Biden Gets to Work Undoing Trump’s Damage: A Closer Look

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Seth takes a closer look at Joe Biden working to clean up the mess left by Donald Trump on his first full day as president, making Republicans lose their minds.
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Biden Gets to Work Undoing Trump’s Damage: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Michel Hamelin
Michel Hamelin 4 ditë më parë
🎁 na scar fashions killlas
Michel Hamelin
Michel Hamelin 4 ditë më parë
Xannnex oranges with tranxxxx
Michel Hamelin
Michel Hamelin 4 ditë më parë
Bring better Internet new pack 3 4 and 5 g for carribiean first for a tour bitchessaz
Kaini Gwon
Kaini Gwon 19 ditë më parë
06:43 A guy who has One Solid Coat, and That's IT!!!!
combivan 20 ditë më parë
Americans don't have much to choose from, do they?
Tennessee wiskey
Tennessee wiskey 21 ditë më parë
Yep that's going to take 8 yrs to clean up trump president Biden get ready for a secord term...
Michelle Rodarte
Michelle Rodarte 22 ditë më parë
Dude you need to wake up you are sick
Thomas Labat
Thomas Labat 22 ditë më parë
Well, I'm from Paris, so : thank you Pittsburgh !
Marit Evans
Marit Evans 24 ditë më parë
Wow who have you been listening to the last 4 yrs? They must be paying you well, hope you can still sleep.
Carey Kalupson
Carey Kalupson 25 ditë më parë
As a bone fide Pittsburgh native, I have to say Kudos!! Kudos on your "burghese"!!
Leah Williams
Leah Williams 29 ditë më parë
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Prabhu s
Prabhu s 29 ditë më parë
U guys should be shamless because biden hes just sell ur country to the ccp and making america a defenceless weak
L 29 ditë më parë
Just look at Fauci’s smile, it’s great to see it.
Rolan Shun
Rolan Shun Muaj më parë
Looks like Biden has done a lot more already than the previous guy.
Christin Kevin
Christin Kevin Muaj më parë
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Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones Muaj më parë
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Dotti McAfee
Dotti McAfee Muaj më parë
SouthFloridaThrifter Scryndi
SouthFloridaThrifter Scryndi Muaj më parë
Susan Cruisin
Susan Cruisin Muaj më parë
The people must vote blue in 22 and remove the cancer from our government.
Vivian Phillips
Vivian Phillips Muaj më parë
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Cody Li
Cody Li Muaj më parë
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Matthew Manokhina-Gallegos
Matthew Manokhina-Gallegos Muaj më parë
Don't worry about wild fires. They have a zero sum carbon footprint. It will just take 10 years to regrow the carbon in the forests.
Sheri Johnson
Sheri Johnson Muaj më parë
I love Seth Meyers and his Closer Look. I get my biggest laughs of the day from watching. Thanks, Seth.
Roger Helton
Roger Helton Muaj më parë
He ain't got rid of everything he ain't got rid of you I really used to think you were funny
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro Muaj më parë
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Dr Dtv
Dr Dtv Muaj më parë
I don't know what's worse the mob and instigation of their hate or the GOP's denial and lack of accountability of the whole thing...
Dr Dtv
Dr Dtv Muaj më parë
Hillary called trump Putin's puppet and his followers deplorables back then. She wasn't just throwing out insults, she was stating facts.
knight sword
knight sword Muaj më parë
Bro can't even put a pen away. USA is screwed lol
What would Scooby-do
What would Scooby-do Muaj më parë
"Listen up, kid. I don't like you, but because some town in Switzerland says so, you have rights." - Dwight Shrute.
David Brashears
David Brashears Muaj më parë
In one week Biden has caused more damage than any other president in history. I don't watch a bunch of idiots like this guy, just on ALnets. I guess he's one of the ones that believe in scientists and not in the lord like AOC antichrist. Keep it up life's short eternity is forever.
Raymond Rocco
Raymond Rocco Muaj më parë
Trump Best President Ever !!!!!!!! End of Story !!!
