Is Linux always the answer? - Librem 5 Smartphone

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Would you sacrifice performance for privacy? Well Librem 5 can give you that level of privacy you desire, but you might be giving up more than what you are prepared to, but hey at least it has Linux!
Check out the Purism Librem 5 Smartphone at
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Mpanga Robert
Mpanga Robert 16 orë më parë
it's not designed for people that want to use youtube lol
Kers A HerpaFuqer
Kers A HerpaFuqer 5 ditë më parë
Sure if you care for your privacy at all
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh 5 ditë më parë
me mem
me mem 11 ditë më parë
More Anthony videos please
cactus & more cactus
cactus & more cactus 11 ditë më parë
i'll be damned if linux phones don't become an actual valid competitor to ios and android
google nazi
google nazi 13 ditë më parë
LOL a $2000 phone. So a fucky phone you will have to jump threw hoops to find a carrier that will support it for the price of a full gaming system. No wonder LTG is failing so hard and so fast.
Krish Kumar
Krish Kumar 18 ditë më parë
I know antanio how it feels when u were expecting something else and u get something else
kellyhouse03 18 ditë më parë
I had one Android phone, and went to iPhones ten years and can't complain, but I just got into Linux based trading bots, and am really considering a Linux phone soon.
Paulo Mateiro
Paulo Mateiro 18 ditë më parë
It's a Linus Tech Tips spinoff ?
Hypo Lyxa
Hypo Lyxa 18 ditë më parë
Use F-droid. It will take some time before Linux is ready for primetime on smartphones. Rome was not built in a day.
Izzat 19 ditë më parë
Friend: “Do you use iOS or Android?” Linux user: “Neither.”
SotirzvaniDjubre 19 ditë më parë
"Maybe the microphone works"? ITS A PHONE!
DeleteYourself 20 ditë më parë
Once the hardware comes up to around the spec of today's mid level and upwards phones I'd be totally down. I don't think I could live with the performance drop from going to a galaxy to this currently. Anything on the horizon regarding making android apps compatible through an emulator or something. Imagine a small, privacy focused Linux phone that with the Dock could double as a desktop while able to tie into the android eco system too. That would be awesome
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy 21 ditë më parë
Ha ha ha ha ha Android and IOS are linux
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy 13 ditë më parë
@Jason yes
Jason 13 ditë më parë
DaeXeaD 21 ditë më parë
you can't really call these smartphones, more like small computers. You can also connect to a computer to install apps.
Ausbilder_BoB 21 ditë më parë
This Sliders are a must have on Laptops
Александр Волков
Александр Волков 22 ditë më parë
Android is a variant of Linux for one second these Linux phones aren't even supposed to have apps.. make a decent video and install an os like Kali Linux on it or something..
lamebubblesflysohigh 24 ditë më parë
This is the phone you bring to a Fortune 100 company top management meeting where you are discussing how to bury a scandal but unlike anyone else, you don't have to turn your phone off... you just disable every periphery with a physical switch. That is a win in my book.
4 P
4 P 24 ditë më parë
You need a hairstyle review lol
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 24 ditë më parë
This would be way more promising if they took a normal Android phone, added the kill switches, and shipped it with a libre version of Android that only has FOSS binaries. We already have F-Droid and it's good. There's no reason to try to go about it backwards and cram a square peg (Desktop Linux) into a round hole (a touchscreen phone).
Foggyfighter 25 ditë më parë
can't you just install any linux desktop file manager onto the phone??
A Khan
A Khan 25 ditë më parë
I just want a phone I can text, call, store my photos on without worrying that my pre installed calculator app has access to it.
Atori Silver
Atori Silver 25 ditë më parë
OMG! you cannot release a phone without functional camera!
Cody Cig
Cody Cig 26 ditë më parë
Usually the solution to Gnome being slow is to install Xfce4. Think I could get away with that on this phone? Heh, probably not...
Cody Cig
Cody Cig 26 ditë më parë
Wow. Anthony uses iPhone. I'm disappointed.
Процессорный кристал
Процессорный кристал 26 ditë më parë
Now review a pinephone
Enermax Stephens
Enermax Stephens 26 ditë më parë
Alright Anthony, I'll be the one to say it. We care about your health. So you know... probably best to drop 80-100 lbs. You're too cool of a dude to have a shortened lifespan because of that.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 27 ditë më parë
8:34 Missing codecs -- I'm guessing that, as with most any other strongly FLOSS oriented Debian based distro, packages bundling proprietary codecs can be installed pretty readily. Check out: wiki(dot)debian(dot)org/MultimediaCodecs
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 27 ditë më parë
p.s. -- Also the "old graphics driver" notice got me wondering whether it would have helped to run general package and system updates prior to digging in. Like with a fresh distro install on most any other platform. I'm not sure it was fair to pass judgement OOTB -- a software update may have smoothed over some stuff.
