Automatic Bullseye, MOVING DARTBOARD

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Mark Rober

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I have been working on this board for over 3 years. Super pumped to finally share it with all y'all.

Here is a link to some of the software we wrote:
0:08- I'm so- Andrew Applepie-
0:37- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday -
3:49- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
5:41- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
6:26- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-
Summary: I fulfilled a 3 year long dream to create a dartboard where you get a bullseye every time thanks to some engineering. Basically, you throw a dart and then a Vicon motion capture system tracks the dart in the air. We use those x,y,z positions in matlab to predict where the dart will land using some regression analysis. Once we know where it will land, we move the board to the right spot using 6 stepper motors that attach to the back of the board using fishing line. All of this happens in 400ms or so. Then we took it to a bar to see what people would think of it (SPOILER ALERT: they liked it)

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
FACEBOOK: MarkRoberALnets
TWITTER: #!/MarkRober
INSTAGRAM: markrober

Justin Oswald
Justin Oswald 4 orë më parë
Can I buy it
Abdelrahman Alkhatib
Abdelrahman Alkhatib 6 orë më parë
Mark: the dart board moves according to the direction of the bart and the motors move the way u want it to and the millisecond is half a second. Me: uh huh yep yep i understood
Random Things
Random Things 12 orë më parë
What I hear : blah blah blah
Foxy 15 orë më parë
“au naturale”
pow the cow
pow the cow 21 orë më parë
i love this guy, im mean whaaaaaa? .
T M G Ditë më parë
This thing will be op if I bet someone a 100dollar if he doesn't make it to the centre
Robotic Ditë më parë
The bullseye is not the highest you can get tho-
Jayan Patel
Jayan Patel Ditë më parë
Watch stuff made here he made volley ball version
Chickennanos Studios
Chickennanos Studios 2 ditë më parë
Anybody watching this at 9 years old when he is explaining what he do to make it: huh?!?!?!?!?
Seth Chastain :D
Seth Chastain :D 2 ditë më parë
Cool, mark!
Sad_starwarrs UwU
Sad_starwarrs UwU 2 ditë më parë
You should team up with mykull reeves
chicken .1
chicken .1 3 ditë më parë
he should make a basketball hoop that automatically gets you a goal by moving and stuff
hi im beta
hi im beta 3 ditë më parë
wasd 3 ditë më parë
3 years? For what?
Pro Bailey
Pro Bailey 3 ditë më parë
Hi Mark Robar
EthanDaKing 3 ditë më parë
2:43 "a raspberry pie, on Russian steroids" Mark Rober 2017
Breslin 3 ditë më parë
the thing he is saying is im bad at getting girls so im rich so im good at getting girls
Mr. Everything
Mr. Everything 3 ditë më parë
Thanos Has Snapped
Thanos Has Snapped 3 ditë më parë
Make a basketball board like this
divij N
divij N 3 ditë më parë
You took 3 years to make it ? I took 3 years to see this video
HardBreaker ψ
HardBreaker ψ 4 ditë më parë
how is my text dutch
น้องโปร-น้องปราบ ครับผม
น้องโปร-น้องปราบ ครับผม 4 ditë më parë
the guy say i used to suck at dart 🎯
BreeZe Ares
BreeZe Ares 4 ditë më parë
First time I’ve seen Y=MX+B In real life
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 4 ditë më parë
TenitZu Gaming
TenitZu Gaming 4 ditë më parë
I didnt understand a thing But i know its cool
Aditya Paranjpay
Aditya Paranjpay 5 ditë më parë
Me- sees this Also me - imagines if dude perfect uses this
McCoy Gaming
McCoy Gaming 5 ditë më parë
I am homeless
ImpulsiveThinking 5 ditë më parë