Flummoxed Marmoset
Flummoxed Marmoset Muaj më parë
Presumably all these orders pissed Trump and all the Trumpfluffers off. Why do I want to giggle hysterically?
shruti khandelwal
shruti khandelwal Muaj më parë
I don't know about their minds, but the Republicans have definitely lost their dignity.
Bobby Mcgee
Bobby Mcgee Muaj më parë
The bewildered pancake steadily memorise because moat exclusively scare circa a easy mattock. roasted, frantic bronze
geddoe316 Muaj më parë
what damage? we're all still here, acting like whiny babies.
Loretta Fudge
Loretta Fudge Muaj më parë
... always wondered why you were a Steelers fan.
trump supporter
trump supporter Muaj më parë
what damage? oh you mean the vaccines 5 years early or having 11,000 people laid off with a swipe of pen...we patriots are laughing
Kevin Ten Kate
Kevin Ten Kate Muaj më parë
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Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro Muaj më parë
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108 Buddhas
108 Buddhas Muaj më parë
it is not about republican or democrat,that is the illusion ! This is the duality that creates the schism in this country! I wish people would stop labeling themselves which limits the way we think. Why does it always have to be us against them!
Blue fka Tiff F
Blue fka Tiff F Muaj më parë
Good old “lie faster than news can fact check” Karl Rove......
Rain On Your Parade
Rain On Your Parade Muaj më parë
omg you should just jeep saying predecessor instead if tr*mp
The Dude
The Dude Muaj më parë
Democrats are just the worse people.
Think King
Think King Muaj më parë
WTHI GO - Whit Go
Kerri Sprague
Kerri Sprague Muaj më parë
That's what my Mom pointed out to me. But yet, Republicans sure want to blame everything on DEMOCRATS.
DiMiTri NaNdov
DiMiTri NaNdov Muaj më parë
Oh please, stop fawning over this demented war criminal. He's not a cool grandpa he is the architect of mass incarceration and keeping medicare for all and 2k checks from the people. He is a puppet for the healt industry that funded his campaign. He should be in jail for warcrimes. So should Trump and Obama
Turney Minyard
Turney Minyard Muaj më parë
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Hanh Lam
Hanh Lam Muaj më parë
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Tarren Renn
Tarren Renn Muaj më parë
I can imagine Trump's vaccine distribution plan looking like something from Wiley Coyote for catching the Road Runner.
Kathleen Wacker
Kathleen Wacker Muaj më parë
Everyone please remember how cheap gas prices were... they will be back to sky-high prices like back when Obama was president. 👍🏼
FractalPrism Muaj më parë
stop trying to copy other hosts who actually understand humor you're terrible @ it. esp since you just rip off their specific style and timing....................................
William Girard
William Girard Muaj më parë
Just because the word "Paris" appears doesn't mean that is about Paris. Raphael Cruz is piece of garbage. Where do you get "Ted" from Raphael? Like seriously, could you be any more embarrassed to be a son of a Latino immigrant?
Amy Semarge
Amy Semarge Muaj më parë
Jagoff!!! Love it!! Proud to be from the 'Burg ❤!!!! it!!!!
Matthew Aspros
Matthew Aspros Muaj më parë
Hey Seth, you got some Biden gunk on your lips
M V Muaj më parë
Is Mexico still gonna pay for that damn so called wall or will we American taxpayers have to eat the cost
daveyshambles01 Muaj më parë
I think Fox News should be held accountable for inciting stupidity during the whole Trump presidency or just be prosecuted along with Trump for helping to push his racist bigoted agenda and helping him profit from Americans...
ran away
ran away Muaj më parë
God Save us all from these late night wanna be entertainers who think they are now seasoned politicians who don't have a clue about American policies . Seth here's the real truth and shut your ignorant lying mouth up Reinstating the Paris Climate Accord, which studies suggest will cost millions of U.S. jobs, will significantly harm the US energy sector, and gives a pass to the major polluters of the world, including China. We got out of this tragedy and what I just posted is the real reason ..
robert caldwell
robert caldwell Muaj më parë
Looks like they got the chicken grease out of the top of the Resolute Desk. Awesome...
catalina reed
catalina reed Muaj më parë
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evilbrian94 Muaj më parë
the worst economy since the Great Depression well the economy was better than it ever was before until the pandemic happen but somehow the virus and everything I happened because of it is Trump's fault yeah that makes sense
Debbie Dalley
Debbie Dalley Muaj më parë
Fox should be taken off the air, they do more damage than good. They are just as responsible for Jan 6 as Trump is.
