This keyboard is a $100 computer!!! - Raspberry Pi 400

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Raspberry Pi isn't exactly new but it has come a long way that is almost usable for everyday activities, especially if you need something for under $100.
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ShortCircuit 4 muaj më parë
Note: We found the power switch; it's F10!
Darune Albane
Darune Albane 14 ditë më parë
@Fred Forbush no .. but i bet it would sell like crazy .. and this amega like pi could have it if they thought ahead
Fred Forbush
Fred Forbush 14 ditë më parë
@Darune Albane Does R.PI. offer these shells?
Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks Muaj më parë
I was just about to comment that....
ForOdinAndAsgard 2 muaj më parë
Yes Fn + F10
Philip Prud'homme
Philip Prud'homme 2 muaj më parë
@Sky Kast Hi! I did an install of January 2021 Raspberry Pi OS (full fat variety) and Minecraft was there under the Games sub-menu. I haven't played it yet though. Hope that helps. Best Regards.
Akhil Krishna UK
Akhil Krishna UK Ditë më parë
anthony needs his own channel like gary sim's gary explained
Omid Navid
Omid Navid 2 ditë më parë
Alright so, to be honest, i don't really like to store my OS and my life work on an SD card and, i was wondering is there a way to use an SSD in a Raspberry pie ?
the kid of gaming
the kid of gaming 3 ditë më parë
do it on ltt
GingerbreadFam 4 ditë më parë
It’s 70 now
Benjamin Chung
Benjamin Chung 4 ditë më parë
can you do a video connecting a pi to a 7600 sim hat?
Lars 4 ditë më parë
Would be cool to make the PI400 into a keyboard/switch triggering commands when using a normal pc. Setting up pranks or useful functions. Maybe even make it an instrument/soundboard!
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann 5 ditë më parë
I'm glad I didn't buy a raspberry pi 4 before watching this! Looks mighty slow for video and streaming. I ended up digging up an old pentium dual core laptop from 2013 (B970 cpu), putting a sata ssd in it and installing Linux mint 20.1 on it. It runs great, I can stream from my media server and watch ALnets etc really well. I tried Windows 10 on it but it ran way too slow.
The Gamingwithc
The Gamingwithc 5 ditë më parë
Raspberry themed sd card is called rasde card
edstar83 5 ditë më parë
"No one gets a knife" MIchael Myers left the chat Jason Voorhees left the chat
Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo 6 ditë më parë
Imagine smashing your keyboard because you lose a game
nonfb 7 ditë më parë
Unrelated, but why does it say 3 months ago when it was uploaded on December? It's April
OutsideTheBox Studio
OutsideTheBox Studio 7 ditë më parë
nice you have 2 keyboards what's the other one for? that's my PC....
Akoshus75 7 ditë më parë
For ms office use with windows for arm on this I could legit use this as a “dorm machine” because there is a garbage monitor lying around in the dorm somewhere I could use haha. Hmm this gave me ideas bruh
Nooruddin Khalifa
Nooruddin Khalifa 8 ditë më parë
I own this
MartinHobbit 8 ditë më parë
I don't know exactly why but Anthony inspires me great trust. This dude is great and I really like his videos.
Hamidan Maksum
Hamidan Maksum 8 ditë më parë
Damn 100$, even my laptop(x201) cost me 68$
Jeremy Barlow
Jeremy Barlow 9 ditë më parë
I feel like it would be fine for a blogger who is going on the road as a digital nomad. I mean it's lighter than a laptop and if you were blogging on Hugo for example it would be great to write markdown in your favorite text editor or IDE and upload new pages to gitlab or github with git to allow Netlify to deploy your new pages to the site.
Kan Kantona
Kan Kantona 9 ditë më parë
Anthony looks like he is a freak never going out social in his own room...but damn his presentation is great!