X-GhoulAssassin 5 ditë më parë
Good engineer but not so good quality ;_;
Videos can be Games
Videos can be Games 5 ditë më parë
Imagine owning all of this stuff
AFK Active
AFK Active 6 ditë më parë
My brain hurts after watching this
John Lillis
John Lillis 6 ditë më parë
Mark rober is a real life redstoner
BananaSpy 20
BananaSpy 20 6 ditë më parë
I wish I was good at literally anything
Sophia Akbar
Sophia Akbar 6 ditë më parë
That’s so cool
Nightyboy 7 ditë më parë
It took him 3 years to make this video but it took us 6 minutes to watch it
Esaias Snipe
Esaias Snipe 7 ditë më parë
Me explaining Minecraft 1 and 2's storyline and how they're connected. 4:22
Fresh Ops
Fresh Ops 7 ditë më parë
Is it just me or do you guys not understand anything he said
Hairy Salmon
Hairy Salmon 7 ditë më parë
4:20 what your grandpa thinks your saying when you teach him to use a phone edit: Just realized that somebody else commented something really similar. I did not copy him
Motion Playz
Motion Playz 7 ditë më parë
This guy is a better bill nye
Lincomics 7 ditë më parë
Ok ALnets i clicked on it pls free my family
Zoe Keener
Zoe Keener 7 ditë më parë
4:21 what your parents thought you learned from school
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 7 ditë më parë
The real challenge is too not get a bullsey!
Dragon 900
Dragon 900 7 ditë më parë
I call aimbot
Royale 8 ditë më parë
It would be better for triple 20
S4VAGE _BOI08 8 ditë më parë
The build makes my head hurt I'm really bad at math
Flynn Carter
Flynn Carter 8 ditë më parë
He shoulda made it auto-triple twenty....
jake allan
jake allan 8 ditë më parë
Mark Rober: gave up on making his own motion tracking system Stuff made here: PATHETIC
Ian M
Ian M 8 ditë më parë
The only time in life that we are actually going to use y = mx + b
Alexander Sharpe
Alexander Sharpe 8 ditë më parë
Stop being good at making content
Tacobellsucks97 8 ditë më parë
Is no one gonna talk about how this all fits in a 5 min vid
Luke Doesn’t laugh
Luke Doesn’t laugh 8 ditë më parë
I would still Miss
Vahagn Gyulnazaryan
Vahagn Gyulnazaryan 8 ditë më parë
He hurts me without touching me
Samuel Pittman
Samuel Pittman 9 ditë më parë
Russian steroids is vodka hahahah😂😂😂🤣🤣😂
d d
d d 9 ditë më parë
16,969,420 views lol
jasmine lee
jasmine lee 9 ditë më parë
did anyone understand anything he said
confuzzled 9 ditë më parë
He should throw a dart at it super hard and see if it can still get a bullseye
Recyclable Box
Recyclable Box 9 ditë më parë
Why does that guy look like the pog champ guy 5:30
Enoch Adegbola
Enoch Adegbola 9 ditë më parë
He made dart fun
Kanishk Gandhi
Kanishk Gandhi 9 ditë më parë
whos watching this after the mrbeast and Mark Rober elephant toothpaste vid
scar is cracked tho
scar is cracked tho 9 ditë më parë
Am i the only one who likes the science part?
jb0891 9 ditë më parë
and hes mumbo jumbo but real life
jb0891 9 ditë më parë
i love marks vids but all day after that im just like how
giluzan 9 ditë më parë
how did you virtualized the whole six camera to your pc? what program?
Cousin Crusaders
Cousin Crusaders 9 ditë më parë
Maybe a ping pong robot next?
test tubes
test tubes 10 ditë më parë
Stick a strong magnet behind the bullseye point and throw the dart it works (tried and tested)😂
Gagan Krishna
Gagan Krishna 10 ditë më parë
i dont even like science but this is great
Mr gamer
Mr gamer 10 ditë më parë
Do you want to bet you miss the next throw 😅
Itz_thatgachagurl 10 ditë më parë
i didnt understand anything he said when he was explaining it XD
noah Patrick Jenner fan
noah Patrick Jenner fan 10 ditë më parë
Building light
