Breakfast On A Wednesday

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Saif Reza
Saif Reza 2 orë më parë
Tony's voice is satisfying in a way.
Martin Verner
Martin Verner 2 orë më parë
oh god
David Arriaga
David Arriaga 2 orë më parë
I see pain in this. And it’s sad.
The Mad Dog of Shimano
The Mad Dog of Shimano 2 orë më parë
This says a lot about our society
MojoMan 4 orë më parë
Thank the god Wednesday was yesterday.
Adrian Nieto
Adrian Nieto 4 orë më parë
Why did it hurt when he said “I’ll always start tomorrow
Elongated man Forever
Elongated man Forever 4 orë më parë
Well this was depressing
Elongated man Forever
Elongated man Forever 4 orë më parë
Adrian Nieto
Adrian Nieto 5 orë më parë
Mom pick me up I’m scared
Ali 5 orë më parë
Is that nick avocado
Tai Sensei
Tai Sensei 6 orë më parë
If this was a struggling-on-losing-weight type commercial, I would be convinced
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Gonzales 6 orë më parë
Fucking demonic.
Loud Bois Volume 9000
Loud Bois Volume 9000 7 orë më parë
No one: The kids cereal brand ad:
No Name
No Name 7 orë më parë
Dude really painted his face for this 😂
Ray J
Ray J 7 orë më parë
Too real.
BUT MOTHA 8 orë më parë
why cannot you have both
Stalin 8 orë më parë
HAY he’s not fat he’s fluffy
Master G
Master G 8 orë më parë
The most disturbing thing about this, is that the guy didn’t add milk to his cereal...
Prussian Glory
Prussian Glory 8 orë më parë
This is so true I cried.
viral standard
viral standard 9 orë më parë
This is so sad Alexa play desspasito
Distory With Andrew
Distory With Andrew 9 orë më parë
Just finish the cereal and then start
Johnny So long
Johnny So long 10 orë më parë
I'll start tomorrow.
•Something •
•Something • 11 orë më parë
U have to do pewdiepie
¿ p e n g u i n ?
¿ p e n g u i n ? 11 orë më parë
1:31 *I got freaked out when I saw that.*
Owen Brenchley
Owen Brenchley 12 orë më parë
This shit is scary
llVIU 12 orë më parë
I feel like I watched this before
Bullshiro Kondo
Bullshiro Kondo 13 orë më parë
Hit too close to home
Souls Public Humiliation
Souls Public Humiliation 14 orë më parë
Tony the tiger after a serious meth addiction. Obviously he thought the rocks were great.
The green deity
The green deity 14 orë më parë
Tony is disturbing
crazy sad clown man
crazy sad clown man 15 orë më parë
nightlight. 15 orë më parë
I wish he added fruit to the cereal
Caydence Gonzalez
Caydence Gonzalez 15 orë më parë
When he was talking abt losing weight in the beginning I felt that on a personal level
lil reaper2009
lil reaper2009 15 orë më parë
Pls do a Tony the tiger shirt
Gaming YoutubeChannel
Gaming YoutubeChannel 16 orë më parë
Why does that house remind me so much of my old townhouse I used to live in
Franchise Fanatic
Franchise Fanatic 16 orë më parë
If cereal makes you fat.. um.... you got a problem
RustyCog 9 orë më parë
It's pure sugar. Of course eating it regularly will make you fat.
Joshua Robertson
Joshua Robertson 16 orë më parë
Ngl.. im named Joshua so this hits different as fuck.
Trisha Potatoe
Trisha Potatoe 17 orë më parë
what dies he mean by piggy
Nathan Parada
Nathan Parada 17 orë më parë
Is this breakfast on a wedstday
Benas Druteika
Benas Druteika 18 orë më parë
Plot twist: Tony wants Josh to be fat so he could clap those thick cheeks
Matthew Baran
Matthew Baran 18 orë më parë
This is depressing as fuck. This is so accurate. I literally run multiple times a week because of this kind of stuff
What Alzadjali1994
What Alzadjali1994 19 orë më parë
This is what always happened
Legobox 60
Legobox 60 19 orë më parë
Watching this a couple more times, I realize this has a deeper meaning. It has a moral that it’s very hard losing weight. Meatcanyon held the moral within the video that you probably didn’t notice. You put it in such a hilarious way, I didn’t realize what this video meant.
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang 19 orë më parë
This Is The Best Least Disturbing Meat Canyon Video Ever And I Love It
FritzJamry Franco
FritzJamry Franco 20 orë më parë
animatade story in a nutshell
Fallen One
Fallen One 23 orë më parë
I will never eat Frosted Flakes agan.
montaeyvngboy 23 orë më parë
Dunno u sus To me
Dunno u sus To me 23 orë më parë
Cmon.... J O S H U A
What’s in Chimmys hand
What’s in Chimmys hand Ditë më parë
1:13 the little smooches I-💀💀😂
Chaz Corbin
Chaz Corbin Ditë më parë
Danm Mr Beast getting a few pounds... And I don't mean money wise🤣🤣🤣
Cooper Kreidler
Cooper Kreidler Ditë më parë
Me: having a good Saturday My math homework: 0:22
Creator 101
Creator 101 Ditë më parë
Damn Just.... *damn*
Brittany Matthews
Brittany Matthews Ditë më parë
1:00 and 1:03
Allan d
Allan d Ditë më parë
Joe Biden massage 0:59 😂
cø. Ditë më parë
why is my name joshua
Kay Art
Kay Art Ditë më parë
Thanks! I hate it.
