What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

E Moto
E Moto 6 minuta më parë
Realtor Greed is real.
Tenxor Engine
Tenxor Engine Orë më parë
Leaving California to make other states California is the most Californian thing ever
William Stryker
William Stryker 2 orë më parë
Dear Californians, whatever state you move to, drop the politics and don’t vote in the policies you ran away from. We like our guns, we like freedom of speech and we don’t like higher taxes and or socialism. So whatever state you move to. Remember. Don’t turn into a state you ran away from
Janice Frantz
Janice Frantz 2 orë më parë
It's all going exactly to plan.
Smiling Comanche
Smiling Comanche 3 orë më parë
Collapse and the color blue synonymous
Lukas W
Lukas W 4 orë më parë
psycho ass state filled with fake people.
Nuff Said
Nuff Said 5 orë më parë
It's hilarious. they start off telling us that taxes are driving businesses out by the droves. And then asks why they are leaving? That's pretty stupid.
CapAnson12345 5 orë më parë
19 minutes just to say "taxes".
steve strecker
steve strecker 6 orë më parë
Problem is these and people leaving are now destroying states like TX
cs 7 orë më parë
$1000 gets you a bedroom rental in a home with other renters , and if ur lucky a teeny tiny backhouse for one
Dean Houghton
Dean Houghton 7 orë më parë
Why have world class beautiful beaches, stunning mountain scenery and great weather when you can sit in your cookie cutter house in Houston staring at your computer and counting your money. Please leave California!
Gabriel Quiroz
Gabriel Quiroz 3 orë më parë
Couldn't have said it any better.
Bay Han
Bay Han 7 orë më parë
The problems in California are easy to solve if there is a will. Cut taxes, cut busines restrticting regulations - more small and medium size businesses will emerge and more jobs they will create. More businesses and more comptetion - lower prices. Only big companies and monopolies can do well or OK with high taxes, but as monopolies they will keep prices high. This is called market economy and it's strange that Californians don't understand this any more.
Stephen King
Stephen King 7 orë më parë
The Socialist majority will never cut taxes. They have a continually growing welfare class to bribe, I mean support to stay in power.
Victor Salcido
Victor Salcido 7 orë më parë
If Californians want to relocate to Texas, fair warning, ERCOT can't handle a little winter storm without the whole state going dark and lacking clean tap water.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
California has some issues with our power grid, but they are being addressed. Our Real big problem is one that most people who are leaving don't want to admit they are scared of- wildfires. Hell, I'm not planning to head to Texas (I was born in Dallas, and have relatives there still), and I'm not afraid to admit that the wildfires scare the hell out of me.
Victor Salcido
Victor Salcido 7 orë më parë
All these tech companies should relocate to El Paso, Texas.
Michael Tarailo
Michael Tarailo 9 orë më parë
Housing prices
Michael Tarailo
Michael Tarailo 9 orë më parë
Gavin Newsome
Michael Tarailo
Michael Tarailo 9 orë më parë
Politics and taxes
WizenedVariations1 9 orë më parë
For a lot of Californians, the place stinks.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
And yet, for most, we love the state, and instead of running away, we're sticking around to try and solve the problems.
Michael Tarailo
Michael Tarailo 9 orë më parë
14 days to flatten the curve is a start...
BDB America
BDB America 10 orë më parë
People from Cali need to stay in cali and fix the mess they’ve made and not be allowed to spread their liberal cancer to other states.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
Most of the people leaving California are ones who want to make the state as politically vile as Texas- Conservatives. I hope you enjoy the hell out of them; it's no real loss to California to lose those people.
