Building a GIANT 2 ACRE POND in My BACKYARD!!! (Part 5)

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The new backyard pond is now COMPLETE! Comment what fish we should put in it!
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TheCriminalViolin 2 ditë më parë
Walleye and/p Pike. First thought was Pike. But practicality-wise I'd wager against getting pike in it. Walleye would probably do just fine though even with that small of a pond given the overall third-hand experience I have had with people from all over Walleye territory and the even smaller areas they've been found in clearly thriving maybe even a bit too much haha.
Westley Dryer
Westley Dryer 2 ditë më parë
A flair they’re not horns their points
Gabriel Ruediger
Gabriel Ruediger 5 ditë më parë
Walleye and white bass would be awesome!!
J. Walker
J. Walker 7 ditë më parë
Baitfish first year. imagine if they had a mini excavator near that log and sandbag dam.
Moe Frear
Moe Frear 9 ditë më parë
Buy 15-20 big bass from different suppliers and make a bass sanctuary
Jayden Wise
Jayden Wise 12 ditë më parë
Tell bango that deer have antlers and not horns. horns are made of hair antlers are not
T.J. Quirk
T.J. Quirk 15 ditë më parë
Excavator with a thumb and you're using a damn winch? Jesus Christ
Eren Kandogan
Eren Kandogan 21 ditë më parë
make a creek between two ponds. edit: like so he sees.
Lane Stewart
Lane Stewart 21 ditë më parë
XxrealityxX 25 ditë më parë
When training the dog to come back to you.. just keep it simple,, instead of “come back” or “come here” just says “come” .. they will listen better. And understand it better.
Jacob Imdieke
Jacob Imdieke 25 ditë më parë
Decent i thought they were massive i shot my first deer yesterday a big doe but still and deer bc there’s no big bucks where I hunt anymore
dirtroadkid123456789 26 ditë më parë
QDMA put a study out that culling deer has absolutely no positive effect on your bucks an actually decreased buck populations on a ranch in texas
Jordan 26 ditë më parë
Dale merch!!! Dale merch!!! Dale merch!!!
Outdoors Kid
Outdoors Kid 26 ditë më parë
For this pond you could grow your bass from the other pond into at least 10 pounds and put them in here so basically it would be a trophy pond
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews 27 ditë më parë
Put flathead catfish in it
Linda jenkinson
Linda jenkinson 27 ditë më parë
Pike,roach,perch or carp and barble that sort of stuff 👍
Angel Ybanez
Angel Ybanez 28 ditë më parë
Stock trout
Brandon Parnell
Brandon Parnell 28 ditë më parë
I’d definitely weed out some of the does and leave the bucks. Lol They have potential you just have to probably give them a few more years. As for the big bucks, Me personally I would hold off on them because they’re gonna do nothing but get bigger.
Tanya Toma
Tanya Toma 29 ditë më parë
get some trout for your pond they love small lakes
Cindy Lampkin
Cindy Lampkin 29 ditë më parë
Would love to see u put some gold or rainbow trout in the pond
Braxton Spees
Braxton Spees 29 ditë më parë
Where the beaver dam
Zero Squid
Zero Squid 29 ditë më parë
Take the small ones
Westen Perrin8
Westen Perrin8 29 ditë më parë
Take the 10 point
Joel Sgambelluri
Joel Sgambelluri 29 ditë më parë
Build a dock with pilings on the new pond. maybe 2. Future dock fishing tournaments.
Noah Sanchez
Noah Sanchez 29 ditë më parë
rainbow trout!!!
raymond culliton
raymond culliton 29 ditë më parë
keep looking for all the possible bucks that may be in the area , different ones will move in through out the rut .
Cammi Muaj më parë
Me: dont say it : dont say it : dont say it : : : : Flair: FLOWEN LIKE BILL OWEN
Jayden Foster
Jayden Foster Muaj më parë
I didn't see a single year old those all were at least two years old
Julian Warrior 19
Julian Warrior 19 Muaj më parë
Take out the eight point buck so there is a higher chance of the 10 point buck mating
curtis jones
curtis jones Muaj më parë
Try some carp they durable fish and give strong fights really cool fish
Jason Lang
Jason Lang Muaj më parë
I work in construction it’s covid don’t worry they are not fucking you over
Owen.s Muaj më parë
Put trout rainbows browns
The Daily Halligan
The Daily Halligan Muaj më parë
heck yeah, that thing is a chungus!!!! put that fker on the wall!!!! and stack the freezer!!!!
Oliver Parodi
Oliver Parodi Muaj më parë
Puuuuuttttttt tttrrrrroooouuuuuuttttttr iiiiiiiinnnn it looks trouty
Finn Ruyle
Finn Ruyle Muaj më parë
love the deer hunting stuff!
