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How Ridiculous

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This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done!
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous 8 ditë më parë
200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯
BuBba KuShInGToN
BuBba KuShInGToN 5 orë më parë
2500 dollars USD without shipping
Mike Day Concrete
Mike Day Concrete 22 orë më parë
Awesome, that would be cool to see!
Zak Peach
Zak Peach Ditë më parë
I reckon the cube cost $639.39
Richie Ellis
Richie Ellis Ditë më parë
Great watching you guys do you do 44 club and rexy face masks they would fly out i reckon.
pizzatime 909
pizzatime 909 Ditë më parë
1 million dollars or half of a million I’m guessing
Inverse 5 minuta më parë
Kappa 57 minuta më parë
ICantBelieve ItsButters
ICantBelieve ItsButters Orë më parë
tungsten vs 500 body armor
John Paul Walker
John Paul Walker Orë më parë
you should totally name the cube Richard!!!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Orë më parë
I'm going to find Rexy a lady. Maybe, the natural history museum might have someone.
WOWOWEL z Orë më parë
Thungsten thor hammer make it happen😉
Scooting Turtle
Scooting Turtle 2 orë më parë
It cost $1,999,999,9999,999,999
Scooting Turtle
Scooting Turtle 3 minuta më parë
Ailsa Ni What
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Orë më parë
Stanford’s daughter is so damn cute.
jean bon
jean bon 4 orë më parë
well, that’s dumb
TheCoomer 5 orë më parë
🤔 Could the area be tidied up? Remove the grass in the sand etc
Lacie Shields
Lacie Shields 5 orë më parë
Brian Rollenhagen
Brian Rollenhagen 5 orë më parë
2500 USD for the cube
Squeaky shell999
Squeaky shell999 6 orë më parë
what about naming the cube Squeaky
Samuel Domazetovski
Samuel Domazetovski 7 orë më parë
The cube must've cost $2,999
David Graim
David Graim 7 orë më parë
The W is refereeing to the periodic table for tungsten. My guess for that huge heavy cube would be roughly $2500. Viscous video!!!!!
Liam Barnes
Liam Barnes 8 orë më parë
£2,813 GBP. $5,070.66 Australian dollars
KaMpfAlpaKa MiD
KaMpfAlpaKa MiD 9 orë më parë
1.5 k
sirohrtman 9 orë më parë
$2500 usd
colonel bacon
colonel bacon 10 orë më parë
3500 kangaroo Dollars
uno efx
uno efx 12 orë më parë
Demolition Ranch got the same tungsten cube and threw every bullet they had at it.... cool video too....
will 12 orë më parë
its the fucking allspark
I am Sam
I am Sam 12 orë më parë
No I don't care about the aquarium the ikea!!!!!!!!
Unbearable Makes
Unbearable Makes 12 orë më parë
Stanford’s daughter is so damn cute.
Ty Levesque
Ty Levesque 12 orë më parë
3,384 Australian dollars for that cube eh? (For the comtest)
Nick Massey
Nick Massey 12 orë më parë
hhhmmmm like JUST like the one on Demo ranch
TheWalkingRed 13 orë më parë
That cube probably cost around $1900 USD or $3072 AUD
Will Pitts
Will Pitts 13 orë më parë
If you all make so much from this, invest in a renovation that adds an elevator to the tower. Also maybe a height increase too.
Todd Fiebranz
Todd Fiebranz 14 orë më parë
Im guessing that cube cost close to $4700 USD
Levi K
Levi K 14 orë më parë
900 usd?
Clapzzz YT
Clapzzz YT 14 orë më parë
20.00 dollars
Gigi Clark
Gigi Clark 14 orë më parë
“He needs a lady”
Gigi Clark
Gigi Clark 14 orë më parë
This vid is an instant classic for me. GAUNSON LOL I’m telling you. I have a degree !!!
Owen Hampson
Owen Hampson 14 orë më parë
The pressure had nowhere to go so it went up
Luka Cecilio
Luka Cecilio 14 orë më parë
9:16 Gaunson: He needs a lady. Brontee: *Sadness Noises*
Adam Montoya
Adam Montoya 14 orë më parë
Tiger woods??
Jim Was Here
Jim Was Here 15 orë më parë
$2,499 AUD
Guille Druetta Serrano
Guille Druetta Serrano 15 orë më parë
Skipping talks... I came here just to see things being crushed 😂
SirFederation 15 orë më parë
I think the cube is 1$
grace 15 orë më parë
when u listed off what u we’re going to smash and said “an aquarium” i wasn’t looking at the video and thought u we’re going to smash some animals 👁👄👁
Oliver Nichols
Oliver Nichols 15 orë më parë
Why 5 different angles from the slow-mo plates it is sooo Annoying
lilturks 999
lilturks 999 16 orë më parë
I'm saying that bad boy cost around $3,000 canadian so about $3,200 Ausi $$. That's with shipping. If you paid shipping. If not around $2,700
O J 16 orë më parë
They should use a ballistic dummy
Christopher DuRell
Christopher DuRell 16 orë më parë
Could you guys do the cube through ballistic jelly
THAT VOLVO GUY 17 orë më parë
Imagine using this as the death penalty 😳
Michael Uselman
Michael Uselman 17 orë më parë
The cube costed $2,499.00
Michael Uselman
Michael Uselman 17 orë më parë
I bet the cube costed about $144.44
Gabe Olson
Gabe Olson 17 orë më parë
Josh Haviland
Josh Haviland 17 orë më parë
Osmium? Iridium?
