Unboxing Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes!! AND.. doing my makeup w/ what I got !!

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Mia Maples

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Unboxing the new Jeffree Star mystery boxes!!
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Harley Queen
Harley Queen 2 ditë më parë
Figured the products in each box would be the same since they're from the same month for people that can only afford one lol
Bruce Peugh
Bruce Peugh 2 ditë më parë
No a fence but when you were doing your makeup WHY THE HECK DID YOU WEAR THAT TRACK SUIT LIKE SERIOUSLY LIKE IT'S BRIGHT ORANGE Mia after doing her makeup in her track suit: Oh no can't were this any more Viewers:why BECAUSE YOU STANED IT
Set me Free Fraser
Set me Free Fraser 6 ditë më parë
This didn’t age well
rachael hedley
rachael hedley 10 ditë më parë
Jaymie Fraser
Jaymie Fraser 10 ditë më parë
Loved this x
Kynlee Bristol
Kynlee Bristol 10 ditë më parë
Who’s watching this when Jeffery star got canceled😗✌🏻
Los Navarritos
Los Navarritos 20 ditë më parë
Sharose h
Sharose h 23 ditë më parë
She shouldve had a give away with the extra things
Abhirup Tandukar
Abhirup Tandukar 23 ditë më parë
15:24 is my fav part hahahahaha
Cece's Paranormal adventures
Cece's Paranormal adventures 25 ditë më parë
I have the tracksuit in rainbow and it’s so comfy and warm and snuggly and very well made
prisci gutierrez
prisci gutierrez 25 ditë më parë
omg the tracksuit looks soooo good on your mom
Tkobsidia 26 ditë më parë
Mia*oh my gosh sooo pretty* (repeats it 100 times)
Tkobsidia 26 ditë më parë
Your mom likes taking thing lol 😂 She so funny
CHR15 S.
CHR15 S. Muaj më parë
A woman died from tripping while drinking threw a metal straw so I stick to disposable
Alisa Kulik
Alisa Kulik Muaj më parë
seems like a waste of money IMO, just colors/products nobody wants (other than the mini-lip collection and the jawbreaker)
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Muaj më parë
With those lips you must never run out of lipstick, that's a life supply lipstick.
Steven Benavides
Steven Benavides Muaj më parë
I have waited for this
Soaphy Muaj më parë
No! Fuck JS
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli Muaj më parë
When mom steals your outfit lol that was so cute
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli Muaj më parë
Giving me creepy vibes
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli Muaj më parë
Oh what is the goods I want to see the fun things inside this is going to be exciting
yoselin solano
yoselin solano Muaj më parë
I thought this was new drop he did😅😅😂
Shelly George
Shelly George Muaj më parë
What a fun video . You did a beautiful job on the makeup , those colors are so nice .❤️👍🏻.
Charlie Byerly
Charlie Byerly Muaj më parë
you remind me of greta thunberg without you makeup on. tehehe
Pallyberry Muaj më parë
was anyone else hoping to see her put on the purple lipstick? it looks like such a pretty color!
K M Muaj më parë
That track suit looks like the one Vector wears in Despicable me, still cute tho
Coconut_Gacha Muaj më parë
Omg you did this video on my b-day!
Golden boy
Golden boy Muaj më parë
Sis plzzzz show the new jeffree star mystery box
mandygurl2341 Muaj më parë
Did you get the newest one?
Salaria Sedor
Salaria Sedor Muaj më parë
Hi I just ordered the new mystery Halloween box of Jeffree stars I was wondering if u got it to because I rlly wanna watch u open it on camera
Porkstown Muaj më parë
I know this is last years but I need a JSC fix
GLLS007 Muaj më parë
It’s called record player dumbass
Katelin Rose
Katelin Rose Muaj më parë
Did you end up getting the 2020 Halloween boxes?
maria malaguena
maria malaguena Muaj më parë
How did he know to send your size for the track suit, If it’s a mystery box?
The Crystal Foxx
The Crystal Foxx Muaj më parë
I believe you can choose your size for the box when purchasing them like S M L XL etc.
Violet Stavisky
Violet Stavisky Muaj më parë
Get this years box!!!