Jefferson Mcmahan
Jefferson Mcmahan Muaj më parë
Day 48 of telling flair to calab with Kendall gray
Shaffer Boles
Shaffer Boles Muaj më parë
i like the no shave november banjo
Coy Godwin
Coy Godwin Muaj më parë
The biggest and let the other ones grow
Garrett Mendes
Garrett Mendes Muaj më parë
Stock pike shad crappie and blue catfish i would do 20 pike 200 crappie 25 blue cats and 500 shad
Stealthzy Official
Stealthzy Official Muaj më parë
Add TROUT TO THE POND! Like so he can see!
NoSpoon 13 ditë më parë
I'm saying chain pickerels too.
Oliver Parodi
Oliver Parodi Muaj më parë
Trout r perfect for this pond because it’s like a mountain cabin and trout r the fish that live in the mountains
Leonard Cavaretta
Leonard Cavaretta Muaj më parë
I'm with Bonzo, I would shoot any one of those deer. Even the little one, they are the best eating and most likely not to survive the winter. If you shoot the adult doe, the young one is able to survive on its own. That's why hunting season starts when it does, to ensure that the fawns are old enough to be fine on their own.
Jadon Salinas
Jadon Salinas Muaj më parë
Doe piss works really well
Peter Urgowitsch
Peter Urgowitsch Muaj më parë
I like your cold-weather-jacket! Looks like DUX, but i can´t find it on the homepage?
Ethyn Nearhood
Ethyn Nearhood Muaj më parë
Stock crappie perch gills largies then buy fatheads and shiners and stock them in there we fish a pond like that had no fish now we have some giants in there but we have smallies instead of largies there’s crappie perch and pickerel in ours but we’re getting rid of the pickerel don’t be afraid to throw some kitties in your pond to only channels hope ya see this man!!
Charron Fish & Survival
Charron Fish & Survival Muaj më parë
Sometime in the future you should make a salt water pond just an idea
Cody Whitteker
Cody Whitteker Muaj më parë
you should build up your baitfish in there a little before you just throw some bass in flair
ADE SURYAMAN Muaj më parë
plis come to bali indonesia.. fhising with me😁😁😁😁
ADE SURYAMAN Muaj më parë
pandawizz z
pandawizz z Muaj më parë
tiger muskey pls do a big boy pond
Allison LeMaster
Allison LeMaster Muaj më parë
Shot all 4 of them
dan3nad Muaj më parë
should combine the two ponds to make ONE SUPER POND!!! make the damn higher, have like a 10+ acre pond/lake! you could still do it! that way you could stock it with a larger range of different fish, maybe even walleye, lots of crappie.... build up the new damn higher then old/bigger pond then tear down old damn have water flow in
logan the amazing
logan the amazing Muaj më parë
Glad to see y’all back together
Jeffery Morse
Jeffery Morse Muaj më parë
Stock walleye in your new pond..
Isaiah Pino
Isaiah Pino Muaj më parë
You should stock trout and walleye. Both should do fine and would be a good catch, grow, and eat year round!!
Blake Peters
Blake Peters Muaj më parë
I say you stock a ton of bait fish and let them strive and build up ecosystem and what not then spring/summer next year stock it up with bass
NoSpoon 13 ditë më parë
@Blake Peters Pickerels and go for igfa records.
Blake Peters
Blake Peters Muaj më parë
And musky or walleye
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Muaj më parë
You could take a decent one then let you nieces and nephews take a couple small ones or vice versa
Dick Underhill
Dick Underhill Muaj më parë
Honestly I think it's best to kill all of the smaller box and let the good ones grow I know it's tempting to pop a big buck but if you let it live it'll produce more babies and B good
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing Muaj më parë
Fish in a tournament
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing Muaj më parë
Teach Lucy to heal and sit really good
Kellen Kirkpatrick
Kellen Kirkpatrick Muaj më parë
Trout and Walleye
Paul Massey
Paul Massey Muaj më parë
23:50 So you're telling me fish do better in water...than air? Lol
Shawn Elgie
Shawn Elgie Muaj më parë
Shoot the most mature buck let the other live. Build your food plot and definitely keep some thick patches of woods for a bedding ground. You already have a water source so your all set there.
Shawn Elgie
Shawn Elgie Muaj më parë
I can see a good crappie catch and cook in the Future winter crappie are the best
Chris Ries
Chris Ries Muaj më parë
Totally stock crappie in this pond, and you could probably stock spots because the crappie wouldnt kill them off, and spots are way more aggressive and a different fight
GrimikGWeasly Muaj më parë
your should get some farm deer for your pen
Erick Huerta
Erick Huerta Muaj më parë
Stock it with trout!!
