roberts 19 ditë më parë
Congrats on a great tournament and the points lead!!!! Have a great rest of this crazy year of 2020 that we are all trying to survive!!!
Tony To
Tony To 20 ditë më parë
I really like fishing
deejaytrizay 20 ditë më parë
Every fish - That's a big'n..........1-2 lbs lol. I have seen Scott catch plenty of big'ns. My fav. fisherman. Congrats Scott!
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips 21 ditë më parë
Johnny Arial
Johnny Arial 21 ditë më parë
Your a lucky man to do what u love and make a living doing it. I have a small boat but im not complaining, I kinda dig it. I don't go to lot of the lakes I would like to go to. I'm a beast at my home lake but I know it inside out. It's highly pressured but most fish shallow. I fish a lot off shore. It would be fun to try different lakes and see how I do. Bet each lake is it's own beast
Conner English
Conner English 21 ditë më parë
If you ever find yourself in need of hiring someone for morale/jokes I’m there
benthereable 21 ditë më parë
Anybody know what bait he is throwing on the spinning reel? Looks like some kind of bladed-fluke?
Jason Godfrey
Jason Godfrey 21 ditë më parë
Awesome job! Team SMC will always have your back!!!! Much Love!
Gavin Harwood
Gavin Harwood 21 ditë më parë
I just fished at your home lake , lake Okeechobee and 3 days of fishing we caught 5 fish please teach me your ways
Jennifer Hodges
Jennifer Hodges 21 ditë më parë
Nice fish
Jennifer Hodges
Jennifer Hodges 21 ditë më parë
Josh Keith
Josh Keith 22 ditë më parë
In a way its bittersweet for the co-angler... what a great person/pro to fish with SM then..unless it's edited, he didn't catch jack and you know he prob was throwing the same style bait as SM. Way to grind it out Scott!!! That was awesome!
Keystone State Fishing
Keystone State Fishing 22 ditë më parë
He was throwing a lil sneaky bait
James Walker
James Walker 22 ditë më parë
That was officer Ethan Kaskin who was in that wreck sadly he didn’t make it.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 22 ditë më parë
I found out today that who it was..very sad..I read all about him. I wonder what happened to the other person?
Simon Zehr
Simon Zehr 22 ditë më parë
Way to go Scott!
John Reffett
John Reffett 22 ditë më parë
Nice work!!
Rogbass 22 ditë më parë
Ok. I’m addicted. Please make more videos Scott. It’s just that I truly believe that right now you are seriously exciting to watch. The rise of another Martin in BASS tourneys. So cool. But I still need more vids lol. Trying to learn all I can.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 22 ditë më parë
Thank you!!!
jx whitaker
jx whitaker 22 ditë më parë
Scott dude you are by far my favorite bass fisherman awesome stuff
michael loll
michael loll 22 ditë më parë
Congrats, Scott!! Keep on grinding. Hope to see you and the fam next time down on the "Big O".
Nytron 22 ditë më parë
When are you getting your new boat? I heard you're getting a cat or a bird?!
Ryder Tucker
Ryder Tucker 23 ditë më parë
Hey baby ninja thore do u remember that ?when will I win is a tournament? I’m rooting for u good luck!
Andrew Phoa
Andrew Phoa 23 ditë më parë
Congrats Scott on 5th place!! Top 10!!!
Kathleen Eicher
Kathleen Eicher 23 ditë më parë
You should try fish for catfish!! 🤘🏼🤙🏼
Michael Neal
Michael Neal 23 ditë më parë
Scott how much of a difference did the wiring upgrade make for your electronics ?
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
It help a bunch..highly recommend
rmanzfishing 23 ditë më parë
What bait were you using on the spinning rod you were using in the entire beginning? You were killin it!!!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Chris Christ
Chris Christ 23 ditë më parë
Charles Owens
Charles Owens 23 ditë më parë
“That’s a real good one! A real biggin ”Like father like son
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Daniel Brock
Daniel Brock 23 ditë më parë
Good stuff and good luck on the next one. Hoping to go to Lake Cumberland next weekend, any tips?