Riley Coleman
Riley Coleman 27 ditë më parë
seems like absolute shit
PáriStath友達 28 ditë më parë
"A headphone jack, thats how you know theyre lacking courage" HUSIBGLAEIRG💀💀💀
Fupa Master
Fupa Master 22 ditë më parë
Are you ok? Do you need help?
dicetrash 28 ditë më parë
I kinda wish he included that phone's desktop mode when attached to a dock in this review, something like samsung dex or just straight up pureos gnome desktop appears.
Donovan clark
Donovan clark 29 ditë më parë
can you put a m.2 into the liberm 5?
P1N3C0N3 DДN0OB 29 ditë më parë
3:11 the PinePhone also has kill switches, but it is where the battery is at. And it isn’t ready as a daily driver yet.
Doug Tilaran
Doug Tilaran Muaj më parë
The answer is low carb,,,
CGMe Muaj më parë
How can you charge $800 for that thing? It has potential, but you still have to set up so many features...
Fupa Master
Fupa Master 22 ditë më parë
That's where the pine phone comes in
Alex hnd
Alex hnd Muaj më parë
Would be nice to have a review on iodéOS :) still Android though....
0xsaint Muaj më parë
Why don't you try to load Ubuntu Touch on it?
plasma tube
plasma tube Muaj më parë
I like this videos. A guy that knows everything about mac, windows, linux and hardware. Never before seen it, great.
Zaela Rose
Zaela Rose Muaj më parë
Linux phones compared to Android and iPhones now seem like Linux desktops compared to Windows and Macs in 2005 It's promising, but still buggy and more of a tinkerer's toy rather than a daily driver, but as long as people keep working on these projects they'll probably catch up or exceed the mainstream competitors in around ~10-15 years
BlazinSouth Muaj më parë
Anthony is the shit. It be come just to hang out with him and talk and learn tech from him.
Ivar Voorel
Ivar Voorel Muaj më parë
nononoooo.. not "what u sacrifice For Privacy" but giving away privacy FOR what? (comfort?)
Jackin life
Jackin life Muaj më parë
Android is a robot.
Killian Ryan
Killian Ryan Muaj më parë
Just jailbreak your iPhone I tinker all day
i am for Truth
i am for Truth Muaj më parë
Librem 5 for 800$? Wow what a great fukkkin deal.. I never buy phone over 200. God luck with that
E Man
E Man Muaj më parë
Linus is not the answer!
Bobby Hulse
Bobby Hulse Muaj më parë
I would like to see these new Linux phones utilize a desktop interface when plugged into an external monitor or television.
Clint Blankenship
Clint Blankenship Muaj më parë
I want the toggle switches on all phones
QuidQuoPro Muaj më parë
>Just a plain box Love it! When I see a lot of flashy boxes I just know they try to overcompensate for something
v Muaj më parë
"Free" is the answer
Manny Pineda
Manny Pineda Muaj më parë
I don't know what hurt more..the phone or watching you talking about it...
Raphael Geier
Raphael Geier Muaj më parë
why do you don´t try out the pinephone, it runs also linux
Joe Muaj më parë
11:18 That's the cost of fully making it in the US... at LOW PRODUCTION VOLUMES. If they were somehow guaranteed yearly sales volumes even just 1/10 the iPhone lineup, it would be well below $2k... probably less than $1k. The Chinese model is probably just surplus components from other electronics and so is kind of getting a 'bank shot' supply chain volume discount in China. The actual labor savings in China is ~$100 max compared to the USA phone.
Raro Sapien
Raro Sapien Muaj më parë
Saying Kind of all the time is a bad habit it either is or it isn't not kind of...
Marius J. MacGyver
Marius J. MacGyver Muaj më parë
A phone for 799 (or two grand in the anti-communist version) that's big as a brick, slow as st*t, requires me to tinker with the Code, doesn't play back ALnets and lacks camera implementation. Is that some kind of nerd-sm? Paying for pain?
Dave André
Dave André Muaj më parë
WE LOVE YOU ANTHONY! give us more vids.
