Sada Baby - Whole Lotta Choppas [Remix] ft. Nicki Minaj (Lyric Video)

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Sada Baby

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Watch The Official Lyric Video For #WholeLottaChoppas (Remix) ft. @Nicki Minaj
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Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) Lyrics
[Nicki Minaj]
It’s the Queen Sleeze
Nine months motherfuckin’ pregnant like what
(I’m bool)
Sada waddup?

Ooh, lil’ nigga wanna try it
I told him Black Lives Matter, Im’a riot
Ooh, ass fat I had to buy it
Ain’t a nigga alive that’s gon’ deny it

This nigga makin’ me feel erotic
Uh, he a freak like Giannis
To be honest, I hope one day we do a play date with Adonis
Ooh! I’m bout my cake, get your bakin’ on

You don’t want that real smoke, get your vapin’ on
Egg whites, turkey bacon on
Ain’t in a restaurant, but I’m the bitch they been waitin’ on
(Tag) Gotta pop tags, bitches stuntin’ in them hand me down bags

It’s sad
Burberry plaid, you in that drip that I already had
They wanna see you do yo’ dance, do that thing poke out them pants?
If it don’t then I got plans

Bam! Just got a summertime tan
Scram! We just puttin’ dollars on yo head
Niggas violain the gang gon end up dead
Lady in the street, but a freak hoe in the bed
Choppa on him that’s my shooter in the red

Lil’ nigga cant keep my pussy out his hands
Fuck a last minute, gotta book me in advance
Been a bad girl and I’m tryna get spanked
Pretty lil’ body, but my face look stank

I be in a truck that cost your whole house
Bitches imitate me but don’t come close
If you want to celebrate the best then come toast
Bitches ain’t saying nothing, but doing the utmost

Heard he wanna chew on my edible panties
Even when I tell him see you tomorrow he can’t leave
Got the Off-White sneakers, rockin’ a tan weave
When I come out, grab Simba, it’s a stampede

[Sada Baby]
Ohh, Lil’ bitch wanna ride it
Told the bitch don’t get out her body
Hmm, get right beside me
I’ma get in that thang, get to slidin’
This bitch making me feel erotic
Huh, she gotta get on this rocket
I don’t give a fuck about her mileage
And her grandmom related to the Winans
Ohh, that’s the shit that I like
You a church girl, bitch you like Christ
Mmm, you ain’t never had pipe, least not this kind
I’m a fuck you all night, off a perc hmm
Off a perc pack, leave a bitch wit the hurt back
Go to work, where the work at
My young niggas wakin up serve that
They wanna see me do my dance
In these thousand-dollar pants
Don't disrespect me and my mans
BAM, whole lotta choppas on your ass
Scram, we just putting dollas on your head
Snitchin ass nigga gave his momma to the Feds
Lil’ Brother, big brother, Sada got the dreads
dz, Dt Sada keep the bands
Lil’ bitch can’t keep her pussy out my hands
Got a real hoodrat, Suki on my hands
I be stackin blues roll of Tookies on my ass
I be in the Bay rollin’ cookies on they ass
I be in the nellas g weed gave me his blessing
Cause Sada can’t be jealous off weed, I’m never stressin’
I can see the booty from the bottom, that thing a double decker
Let my white boy shoot that thang, he Sam Dekker
Heard you used to chew on that thing, Hannibal Lecter
Have you poppin’ all them pills like Heath Ledger
These drugs ain’t a joke, my nigga, I’m just tellin’ you
Yo manager got you on a shelf n he sellin ya

