My Memory Resets Every Few Hours | My Life With A Fish Memory

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My Story Animated

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Mason Pakmist
Mason Pakmist 2 orë më parë
9:11 You cannot date a meat.
Asma fatima Sagri
Asma fatima Sagri 3 orë më parë
Caleb Nichols
Caleb Nichols Ditë më parë
this was a good story
WirthgirlDreamCat! konst
WirthgirlDreamCat! konst Ditë më parë
Wow. I’m sad to hear what you’ve been through 🥺🙁 I’m glad that some things work out! 🥰❤️
06wolfie90 Ditë më parë
okay one thing you dont ask a damn baby who are you :/
bluebxrry._cow Ditë më parë
ShE fLeW iN tHe AiR aNd HiT hEr HeAd
Natalie Golden
Natalie Golden 2 ditë më parë
what is wrong with her parents
Divine Jeremie
Divine Jeremie 3 ditë më parë
She said I believe I can flyyyyy😂😂
Unspeakable Warrior
Unspeakable Warrior 3 ditë më parë
Mom:Shut up I’m having party right after my daughter came out of a coma! Yay!
kaela ayeng
kaela ayeng 4 ditë më parë
and how does she remember her boyfriend and her family
kaela ayeng
kaela ayeng 4 ditë më parë
wait but how does she remeber her notebook
Yoonie 4 ditë më parë
I gotta give props to this man. I’ve literally never meet any guy who is that nice. Amit gets my 100% seal of approval. (He is the only one to get it so far)
Gnai Ovalle
Gnai Ovalle 4 ditë më parë
Sally and Ameit are real ones
Queen Destiny
Queen Destiny 4 ditë më parë
Omg 😆 it getting better and better
Mar Jas
Mar Jas 4 ditë më parë
Does no one care about this poor girl literally like her parents don't even why did God let these parents take care of this poor child
If she can't remember does she remember this... 😂
first to comment.
first to comment. 5 ditë më parë
You can't make this video if you can't remember stuff... idiot.
Bhaskar Gadige
Bhaskar Gadige 5 ditë më parë
This is such an inspiring story
Summer Lashmar
Summer Lashmar 5 ditë më parë
it's so interesting!
Rebekah 6 ditë më parë
Is she painting a picture of her slipping on dog poop? LOL Also, she remembers the entire story to tell it!! Hmm....
Eloisa Revolorio
Eloisa Revolorio 6 ditë më parë
Hmmm if her memory resets every few hours then how does she remember her whole story?
Jacob Villarreal
Jacob Villarreal 6 ditë më parë
Can someone give me there number bout to roast their asses so hard they finna fall I. The Great Depression
Suresh Shinde
Suresh Shinde 7 ditë më parë
9:54 Indian boyfriend ???
RM158 7 ditë më parë
All problem can be solved if you don't give up
It’s crystal Plays
It’s crystal Plays 7 ditë më parë
I just want to say her parents are DISGUSTING There daughter is in a coma AND HER MOM IS HAVING A PARTY her daughter forgets all the time and all they care about is there appearance I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY JUST THREW HER OUT OF THERE HOUSE WHEN SHE HAS THAT CONDITION
lucinda hunt
lucinda hunt 7 ditë më parë
aww thats nice to know
Monika Laktosova
Monika Laktosova 7 ditë më parë
Best story😀😀😀😀
hi baii
hi baii 7 ditë më parë
wait but how did she rememeber all that and i bet the next few hours she wil even forget she made this vid
HeavenlyWally 8 ditë më parë
How does she remember all of this
HeavenlyWally 8 ditë më parë
Spring roses
Spring roses 8 ditë më parë
It's Nice Story, but you Speak so Fast 🌸Please Speak Slowly in the Next time 👍👍👍🇮🇶
Nê Nguyễn
Nê Nguyễn 8 ditë më parë
Plot twist : how did she remember this if she lost her memory every hour?????
Trinity 8 ditë më parë
When she said her name is joy I remembered my aunt joy that died a few year ago because she lived in a really warm place and she moved to the u.s. when it was cold and she was really skinny and short and passed away a while after.