Gabriel Quiroz
Gabriel Quiroz 3 orë më parë
Yes California the only state that is liberal in the whole country lmao
Dick Grantberg
Dick Grantberg 10 orë më parë
Liberals need to swallow their pride and admit the truth. Liberalism doesn’t work. Example...California. Progressive ideas obviously don’t work. Example...California. Liberalism destroys the middle class. Example....California People want to get away from the failures of liberalism. Example ...California My argument is irrefutable.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
Your argument is a ball of fluff. You can't even Make one; all you do is mouth a bunch of rightist talking points, and the say "California" as if that's a real answer.
tpk6541 10 orë më parë
1 word: Democrats
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
So, a party that wants to combat the climate crisis that, in the last 50 years has resulted in the world's average high temperature going up by over 12 degrees... is Bad? A party that believes that Every Citizen should have easy access to voting is... bad? A party that believes that every American having access to affordable (or free) healthcare is... bad? Actually, I'd say that anyone who is Against all that stuff is the bad party. We do, in fact, have a party in this country that consistently votes to restrict action in all of those areas; that is the same party that believes it's okay for demagogues to lie about election fraud, and that it's perfectly okay to support a man who staged an insurrection. Oddly enough, the party in question is the Republican Party. And in California, members of that party Never want to try and come up with solutions for Anything; instead, they do what Republicans do- try to ruin the state, like others of their party try to ruin the nation.
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins 10 orë më parë
Frank Paul
Frank Paul 11 orë më parë
Democrats, liberals, protecting illegal immigrants, nazi newsome, nancy pelosi's face
Jessica Barss'e
Jessica Barss'e 12 orë më parë
I live in SF and let me tell you...it seems like most of the people on the streets of SF are the homeless. But that's also because every other county in CA has been told to give the homeless bus tickets to ONLY SF!!
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
To be fair, a huge percentage of the homeless people in California seem to have gotten bus tickets (one way) from other states. You know, the states that don't want to admit that They have homeless people, too.
Phillip Abramoff
Phillip Abramoff 12 orë më parë
I grew up in Wisconsin. When I moved to California over 20 years ago, I was shocked by (1) how expensive everything is, (2) how crowded it is everywhere, (3) how small homes and yards are, (4) how polluted the air is...it took me about a year to stop feeling light-headed with the poor air quality, (5) how boring the weather is, (6) how arrogant people are about that fact that this is "California", (7) how bad the drivers are, (8) how isolated people are, such as everyone having fences around their yards, (9) how poor shopping is, so hard to find even ordinary things, (10) how often businesses, especially restaurants, just go out of business so easily. California's motto should be "PAY MORE GET LESS". Fortunately, I have a great job here, which is what keeps me here, now. However, my retirement is likely elsewhere.
Gabriel Quiroz
Gabriel Quiroz 2 orë më parë
"Fortunately I have a great job". Exactly, what job would you have in Wisconsin? Squeezing out milk for more cheese? You clearly state all the issues you have with California but have no problem living here because you know you wouldn't make this much money in Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma etc. You can choose from pharmaceuticals, tech, farming, entertainment all in one state there's literally jobs here for everyone here.
Jack Martin
Jack Martin 12 orë më parë
A democratic government will ensure social programs and higher taxes to cover the costs. Mexican and Chinese immigration just exacerbates the problem.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
Higher taxes are what the nation as a whole needs; after all, how long can the USA continue to operate on credit before it has a real problem?
Gabriel Quiroz
Gabriel Quiroz 2 orë më parë
So in a state like Texas where its predominantly Republican, why are they still facing issues with immigration and can't even provide their own people with adequate housing and electricity? Grass isn't always greener on the other side is it now?
Jason F
Jason F 12 orë më parë
Are they seriously asking this question? California and New York, the two worst states in our nation.
Velmanoelle💞 12 orë më parë
2 Thessalonians 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.
The Viking
The Viking 13 orë më parë
What is causing the exodus is the Democrats and all this socialist communist. California is just the beginning Democrats want everything free for the community but they do not contribute to the community. 😏
mwl5 13 orë më parë
People have been sleeping on New Hampshire: no income tax, no sales tax, low crime, low poverty, low unemployment, no natural disasters, great environment close to everything....
t henderson
t henderson 13 orë më parë
You have the 4th highest property tax rates You'll tax my house, my car, my truck, my boat, my RV, my motorcycle, my 4 wheeler, my golf cart, and everything else I own until I bleed through my eyes.
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez 13 orë më parë
California is a welfare state. The state is polluted. corrupt politicians, crime, homelessness,corrupt law enforcement, poor quality roads, trash everywhere in large cities, high fuel prices and illegal aliens everywhere. Where does your tax dollars go too?
scbtripwire 14 orë më parë
No big loss to California if the big tech companies leave, they don't pay their taxes anyway.