Daniel Brock
Daniel Brock 23 ditë më parë
@Scott Martin I've watched your videos of you fishing it probably 10 times now lol. Thanks for the advice looking forward to it.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Spinnerbait/SWIMBAIT/Walking toowaters
JB Outdoors
JB Outdoors 23 ditë më parë
You fishing Santee this week? Will make a plan to come to weigh in if so. Good luck GOAT!
JB Outdoors
JB Outdoors 23 ditë më parë
@Scott Martin thanks for the reply. Have a good week.👍
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Not that one..:(
Johnathan McLain
Johnathan McLain 23 ditë më parë
Hey Scott, what was the jerk bait looking bait you were throwing on a spinning reel. It had a gold bill on the front
Kou Moua
Kou Moua 3 ditë më parë
@Ariel Biley just saw there was no cup. Why does the 007 looks so big in the video lol
Ariel Biley
Ariel Biley 3 ditë më parë
@Kou Moua I did spot the 009 on the deck though. He never threw it in the video
Ariel Biley
Ariel Biley 3 ditë më parë
@Kou Moua 009 has a cupped lip. I'm also the Jackall manager.
Kou Moua
Kou Moua 3 ditë më parë
@Ariel Biley looks too big to be the 007 I think it is the 009
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 20 ditë më parë
@Ariel Biley Cheers, man. I guess the 15 bucks is worth it. Ordering now.
Ninno Marks
Ninno Marks 23 ditë më parë
Does he reply
William Campbell
William Campbell 23 ditë më parë
I'm very surprised I didn't see a popper come out with all the short strikes.
J C 23 ditë më parë
They are all good ones.
Pat 23 ditë më parë
9 times out of 10, its a bigun, followed by 9 times out of 10 times ahh no its not. LOL
Abdurrahman Esat
Abdurrahman Esat 23 ditë më parë
Hey Scott.. Damn that was good...5th place bro. Congrats. And you know what? Next comp you gonna be right up there. I know it in me that you will be there. Enjoy the celebration. Wishing you luck all the way from South Africa
Jr Vazquez
Jr Vazquez 23 ditë më parë
Never would’ve seen the day Scott Martin would backlash 2020 is crazy
Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston 23 ditë më parë
What happened with Brandon not filming for you anymore ? Why I guess I'm asking.
Michael Durham
Michael Durham 23 ditë më parë
Would be awesome to see you In the elites
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
EpIcNaChO 23 ditë më parë
I swear spotted bass don't stop fighting even out of the water lol
Leslie Tincher
Leslie Tincher 23 ditë më parë
Another great video. Can't wait to see you win one.
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva 23 ditë më parë
Your fishing was incredible, that first fish you caught is beautiful, *CONGRATULATIONS* you are a great fisherman. Hug and good fishing!👍🎣🐠🐟
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Thank you! 👊🏼
Stanley Shelby
Stanley Shelby 23 ditë më parë
Love it...coming up to 5th place. How cool was that? 👍
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Thanks!! 👊🏼
Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera 23 ditë më parë
Your the man scott the MAN!!!!!!!!
Chris H
Chris H 23 ditë më parë
Congrats my friend👊 You are the man because you are blessed by the man.
Cyclone61Jeff-FPV 23 ditë më parë
Miss hearing "net, net, biggun"
Jo Dreyer
Jo Dreyer 23 ditë më parë
I enjoy watching you pros fish, however when you disregard the lives of these fish as you swing and chuck the bass onto the boat, and you bash them up against the side of the boat or windshield/console, they bounce over rigged rods, I just cannot watch you anymore.
Cody Finn
Cody Finn 22 ditë më parë
@Scott Martin Great response! Good luck in the upcoming tourneys!
EpIcNaChO 23 ditë më parë
@Scott Martin haha 😂
Rogbass 23 ditë më parë
Hey Joe. Maybe you should invent the bass landing pillow. Call it the Joe Joe Bass Pillow. I do think Scott should install shag rugs on the deck.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
I can’t watch you anymore either...sorry you feel that way.