NATALIE OSBORN 9 ditë më parë
if you dont remember things then how did u become on this channel explanning your past??
next vid: i poop from my mouth every few seconds because i ate my grandma and her fish
Malak Sheta
Malak Sheta 9 ditë më parë
The poor girl..... She must have had a very confusing life....
no one
no one 9 ditë më parë
this entire channel is a r/thathappened moment
Simon Pugh
Simon Pugh 9 ditë më parë
when you realise this is in her notebook and she only got her notebook partway into the story -_-
Dr. Wacky
Dr. Wacky 10 ditë më parë
ok this is the most believable and likeable stories out of the bunch. im impressed.
Shiny Marshmallow
Shiny Marshmallow 10 ditë më parë
You fool I am an Indian too
Lilianna Billups
Lilianna Billups 10 ditë më parë
_Toffee Bee_
_Toffee Bee_ 11 ditë më parë
Part 2222
Lovely&Free 12 ditë më parë
I love this story and it has a happy ending but I couldn't help but laugh when she says "I'm about to slip on a doggie turd." I know it's not suppose to be funny but I can't help it.
Laurel Allred
Laurel Allred 12 ditë më parë
who the hell says "doggie" turds? the only ppl who would say that is 6 years olds
Tenzin Noryang
Tenzin Noryang 12 ditë më parë
mom is mean
Syed Ihsaan
Syed Ihsaan 12 ditë më parë
your family is cruel
Viswetha Vivek
Viswetha Vivek 13 ditë më parë
im just saying dont ever lose a friend like sally ........ its hard to get a friend like her
Irma Lair
Irma Lair 13 ditë më parë
Mother's POV: Joy has lost her memory and her life is ruined forever, let's host a fancy party and tell her not to show up because she's embarrassing! Me: what is it with these stories always having evil parents, evil siblings, evil bffs and evil boyfriends?
Zak Fulston
Zak Fulston 13 ditë më parë
Just there u slipped it u just said I just stepped in doggy pop
Jasmine Kasy
Jasmine Kasy 14 ditë më parë
Then how did she remember all this details and her name??
Camelia Martin
Camelia Martin 14 ditë më parë
ur pairints er bad
XxMy_ talking _ForestxX
XxMy_ talking _ForestxX 14 ditë më parë
The story: her: im gonna make him my husband Me: what the
Hype Bloxx
Hype Bloxx 15 ditë më parë
The fact that I'm seeing this and it's 3weeks ago
Charles Norris
Charles Norris 15 ditë më parë
It’s dog poop not doggie turd but it’s ok💄🚇🚇👍👍👍
Babybear 15 ditë më parë
"I can't remember anything yet can seem to remember reading my notebook"
Kianna Nicholle
Kianna Nicholle 15 ditë më parë
Sorry girl, but yes you are quite embarrassing LMAO
That spider on your wall
That spider on your wall 15 ditë më parë
If your memory resets every few hours... then how did you remember all of this?
李依依Yee-Yee Li
李依依Yee-Yee Li 15 ditë më parë
I just wanna say Amit and Sally are the best people I've ever heard of.
GGXbronze 15 ditë më parë
This reminds me of 50 First Dates, that movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
Sarah Potts
Sarah Potts 15 ditë më parë
Sarah Potts
Sarah Potts 15 ditë më parë
You said ima slip on a doggie terd
Alice Andrea Vasquez Arteaga
Alice Andrea Vasquez Arteaga 15 ditë më parë
Next vid: I aM tHe SeCrEt cHilD oF mIchAeL aFtOn
domonic redmond
domonic redmond 16 ditë më parë
I say shame on the parents and everyone else who treats her like that it’s not her fault she has a short term memory the parents aren’t just jerks their disgraces
sirius blak
sirius blak 16 ditë më parë
her: his name is amit cc: his name is a meat
Alya Clarity
Alya Clarity 16 ditë më parë
"My memory resets every few hours" Well... My memory hang every class session
Lhyaine Aquivez
Lhyaine Aquivez 17 ditë më parë
True love is really exist,😍😍😍😍 i hope I can meet a man like that😍💜💜💜💜
Kim Tae Tae
Kim Tae Tae 17 ditë më parë
Next video: I fed my dog a orange instead of dog food a became a millionare
A'Mericle's Happy place
A'Mericle's Happy place 17 ditë më parë
Part 2 please
Sabrina Asatuulloeva
Sabrina Asatuulloeva 18 ditë më parë
“hEy iM dOrY i HaVe ShOrT tErM mEmOrY lOsS”
Rosyclozy fan
Rosyclozy fan 18 ditë më parë
Poor girl.. If her mom and dad supported her she would be okay.