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Yg Tee
Yg Tee 9 minuta më parë
To Be Honest , I Hope One Day We Do @ Playdate With Adonis💙 #AlsoKnownAsDrakesBaByBoy🙌🏼
i am shakuri.
i am shakuri. 26 minuta më parë
dude rap like he can’t find a beat.
Taia Menefee
Taia Menefee Orë më parë
TeaThe Pot
TeaThe Pot Orë më parë
I know who you Dissing Queen😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ms. Petty for a Reason!
TeaThe Pot
TeaThe Pot 5 minuta më parë
@nell866 😂 what does ☝️ this have to do with my comment?
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Shara Moore
Shara Moore Orë më parë
She came in ate left no crumbs even took the plate 🤷🏽‍♀️
Kasshout. Kay
Kasshout. Kay 2 orë më parë
She snapped as per usual 😌❣️🦋
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Ny Jax
Ny Jax 2 orë më parë
Greek Freak da boss he gettin name dropped alot lately
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Susanna Siepracki
Susanna Siepracki 2 orë më parë
This beat is just 🤩
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Stella K
Stella K 4 orë më parë
*ALnets stay playing w the Queen views* 🙄🙄
Mrs Pete
Mrs Pete 4 orë më parë
Is Airbody N Da Hood 👩🏿‍🍳
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Classic Nat
Classic Nat 4 orë më parë
It should be “Feat. Sada Baby” because Nicki’s verse was basically the entire song!… not complaining tho lol BOTH of them ATE
italo romero
italo romero 4 orë më parë
Uhmmm this was wack
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Ella Chris
Ella Chris 4 orë më parë
Says "WHO"???
Nilious_ Queen
Nilious_ Queen 5 orë më parë
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Beans Boston
Beans Boston 5 orë më parë
Best Nicki Flow!!
Skrib 5 orë më parë
Whoomp there it is !!
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee 5 orë më parë
She killed this😖
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Γιώργος Δήμας
Γιώργος Δήμας 6 orë më parë
#35 on hot 100
supah cheef
supah cheef 6 orë më parë
Call me a caveman cause I just found fire
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 6 orë më parë
Zodd HD
Zodd HD 7 orë më parë
How the QUEEN make him the feature on his own song Real Queen Shit
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Eric Street
Eric Street 7 orë më parë
THE Female GOAT & top 10 Hip-hop GOAT...NICKI THE QUEEN MINAJ!! ...can't spell BARBIE, without BAR!!!!!!!! 💯 🎼
Kopal Sharma
Kopal Sharma 7 orë më parë
I hate how barbs always defend nicki on whole social media then sleeps on her song hits.
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Emilia Tako
Emilia Tako 2 orë më parë
Nicki is being blackballed by the industry for some years now and a lot of nonsense behind the scenes. They don't play her music on radio,no play listened, her views are being deleted.That is facts.
Ella Chris
Ella Chris 4 orë më parë
It has become a habit.
Queenie The Real Cancer
Queenie The Real Cancer 7 orë më parë
Feature killer eat that plate Nicky🕶🕶🕶👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽✌🏽✌🏽♥️♥️♥️🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧
Lenox Ave
Lenox Ave 8 orë më parë
🤔This sada baby song it was hot be for she got on it just saying
nell866 Orë më parë bayarea
Ella Chris
Ella Chris 4 orë më parë
He debuted at 90 with this song. Nicki featured and it went 55 spots up. 🤗
cMurasame 8 orë më parë
People really disrespecting sada bro🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
George Parker
George Parker 8 orë më parë
Got damn Nicki, 187 on this beat.
milanosims 8 orë më parë
Joka Wild
Joka Wild 10 orë më parë
Worst song by Nicki "petty" 😒
Jay Bowman
Jay Bowman 9 orë më parë
Sike btc it’s fire
Micah Danner
Micah Danner 10 orë më parë
I love Nicki but she shouldn't be hoping on every track she get its annoying we want a song from her ft someone
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 11 orë më parë
Nicki The GOAT
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 11 orë më parë
3, 078, 702
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 11 orë më parë
3, 078, 070
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão 12 orë më parë
3, 077, 381
Ivan Royal
Ivan Royal 12 orë më parë
'Period I love you nicki minaj
ryanjohnson_ imatellitlikeitis
ryanjohnson_ imatellitlikeitis 12 orë më parë
ALnets always blocks my comments when I say a song like this is weak ignorant and stupid. Money money money. Sex sex sex. Guns guns guns. And y'all just eat it up.
Uncle Ray
Uncle Ray 15 orë më parë
That hand me down bag verse got these chicks in they feelings
Abhijit Sardar
Abhijit Sardar 16 orë më parë
Every time every song every artist she just shines
Hawthorne 16 orë më parë
ngl the original sounds way catchier but the remix is really good.
Aia Oralbai
Aia Oralbai 18 orë më parë
Cesar Daniel Caceres Galeano
Cesar Daniel Caceres Galeano 18 orë më parë
Download music
Jayanna a
Jayanna a 19 orë më parë
okay but Nicki carried this. chile she made this her own song 🔥
Lindon Caesar Gaming
Lindon Caesar Gaming 19 orë më parë
Sorry cardi but Nicki the 🐐
Darline Calixto
