Sarah Baska's Obsessed With a TikTok Boy - UNFILTERED #63

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Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED

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What the flip is up coffee beans! You asked, she dreamt of it, and we delivered... Our most requested guest is in the hot seat this episode, Sarah Baska, and she is groovier than ever! We learn about how Sarah grew up and became the internet star she is today. Is Harry Styles responsible for her career? Is witch craft the secret to her success? We can't say, but yes. Mariah and Sarah reminisce on their questionable history together and the forgotten, embarrassing story about how she met Zane and Heath is revealed. Anyone got a cig? Loosen up this episode and try to keep up. 2 hours of laughs, cries, confessions, and insecurities, all the crystals are spilled this week. Enjoy, cheers brothers!
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Nicole Vesay
Nicole Vesay 17 orë më parë
Your best podcast yet!!
Caileigh Marks
Caileigh Marks 19 orë më parë
not sarah baska and i being obsessed with the same people
Caileigh Marks
Caileigh Marks 19 orë më parë
when sarah started talking about one direction and harry i might've just casually passed away
Kenna Newman
Kenna Newman Ditë më parë
people who have normal jobs use math ahahaha yall make me laugh
Jillian Watson
Jillian Watson Ditë më parë
Heath could be a professional rapper. Now that I know he freestyled poppin for Santa clause... dude go for it
Austin Ryan
Austin Ryan Ditë më parë
Sarah was an amazing guest!!! Didn’t know much about her at all and this podcast made me a fan. Such a great episode
kayla ward
kayla ward Ditë më parë
I love Sarah so much
Oriana Lops
Oriana Lops Ditë më parë
still love y'all... butttt god aint real
ANGEL PULE 2 ditë më parë
this is the best podcast ever... i laughed my ass off. i loved the witch bitch part!!!!!!!!!!
Hana A
Hana A 2 ditë më parë
my favorite episode.PERIOD.
Kezzz Hunt
Kezzz Hunt 3 ditë më parë
This episode is honestly my favourite so far!
Karlee 3 ditë më parë
I’ve rewatched all of these episodes and I think this one is still my favorite!! I love all y’all so much 🙃 Sarah’s the shit
tita coleen
tita coleen 4 ditë më parë
whoever is managing their money is kinda dumb lol..
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 4 ditë më parë
1:08:43 1:10:22 😂🤣🤣..
andrea ali
andrea ali 4 ditë më parë
tiop idc
Er7282 2
Er7282 2 4 ditë më parë
I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this podcast
sunovia eilish
sunovia eilish 4 ditë më parë
Pamela Angela
Pamela Angela 4 ditë më parë
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Kelsey Lauren
Kelsey Lauren 4 ditë më parë
The snitch nine had me dead
Kelsey Lauren
Kelsey Lauren 4 ditë më parë
How is nobody talking about how Heath was the one that said "tettrified" first lmaao
Julie gagnon
Julie gagnon 5 ditë më parë
Zane and Sarah plsssss
Christina B
Christina B 5 ditë më parë
"How the fuck did we get here?" is me EVERY time I tell a story lmaooo
B 5 ditë më parë
It's 4am here. I need to sleep but I'm having fun (love from south africa 🇿🇦)
Er7282 2
Er7282 2 5 ditë më parë
Sarah needs to have Mariah as a guest on her podcast
Alexis Florez
Alexis Florez 5 ditë më parë
Finally someone I can relate to with Bebo that shit was beginning of the beginning lmfao
Brittany Foster
Brittany Foster 5 ditë më parë
Wait what happened to Kenny
Anna B
Anna B 6 ditë më parë
Kaina Orozco
Kaina Orozco 6 ditë më parë
Not me learning clarinet in highschool I’m dead 💀
Rheanna Gutierrez
Rheanna Gutierrez 6 ditë më parë
by far my favorite episode i’ve watched he’d 17 times
dianaxtrejo 6 ditë më parë
This was the funniest podcast I’ve ever watched
naviftw 6 ditë më parë
ok. this is my first introduction to Sarah, and I LOVE HER.
Cassie Rogers
Cassie Rogers 6 ditë më parë
Who wants to join a protest for ear class?
Erika Lemus
Erika Lemus 7 ditë më parë
i love the last segment of this podcast. my dad passed last may and seeing y’all talk about ur parents just made me tear up. i miss him sm. talk to ur parents, spend soooo much time w them. ): rip 5.3.20
Reese Teigen
Reese Teigen 8 ditë më parë
we love sarah and mariah
Deseree Santillanes-Torrez
Deseree Santillanes-Torrez 8 ditë më parë
That video with the box shit came up on my on feed under this video hahahaha
carmen viola
carmen viola 8 ditë më parë
Mariah and Sarah are meant to be best friends
Savannah Tapley
Savannah Tapley 8 ditë më parë
oh my goodness the whole parents section was so precious!!! it is so interesting hearing other peoples stories with their parents and the appreciation y'all have for y'alls family is so cute. It also makes me so appreciative for the insanely close relationship I have with my parents and I am so grateful for how much they have shared with me once I got older. I definitely encourage you all to ask ALL the questions!! you will never regret it!! my dad always talks about how he is the same person just in an "old man's body" but we discuss all the time that like yes of course everyone matures and gets wiser but essentially we are the same as when we were like 16-20 and our full personality formed.