Jonathan Nasralla
Jonathan Nasralla 17 orë më parë
They haven’t pinned a comment yet lol
RandiPoitras 17 orë më parë
243 dollaridoos
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 17 orë më parë
Well that's not in one piece anymore
Mauricio Castaneda
Mauricio Castaneda 18 orë më parë
Him: well that's definitely not in one piece anymore Me: HE SAID IT HE SAID IT CLIP THAT
Christopher Marino
Christopher Marino 18 orë më parë
250 dollars
NOOB PLAYZ GAMZ Noh lasta nam
NOOB PLAYZ GAMZ Noh lasta nam 18 orë më parë
Anyone else see these guys put the message on demo ranch saying that there Going to be doing this
innoBy 18 orë më parë
Osmium cube. But thats toxic and volatile. But iridium is denser than tungsten and pretty expensive
Clynton Belt
Clynton Belt 18 orë më parë
Drop the cube in ya truck bed from the tower
some guy in jeans
some guy in jeans 19 orë më parë
I saw your comment on demo ranch and knew what was to come
Hareecio Nelson
Hareecio Nelson 19 orë më parë
this is G.I Joe rise of Cobra in real life.
Kyle waibl
Kyle waibl 20 orë më parë
Drop something heavy as hell on a catapult :)
Crusader1815 20 orë më parë
Found this comment on Amazon from one "Caren L. Mercier." Caren says: "I watched an autistic think tank of man children drop this on stuff. 10 out of 10 (10 being the amount of autists living in that house)"
Einar DeVore
Einar DeVore 20 orë më parë
2499 U.S dollars
Corbyn Howard
Corbyn Howard 21 orë më parë
I think its around 5k
Luka Cecilio
Luka Cecilio 21 orë më parë
2:32 Me: Yes they have, remember the will it clog video.
ab ab
ab ab 21 orë më parë
wayyyy too gayyyy.
monkeyboyol10 pon
monkeyboyol10 pon 21 orë më parë
Alex Noll
Alex Noll 22 orë më parë
name the cube mini brucie
Sir Duckyman Swanson
Sir Duckyman Swanson 22 orë më parë
I'm going to find Rexy a lady. Maybe, the natural history museum might have someone.
amechie allen
amechie allen 23 orë më parë
Do a collab with the slow mo guys
Daphne Allen
Daphne Allen 23 orë më parë
Steven Potter
Steven Potter 23 orë më parë
12:56 CAUTION! GRAVITY! Now that should be a shirt
Big_bean_ 14
Big_bean_ 14 23 orë më parë
You should drop a cube on to another cube
Steven Potter
Steven Potter Ditë më parë
Well... that’s not in 1 piece anymore
S0ULT241N Ditë më parë
That was prity cool the water pressure cracked the sides of the tank. Wish you guys had a 4k ultra slow slow motion camera.
Rob Ditë më parë
The dude in the sunrise hat talks like he's drunk 24/7.
Tempest Ditë më parë
Noah Bingham
Noah Bingham Ditë më parë
Ryan Laporte
Ryan Laporte Ditë më parë
Do they own this tower ?
icebear volvo
icebear volvo Ditë më parë
Thinks that if the hulk smash hand in tungsten nothing can stop it I think
Trey Basel
Trey Basel Ditë më parë
100,563 dollars
WhoIsSpurr Ditë më parë
Stephen Prendiville
Stephen Prendiville Ditë më parë
Shai Nobleman
Shai Nobleman Ditë më parë
Now do Qube VS non-Newtonian fluid
Aaron Schaut
Aaron Schaut Ditë më parë
Make a Tungsten Mjölnir plsss
Allison Stilley
Allison Stilley Ditë më parë
I reckon it cost $ 3400 u.s
mr 88
mr 88 Ditë më parë
You would think with 6 million subs and the views these boys get that,,, heron could get his black tooth fixed, bugs me everytime I watch these videos 👀👀
Isaiah Hansen
Isaiah Hansen Ditë më parë
It cost $978
Sudo Nym
Sudo Nym Ditë më parë
Can y’all shout a bit louder?👊🏻
Dark Reaper
Dark Reaper Ditë më parë
Should do a colab with the 'Slow Mo Guys'
Duck Duck
Duck Duck Ditë më parë
you should get something that can track how fast something falls just a suggestion i think would be cool
Gamesdeep Ditë më parë
You guys should work with slow Mo guys in a video
aviz kurnia
aviz kurnia Ditë më parë
HAVOC Ditë më parë
Matt shot his!
S Payne
S Payne Ditë më parë
Crackarge that’s not a word
JESÚS C. Ditë më parë
Gabriel Gregório
Gabriel Gregório Ditë më parë
The cube was 1600$
Cassie Ditë më parë
That spinning table leg under the tank! 😳😳
William Cambra
William Cambra Ditë më parë
I think it costs $2,499
CrazyCassie Ditë më parë
Did the green going up have anything to do with the liquid paint being more dense then just colour water?
Cassie Ditë më parë
for some reason, I get the feeling this cube should be named Walter
lockingfine Ditë më parë
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen Ditë më parë
ARCHOCK ENCANTO 16 orë më parë
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