Billy Monroe
Billy Monroe 23 ditë më parë
How much did you win?
Dukes O Hazzard
Dukes O Hazzard 23 ditë më parë
Scott’s to favorite words are it’s a biggin and dude lmao
Coach H
Coach H 23 ditë më parë
Great tournament! Great job! Great video! u guys are slaying it!
Pat Moore
Pat Moore 23 ditë më parë
that's a bigun' d00d, never get tired of hearing it,lol or gawl! dang it! that's so stressful, lol roflmao
Brandon Kyle Mckibben
Brandon Kyle Mckibben 23 ditë më parë
Loved the video man! Great job! Can’t wait for the next event.
WeBassinTV 23 ditë më parë
What bait were you throwing on your spinning rod with the neon line?
Phillip Dawson
Phillip Dawson 23 ditë më parë
That birds nest looks like something I would do Good Job🎣🎣🎣
Todd Tanner
Todd Tanner 23 ditë më parë
Nice job Scott, I am rooting for you man. Are you fishing the Riser 007 or 009?
BlackBass 23 ditë më parë
Hey Scott thanks for talking to me via my buddy’s phone after ur weigh in on Thursday! Really made my day after what had been a pretty rough week! Glad u did so well at Hartwell!!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
You’re welcome!!!
pontiva 23 ditë më parë
Who's the dude in the boat with you? And why is he there? Is he on your team or something?
snooketcher 23 ditë më parë
Congrats Scott!
Fredrick Fluker
Fredrick Fluker 23 ditë më parë
Anybody know what he was using when he was doing that straight retrieve with the spinning rod? Looked like a little small shad rap or something?
Mostersixoutdoors 23 ditë më parë
What bait was you just reeling on the spinning rod?
Finkle and Einhorn
Finkle and Einhorn 23 ditë më parë
I wish everyone was so passionate about doing what they love.
OutdoorsTv With Evan
OutdoorsTv With Evan 23 ditë më parë
Nice job in the tournament!! Good luck 👍🏼🍀 in the next one!! 🎣🎣
CCHubbard 23 ditë më parë
Sent a combo to the bottom at 6:59
Todd S.
Todd S. 22 ditë më parë
Look again in slow motion on a desktop computer. He reaches down and pulls it back out of the water. I couldn't believe it!
Jake Schisler
Jake Schisler 23 ditë më parë
Was the last guy in the boat with you watch your videos?
Jason Matherly
Jason Matherly 23 ditë më parë
Entertaining as usual but FOR ME forward facing sonar has ruined these offshore tourneys
Frederick Westberry
Frederick Westberry 23 ditë më parë
Awesome video Scott enjoy your dinner😁
Budget Bassing
Budget Bassing 23 ditë më parë
Awesome series Scott, I love the tournament videos.
Byron Hendrix Fishing
Byron Hendrix Fishing 23 ditë më parë
Awesome congrats glad I got to see final day weigh in and meet the crew
Isaac Saesee
Isaac Saesee 23 ditë më parë
Nobody: Scott: it’s a biggin’
Fishing DohaR
Fishing DohaR 23 ditë më parë
Masha Allah nice content good fishing video enjoyed
Tim Saephan
Tim Saephan 23 ditë më parë
Love these tournaments videos and good fishing Scott, good luck getting to the Elite
Ched Burton
Ched Burton 23 ditë më parë
Scott I love your eternal optimism. I’ll buy the first “It’s a biggun” shirt. Lastly, there was a time when I would never have considered watching a fishing tournament or checking in on the weights during the day; now I can’t say that anymore. I watched as much of the Hartwell tourney as I could and checked the weights all day long. It was an emotional roller coaster. Lol. So now every time my wife fusses about my iPad usage I blame you, Blat, and Castledine. Thanks for what you do-you et al have given a slightly above middle age man a new, fun pastime.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
That’s awesome! Tell your wife thanks for the support:)
JAG 23 ditë më parë
DG Mills
DG Mills 23 ditë më parë
Congratulations Scott, 5th place isn't anything to sneeze at! That says a lot to your abilities and determination to pull back up the ladder!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Smithvegas BassAssassin
Smithvegas BassAssassin 23 ditë më parë
Another great showing Scott! Love it! Keep up the amazing work and good luck with the AOY! Really hope that you, Andrew, Todd, & Bradley all make the Elites! Will definitely make for some amazing competition! As always, can’t wait for the next one my man!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
datruth hurts
datruth hurts 23 ditë më parë
"That's a good one!that a real good one dude!"...Scott Martin every fish ever caught in his life lol..great tourney brutha
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Shirts coming
Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS 23 ditë më parë
What was the bait you were throwing on the spinning setup that you were steady reeling with the rod tip up? Thanks in advance and great job!