Himani Advani
Himani Advani Muaj më parë
I make luxe mystery boxes under 100$. You get every penny worth of products guaranteed. DM me on instagram @aalsiadvani or @nirankara.shop I am small seller, one small order can help me a lot.
Ariana Mccartney
Ariana Mccartney Muaj më parë
I liked the make up part btw :) here before Jeffree stars new boxes launch, hope you get them for a video :D
Ivy Yip
Ivy Yip Muaj më parë
Considering all the drama I don't think she will. It's sad because I really like watching Mia doing mystery box.
Lady Green sleeves
Lady Green sleeves Muaj më parë
I feel like it makes the most sense to go big or go home
Alma Mendez
Alma Mendez Muaj më parë
You always look nice. I think you. Should do more makeup tutorials. 🧡🧡🧡
R Hobbs
R Hobbs Muaj më parë
None of those lipsticks are neutrals or nudes though they’re pink/reds though
selena gallegos
selena gallegos 2 muaj më parë
I would take one of the mini breakers because I dont have any eyeshadow and cant afford it
Tessa Saegaert
Tessa Saegaert 2 muaj më parë
I liked the part where you were doing your makeu
Tessa Saegaert
Tessa Saegaert 2 muaj më parë
Please do more Jeffrey Starr mystery boxes
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
The Calabasas lip gloss looks red
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
I love the mini breaker
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
I love makeup
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
I wish that I have the jeffree star track suit
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
The track suit looks so good on you
Savannah Morris
Savannah Morris 2 muaj më parë
My favorite video of yours videos was definitely the jeffree star mystery boxes
Mya Harris
Mya Harris 2 muaj më parë
i want the jeffree star unboxing,mystery boxes
Komal 2 muaj më parë
I wish I was her mama lol
Alex Workman
Alex Workman 3 muaj më parë
This video did not age well
jagannath sahoo
jagannath sahoo 3 muaj më parë
12:37 it's just the one thing i like😓
Allie Kimball
Allie Kimball 3 muaj më parë
I work on Calabasas. It was my first redish shade of his. It looks bomb dot com on you!!
Allie Kimball
Allie Kimball 3 muaj më parë
Emma Glassar
Emma Glassar 3 muaj më parë
I no longer support his brand or Shane Dawson but I do like watching you open these!😊
Chollatrix xD
Chollatrix xD 3 muaj më parë
This has aged like milk
Deeksha 3 muaj më parë
Kenzie Wade
Kenzie Wade 3 muaj më parë
I found a Jeffrey stair mirror at goodwill for a dollar 🤑
Guenivere Graham
Guenivere Graham 3 muaj më parë
you and jeffree star should do a video together
Guenivere Graham
Guenivere Graham 3 muaj më parë
you and jeffree star should do a video together
janhvi upadhyay
janhvi upadhyay 3 muaj më parë
Hii I am from India and I am your biggest fan
swarup majumder
swarup majumder 3 muaj më parë
You talk too much
Paige Nedham
Paige Nedham Muaj më parë
Almost like its a youtube video lmao
katiecatcalloway 3 muaj më parë
So much for a casual eyeshadow look
JapanMeetsCanada :3
JapanMeetsCanada :3 3 muaj më parë
that pink eye shadow!! ❤️
Shailah BUTTERFLY 3 muaj më parë
How many times did she say “k”
Eli Maagic
Eli Maagic 4 muaj më parë
Can I just say when she said "I have volleyball tonight" my heart was like "People? Gathering?" Then realized it was 2019.. dang
Lissa Cayetano
Lissa Cayetano 2 ditë më parë
@Yumz Toy World it wa 2019 when she made this
Yumz Toy World
Yumz Toy World Muaj më parë
Bruh, its 2020 -_-
Jaycob Wright
Jaycob Wright 4 muaj më parë
This mite sound crazy but she kinda talks like Jeffree
mr. greg
mr. greg 4 muaj më parë
Jaycob Wright omg yesss like the speed and emphasis on different words
Meriyem Haizouni
Meriyem Haizouni 4 muaj më parë
Where do you buy these mystery boxes from ?