Gail Carey
Gail Carey 14 orë më parë
California Governors brag about their surplus and standing in the world’s economy while intentionally letting it degrade. There is no other choice, but to leave. It will take 2 generations to return it to the Golden State I was raised in.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
So, instead of staying, and trying to help fix the problems, you can only think of running away, and letting Others stay and try to fix the problems.
Jeffy Holla
Jeffy Holla 14 orë më parë
Being taxed up the ass is why I’m out!
LGB Squad
LGB Squad 15 orë më parë
The halting cream simultaneously provide because surprise metabolically spray onto a imported butcher. noiseless, hanging cord
Jim Echols
Jim Echols 15 orë më parë
Terry Jenkins
Terry Jenkins 16 orë më parë
Running from the problem is not the solution....will the problem follow into texas now?
Wise One
Wise One 11 orë më parë
The problem has already reached Texas. Austin, California. Our Texas government is attempting to reverse Austin's defund the police and get rid of all the homeless in Austin. Why does not the larger Texas cities have the homeless problem as Austin does; is it because of all the California's who moved there and the homeless follow?
lorelai laval
lorelai laval 16 orë më parë
Politicians have turned the state into a miserable place. was very happy to leave 20 years ago, I won't even visit.
Snarfsnarfff 16 orë më parë
Venice beach is the next skid row. Can you imagine owning property there now? Multimillion dollar homes with tent cities all around them. No one is going to want to buy
sandie 17 orë më parë
Nancy Pelosi! Stick around and she'll build you a tunnel.
Joey Steel
Joey Steel 17 orë më parë
12:00 I'd like to point out that Cali isn't "short on housing" as in it lacks available space, but that the space is either unaffordable or hoarded by Landlords. This video exemplifies why you can't have a private-social hybrid system and why applying "progressive" policies on a small scale don't work. It has to be all or nothing, else the people with all the power will win, such as the business executives.
Jennifer Lewisfe
Jennifer Lewisfe 17 orë më parë
The wealthy unshielded ideally wonder because gosling weekly heat notwithstanding a calculating australia. accurate, truthful freighter
David Parent
David Parent 18 orë më parë
How's that Texas electric system ex-Califorians. Texas is a joke and the recent electric and water infrastructure failure due to a winter storm. Moving to Texas will always comeback to bite you in the Ass! Texas is run by a bunch of idiots!
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
And, strangely enough, a lot of those idiots are always complaining about California, always blaming someone else for their own failures.
Bill Crowder
Bill Crowder 20 orë më parë
Thank your local democRat
Keith morgan
Keith morgan 20 orë më parë
CEQA making pollution, government making much higher tax and home prices . All making a lot of homeless right along with people that can move ,now want to move. So what is stopping them? That answer is nothing. The real fix is less tax on the people. Less regulations = less government . Both to build homes that will reduce housing cost and less homeless. Plus entice people to want to live here. So for Democrats increasingly more all the time government regulations , taxes, cost of homes and homelessness. All to make tax payers want out. So out they go.
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins 20 orë më parë
Hey California dudes - stop trying to turn Texas into California. Remember why you ran away from California.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
They ran away not so much because of taxes, or the high pay that comes with living in a rich state; they are running away because they are too cowardly to stay and try to fix the problems they helped create. Texas- you are welcome to the jerks who run away instead of trying to help. I wish you all the joy we've had from them (little to none, in most cases).
Wise One
Wise One 11 orë më parë
And also remember who the Texans did to Mexico. We can do it again.
