BEST Guess Who Strategy- 96% WIN record using MATH

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Mark Rober

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Here is a strategy for winning 96% of your competitive Guess Who games. Now all you need is a time machine to return to 1991 and CRUSH Jeff Lee in the 5th grade Guess Who Championships.
0:21- Mad Professor- Danijel Zambo-
1:06- Dance- Danijel Zambo-
2:10- Spark- Maxwell Young-
4:15- Devil in Disguise- Danijel Zambo-
6:30- Marty Gots a Plan- Kevin MacLeod,
10:32- Who Said- j.ournal - you should go sub his video poem channel:
12:40- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,

Smart Chad's channel:
How to create a bell curve for a set of numbers:
How I got 96% from 80% when you play first to 5 wins:
Here is the program Smart Chad wrote to emulate Guess Who games:
Here is how Mr. Malloy knew 625 games:

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
FACEBOOK ME: MarkRoberALnets

Gamer Konnor
Gamer Konnor 2 orë më parë
His montage songs are so chill
LEGEND HERO 4 orë më parë
I would love to learn from this guy
LEGEND HERO 4 orë më parë
I'm mechanical engineering
omranpr0 gt
omranpr0 gt 13 orë më parë
I know a 100% win chance. Just ask if your character is human
Diva Protocol
Diva Protocol 13 orë më parë
even if the rules allows to ask "Does your character have this OR that?" You shouldnt do it.... u.u
Propś Ditë më parë
Why did I watch this?
Reese Mahoney
Reese Mahoney Ditë më parë
me: still cant win ;-;
Viktor Nap
Viktor Nap Ditë më parë
It’s like he’s back at school again. Literally.
Lilltlelillyx 2 ditë më parë
Who wants to play guess who Reply
Lauri May
Lauri May 2 ditë më parë
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 2 ditë më parë
Hey how many have u played
Ian Beck
Ian Beck 3 ditë më parë
Playing cards do not actually talk
NS777 4 ditë më parë
Isn't your bell curve for your really good 50%-every-time strategy just evenly split between 5 and 6, with nothing anywhere else?
Timothy Bennett
Timothy Bennett 4 ditë më parë
alls in the easalls
Lucky Corsiga
Lucky Corsiga 5 ditë më parë
Me who had telepathy:EZ BABY!EZZZZZZZZZZZ
Robbie Rossi
Robbie Rossi 5 ditë më parë
I wonder how all of Marks other teachers felt when he said “the guy we’re about to meet is one of the 4 or 5 teachers who have had more of an effect on me than all of the other combined.
liam430 5 ditë më parë
2:25 balls and nissans
AcidJames13 6 ditë më parë
Wow.... My mind is blown by my favorite subject
Ana the simpシ
Ana the simpシ 6 ditë më parë
So I do live near you I was friends with your son
i! Wee Bee !i
i! Wee Bee !i 6 ditë më parë
Your teachers are really glad that they trained you into who you are today
Cytorb 6 ditë më parë
Imagine being mr malloy
Poespino Minecraft
Poespino Minecraft 6 ditë më parë
I always ask, has your character an acessoiry
Eve ONeal
Eve ONeal 6 ditë më parë
Me: Clicks on video also me: watches only 1 min of the video me again: gets out pencil and paper....
Nahele Duskwalker
Nahele Duskwalker 7 ditë më parë
Guessing the start at the start. I'd say a broad question followed by a narrow question.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin 8 ditë më parë
Yeah as if the characters talk 🤪😎
Reuben Miller
Reuben Miller 8 ditë më parë
I don't have that e
Purple Imposter
Purple Imposter 8 ditë më parë
Who heard 2:10 - 4:15 the song was Balls in knee zone
I Talk Too Much!
I Talk Too Much! 8 ditë më parë
i live in the uk and you get to choose you're own character
Yoyo Billet
Yoyo Billet 9 ditë më parë
Who do you like better mrbeast or Mark Rober
TortoiseTGN 9 ditë më parë
🎶 Balls in Nissans 🎵
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 9 ditë më parë
Wait. How did you get that shot from the wing of the plane at 2:54??
Dat boi
Dat boi 9 ditë më parë
Mark rober do a physic for how to win among us