NURIN HANA 4 muaj më parë
Honestly all of them are so pretty to me.they catch my eyes too.but sadly i know i never look good with make up on cuz im darker.Wish i was pretty.But sweetie your make up kits make me so envy.
Giselle Monteiro
Giselle Monteiro 5 muaj më parë
this didn’t age well
raven star
raven star Muaj më parë
Alisa Tihi-Sharp
Alisa Tihi-Sharp 5 muaj më parë
K I was interested when I tapped this vid and then it got more boring every minute I'm sorry but goodbye to this channel , keep being boring k bye
Jessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews 5 muaj më parë
Wait, did she only get 1 unique eye shadow pallet overall? :/ Thats a little sad.. there were so many lip products...
Nell HC
Nell HC 5 muaj më parë
Mia shoud make a song that goes "boop my nose boop boop my nose" :D
Karina De Loera
Karina De Loera 5 muaj më parë
Queen Qaff
Queen Qaff 5 muaj më parë
Hi luv ! Im from indonesia... I like ur video... Can you support me too in my video... alnets.info/work/rdJtg5uauaWB0YY/video.html Im newbie ... Thx
Mayla_aville 101
Mayla_aville 101 5 muaj më parë
Gurl work it like yayeet:>luv ya!
Nicky Archila
Nicky Archila 5 muaj më parë
I heard "Omg they're sooo pretty!" so many time, but she's right! All of the colors ARE SOOOO PRETTY!!!
Jane Cutie
Jane Cutie 5 muaj më parë
Pretty eyemakeup😍
Bella kerr
Bella kerr 5 muaj më parë
For the tracksuit how did they know your size ?
Barrel Queen
Barrel Queen 5 muaj më parë
Was hoping for the dark purple shadow and lipsss miaaaaaa
Carma 5 muaj më parë
His mystery boxes seem so worth it
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 6 muaj më parë
he didn’t give it away tho
lillian higgins
lillian higgins 6 muaj më parë
For a video you should get the new eyeshadow pallets off of SHEIN. There are eight of them and they are only six dollars and you should do a review on them. They each have nine colors if that helps you find them.
Ella Zumbrum
Ella Zumbrum 6 muaj më parë
You can eat his lip scrub!
cyliss blaken
cyliss blaken 6 muaj më parë
anyone getting major Cheryl Blossom vibes
Oz len
Oz len 6 muaj më parë
I love the way you reacts when you receives a lip products...😍
Sadie Farrell
Sadie Farrell 6 muaj më parë
wow how do you do makeup like that?????????????????
JayCee Gee
JayCee Gee 6 muaj më parë
Her mom took her tracksuit !! lol
Catra & Adora
Catra & Adora 6 muaj më parë
You don’t seem appreciative bce not all people can but that many pallets so you should be more grateful for what u get
ABS K2 6 muaj më parë
Hi mam good morning i like your Content ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ beautiful woman very nice im new friends... Hug me
Chandini 13
Chandini 13 6 muaj më parë
Mia: hope you have not watch any spoiler Me: i didn't not even know Jeffree star launched these products
Daiyanna Infante
Daiyanna Infante 6 muaj më parë
I love all your videos so much😍
Senyah Clarke
Senyah Clarke 6 muaj më parë
Why you talking so much thb it ruins the point of the video
Ahjiao Ahjiao
Ahjiao Ahjiao 6 muaj më parë
I wish I will have the giveaway because my parents doesn't have enough money to buy for me...
cassie 6 muaj më parë
2:55 is when it starts 💀
Peach Scone
Peach Scone 6 muaj më parë
Tbh idk why I watched as far as I did. Something about you is like nails on a chalkboard...but somehow worse.
brooke menezes
brooke menezes 6 muaj më parë
I liked the make up thing lol
Summer Wasyluka
Summer Wasyluka 6 muaj më parë
Who is Jeffrey star? Plz don't hate
Naina Tariq
Naina Tariq 6 muaj më parë
Lol who is watching this in quarantine again but when your mum gets caught wearing the track suit i am dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ines Villa
Ines Villa 6 muaj më parë
I love her videos !
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