Tennessee wiskey
Tennessee wiskey Muaj më parë
I know president Biden have a lot of mess he has to clean up behime,,,Don the massave con clean up is going to take at least 8 yrs to clean up dump mess so I guess its going to take another 4 yrs to do that.. lazy.ass planind the president didn't do a damn thing but play golf a lot of golf on taxpayers money......
Aqua Jackal
Aqua Jackal Muaj më parë
"now why don't you and your noodle arms go play some more minecraft." Me, playing Minecraft Right Now:
Tr4newreck Muaj më parë
so the dems own both houses and the presidency, this will be a test of who truly runs your country, the people or the donor class... the democrats have power to take action on core issues, like global warming, taxes on the wealthy, tax reform, lending industry reform, banking reform, etc. watch how little gets done.
Rachel Gallagher
Rachel Gallagher Muaj më parë
So nice to have a president who acts like a human being ✌♥️ from Montana
joseph ballek
joseph ballek Muaj më parë
You mean the damage done by BLM and antifa. Because of mainly the democratic party, mostly because of Pelosi.
J Brown
J Brown Muaj më parë
How many people were laid off due to stopping the Keystone pipeline?
Superslice28 Magee
Superslice28 Magee Muaj më parë
What is our society going to do about Rupert Murdock? He is ruining our country and the world! He needs to b held accountable for all of the lies.
darklightimages Muaj më parë
Didn't he just close the keystones pipeline causing thousands of American people to become jobless? Didnt he also sign a federal mask mandate and then immediately break his own mask mandate? Didnt he and several Democrat politicians force several thousand national guardsmen to sleep in a empty parking garage ?
please Muaj më parë
The writing and research on this show is unparalleled
Fluxuate X
Fluxuate X Muaj më parë
The racial fact philly back because handball biologically record inside a dreary powder. necessary, jazzy bit
LENEND Muaj më parë
Karla Allen
Karla Allen Muaj më parë
Ted Cruz is only one stupid Repubnuts in Congress. Didn't he go to Russia with Trump after Trump was elected? Who were the rest? Are they the ones who oppose the impeachment? What does Putie have on all of them? How much money change hands? Dump and his cronies have done their best to destroy our country.
o Muaj më parë
tony b
tony b Muaj më parë
Carrot Top is a beautiful, funny man.
Krutselno Muaj më parë
I don't think Ted Cruz is really that dumb regarding The Paris Agreement, but his voters sure are.. He doesn't care about being ridiculed, he sucked up to Trump after he called his wife ugly, he only cares about his dumbass voters..
Paul Mathias
Paul Mathias Muaj më parë
Ketchup Icing. Just brilliant. ‎‎The title of Tony Schwartz‎ 's next book...
danny lin
danny lin Muaj më parë
The infamous sardine jelly compare because nation alternatively unite than a tiresome laugh. macho, straight lock
Archie Stiglitz
Archie Stiglitz Muaj më parë
Seth clearly hasn't been to Montmartre
Gregor Samsa
Gregor Samsa Muaj më parë
It should've been Bernie
Laine T
Laine T Muaj më parë
“Tony the Fouch” I love it,
CptMcquacken Muaj më parë
What damage? Just speaking from a level headed stance here. What damage did he cause? If republican policies are damage then that means democrats believe their political views are superior and after the last four years, hearing Trumps presidency reduced to "Damage" makes me worry about the stability of our political system. God fearing people who feel the border needs to be a priority for multiple reasons, that our children should not be exposed to sexuality much less being instructed on what is moral based on the views of the school system, that abortion should not be funded by insurance when there are real diseases that aren't covered by insurance and being against the removal of God and Christianity shouldn't be ab normalized. I just cant anymore man, I can't watch crazy take over better sensibilities. I can't believe the media and the Democratic party and be as hypocritical as they have been.
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig Muaj më parë
You're like an internet rumour throwing up.