Darline Calixto 19 orë më parë
Y’all heard that right “I hope one day we do a play date with Adanis” that’s her new baby name 😃
kaizoku-oudavis 19 orë më parë
Adonis is drakes babys name...
Linell Linell
Linell Linell 20 orë më parë
Nicki made the song better
Certified Freak
Certified Freak 20 orë më parë
BILL GATES 21 orë më parë
Word on the street Nikki so street but her husband snitched 🤔
Mom Mom
Mom Mom 22 orë më parë
After this verse I can see why the Barbz ride for her she killed the beat
Amerra 21 orë më parë
Period 🥳
RATGUTS 23 orë më parë
Jebus chrisssssssttt 💀🙌🏼
skii monae
skii monae 23 orë më parë
I’m here for the video 🥳
Jada Dickens
Jada Dickens 23 orë më parë
Nicki QUEEN 23 orë më parë
Keep streaming for stability
Ya Girl Sha
Ya Girl Sha Ditë më parë
Yall sleepin on Nicki tsk tsk tsk she ben fire since day 1️⃣
AM Ditë më parë
The “Hammy down bags” put the girls in a frenzy...
Just your average abrosexual
Just your average abrosexual Ditë më parë
His voice with Nicki’s.... MWAH, ITS SO GOOD
Darline Calixto
Darline Calixto Ditë më parë
So nobody talking about how fire this lyric video is 🔥
Darline Calixto
Darline Calixto Ditë më parë
“I told em Black Lives Matter, imma riot” this why we Stan the queen 👑
Darline Calixto
Darline Calixto Ditë më parë
Yo This is fire 🔥
Slurpie Splashy
Slurpie Splashy Ditë më parë
wtf is happening with covid 19 @nickiminaj lol congrulations on pregnancy
your mommm
your mommm Ditë më parë
this shit fireeee
Meela Jay
Meela Jay Ditë më parë
Nicki killed it
Doctor Lamya'a
Doctor Lamya'a Ditë më parë
Queen of rap 😫🤍🤍🤍🤍
lindsey Ditë më parë
nicki left no crumbs
chxapa apaxhc
chxapa apaxhc Ditë më parë
she came ate and left none for da ants !!!!!!! [i stole dat from @Robyn McSwain]
Edxz Ixmxil 22
Edxz Ixmxil 22 Ditë më parë
いぶき みおだ
いぶき みおだ Ditë më parë
colour 90
colour 90 Ditë më parë
Nooooooooooooo😂😂😂😂 wtf
Google Incognito
Google Incognito Ditë më parë
Stream Anaconda MV to 1 Billion views!
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania Ditë më parë
Miss Lulana
Miss Lulana Ditë më parë
She built the playground so the other female rappers could play in it ✨
Jessa Hart
Jessa Hart Ditë më parë
At 0:55 Nicki Minaj is talking about 6ix9ine he Snitched on his own click
Power100 Ditë më parë
🔥🔥🔥🔥 She killed this!!!!!
Galaxy_gacha_and_animation Ditë më parë
For personal reasons I’ve memorized this entire song
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Vote Jo Jorgensen for US president 2020!
Chachi Ditë më parë
DJD Blue
DJD Blue Ditë më parë
Yojoud Ditë më parë
The queen served
URARTU MUSIC Ditë më parë
Carol Kushner
Carol Kushner Ditë më parë
BJW Magazine Remixes
BJW Magazine Remixes Ditë më parë
Let’s see Cardi B hop on this
M.k G
M.k G Ditë më parë
Nikki ate that 🔥🔥
Queen’ Eyesis
Queen’ Eyesis Ditë më parë
We need a video 🥺🥺❤️😍😍😍😍
Aaliyah Janaè
Aaliyah Janaè Ditë më parë
barbz only stream nickis part!
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Ditë më parë
2, 939, 832
Rah upnext
Rah upnext Ditë më parë
this is fire
Teanna Jones
Teanna Jones Ditë më parë
The edit tho 🔥🔥
DIMA'S GARAGE Ditë më parë
I'll listen in a wheelbarrow, great topic. Отличный музон
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Ditë më parë
2, 937, 239
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Ditë më parë
2,936, 437
Moonlight W0lf
Moonlight W0lf Ditë më parë
I would like it more if she stop saying the n word
Neriah Williams
Neriah Williams Ditë më parë
Killie Will
Killie Will Ditë më parë
Killie Will
Killie Will 11 orë më parë
@Tazz Mania Ok mam. Thats ur opinion. Act like thats ur opinion and not facts. U must be one of those barbs. Sheesh i say my opinion and u act just like one of them
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 11 orë më parë
@Killie Will you hopped in a comment section with Nicki name talking bout finally she Spittin she been Spittin since her mixtape days foh
Killie Will
Killie Will 11 orë më parë
@Tazz Mania u hopped on my comment. U keep it movin
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 13 orë më parë
@Killie Will atp your just a hater keep it moving
Killie Will
Killie Will 18 orë më parë
Trash. Never send me a nikki song ever again.
Silvana Durão
Silvana Durão Ditë më parë
2, 931, 175
NICKI NICKI Ditë më parë
its the queen sleeze
Bradley Baber
Bradley Baber Ditë më parë
Omg she has grown up so fast
Mariah Brown
Mariah Brown Ditë më parë
Nicki killed it! ☝🏾but so did he
trealaf Jones
trealaf Jones Ditë më parë
Omg u mfs neeeeed Nikki lmaooo all u rappers ya need my bitch!!!! 🔥 her verse she dominate every song like its hers an this why I'm 4 ever Minaj fan bitshesssssssssssssssssssss👹😝
Wuntok Lual
Wuntok Lual Ditë më parë
The animation hit different
Adelison Soares
Adelison Soares Ditë më parë
She's the best Fact
Cristian Doncel
Cristian Doncel Ditë më parë
Tik tok
Kuron Vernon
Kuron Vernon Ditë më parë
The way she and drake became friends again because she gave his son a shoutout is epic!🙌🏾😭❤️
T-Rexx Ditë më parë
Only people who knew Sada Baby before this song can like.
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