Todd Tanner
Todd Tanner 23 ditë më parë
Jackal riser, not sure if it was the 007 or 009
Mulldrifter Z
Mulldrifter Z 23 ditë më parë
You better hurry up and win the Classic! You only got a couple more years before Hilary wins it. She wont ever let you live that one down, even if it would make you an extremely proud Papa. Wish you luck Scott, you are way too awesome my man.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
That would be even better..
Eric Stowe
Eric Stowe 23 ditë më parë
No Scott....THANK YOU!
Eric Stowe
Eric Stowe 23 ditë më parë
Love this stuff Scott....man ive told u a hundred times but my daughter and i love watching you. You are a positive person among so many who arent. I know u are very busy guy.....but....my babies bday is wed (oct 7th) could we PLZ get a happy bday for her? She will be 12. It would make my day.....i mean her day....lmao!!!!! Seriously Scott we are still pulling for you man!!!! Nice work as always! YOU GOT THIS!!!!
Mark Benn
Mark Benn 23 ditë më parë
Quick question. What’s w/ the pants? Are they just to keep you warm or are the waiders like what are they?
hltsolo 23 ditë më parë
good job brother keep it up!
Donald yancey
Donald yancey 23 ditë më parë
It's been a crazy 2020 year...Even the fishing has been different this year so Great job Getting R Done! It's a biggin merch with a small fish on it Hahaha. Keep on Casting and having Faith my friend next one will be that biggin on that hook for sure.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
On it
afield 2212
afield 2212 23 ditë më parë
Seems you had a better time with this co-angler. May have been you were better mood being the final day. Either way its great to see you in a good mood.
Matt Judy
Matt Judy 23 ditë më parë
So what is that bait on the spinning rod? Looked bladed
Bass Raider
Bass Raider 23 ditë më parë
The tournament videos are killer! Great finish Scott! I liked the 60 frames on the vlog cameras, looked clean! But how about that Riser bait!? Secret weapon right there, cool to see you using it. It’s been my best topwater bait this year!🤙
Wild Fish Hunting
Wild Fish Hunting 23 ditë më parë
they are looking, real fishermen. 😁😁
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 23 ditë më parë
Thanks man, for taking me fishing. I'm watching all of your videos just so I can feel like I have some time off, and something enjoyable to do. Good luck also Scott.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Thanks Kevin!
Stephen Grussing
Stephen Grussing 23 ditë më parë
Congats Scott, your ability to put Rayburn behind you and your ability to humble yourself to learn from the mistakes only prove why you are consistently one THE best anglers no matter what tour you fish!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 23 ditë më parë
Noah’s Channel
Noah’s Channel 24 ditë më parë
I like hw scott putts god first, god is the greatest thing on earth but the second greatest thing on earth is bass fishing
Bruce J Galletta Jr
Bruce J Galletta Jr 24 ditë më parë
Congratulations Scott you are the man
Kevin Bolen
Kevin Bolen 24 ditë më parë
Great job Scott! Another great video! Keep it up and keep Kicking their Bass in these tournaments!
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