Cassius Finn
Cassius Finn 9 ditë më parë
Paul’s and Nissans?
mdly68 9 ditë më parë
14000th LOL
Milo Ngo
Milo Ngo 9 ditë më parë
Dammit I just got out of math class where we played a math version of this.
5dd 10 ditë më parë
Wait a minute; you took statistics in high school? Is that a thing these days? I feel so old.
Mackaliro Gamer
Mackaliro Gamer 10 ditë më parë
haha this works\
Juan Carlos Oropeza
Juan Carlos Oropeza 10 ditë më parë
what happen to the part when Mark play against the tecaher ?
Jayson B
Jayson B 11 ditë më parë
Question: did anyone else see him put 7 and then 7 again on the number scale. Yah seems like he Is not confident
Mr Murvi
Mr Murvi 11 ditë më parë
I always played it like that lol
luck 11 ditë më parë
I thought it said 69%
Abhay Patil
Abhay Patil 11 ditë më parë
I am very astonished that no one mentioned BINARY SEARCH algorithm. Neither in the video nor in the comments section. This is very similar to binary search algorithm in computer science. Look up at binary search vs linear search. Very strong analogy
Maanasa Priya
Maanasa Priya 12 ditë më parë
OMG he finds science in everything 🙀🙀
Reason 12 ditë më parë
I never saw someone work so hard to make kids loose! lol
Coffy -_-
Coffy -_- 12 ditë më parë
The wrinkles on that teacher I mean Jesus has he gotta disease or something
Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson 12 ditë më parë
Basically binary thinking
Atraira 12 ditë më parë
dang his production quality has gotten a lot better, the music in this video is deafening lol
LightGod 225
LightGod 225 12 ditë më parë
Oh...i remember this. I used to played it since as a child, I couldn’t understand what this about.
randy shoemaker
randy shoemaker 12 ditë më parë
dang dude i like your videos but the music over your voice is 1- annoying as all heck 2- hard as heck to hear you. just an fyi
Josh Graf
Josh Graf 12 ditë më parë
What if both players use the same strategy?...
Kevin Cepeda
Kevin Cepeda 13 ditë më parë
James Warner
James Warner 13 ditë më parë
Asking an "or" question creates a compound question which is more than one question in a sentence. Since you are only allowed to ask one question you cannot do this.
Brittney Griffith
Brittney Griffith 13 ditë më parë
Luke Rowley
Luke Rowley 14 ditë më parë
When calculating your odds of winning, doesn't it matter what strategy the opponent is using? For your math are you assuming random guessing, using the 'groups of 5' or optimal play for your opponent?
Jagger Rose
Jagger Rose 14 ditë më parë
I am using this on my sister and she is going to get sooooooooo mad 😡 😡😡😡😡😡
Ferdinand Shilo ong
Ferdinand Shilo ong 15 ditë më parë
Mark rober:Flying to meet his highchool teacher and ask him what is his probabilty to win againts his 6 year old nephew Me:...
Jared Garthe
Jared Garthe 15 ditë më parë
You're so right teachers dont make a difference, awesome teachers do. Keep up the great work Mr. Malloy.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 15 ditë më parë
Random legend of Zelda sound at 7:57
Franckum Family Hootenany
Franckum Family Hootenany 15 ditë më parë
My cousin literally saw this and did this for his science fair experiments
Ducky D
Ducky D 16 ditë më parë
Did he just at the end uhhh.............. Dave
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong 16 ditë më parë
How about 'Is your person a human?'
Daisy Barnard
Daisy Barnard 16 ditë më parë
My mind is blown. My math teacher will be so proud of me, "law of large numbers"
Kalzaar 16 ditë më parë
so cheat?
Simon Willison
Simon Willison 16 ditë më parë
Mark Rober were you a nerd in school
UnimaginableGaming 16 ditë më parë
I love you mark!
loping 10
loping 10 16 ditë më parë
I miss my teacher ;|
DreamedWave 17 ditë më parë
Could this be potentially used for winning an among us match?
FocusRight 17 ditë më parë