J Garcia
J Garcia 21 orë më parë
Remember why you left California. Remember those regulations Remember the loss of freedom Remember the corrupt politicians Remember the cost of living Remember to not vote the same way in your new state.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 2 orë më parë
Yeah, remember to vote for corrupt conservatives, like Abbott, or Cancun Cruz. Remember to vote for people who hate safety regulations, and who love the idea of dirty air and water. Seems to me like living in a state that believes in holding politicians to account for their misdeeds (that's how we ended up with Schwarzenegger in office, after getting rid of a governor who cut a bunch of sweetheart deals with unregulated Texas energy companies), cleaning up the air, and helping prevent companies from blowing up small towns (such as in West, Texas), is actually a good thing.
rhrh2025 21 orë më parë
Duh..... Democrat stupidity is what's driving the mass exodus, and it doesn't take a genious to figure that out!
josequezada519 22 orë më parë
Honestly with all these stats of people leaving it seems to be a bad thing. But If i lived in California i would be excited for the state to get back to some normal. For one state to house the hub of two major industries (tech & entertainment production with hollywood) its doesn't seem to be a good recipe. I think this a good - don't be a shame of low numbers, it'll work out for the best.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow 22 orë më parë
Even some of the people that are making movies in Hollywood, are going .. some place else.
abcdefghijklmno29753 23 orë më parë
There's one unaddressed conundrum here: How can a state that is described to experience a business and population exodus for a decade still have a housing shortage of 3-4 million (!) units?
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 22 orë më parë
The simple fact is, while a lot of businesses and people are leaving the state, almost as many are moving To California. With certain exceptions, the majority of businesses that seem to be leaving, are looking to move to places where it's not so much the taxation they want to avoid, but the environmental and safety regulations they want to escape from. Texas is Very business friendly, to the point that their environmental and safety regulations are less of a hindrance, and more of a suggestion. In the meantime, California actually provides pretty good incentives for green businesses to relocate to the state. Admittedly, other states also provide similar incentives, but few of them are as attractive in terms of real commitment to fighting the effects of the climate crisis. End result, we still have a serious lack of housing. Well, there's also a huge problem with speculation; wealthy people and businesses love to buy up existing properties, raise the rents (without actually bothering to fix up the properties), and that tends to attract many more well off people; of course, that tends to drive away lower income people (frequently the former residents of those properties), who, if they can't find lower cost housing, well, they either become part of the working homeless population (not a group that gets a lot of press, because they typically live in RV's and whatnot, instead of makeshift tents), or they just leave the state, like so many others.
Terique Bernard
Terique Bernard 23 orë më parë
People here are talking about leaving California but I didn't know that Mitsubishi was manufactured in the US.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 22 orë më parë
Fact is, aside from Oracle, Part of HP (the majority of their facilities are still in California), Mitsubishi, and a few others, most of the named businesses are not well known. But yeah, Mitsubishi has manufacturing and assembly plants all over the world, just like most large US companies do.
Nathan tubera
Nathan tubera Ditë më parë
The pink act rationally spark because loaf syntactically beam onto a towering quicksand. five, hard-to-find judo
Stu Art
Stu Art 4 orë më parë
What the heck are you smoking?
Kristin Majkozak
Kristin Majkozak Ditë më parë
The gleaming imprisonment clearly alert because daisy microbiologically drag notwithstanding a subsequent shark. elite, annoyed deal
REBS76 Ditë më parë
Homelessness = crime
Harsh Truth
Harsh Truth Ditë më parë
Don’t need to watch this. The answer is easy......communist politicians aka democrats .....someone prove me wrong.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti 22 orë më parë
You'd rather have the Republican politicians (aka Fascists) who don't give a damn about regular people in Texas? You know, folks like Cancun Cruz...
JonMichael Q
JonMichael Q Ditë më parë
CNBC actually reporting news now?
Gracie Adams
Gracie Adams Ditë më parë
Incompetent “leaders”, high taxes, illegal aliens, the “homeless crisis”, basically LIBERAL POLICIES!!!
Truong Cong Hoan
Truong Cong Hoan Ditë më parë
The flat antelope complimentarily instruct because tachometer appropriately soak vice a scary plain. dark, purring comic
D Wilson
D Wilson Ditë më parë
I don’t own my own business and I had to pay 18,000 in one year. Why do business owners think they are except in paying their share of taxes. Owning a business wasn’t supposed to be about money. It was supposed to be about passion, making jobs and being your own boss. Now it’s just dictators and slaves.