Brain Stormer
Brain Stormer 10 ditë më parë
Me who got my pc , keyboard and mouse for 100$: I did better than them 🤣
Sebastian Neill
Sebastian Neill 11 ditë më parë
Connect Raspberry Pi's With Minecraft using Minecraft Link (A Forge Mod) THATS SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ned Murry
Ned Murry 11 ditë më parë
Hey, my laptop with an i7 and UHD 600 graphics and 8GB ram struggles to full screen ALnets.
toasted_mello gaming
toasted_mello gaming 11 ditë më parë
Hmmm just spent that on switches and keycaps, so that is actually very impressive
Meh 2.0
Meh 2.0 12 ditë më parë
𝗂𝗆 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗌𝖺𝗋𝖼𝖺𝗌𝗆 𝗐𝗁𝖾𝗇 𝗁𝖾 𝗉𝗎𝗅𝗅𝗌 𝗈𝗎𝗍 𝗍𝗁𝖾 "𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗋𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗀𝗎𝗂𝖽𝖾" 𝖬𝗈𝗋𝖾 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝖺 𝗍𝖾𝗑𝗍𝖻𝗈𝗈𝗄 "𝖧𝗈𝗐 𝖽𝗈𝖾𝗌 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗌*** 𝗐𝗈𝗋𝗄!?"
Patricia Costa
Patricia Costa 12 ditë më parë
can I use it as a second keyboard on my laptop?
Luc Chase
Luc Chase 12 ditë më parë
Can it also be used as just a keyboard?
Zachary Bulacan
Zachary Bulacan 13 ditë më parë
My first computer was a Vic 20
google nazi
google nazi 13 ditë më parë
tony = irl cartman
paul1furby 13 ditë më parë
Can you use it to learn coding.
ND XD Gaming
ND XD Gaming 13 ditë më parë
I have this fat person
Patriot 14 ditë më parë
Dearest Anthony... Please brush your teeth.
NO PE 14 ditë më parë
Is laptop a keyboard whit a build in pc and monitor
Ken Shibata
Ken Shibata 15 ditë më parë
8:50 I guess it discourages students from watching ALnets during class.
Ken Shibata
Ken Shibata 15 ditë më parë
7:10 ish technically you can press v and go to Vancouver. I think it uses GTK, which is the same as Pop!_OS (I'm not sure, but Pop!_OS uses GNOME, which uses GTK, so...)
TheMNBlackBear 15 ditë më parë
Can I connect this thing to my TV as a monitor or do I have to buy a computer monitor? I want this kit, but I don't want to buy another screen. All I ever do with a computer is run Puppy Linux, write, store pictures and video and Internet. This little Raspberry PI would be a dream come true!
Joaquín Acosta
Joaquín Acosta 15 ditë më parë
I want to see Anthony play with RaspberryPi!
Retina Burner
Retina Burner 15 ditë më parë
Definitely go deeper. Looks like it'll be fun to play with. :)
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 18 ditë më parë
All in one... in one, keyboard.
Adriana Kuzmikova
Adriana Kuzmikova 19 ditë më parë
3:26 am I the only one who expected to see a ball on the bottom of that mouse? :)
Vadim KOT*
Vadim KOT* 19 ditë më parë
Antony is good host, but he need to care more about his health condition. From my point of view, I like to see more videos with him in future, and don't want to it over suddenly in some day...
Vadim KOT*
Vadim KOT* 19 ditë më parë
RPi can give user only basic 1080p experience, I tried to use it in 2K or 4K, and experience was laggy, desktop environment were slowly, found that hardware acceleration of ALnets videos isn't working with 2K and 4K... Raspberry have big room for improvement of the GPU performance.
orcun 21 ditë më parë
it is great device for old console emulations.
Atilla Yurdakul
Atilla Yurdakul 23 ditë më parë
We all want to see more anthony
Mo A
Mo A 23 ditë më parë
Built a self driving car with a pi 😎 Python, Camera Detection and Ultrasonic sensors. It’s not powerful enough for desktop environments. It’s great for building things.
Graph Lin
Graph Lin 24 ditë më parë
I love how the preview of this video is about shoe commercial
Gregory Sember
Gregory Sember 26 ditë më parë
Yay Anthony! I'd love to see Anthony set up a raspi cloud storage server.
Richard Eaton
Richard Eaton 26 ditë më parë
Started following you today Looking forward to the content
Нестор Махно
Нестор Махно 28 ditë më parë
ltt would be REALLY nice. also id like ro see more open source things in main channell
Jefferson Kirkland
Jefferson Kirkland 28 ditë më parë
They actually sell a power switch that sits between the pi400 and the power cable. I bought it with mine and it works great!
CS oF Muaj më parë
Anthony, make sure to reallocate ram to the gpu and system. Default settings were atrocious in the Rpi-2 days, and I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't changed it yet. Should help a lot.
