BARE HAND Bottle Busting- Science Investigation

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Mark Rober

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Kevin and I get to the bottom of a science mystery using only our wits and rugged good looks.
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0:12- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday-
4:19- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
Using the Scientific Method and with the help of the Backyard Scientist, we determine how someone can break a glass bottle with their bare hands.

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o 0 f osrs
o 0 f osrs 12 orë më parë
Cut me hand bad
Sarah Kriwanek
Sarah Kriwanek 20 orë më parë
Love your channel!!!
the nature guy
the nature guy 23 orë më parë
2.56 it's corona on the bottle hey but corona virus caused carona beer 150 million loss
Smeedee Ditë më parë
imagine if he did this in a bar
Maryam Zakariya
Maryam Zakariya Ditë më parë
WOW your videos are so cool make more videos
DKMaster5321 Ditë më parë
Oooh I see that corona beer... Is that why u were tested positive in the 2nd last vid with the sharks?
N3V3R4GAIN Ditë më parë
He shoulda said "glass is glass and glass breaks" -jerryrigeverything
Dark Killer1987
Dark Killer1987 Ditë më parë
Mark Rober: has a corona beer in his hand *intense breathing*
Octy :
Octy : 2 ditë më parë
Nooooo noooooo nooooo he ruined corona bottle :(
King_AI 2 ditë më parë
You guy's should try to make a coronavirus vaccine
I play Roblox
I play Roblox 2 ditë më parë
TheSuperQueen 2 ditë më parë
I had this once on accident 😭😭😭 such a mess
Sonali Dutt
Sonali Dutt 3 ditë më parë
The reason why non-carbonated drinks are better is because... when the vacuum forms... carbonated drinks can give out gas CO2 to fill the cavity hence the process is hindered... but non- carbonated drinks can not do that.... hence it breaks more easily
Sonali Dutt
Sonali Dutt 3 ditë më parë
Back when people used to see corona as just a vodka
Nija Fran
Nija Fran 3 ditë më parë
Did you guys realize that at 1:30 the bottle was called corona
Pixelated Octopus
Pixelated Octopus 3 ditë më parë
Peter 4 ditë më parë
One of the beer bottles say 'Corona' 😂😂😂
VIBS OP 4 ditë më parë
1.28 it won't work cause fluid exerts pressure on all sides
4K movie
4K movie 5 ditë më parë
Petra J.
Petra J. 5 ditë më parë
Say hi to the Slow Mo guys ;)
Xd_TheDevils 6 ditë më parë
He is breaking corona bottles we were warned 4 years early
Loewen Stark
Loewen Stark 7 ditë më parë
Here its a party gag to Knock on the top of an other ones bottle with the bottom of Your bottle . He Needs to Drink very fast.
david A.
david A. 7 ditë më parë
yo king
david A.
david A. 7 ditë më parë
Aiden Chen
Aiden Chen 7 ditë më parë
Corona extra lol
Rhys Cronin
Rhys Cronin 7 ditë më parë
Its funny how he's using a corona bottle
Astrxq_ 7 ditë më parë
if you are lazy to watch the video the main topic is *water is powerful*
Gaming York
Gaming York 8 ditë më parë
its funny that theyre using corona bottles
Ethan Maness
Ethan Maness 8 ditë më parë
YEETTHANOS08 is awesome
YEETTHANOS08 is awesome 9 ditë më parë
ohhh nooo they got corona
Nathan Rist
Nathan Rist 9 ditë më parë
"So we are ejecting this theory" *air pressure was not the impostor*
Michel Bontekoe
Michel Bontekoe 9 ditë më parë
If you hit the top of the bottle, the bottle will go down but the water will not go down because of mass causing a vacuum and then the water will go down and hit the bottom
PixelFlames 11 ditë më parë
XD 2016 trailers to 2020
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing 11 ditë më parë
0:27 Beer... Corona... This was 4 years ago...