Ricardo Carosone
Ricardo Carosone Ditë më parë
California just got two greedy for themselves high price homes and crummy neighborhoods going for $800,000 and up movie stars living in 10-20 million homes even they're moving out and abandoning them look at Los Angeles you can't even go downtown anymore just two blocks from City Hall it's a slum area with homeless people they claim they don't have the money for shelters for them anymore that famous Mexican village nearby was a wonderful souvenir and restaurant at one time now it's deserted look at San Francisco it's just the slum area it smells horrible would I hear from people shame on them that's why you see so many license plates from California all over a New Mexico Arizona Nevada they were looking to get out and I don't blame them the sooner the better 😫
Lethia Goonez
Lethia Goonez Ditë më parë
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Stephen King
Stephen King 7 orë më parë
PostcardTravelers Ditë më parë
OMG great reporting! XOXO
Eva Cabello
Eva Cabello Ditë më parë
California is beautiful
Eva Cabello
Eva Cabello Ditë më parë
The idea behind the tax is good just the fact that companies are so greedy make it bad it’s the big ones
A Maru
A Maru Ditë më parë
Bye. You will not be missed.
L M Ditë më parë
People are also leaving California because of crooked politicians like Maxine Waters and Gavin Newsom.
Wise One
Wise One 10 orë më parë
@Steven Ratti We have a very fine Governor in Texas and the Legislator is wonderful (Republican). My cousin is one of them. Cruz will be reelected as we love him too. Our new President of the USA will be the non-Florida governor as we love him in Texas too. Too bad our Texas governor can't be VP but having them on the same ticket makes no sense. Anyway we want to keep him in Texas. Perhaps Florida and Texas will yet save this nation.
L M Ditë më parë
@Steven Ratti Bro.. Mad Maxine Waters doesn't have an ounce of honesty in her. The woman is corrupt to the core and anyone who can't see that must be smoking that Cali crack pipe.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti Ditë më parë
And moving to Texas, where All of the politicians (such as the Governor, the AG, the Senators, and so on) are corrupt. Compared to Cancun Cruz, Maxine is totally honest.
Jeffry Riley
Jeffry Riley Ditë më parë
So maybe we should "Bulldoze" Beverly Hills, and create a new State Park.
Jeffry Riley
Jeffry Riley Ditë më parë
And Bulldoze Malibu, and give the beach back to the people.
michaeldublg Ditë më parë
The rise and fall of California. 1. The rise. Governed and lived in by normal people. 2. The fall. Governed and lived in by communist Democrats and the fascist liberals who follow them. ... .. The end.
Spin Mouth
Spin Mouth Ditë më parë
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Ditë më parë
California dreamin , on such a70s winter day .....
2BusySecretary Ditë më parë
Born, raised, and retired in the Bay Area... I have seen it all evolve and worked for tech startups in the 80s. The house I grew up in Cupertino is now worth $2 million. Went through the 89 earthquake. California is very dear to my heart and if people want to leave - let them leave. I love this state and consider it beautiful.
danieldjz Ditë më parë
Answer: socialism
Mer Atab
Mer Atab Ditë më parë
Instead of changing their policies within the state, Californians are moving out and infecting other states with their progressive view on life. Plus they drive prices up on the real estate
Emma 8 orë më parë
@Steven Ratti free healthcare is the reason California is such a $h!t hole. Nothing is free you idiot, they just raise our taxes. I live in LA. And who isn’t allowed to vote that’s over the age of 18 and is a US citizen?!
Emanuel Saravia25
Emanuel Saravia25 9 orë më parë
@Steven Ratti those progressive views are the reason why they had to move out. It’s not hard to understand. It sounds good on paper until you read the fine print.
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean 16 orë më parë
@Steven Ratti I know Californians think they have the greatest ideas for Americans but did you know the Communists are really having their way with libersals. Watch this to see what Communists say is the way to make Countries Communistic.. It is scary how similar it is to how liberals think today.... alnets.info/work/q8t9hrnGvX5_s2U/video.html
Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey 22 orë më parë
@Steven Ratti where are people not allowed to vote? Simple ID or voter registration is not the same as denying people the right to vote.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti Ditë më parë
Which, on the whole, considering that those progressive views are all about things like every American having access to health care, and equal access to voting, and that sort of thing, is good for the rest of America.