ArtMazing 18 ditë më parë
i wonder how she remembered this all-
Ariana Williams
Ariana Williams 18 ditë më parë
i slipped on a doggey turd 😂😂😂😂
Alpha_Omega 19 ditë më parë
Is this meant yo be like 50 First Dates?
Alpha_Omega 19 ditë më parë
But did she remember every small detail of this story?
babydolll 7 ditë më parë
She didn't she put it in her notebook 🙄
Hailee Tucker
Hailee Tucker 19 ditë më parë
Ok Soo if u forget everything how did u remember to tell the story?🤨
MidoriyaSexual 19 ditë më parë
Moral of the story: dont slip on dog poop
babydolll 7 ditë më parë
•[Stxrships]• 20 ditë më parë
how do you fly from that I-
Bora Syla
Bora Syla 20 ditë më parë
Others says: story animate are real Me reading the title: I got pregnant by the sea whater. Its this world upsidedown.
Bora Syla
Bora Syla 20 ditë më parë
If your memory last only few hours then how te hell did you make this video???
Aishas World
Aishas World 20 ditë më parë
What if you forgot the proses of making a baby 😂
Franco Litto
Franco Litto 20 ditë më parë
Joy Ako. Ganela DS. Roads
Thea Miller
Thea Miller 20 ditë më parë
If the title was just "my life with a fish memory" it would be relatable
Valerie Cooper
Valerie Cooper 20 ditë më parë
In the future u will make a titanic thing ur style and I will type so much and I’ll say my hands r in pain
Amreen Sinha
Amreen Sinha 20 ditë më parë
aww poor lil joyy!!
Sushi Gupta
Sushi Gupta 21 ditë më parë
Boy’s name- Amit Subtitles- A MeAt
MILK GOD 21 ditë më parë
Next story: I talk to my dog and now I found out it was a scorpion in fucking disguise
RyasauresRex 21 ditë më parë
Next story: I was born inside a video game with my parents but I jumped out the screen then met a cute girl so we went to mars but she cheated on me with Baby Yoda so I blew up The universe and now I am floating around forever.
monfurno kid 616
monfurno kid 616 22 ditë më parë
Moral of the story fuck the blind
Red Room
Red Room 22 ditë më parë
Her family is the worst family
Vsco Egirl LGBTQ
Vsco Egirl LGBTQ 22 ditë më parë
My BFF is named Joy
De Unknown Civilization
De Unknown Civilization 22 ditë më parë
Her parents are racist.
Chiaki Nanami Ultimate Gamer
Chiaki Nanami Ultimate Gamer 22 ditë më parë
these always turn into love stories 😭
《OffensiveTeaPot》 UwU
《OffensiveTeaPot》 UwU 22 ditë më parë
This channel is all a lie, there’s no interesting details or anything relatable. They complained to Kubz scouts or reacting to their videos and giving them credit💀. Like damn, half of your subscribers are FROM Kubz scouts. Trash, we all know that Jay wouldn’t want to start any drama with this channel. But it just feels right to make this channel apologize. There’s thousands of other people reacting to this channel and not giving them credit but they all chose to attack Jay. It was just very disrespectful of how they threatened Jay that they would take down his channel if he didn’t delete a video. This channel does not deserve all of these likes and subscribers🙄. So I’m going to have to say this kindly...Fuck this channel🥱
Melanie Yang
Melanie Yang 22 ditë më parë
omg this is just like this movie i watch it's sooo similar it's called 50 first date and Adam sandler's is in the movie to and omg this story sound just like this movie 😭
Among_ _us
Among_ _us 23 ditë më parë
4:48 u gotta be kidding me bro
Among_ _us
Among_ _us 23 ditë më parë
When she said I'm about to slip on a doggie turd i burst out laughing!🤣🤣
Jeremiah Strachan
Jeremiah Strachan 23 ditë më parë
anyone else wondering how she can remember all of this in detail??
Nchimunya Apuleni
Nchimunya Apuleni 23 ditë më parë
Sally is such a great friend
Mariah Carey Sabillaga
Mariah Carey Sabillaga 23 ditë më parë
Ilove how kind hearted sally is
Chyna Hargress
Chyna Hargress 23 ditë më parë
I love you story animation
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