ObsoletePowerCorrupts Muaj më parë
Don't blame the controller (for SuperTuxKart). Regarding the problems the phone has (like how it does not even have the "cheese" webcame app), so many things could be solved (or workaround) with brute processing power if only they put a second quad-core a53 arm cortex on there. A lot of ARM is trash, but the a53 (as long as it is not on some rubbish SoC hampering it) is good enough as long as you have the cpu horsepower. The A53 has good enough protection rings for virtualisation. an extra 4cores could be used to temporarily virtualise a couple of core (or more) to perform a task (such as an app you cannot normally run). Even if 5 cores were virtualised (from the 8cores, because two of 4 is 8) to do that, the remaining three could be used to run the OS and one of those could have a heavy (inefficent) qemu running some program as a workaround. Not only that but, when all 8cores are released, it could do 8 way parallel processing (blake2sp would be a good example) for file integrity (or 4way for blake2b as IPFS). I do think it needs more RAM (like 9 or 10 GB instead of 3). Having two 4core a53 chips would speed up that software rendering of the scrolling screen. I also think it should have two sdcards where one always clones the former (unless you tell it not to do that).
Ivan Hegedus
Ivan Hegedus Muaj më parë
the "lacking courage" comment made this vid pure bliss ^^ awesome stuff
Mayon Go
Mayon Go Muaj më parë
Try sailfish os
MBA COF Muaj më parë
just use old nokia phones.....much more privacy :D
clint cole
clint cole Muaj më parë
I wonder if they have a version of Ubuntu Touch for this hardware. you should look into that, or cover some Ubunutu Touch phones on this channel.
kaostical Muaj më parë
Owned a Mobile phone running linux in 2010, a Nokia N900 (800x480 with resistive touch, 256mb ram, cortex 600mhz A8). It was running maemo, which was based on debian. It also had terminal and full physical keyboard. Alot of fun :-)
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil Muaj më parë
you have the beta version, the librem 5 usa hasn’t even been released yet
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil Muaj më parë
ubuntu LTS is clunky fresh install i have a list of things to remove to improve performance
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil Muaj më parë
with android you can root the phone..
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer Muaj më parë
Question: Can spy software FlexiSpy be installed onto a Linux phone ?
Ruben Alberto Sosa
Ruben Alberto Sosa Muaj më parë
What!? That phone has earbuds AND a charger included in the box!? impressive, that's like... revolutionary
Rannon Muaj më parë
So I'm guessing that Librem 10 (sorry, uh, Librem X ;) might be when it's viable for normal users
Dr Andracca
Dr Andracca Muaj më parë
Who knows! By that time you might be able to install Steam/GoG and play PC games on your phone. I remember around 2015-2016 I had installed the Linux version of Oldschool runescape on my non-rooted Android phone(it was jank as shit and took forever, but it worked), I am surprised there haven't been more developments in the "PC games on your phone" field. I imagine that's probably due to some devs actually supporting mobile versions of their games and streaming games not being that hard to do, so there probably isn't a huge demand for it, but I still think that isn't out of the question in the near future. TLDR: That's what I wanted to see from a linux-based phone. I do, however, understand that isn't what the Librem was going for, but I can say I'd be interested in seeing what mobile hardware could do for PC gaming.
AlmostVegas | Joey
AlmostVegas | Joey Muaj më parë
The os isn't even stripped down, it's literally the same os as the desktop version according to their site which is kinda neat
Amolith Muaj më parë
I've been watching the development of the Librem 5 for a while now and ended up shaking my head at nearly every one of Purism's decisions. The idea is awesome, the hardware is good, and the specs are alright but the software is still immature the price absurd. $800 is ridiculous even thinking of it as an "investment in the future of Linux on mobile". I would really be interested to see Anthony take a look at Pine64's Pinephone (once it's back in stock). In my opinion, Pine64 have done everything right. They make the hardware and sell the product without making very much profit. If I remember correctly, they're actually not making any profit from the Pinephone though I could be very wrong. In any case, it's a smartphone running Linux at only $200. The hardware is not great but you can always throw a lightweight distro on it like postmarketOS with i3, Sway, or even Sxmo for a better experience until the fancier DEs are more polished.
Michael Muaj më parë
Hmm.. I guess ill have to go with an iPhone 😔
Fun in the woods hairy dude
Fun in the woods hairy dude Muaj më parë
Linus would be proud of that segwey.
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor Muaj më parë
In 2004 I was huge Linux fanboi and was tinkering with a compaq ipaq pda that originally came with win ce, and I replaced it with OPIE Linux. It ran pretty good I was streaming yt with a huge pcmcia wifi card pack and opera mobile browser and with a data cable from my lg flip phone. tcpdump, aircrack, it was all there. Opie had the IPKG 'itsy package manager.' I thought it was going to be the future with some kind of seamless mobile/desktop with compiz, remember compiz? Then the iphone came out, and corporate doesn't support Linux for employees, and ended up on a mac for daily driver. So, I'm kinda disappointing this can't work the same way it is with grabbing a motherboard and installing Linux. The thing I miss the most about running Linux as my daily driver is that, you're not forced to change, you can have the same workflow for decades.