Side Swipe
Side Swipe Muaj më parë
11:08 “They don’t provide... A GINORMOUS BOOK on how to use it? Lol! I’m just playing, no disrespect!
Side Swipe
Side Swipe Muaj më parë
Hey dude! I’m a Michigander, so we’re like Northie Cousins, eh! Have you watched ETA Prime’s review of the Pi400? He shows you the 2-key combo for power on/off, and his heat tests make him confident in over clocking to 2.2Ghz all day long. I’m pretty sure you have the screw-less, clip system holding it together by now :) I plan to order one tomorrow. Going with the $100 kit, largely for the reassurance of having all “official RPi components/cables/peripherals (like buying a car w/ a warranty- ALWAYS get service done from the dealership, nowhere else. If you have proof all maintenance was done in house/certified it prevents finger-pointing that comes with stopping at “Jeb’s Lube” once or your buddy/their shop a couple times- all the paperwork leads back to the *source*. And to deviate means they WILL ALL point fingers at the other shops giving you nightmarish runaround before anyone will fix it, if they even choose to). You Rock! The whole team does! You guys and ETA Prime are my default streams to learn about new stuff! -Cheerios!
Darrin Bradley
Darrin Bradley Muaj më parë
The crooked lycra modestly claim because spider socioeconomically separate between a null ethiopia. tenuous, oval ethernet
Peter Koi
Peter Koi Muaj më parë
Yes would be nice to see more videos about it in an LTT video!
1 2
1 2 Muaj më parë
if a "kid" starts "tinkering" with that IO, it will be dead in a day. it's not a playskool product.
1 2
1 2 Muaj më parë
unwrapping videos are so lame. when does this stupid trend die?
1 2
1 2 Muaj më parë
Only question that matters: Will it run a bitcoin full node and lightning node at the same time?
chris m
chris m Muaj më parë
do a series please please please please!!! i beg you. on the best most functional or speedy OS for pi4. please please. The world is watching and i trust no one else but a fellow Canadian. Many people cant afford an expensive computer. I leave it in your hands.
smile Muaj më parë
PáriStath友達 Muaj më parë
Anthony: *Breathes* Me: HAVE MY BABIES
Songheung Muaj më parë
I want a absolute beginner programming course with Anthony and the pi
Peregrine Santos
Peregrine Santos Muaj më parë
Yeah we want to see do a project on this.
wisenber Muaj më parë
An actual book? A legitimate actual book?
Gretel Grosse
Gretel Grosse Muaj më parë
Can this thing play av1 video in 4k?
JJ Jamison
JJ Jamison Muaj më parë
I would literally watch Anthony do anythinf
Tim Jr
Tim Jr Muaj më parë
Was it the knife or Anthony's keys that were blurred out?
sazanlip Muaj më parë
Anthony: this mouse port was designed for left-handed people, I guess Me (using 3rd party MS1850 mouse after my, like, ex-PC) That'll do for as long as it has enough room for dongle.
Prosperow Muaj më parë
I would like to see more
slipperys0ap Muaj më parë
wouldn't be surprised if apple made a mac with no ports and made a bluetooth dongle
Andrius Surblys
Andrius Surblys Muaj më parë
Can't believe Windows word came out from you
EgaoKage Muaj më parë
Totally want more pi content. ShortCircuit & LTT are my favorite sources for tech advice. It would be great if you guys were able to elaborate a bit on the pi 4b! I've read it can emulate PS2. So, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B [8gb] + Monitor + Emulators & ROMs + 2 Sinden Lightguns = The best way to play gun-games? Come know you want to! ;D
danz Muaj më parë
It does have a power switch, you muppet.
Emo Muzz
Emo Muzz Muaj më parë
Like, wow!
Jay Ritter
Jay Ritter Muaj më parë
Browny the gamer
Browny the gamer Muaj më parë
*paw up*i want le mouse
jothain Muaj më parë
Yes, I absolutely want to see.....eeeh Some stuff with that kit. I'm really tempted to get one for dedicated "Amiga" station.
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen Muaj më parë
More Anthony please!!!
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen Muaj më parë
I wish it wasn't red/pink
Richi Muaj më parë
Wasted a minute of my life for this horrible content
Scutu Muaj më parë
Why the top camera is upside down?