Thomas Franklin
Thomas Franklin 8 ditë më parë
I love Sarah so much. That’s all.
alizelle 8 ditë më parë
when the girl said catalina is her name in spanish i got goosebumps
Nadine 8 ditë më parë
her harry styles obsession made this a million times better
bianca 8 ditë më parë
i fucking love sarah baska that is my girl... me and her are on the same frequency..fuck yea
Gabrielle Knowles
Gabrielle Knowles 9 ditë më parë
I am definitely making a Witch Bitch tshirt
Des Clark
Des Clark 9 ditë më parë
Heath is like an old man sometimes may
𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊 9 ditë më parë
wtf? is it just me or are these two guys kinda obnoxious and hard to watch ?
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 10 ditë më parë
I got 39:46 min in before the guests lying, annoying personality made it unenjoyable to watch any longer.
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 10 ditë më parë
Is she a heroin addict or a cokehead? I can't tell if she's a super try-hard or really inebriated, lmao. Her terrible forced humor is hard to connect with. She comes off as trashy, cringey, attention-seeking, basic mean-girl. I get second hand embarrassment every time she calls the woman, "bitch" because the other sheep-crew laughed at it once and it led her to think she's funny, when she's not at all. This is a really awful episode. Edit: She's also lying about the podcast comment. That's why she said, "I didn't tell you this yet?!" to the person with her, because she most certainly would have, more than once, being the attention-seeking idiot that she is. Also, when anyone says to "ask [so and so], they'll tell you" or "I swear I'm not lying" they 100% are actually lying.
kris 9 ditë më parë
calling her a cokehead bc you dont like her humor?? 💀 like pls the misery spewing from this comment is so sad. u really took the time to overanalyze and write a whole hateful ass paragraph ab someone who was genuinely just being themselves n having a good time
emily 10 ditë më parë
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syeda shyra
syeda shyra 10 ditë më parë
“Nick’s w Chiankra pokra” -Zane
Lyndsay A
Lyndsay A 11 ditë më parë
omfg when zane said “SHOW ME YOUR VISER” i lost it 34:20
Lacey Cash
Lacey Cash 11 ditë më parë
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas 11 ditë më parë
Good podcast but too much Mariah
Brianda Tapia
Brianda Tapia 11 ditë më parë
Sara almost had a panic attack half way thru 😂 lmfao they're so mean 😭
Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson 11 ditë më parë
A Poddy break 😂 ❤️
Dominic Reeping
Dominic Reeping 12 ditë më parë
Sarah's loud
bersbee 12 ditë më parë
THE AMOUNT of the times i watched this episode is IMMACULATE
emzi n
emzi n 12 ditë më parë
“yes........daddy” i DIE
Valentina Torrento
Valentina Torrento 12 ditë më parë
this is one of the best episodes
Jalyn Guerrero
Jalyn Guerrero 12 ditë më parë
Not gonna lie this is one of the best podcast episode from Zane and Heath
Emory Ugartechea
Emory Ugartechea 12 ditë më parë
Vampire Diaries- Season 2 Episode 18 -28:33
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Rose 12 ditë më parë
Please never bring her back I feel bad for saying that but god was she ever annoying
Harry 12 ditë më parë
I kind of found the two boys (zane in particular) to be overbearing and semi obnoxious in this speaking over sarah and shit, super glad mariah was in this as she was always listening to sarah, engaging with her and matching her energy as sarah is funny as fuck and made this episode
Pasquale Maurini
Pasquale Maurini 13 ditë më parë
@48:54 she taking a crap? Also, love that she's wearing a fun world 70's costume shirt.
nfld memphis btch
nfld memphis btch 13 ditë më parë
i love you guys, but yall need a little interviewing skills and some structure, I'm glad matts back cause he has some of those skills GREAT PODCAST THO ONE OF MY FAVORITES SO PLEASE NEVER QUIT
Jaedyn Reichert
Jaedyn Reichert 13 ditë më parë
There is colleges for music and producing and arts schools in Colorado by where my dad lived there was this sick school that looked like a art building and it is a art highschool so music and art like painting and shit it blew my mind. I didn't go just the idea blew my mind.
Jaedyn Reichert
Jaedyn Reichert 13 ditë më parë
People still do deep amazing lyrics they just aren't popular. One of the best is ybn cordae.