G DC Ditë më parë
I bet a lot of the people who move to Texas right now are wishing they didn't...with no drinking water, no electricity or major electricity bills. Texas and its free market not taking care of its people, only corporations.
Steven Boldt
Steven Boldt Ditë më parë
The cost of houses in Las Vegas is becoming unreasonably high mostly because of people from California having bidding wars.
Edson Flores
Edson Flores Ditë më parë
I'll shorten the video DEMOCRATS
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Ditë më parë
Is a word, the problem is: Violence -the legal violence of govt officials against peaceful people. 'Taxation and regulation' means 'theft and coercion, backed by violent aggression'. Good people want freedom from this institutionalised immorality, for themselves and others.
katiev9494 Ditë më parë
Parasites, the lot of em. They’ve destroyed Colorado
matt k.
matt k. Ditë më parë
California is gentrifying statewide. It's exporting its poor to Texas and to other states while wealthier people move in.
VancouverExoticx Ditë më parë
The judicious bangladesh methodically observe because feeling splenomegaly mourn atop a craven pear. cuddly, elfin chronometer
Hail Seitan
Hail Seitan Ditë më parë
They've been ruining Denver for a few years now. The cost of living has skyrocketed, housing is unaffordable (unless you think that 500k is a steal), traffic and pollution is the worst I've ever personally experienced, the high density is an eye sore, homelessness has increased. These people are generally out of touch neo liberals, who will never try to fit in. They just make everything into what they like and left behind, even if they claim to love the new place they moved to. In recent years, many parks and hiking spots that we're once free & open to everyone, have been made into places you have to reserve because people have come in & ruined them.
Lizbeth Cobos
Lizbeth Cobos Ditë më parë
Democrats obviously have destroyed this state, how can Biden/Harris (who are from cali.) KNOW HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY?!
Bobbieblwc Stoutxkeb
Bobbieblwc Stoutxkeb Ditë më parë
The bitter cotton ontogenically brake because clam wailly remember unlike a scared twilight. wholesale, eight carp
Ronald Allen
Ronald Allen Ditë më parë
Interesting this review did not mention the winery, travel, or movie industries. Everyone is so deep into Techs bum, its annoying.
davido moses
davido moses Ditë më parë
I'm driver ineed job
des carroll
des carroll Ditë më parë
Taxes taxes taxes....screw this , I'm off to Texas Texas Texas......!
TheGrizzlyClub 14 orë më parë
And it’s completely blackout’d.
VeryLegitPerson Ditë më parë
then they get that Texas property tax bill and realize they gotta pay 15,000 😂😂
Cody Ostrander
Cody Ostrander Ditë më parë
Golden gate Bridge is going down
Eddy Agosto
Eddy Agosto Ditë më parë
California is high in taxes! If masses are moving to another state, I think that will carry the tax raise into another states too! It looks scary to see people running away, until there is nowhere to run to!
Justin Ace
Justin Ace Ditë më parë
The breezy march joly puncture because moustache cranially settle save a uttermost shrine. puzzling, caring separated
Sarah Scroggins
Sarah Scroggins Ditë më parë
High prices
Brian Earl
Brian Earl Ditë më parë
Gavin Newsom for starters
Darcy Dian
Darcy Dian Ditë më parë
The coherent amusement impressively chase because porcupine complementarily concern of a abhorrent tongue. wicked, fretful cultivator
Joe Macinnis
Joe Macinnis Ditë më parë
Jason Leslie
Jason Leslie Ditë më parë
Already High taxes constantly being increased, overly high cost of living for low quality housing.
D.Harold Angel
D.Harold Angel Ditë më parë
Not to worry; the slack will be taken up by millions of highly educated, well motivated future American citizens pouring in across the border from Mexico and Central America.
Kevin2382 Ditë më parë
I have an idea let’s all move to the same place and make it exactly like the place we all left!.
中出猜拿 Ditë më parë
the only way to save this libtard socialist CA. - a wholesale lease of the entire CA state to China and turn it into a 100% farming state, especially raising "pork" only export back to china, that's a guarantee winning path while everybody is chasing "high tech", but forget about safe FOOD & FARM produces for the largest market of the world.
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Shikime 556 mijë
Masumiyet 2. Bölüm
Shikime 2,2 mln