Alpaka Muaj më parë
I searched youtube for "Linus Tech Tips Anthony" lol, I'm not disappointed.
Chicken Man
Chicken Man Muaj më parë
The amiga was a commodore
Matt Corby
Matt Corby Muaj më parë
This is like going half-way to a laptop form. I would love to see it go all the way. Would be so nice to have a laptop that's cheap enough that I could throw it around ($200?) and let it get dirty, etc. And to have the GPIO! It would be so convenient to not need to set up a raspberry pi every time I need GPIO - pi, power brick, hdmi (going to the back of a monitor), clearing out space for a keyboard and mouse, finding all those parts... would be a great time saver. Now imagine this with an empty slot for RPi hats! to be contained in the (chunky) laptop!
Manu TheDeath
Manu TheDeath Muaj më parë
I like so much this guy, i want it as a friend
আমার বাংলা
আমার বাংলা Muaj më parë
O ic i think IPhone mini is the most small and power full computer
Grant Hogarth
Grant Hogarth Muaj më parë
Would be a nice "shop" computer… so you could stream YT explainer videos or spotify without worrying about sawdust etc.
101markharris Muaj më parë
Raspberry Pi most frustrating rubbish ever , if you have a lifetime to waste to get working and then be disapointed buy it .
An Orange
An Orange Muaj më parë
So my only pi is a 3B+ Do these new pi finally have _real_ gigabit Ethernet? The one on my 3B+ is apparently just a usb2.0 with fake guarantees.. *I'd love another pi! But only if it has nice ports this time!*
An Orange
An Orange Muaj më parë
It's only capable of 10 mBYTEs a second because of how the 3B+ is physically designed. It's why I want to know if these new PIs have 'actual' gigabit ethernet(128 mBYTEs) I love this pi, but it's too slow for shared-folders so I use it for other things instead. I'd finally be able to use one as a NAS if the next generation had an actual gigabit connection :)
IncomodInc Muaj më parë
The 3B+ has a Gigabit network controller!
Nick Alpha
Nick Alpha Muaj më parë
Can students use it for their video conferencing?
Modm8 Muaj më parë
Yes there is even Zoom for the pi
i am flartebartfarst
i am flartebartfarst Muaj më parë
Do more videos with the pi! Let's see what it can do!
dude, that thing has more cores than my desktop pc
David Frantz
David Frantz Muaj më parë
Yes, more RPI content with Anthony, please!
Kelkschiz Muaj më parë
I'll take a secondhand laptop with an i5 for that amount of money. But my kid self would also have gone wild about this.
GingerG g
GingerG g Muaj më parë
Sudo shutdown -h now. No pi has a powerbotton something to consider to get Rpi
Carl Maddocks
Carl Maddocks Muaj më parë
I've had my Pi400 for a few days now, and all I can say, it's a worthwhile device to own, with the right expectations. It's my main machine for running Ultimaker Cura and it runs it well enough. As a hobbyist, for me the Pi400 is an excellent device to work with. Compact and low power. It overclocks well too. 2.3GHz on the CPU 850MHz GPU. I'll probably dial back the overclock for longevity, although I'm not seeing temps go higher than 55C, with 'normal use'. I have a dual monitor setup with my Pi400. It works well, with a few quirks! Tho one of my monitors has only VGA out! But, it works, once I spent the time to get the settings right, 'taskbar' placement etc. I run TwisterOS and also boot from USB. Cool fact of USB booting, the SD card slot can be used for extra storage, so a C: and D: drive, if you want. I doubt I'll ever touch the GPIO and I don't miss the camera or display connectors, I've got more Pi4s deployed that need to use those connectors. Finally, job on on the video. Get some projects going for the Pi400, for the main channel. Always cool to see LMG tackling the Pi.
fontik Muaj më parë
It's horribly expensive for Pi board with cheapest keyboard and mouse, also VWestlife showed modern keyboard Pc he got at Goodwill, are made but only for corporate OEM orders, even on eBay they're not cheap, scarce access for ordinary people.
Leon Muaj më parë
Can I run Zoom and install webcam on it?
Benjamin Lafour
Benjamin Lafour Muaj më parë
Isn't the power cord (and its accessibility) in effect ur power switch
Chas White
Chas White Muaj më parë
C64 Full circuit
Rob Muaj më parë
I'm a simple man. I see Anthony, I press the like button.
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