Nathaly Velazquez
Nathaly Velazquez 13 ditë më parë
Not me still having we heart it
Lydia Coffey
Lydia Coffey 13 ditë më parë
Colleen Gibbons
Colleen Gibbons 13 ditë më parë
this is the best podcast episode ive ever watched
Thuck My Ath
Thuck My Ath 13 ditë më parë
So far this was my favorite one
Gabriel Melendez
Gabriel Melendez 13 ditë më parë
52:03, "You guys had dinner together?" HAHAHA YEAH HEATH
Gage Katzer
Gage Katzer 14 ditë më parë
Its the fact I’m obsessed and literally have watched every episode at this point but the obsession just got bigger.
Gage Katzer
Gage Katzer 14 ditë më parë
By far the best episode I’ve watched.
Jenny Westendorf
Jenny Westendorf 14 ditë më parë
Emily Elenaa
Emily Elenaa 14 ditë më parë
This is the first podcast that I watched all the way through, no skips I LOVE IT
isabel lara
isabel lara 14 ditë më parë
Cecilia Sheff
Cecilia Sheff 14 ditë më parë
Harry is not dating her! He’s not a home wrecker!!!!! skjdksksjddhshs
Cecilio Mendoza
Cecilio Mendoza 15 ditë më parë
1:05:10 Vlog Squad tingz
Cecilio Mendoza
Cecilio Mendoza 15 ditë më parë
Zane throwing shade the whole time
Lala Devereaux
Lala Devereaux 15 ditë më parë
Sarah is a special soul. 💕
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision 15 ditë më parë
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Maya Vogl
Maya Vogl 15 ditë më parë
Wow it looks like they lost a lot of weight! Y’all look so good!
Chino Garcia
Chino Garcia 16 ditë më parë
Isabella Fava
Isabella Fava 16 ditë më parë
can someone please tell me why kenny is not here anymore??
Taylor Stockwell
Taylor Stockwell 17 ditë më parë
Zane Florida is Notorious for loopholes on taxes look in to enron.The west coast has classes that teach accounting
Candyce Torres
Candyce Torres 17 ditë më parë
What we really need to do is tell our children to rebel against the school system
Lex Jane
Lex Jane 17 ditë më parë
So crazy to me how people will follow God & the church blindly yet question & laugh at spirituality
Kennedy Riegel
Kennedy Riegel 17 ditë më parë
all four of you have really good chemistry together
alexandra rivera
alexandra rivera 17 ditë më parë
The shut cloth dewailly telephone because law surely sound excluding a gaudy grey. lovely, fortunate metal
crissy 17 ditë më parë
sarah seems like such a kind and genuine person 🥺
keira hamalian
keira hamalian 17 ditë më parë
I love sarah so much please be friends forever
Shania Pirini
Shania Pirini 17 ditë më parë
BEBO!!!!!!! My music was Paramore when you went onto my page!!!!
Rafeea Al Owais
Rafeea Al Owais 17 ditë më parë
We need her to come backkkk
Angelica Scarlett
Angelica Scarlett 17 ditë më parë
sarah reminds me of a female rodrick
Shay Love
Shay Love 7 ditë më parë
Ahhh i was just saying this the other day😭 !
rado.s 18 ditë më parë
wtf zane talking about the box video worked because it was back than, it was olny year and a half ago and im pretty sure it would work today. those people agreed to that
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision 18 ditë më parë
The thoughtless play ganguly dam because sardine theoretically provide beneath a jaded stomach. squealing, fragile dress
MONIQUE G 18 ditë më parë
I would literally pay for them to have Sarah on the podcast again, I’ve literally watched this episode like 10 times already lol anyone else?
Martha Ortega
Martha Ortega 18 ditë më parë
Wait they don’t know how their parents met?! What👁👄👁. Like I’ve known since I was like 10 how my parents met & stuff
Bri Wolfe
Bri Wolfe 18 ditë më parë
Tbh honest one of my fav episodes so far. The energy is just amazing
Hannah Hardin
Hannah Hardin 18 ditë më parë
So, I had never fully watched this podcast. I am I finishing it right now. Im 1:23 in . As I am watching this ... I’ve had a lot of thoughts .. I am a Christian but I’d say I’m also spiritual. The spiritual realm is very real around us that we cannot see. There is meaning in the positions of the sun, moon and all of the stars. No joke just now typing this something flashed across my room. I am using speak to text .... I have been getting woken up to how real/scary it is to someone access to your energy when you don’t fully understand where they are pulling their energy and knowledge from. That is SO INSANE that those drops came out of no where. It’s not coincidental it were during a podcast where Sarah is talking about physic readings...
Bree Martinez
Bree Martinez 18 ditë më parë
am i the only one who thinks zane can get a little pushy..? he seems sweet but he was like shoving awkward questions down sarah’s throat like with the jacob sartorius thing
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