GG with V
GG with V 11 ditë më parë
My bran the hole video
Some Kiddo
Some Kiddo 11 ditë më parë
Sucks that bullseye is only worth 50 points.
Allen Zhang
Allen Zhang 11 ditë më parë
Mark im quiting science i learn soo much more here
Judy Guidry
Judy Guidry 11 ditë më parë
Do it again
Grayicicle 11 ditë më parë
😳😳 5:24
Funny fall guys moments and fails
Funny fall guys moments and fails 11 ditë më parë
Do u reckon that’s what dude perfect is using?????
Brody Hick
Brody Hick 11 ditë më parë
Didnt somebody do this with basket ball and also you cant actually win this because youll both bust and you cant hit a double soooooooooooooooooooo
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 11 ditë më parë
Mark could probably take over the world with those brains
Kony 2012
Kony 2012 12 ditë më parë
So, he sucks at darts, but good engineering, and good at cheating?
nkooutsider 12 ditë më parë
Watched the whole video with mom: Mom: So it will always hit the target? Me: Yea, but only because of the technology behind it, isn't that amazing?? Mom: But that's cheating... Me: I mean... it is if you're competing... Mom: Are you a doctor yet? Me: No...
SpecialRBLX 12 ditë më parë
Aim lock lol
Legendary Palidin
Legendary Palidin 12 ditë më parë
There are 30 Imposters among us
Daniel 007
Daniel 007 12 ditë më parë
Screaming Rowlet
Screaming Rowlet 12 ditë më parë
Mark's intro was essentially a "we are last meaning we are first" kind of thing
michal versluis
michal versluis 12 ditë më parë
LOL You actually think that pros aim at the bullseye
Rohaan Amjad
Rohaan Amjad 12 ditë më parë
brilliant bro
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 12 ditë më parë
I feel like there's a political analogy somewhere in this concept...
whaffleh 13 ditë më parë
4:26 easy enough
whaffleh 13 ditë më parë
you have a test on engineering. youre bad at doing tests, but you're good at engineering.. which means youre good at doing tests
5K subs without a video
5K subs without a video 13 ditë më parë
I’m bad at making friends, but I’m good at engineering, so..... *builds robotic friends* I’m actually really good at making friends
bala mahendra
bala mahendra 13 ditë më parë
This guy AMAZING
Caleb Retik
Caleb Retik 13 ditë më parë
matlab omg my dads work friend invented that
Jaxon Cumberworth
Jaxon Cumberworth 13 ditë më parë
so cool
zenon ramos
zenon ramos 13 ditë më parë
Theghost isin87
Theghost isin87 14 ditë më parë
When Mark is taking about the system my mind is just 🤯
matthew luischan
matthew luischan 14 ditë më parë
I cant believe this is the same guy who made a american ninja warrior obstacle for squirrels
Ryan Tuscano
Ryan Tuscano 14 ditë më parë
What if you throw both the darts at the same time
Perry Zheng
Perry Zheng 14 ditë më parë
aimbot irl
Joseph Staaf
Joseph Staaf 14 ditë më parë
Big fan of mark, love the ideas, but would not be surprised even slightly if it turned out he was a serial killer. Like the if "mechanical advantage massacrer" or the "pythagorean prowler" ever strikes terror in the country, its almost assuredly him.
Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl 14 ditë më parë
5:22 wedgie
DuMb dUmB wErIDo
DuMb dUmB wErIDo 14 ditë më parë
Hes worked on this for over 3 years and this is one of his less popular videos, it still has millions of views but that's almost 2, 3, or sometimes 4 times less than the views he has on other videos, his liquid sand hot tub video got 71 million views, so thats 4 times more views, pretty crazy
BIFF BREEN 14 ditë më parë
WOW i did not know a thing you where saying
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