This is way different than his new vids. Horrible lighting, and horrible mic.
Garrett Rowe
Garrett Rowe 17 ditë më parë
there is a new guess who now so it doesn't work but still mark rober is my fav
paddy Farron
paddy Farron 17 ditë më parë
Just pick a gender for example a girl and when they ask is your character a girl, say no because your character classifies as an Apache helicopte
lonely 18 ditë më parë
heartles 18 ditë më parë
simple. just create a bijection to the naturals and ask if the number their person corresponds to is greater than the median value of the people that haven't been knocked out already
GummyRings 18 ditë më parë
Imagine having this guy as your teacher, and then coming home to watch this video. 0-0
Carlos Felipe Ortega Zuñiga
Carlos Felipe Ortega Zuñiga 18 ditë më parë
This dude looks like his able to outpizza the hut
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson 18 ditë më parë
How in the world did he get wing shot?
Sylvia Cheang
Sylvia Cheang 19 ditë më parë
Aidan Coutts
Aidan Coutts 19 ditë më parë
I don't understand how someone could not intuitively know this.
Trip Walters
Trip Walters 19 ditë më parë
He busted out the “Here in My Garage guy”!!!!!!
david co swingler
david co swingler 19 ditë më parë
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
Robdaconquerer 19 ditë më parë
Just say, is it NOT Susan. If you are right then you can ask another question, then you repeat and take 2 turns. Depending on how you play it.
Hannah Walters
Hannah Walters 19 ditë më parë
Cool. Have a blessed day
Joshua R.
Joshua R. 19 ditë më parë
People won't play with me because I'm an asshole about it. Does your character look like she would ask for the manager because the clerk wouldn't take an expired coupon? Does your character look like they flew an airplane into the twin towers? Does your character make you want to hide your.purse when you walk by them late at night.
Zakia Muyen
Zakia Muyen 20 ditë më parë
Mark Robert talks and I’m like “ahh yes winning”
RobloxPlayerPtfs 20 ditë më parë
*Characters Do Not Talk* xD
hana ehsani
hana ehsani 20 ditë më parë
18 years
Konner Carpenter
Konner Carpenter 20 ditë më parë
Is anyone going to talk about how he got a GoPro on the wing of the plane
Jacob Bisping
Jacob Bisping 21 ditë më parë
Bruh ive watched every one of ur vids n l o v e them ive never even left indiana before but seeing u fly makes me wanna do something
Jacob Bisping
Jacob Bisping 21 ditë më parë
Ive been stuck here my whole life amd never had a chance really
Yo it’s Insane
Yo it’s Insane 21 ditë më parë
I see the vid as bullying people in guess who until they cry
MintaZzZ 21 ditë më parë
when u realize its only a kid~ games
NuNuu 22 ditë më parë
5:31 is it just me or did that say “BATMAN”
Jamie Collier-bane
Jamie Collier-bane 22 ditë më parë
did anyone else understand anything from 9.00 to 9:57 minutes
Trevorcito007 22 ditë më parë
I just found out mark is 40! He looks like he’s in his late 20s
ÆBKLÆMÊ 23 ditë më parë
how are you so smart!?
Vanilla Yogurt
Vanilla Yogurt 23 ditë më parë
Teachers don’t matter -mark rober 2016
Treebloop 23 ditë më parë
Mark, “I’m not gonna show you now but I’ll show you at the end of the process.” Me: Immediately skips to end, “I WILL BEAT YOU JIMMY!!”
Obsidious 23 ditë më parë
10:02 yo she h o t
ShakeSapir 23 ditë më parë
You made statistics so much fun and interesting compare to my statistics courses in college 🤣
Bosmeneer 23 ditë më parë
what is the timelaps song
Fresh - Milk
Fresh - Milk 24 ditë më parë
2:25 Pual zinizaz?
Fresh - Milk
Fresh - Milk 24 ditë më parë
Paul's punisis
Mark De Fazio
Mark De Fazio 24 ditë më parë
100% 👍🏻😎👌
Pro skilled skittles
Pro skilled skittles 24 ditë më parë
so you just need to be op for a little
Pro skilled skittles
Pro skilled skittles 24 ditë më parë
frozen chicken nuget
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