Reezuleanu Muaj më parë
Is it possible for the phone to get updates that actually optimize the OS for the hardware? I really don't think it's already optimized to be on a phone.
garGANtuan Muaj më parë
A thicc phone for a thicc man
Aayla Fetzer
Aayla Fetzer Muaj më parë
Put i3 on it lol
TwoTailedBeast Muaj më parë
What I'm getting from this is you're still better off with a basic phone and small Linux laptop for privacy.
Ville Väinö
Ville Väinö Muaj më parë
799 for that piece of shit. Haha
Viacheslav Romanov
Viacheslav Romanov Muaj më parë
That’s the reason why I ditched Linux desktop
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Muaj më parë
Linux is the reason I'm using a Pentium 4
gusherz Muaj më parë
Anthony looks like a discord moderator
Dez Muaj më parë
Why is this thing 2000$ for the USA's like they don't want us to get this phone...smh
Pitchfork Rebel
Pitchfork Rebel Muaj më parë
$2K better mean more than 3GB RAM
Red Rain
Red Rain Muaj më parë
It's the same specs...just made in the USA* *And it's not even fully made in the USA... I suggest checking out the Pinephone instead.
Superblue Muaj më parë
that's a hacker phone is not for n00bz, they have iphone
MrStevetmq Muaj më parë
I found this when I was searching for 100euro smartphone and it took me a long time looking at the website just to find out that this is not close to 100euro.
twkbtw Muaj më parë
they should do better with that price point. they're hijacking our privacy enthusiasm and love of Linux. *sad face*
startand0 Muaj më parë
what a voice
Aile Nozzam
Aile Nozzam Muaj më parë
It's meant to be for developers interested in developing linux on smartphones, not for regular users.
Hoystein Muaj më parë
Calling Linux a "fat" OS is a bit silly if this is your reason. You're looking at what is for all intents a BETA and saying it's bloated based on the fact it does not have GPU acceleration work yet when it has a third the layers of added bloat of android or iOS. It's not as polished as other linux distros yet. We will have to wait a while for that.
Jamie Owen
Jamie Owen Muaj më parë
Or you could just change the os to something like post mark os
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes Muaj më parë
I'm curious how the battery does. Very important for phones and from what I've heard Linux phones have horrific battery usage. Canonical dropping Ubuntu Touch support makes you think Linux OS's will never really become a thing.
Danilo Kordic
Danilo Kordic Muaj më parë
It's very secure whrn it's off.
TheDeathmail Muaj më parë
To be fair; if they had more time, it might improve... but they'd need a user base... but a user base only wants what's best in performance... it's a catch 22...
rylixav -
rylixav - Muaj më parë
13:09 "I wanna like it so much. It's got a lot of really good ideas. As for the usability though..." Yeah, that's Linux in a nutshell.
Skeptical Caveman
Skeptical Caveman Muaj më parë
The Fairphone 3+ a better choice for a Linux phone, better screen, performance and replaceable and upgradeable parts.
Eoghain Lebioda
Eoghain Lebioda Muaj më parë
my god I'm so sick of that error message on my browser
Megamanx1978 Muaj më parë
Anthony If you want a affordable Linux privacy phone why not get a Pinephone?
Blood Raven
Blood Raven Muaj më parë
As far as I know, you can install pretty much any of the mobile linux distros on this thing besides purism. That would be Ubuntu touch, Mobian (mobile debian) and there were a few others I think. Maybe do a follow-up video exploring how those stack up to PurismOS?
Epsilonsama Muaj më parë
It looks like they are running GNOME on a phone. Pretty interesting concept specially for security minded individuals and intelligence agencies.
Aditya Muaj më parë
Anthony: I use an iphone 11 pro max Me: He's an isheep! Also Anthony: I use mac os, windows, linux Me: Ohh 🙁
Asimo Cloud
Asimo Cloud Muaj më parë
Bill gates: so... when can I buy you Linux? Or... winux??? Edi: lol I couldn’t spell bill gates
Brothers in Metal
Brothers in Metal Muaj më parë
800$ for a janktastic phone....This will never go anywhere with that price unfortunately.
Brothers in Metal
Brothers in Metal Muaj më parë
You guys should a video on the Lumia WOA project.
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