Toughtntman37 Does Animations
Toughtntman37 Does Animations 11 ditë më parë
The reason you were wrong is the same reasons eggg are so strong I feel like you have tried to crush an eggg with your bare hands before because of being a firm believer in the scientific method. In case you haven't tried it or seen it anywhere it is difficult anyone else agree?
realblakrawb 11 ditë më parë
Frat boy water hammer science.
Reamboo 12 ditë më parë
I see corona in this video 😳
MCDONALDS union 12 ditë më parë
Corona bottle
Johari Awang
Johari Awang 12 ditë më parë
Huh?? My friend can actually breaks an empty bottle... How does that happen??
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 12 ditë më parë
What are the odds that he uses a Corona beer 4 years later Corona virus happens
poluefemus 12 ditë më parë
Did anybody realize the bottle says “corona”, they are trying to destroy the coronavirus
Casen Jones
Casen Jones 12 ditë më parë
Its a pretty popular beer company
Bid 13 ditë më parë
i like it how hes using corona beer lol
baldieman64 13 ditë më parë
3: Do this trick with highly flammable nail polish remover. 4: Be safe.
Nandhu Ashil
Nandhu Ashil 13 ditë më parë
Brendino Gaming
Brendino Gaming 14 ditë më parë
The old pizza box was a nice touch.
brody perry
brody perry 14 ditë më parë
It looked like it might have cracked before the water hit the bottom because I saw some water leaking out before it broke.
fuferito 14 ditë më parë
Mark Rober and the Backyard Scientist getting a preemptive strike on Corona, before Corona was a thing.
prxnce49 15 ditë më parë
2:54 Some Bob the Builder techniques.
LxFn LX 15 ditë më parë
THEY DID IT!!!!they broke the bottle n the corona virus exited n escaped omg!!
Mini Jon
Mini Jon 15 ditë më parë
Little did he know, he was holding what would be the next world pandemic
Eitan Knoll
Eitan Knoll 15 ditë më parë
Don't do this at home my friend tried it and split open his hand so deep that it cut his muscle in half and now he can't move his thumb
Eitan Knoll
Eitan Knoll 15 ditë më parë
And he used a mallet the top of the bottle broke and cut his hand
Xander Bishop-Masel
Xander Bishop-Masel 16 ditë më parë
Bro 2:35 was so satisfying
415goat 16 ditë më parë
Question 🖐! I have seen beer bottles that get taped on while on a table does it move on the table to do that fuzzy volcano? Really like your videos thank you for them
Gabriel 16 ditë më parë
The first bottle was a beer bottle , a Corona brand exactly. (•ิ_•ิ)???????????????????? Did he predict the future. (Nah he just picked it because it was cheap.)
Corgi GameS1021
Corgi GameS1021 17 ditë më parë
Mike Da Ike
Mike Da Ike 17 ditë më parë
Haha corona beer. That didn’t age well..
Maciej Nowacki
Maciej Nowacki 17 ditë më parë
I hate science but he makes it fun
Z3psi PH
Z3psi PH 18 ditë më parë
who sow corona lol
Hood Peppa pig
Hood Peppa pig 18 ditë më parë
- Best collab ever, in my opinion.
RobloxMurdererYT 19 ditë më parë
2:55 Corona corano covid 19
B Bricks
B Bricks 19 ditë më parë
So.... Could you use a plastic water bottle?
Mochi 19 ditë më parë
Did anyone count how many beer bottles he broke ? 😁
lostone4711 20 ditë më parë
put in hydraulic brake fluid and test it
Dreams-R3X 20 ditë më parë
Wouldn’t there be a vacuum in the bottle with the lid on, once you hit it the vacuum it’s burst that’s why the bottom of the bottle breaks and also I just started it just wannted to give you my information
Sahil Aamir
Sahil Aamir 20 ditë më parë
His videos aren’t only entertaining but also giving us IQ
Sahil Aamir
Sahil Aamir 20 ditë më parë
2:53 Corona
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 21 ditë më parë
Who sees the Maverick at the back nerf gun
A Shitty Guitar Player
A Shitty Guitar Player 21 ditë më parë
i asked my mom if i could do this with a recycled bottle and she said yes but now my carpet is wet
Pagofr 21 ditë më parë
1:05 hold on.... CORONA extra! No god, please no!