Eric Ercolani
Eric Ercolani Muaj më parë
You should stock pickerel in the pond
Ashton Montgomery
Ashton Montgomery Muaj më parë
Take the stunned bass out of the other pond and put them in the new one and take the bass out of the brute bakery and put them in the new pond
Ryan Boone
Ryan Boone Muaj më parë
You should put coy in the Pond
Zach Bump
Zach Bump Muaj më parë
Dude. Start at the bottom of the food chain. Start with some minnows maybe shiners. Get it plum full of legitimate bait fish. Not blue gills. Actual bait. Minnows, shiners, crawfish, bullfrogs. Then after you've established a population of baitfish, and you can keep them alive through winter. Then you start adding your blue gills and bass. That way you're not always playing catch up. If you develop a population of baitfish, they will consistently spawn, and outnumber your fish. Not vice versa.
Zach Bump
Zach Bump Muaj më parë
Aaaaaand generally winter kill isn't from fish freezing. It's generally because there is not enough oxygen in the water. Start off with bait fish. Make it a feeder pond. So you don't have to buy bait from beamer to feed your other pond. Just my 2 cents
Ryan Boone
Ryan Boone Muaj më parë
Like if flair should make a deer farm 👇🏿
ICE_flanks YT
ICE_flanks YT Muaj më parë
Who else thanks flair should by a can am defender
Trey Little
Trey Little Muaj më parë
If you want to attract more buck making a mineral sight does help. It also gives them the minerals they need to get a bigger and stronger rack. You can look up what they are in ALnets.
I A Muaj më parë
Can any like and sub to flair like the comment if you agree
Anna Bowman
Anna Bowman Muaj më parë
Or get gar for pond
Anna Bowman
Anna Bowman Muaj më parë
Get trout
Anna Bowman
Anna Bowman Muaj më parë
Or a river with trout
Alex Swart
Alex Swart Muaj më parë
Who would like it if flair put carp in the pond because carp like pockets
Andy Bowman
Andy Bowman Muaj më parë
Salty Buckets98
Salty Buckets98 Muaj më parë
Andrew Mckibbin
Andrew Mckibbin Muaj më parë
Do a Walleye and puke pond!!!!
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno Muaj më parë
Who else misses flair yelling at quacky😢
ThatCowboy Muaj më parë
Eddawg 79
Eddawg 79 Muaj më parë
Put a muskie in the pond
Alex Warren
Alex Warren Muaj më parë
I can’t wait for snow! I’m so pumped
Mitch Coleman
Mitch Coleman Muaj më parë
As far as stocking the new pond with fish I would just take two or three bass as a test to see how they do and if by spring they’re doing well then move more over.
Mitch Coleman
Mitch Coleman Muaj më parë
That training session reminds me of training my own dog. His name is Dug, he’s a golden retriever and he actually trained me. He will often pretend like he lost track of where the toy went and so he’ll sit and look at me as if he’s asking for my help and then when I get up and start looking for his toy, which is most often a tennis ball, I find out that he actually had it all along in his big mouth!!! LOL!! He’s got a mouth like a squirrel, meaning he can hide a tennis ball in his mouth without me seeing it unless he slips up and reveals it! ❤️😂❤️😂❤️
Czebiniak Luke
Czebiniak Luke Muaj më parë
Put smallmouth in the pond!!!
Derek StGermain
Derek StGermain Muaj më parë
We got snow too in Massachusetts on oct. 30th
Hayden Faulkner
Hayden Faulkner Muaj më parë
Buy a check cord for your dog. It will help her stay and then you can pull her back to you so she will learn to bring it back
taterchip29 Muaj më parë
Couple big rock piles
taterchip29 Muaj më parë
He just need to make the two ponds into one big one!
Wadolf Munn
Wadolf Munn Muaj më parë
Nice! Had to break out the "BEEFCAKE" chainsaw!
Owen Crumbaugh
Owen Crumbaugh Muaj më parë
Fill walleye or sum
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison Muaj më parë
I would try Perch. Great tasting fish!!
Clapmando Muaj më parë
I was on pipe duty once. I ended up with a son.
a1-Hawk Muaj më parë
U should get some motorbikes and ride them or like atvs
Angelo Briddick
Angelo Briddick Muaj më parë
What are the tan winter jackets you 3 are wearing?
Steven Bevan
Steven Bevan Muaj më parë
Stock bait fish first and bass in the spring
Aaron The PhoenixxRising
Aaron The PhoenixxRising Muaj më parë
Throw some koi fish in there lol
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