Armando ramos
Armando ramos Ditë më parë
Addiction is kinda like this but instead of tiger its the voice in your head
Adelina Garcia
Adelina Garcia Ditë më parë
Frosty flakes do be hitting like that though
Chute Mi
Chute Mi Ditë më parë
Bruh no one notices how there was no milk in the cereal?
Robloxfnaf Gameplay
Robloxfnaf Gameplay Ditë më parë
I can’t believe I was watching this video while making Frosted Flakes on a Wednesday lol🤣🤣🤣
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz Ditë më parë
ELIX3R Ditë më parë
As someone who's been trying to lose wait this is very accurate, I always say ill start tomorrow, ill do it tomorrow, tomorrow ill actually do it, and I never do, it hurts a lot and many others can say the same, it really is a every day problem
killernuke 23
killernuke 23 Ditë më parë
It hurts that my name is Josh i like frosted flakes and I'm fat
Joseph Castle
Joseph Castle Ditë më parë
It just feels kinda weird that they put out something with genuine truth behind it. I mean, it still looks goofy as hell, but it’s honestly comes of more as depressing.
Chaz Schott
Chaz Schott Ditë më parë
Is that James cordon?
TrashBeats Ditë më parë
Today is Wednesday :) I just had a normal breakfast
Jason Leverton
Jason Leverton Ditë më parë
Tony sounds like psychicpebbles
Ioan Samu
Ioan Samu Ditë më parë
"WAP" -Albert Einstein
Carmello Segura
Carmello Segura Ditë më parë
why the heck
cat girl
cat girl Ditë më parë
why did he say jashua thats nickado
Holy bar Of soap
Holy bar Of soap Ditë më parë
Boiboiler17 TikTok
Boiboiler17 TikTok Ditë më parë
This is very sad not funny or scary
Chicken Rubber
Chicken Rubber Ditë më parë
The moral of the story eat your cereal every single piece
I like to eat takoyaki
I like to eat takoyaki Ditë më parë
I will watch this every Wednesday.
roblox playz
roblox playz Ditë më parë
roblox playz
roblox playz Ditë më parë
This creepy.
ნიკა ხიზანიშვილი
ნიკა ხიზანიშვილი Ditë më parë
shig gaqvt yleviyo (ylevar)
sayra mejia-negrete
sayra mejia-negrete Ditë më parë
Who is watching this on Wednesday during eating flosting flakes
RaccoonsLeek Ditë më parë
I... I think you just ruined my childhood... well it's my fault so I can't blame you...
qworthy01 reviews
qworthy01 reviews Ditë më parë
Catholic Defender
Catholic Defender Ditë më parë
Man this one hit home....granted my vice is a crippling pornography addiction...and blow, lots of blow
duck duck
duck duck Ditë më parë
Weight a Minute in cerials is Carport thets good vor youre digesting sistem anless ther is suger in it 👍
human Ditë më parë
I hate the switch to live action in the middle
ConnorSYoung Ditë më parë
I feel like the tiger is a figment of his imagination, a metaphor, used for showing how hard it is to give up addiction, his body keeps telling him to keep doing it, and never change.
itsjooshplayz Ditë më parë
i like how sr pelo has to comment
steph. yeah
steph. yeah Ditë më parë
I can't tell if the tiger is fat or skinny
Lily Santos OFFICIAL
Lily Santos OFFICIAL Ditë më parë
TS! Papyrus
TS! Papyrus Ditë më parë
He never changed. Endless loop.
diego Ditë më parë
watching this every wednesday
Jeems Bees
Jeems Bees Ditë më parë
Well what do you know? I'm watching this while getting breakfast on a Wednesday.
Jeems Bees
Jeems Bees Ditë më parë
Yeah I'm not gonna eat cereal now ☺️
I Hate Squeakers 420
I Hate Squeakers 420 Ditë më parë
nickokado avocado in a nutshell
EpicGamerCaden Ditë më parë
Your body is ggggrrrreat
Akashi NC
Akashi NC Ditë më parë
Ironically, I’m trying to eat healthy and on this very vid saw an ad for Zaxby’s
PS1 Hagrid
PS1 Hagrid Ditë më parë
A depressing tale
Jasmine Willams
Jasmine Willams Ditë më parë
Why he built like that?!?!
Society Ditë më parë
Watching on a wendsday crying
Joelle Marron
Joelle Marron Ditë më parë
Damn the music in this one is so good
S p a c e .? . !
S p a c e .? . ! Ditë më parë
whO's mY lIttLe pIgGy? *Continues to massage shoulders* I would've said "OH HELL NAH YOU CREEP THAT'S CREEPY AF I'M NOT YOUR PIGGY" and wait if Tony is a tiger and that guy was a real pig wouldn't Tony be eating HIM?
Paradraw Zombie
Paradraw Zombie Ditë më parë
Tony is so creepy here and not in a scary way but a I don't want to eat frosted flakes ever again way
VHSTheFedexFan11 Ditë më parë
it's now wednesday
Marvel Master
Marvel Master Ditë më parë
I honestly don't know what to feel right now
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