Austin Yi
Austin Yi 21 ditë më parë
all i heard from this.... was *bonk* noises
Thathsara Amarasinghe
Thathsara Amarasinghe 22 ditë më parë
0:34 Mark: " either Kevin has some superpowers..." Kevin: *nods*
Airiel Danial
Airiel Danial 22 ditë më parë
How to defeat CORONAVIRUS 2:48
Laishram Sonica
Laishram Sonica 22 ditë më parë
I think if we hit earth with a hammer then it will collapse
Shark King
Shark King 22 ditë më parë
I tried this with my big Chungus cup and it didn’t quite work
Josny13 22 ditë më parë
Before watching any farther, I'm guessing it breaks due to the pockets of "vacuum" that actually form at the bottom of the bottle that sucks the liquid back down to burst out the bottom. Can't explain why this happens though. My best guess is.. momentum? Nailed it.
liam parsons
liam parsons 23 ditë më parë
So knowing the water hit 10x harder than you did wish you used that to figure out exactly how hard you'd need to hit it to blow the bottom out yourself. Would watch you try to hit it 10x harder aha
Defected Heart
Defected Heart 24 ditë më parë
I love that ALnets brought this back to me lol
David Buffum
David Buffum 24 ditë më parë
Cheap bottles.
fastminotaur467 24 ditë më parë
Nolan Chapman
Nolan Chapman 24 ditë më parë
4:19 ah so like pistol shrimp?
Harry Toast
Harry Toast 24 ditë më parë
They are beating corona... Literally
Archana Kumar
Archana Kumar 25 ditë më parë
4:05 Mark says:- f___
I simp for a Fucking door
I simp for a Fucking door 25 ditë më parë
Dude this happens whenever I try to open glass juice bottles it super annoying
Chance 25 ditë më parë
Four things you need to become mark Rober 1 cardboard 2 Brain 3 building blocks 4 Friends
iSustain 26 ditë më parë
They're breaking corona
Day Dream
Day Dream 26 ditë më parë
This channel gives me A+ at my science and chemistry tests than My teachers vids XD
FrankenStars 26 ditë më parë
Corona beer
flache 26 ditë më parë
Could clearly see cavitation bubbles on the first theory test ^^
John Mcewan
John Mcewan 26 ditë më parë
I thought they said *theory 1 was ejected* I’ve been playing too much among us also... *theory 1 was the imposter*
teacupp 26 ditë më parë
No ones talking about the fact that the bottle is corona
Martin Prosperi
Martin Prosperi 26 ditë më parë
2:53 haha bonkie bonkie
migle migle
migle migle 27 ditë më parë
I love how they're using corona 1:05
nikshay arora
nikshay arora 27 ditë më parë
2:56 the bottle has corona
John Christian Wickstrom
John Christian Wickstrom 27 ditë më parë
Cool duod
JustV_IB5 27 ditë më parë
Ashirwad Kashwan
Ashirwad Kashwan 27 ditë më parë
I have seen that movie also
Asher Yellen
Asher Yellen 27 ditë më parë
Me: It's definitely just air pressure mark: It's not air pressure Me: It's not air pressure
TheBestAuthor 10 ditë më parë
YouTube Sings
YouTube Sings 27 ditë më parë
Hello Mark Rober I am the leader of project Corgo our objective is to remove non scientific channel’s from ALnets unlike yours your channel will be left alone from us stay safe stay well and stay COVID free Unfortunately I cannot reveal my identity to you let’s say that I am very smart like you.
Ezra Davis
Ezra Davis 27 ditë më parë
Corona beer foreshadowing
Roblox Noob
Roblox Noob 27 ditë më parë
4:05 curse?
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