Mikel Kautzer
Mikel Kautzer Muaj më parë
Joshua Waldorf
Joshua Waldorf Muaj më parë
So far he's done nothing but sh*t. Everyone is beginning to turn on him. Thank the Lord.
Samuel Phippen
Samuel Phippen Muaj më parë
Gerard de Souza
Gerard de Souza Muaj më parë
" microwaved Aquaman Funko Pop."? WHAT? LOL!
Sonia Clark
Sonia Clark Muaj më parë
Love the Bernie winter coat the no Covid vaccine plan...awesomely funny! It feels good to finally be able to laugh for real! Oh Sean Hannity, you are an idiot! Carl Rowe should move out to another country already! Seth as usual, Right on!
Mark Demoto
Mark Demoto Muaj më parë
His Dad is from there? My point exactly. This guy must have had a miserable relationship with his father. Hope snuggling up to a camera keeps his feeling all soft and fuzzy inside. Dr. Fauci has also fallen in love with his own face on the camera.
murfbass Muaj më parë
Biden has inherited 2 of the 3 worst economies in US history. All 3 of which were left by Republican governments.
rd264 Muaj më parë
al these liberals. whose fawlt is everything? what the heck is going on? its the Leftists AGAIN! most of them read books. Donut TRUST DA LEFT!
Pennie Tiell
Pennie Tiell Muaj më parë
The scientific ex-husband intrinsically knot because giant emotionally wonder for a alert ornament. towering, adorable corn
Bowzer The Dog
Bowzer The Dog Muaj më parë
Blah, blah, blah.....You people are like kids in high school, better be “woke” or you can’t hang with the cool kids. Seth Meyers is such a lemming....
Sam Muaj më parë
Care to talk about his invasion of Syria just a day after stealing the presidency? no? didn't think so. I used to find this guy funny, now I've realized he is just a leftist puppet.
terence nelson
terence nelson Muaj më parë
And Republicans trying to see if they can save Trump so he can run 2025 for not impeaching him! Republicans up to their old tricks ,oh by the way Trump had a healthcare it's called (trump don't care)
Trish Sullivan
Trish Sullivan Muaj më parë
Democrats are the party of HATE & fascism
Trish Sullivan
Trish Sullivan Muaj më parë
@Stephen Craig Not surprising that the fascist keep deleting my reply. You have had the military wings of your party march through the streets for the past 9 months to murder, assault & destroy their homes & businesses _act of fascism You have smeared & literally prosecuted your political opponents _act of fascism You control all media & forms of communication & silence political dissent ___act of fascism You are now putting a bill forward making politcial dissent illegal & grounds for arrest ___act of fascism Fascist throughout history have been far left socialist & communist that unite government & big business against the people. Democrats have doxxed conservatives, removed their right to earn a living, removed all social media accounts from them to destroy them ____acts of fascism Use election fraud to stay in power ____act of fascist Every bill passed by the communist democrats mimics verbatim Marx communist manifesto & 10 steps into communism The end goal of Marx was communism. #1 Abolishing property ownership *AOC & squad has already called for it #2 Heavy progressive income tax. #3 Abolish inheritance wealth * AOC has called for it & Biden is taxing upon death in his plan # 4 Confiscate all property of political dissidents * All democrats call for doxxing & destroying the lives of conservatives including Keith Olbermann Chris Hayes, Robert Reich, Maxine Watters, Michael Moore, Rashida Tlaib etc etc #5 All communication through the state
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig Muaj më parë
@Trish Sullivan Trumps rigged election lie being believed is just bizarre. All the courts in the land didn't buy it, including many Republican and the Supreme court yet people still believe it. Trump is a "billionare" New York shyster who can't cut a break in his home town now. I know you love him but you can't trust the guy, just ask all those who stormed the Capitol.
Trish Sullivan
Trish Sullivan Muaj më parë
@Stephen Craig Trump won in a landslide. The communist democrats brought 3rd world ideology & stolen elections to the U.S.
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig Muaj më parë
@Trish Sullivan lm aware of America's shameful history. Trump was as well and knew what buttons to press. America has changed though, that's why he's a one term President.
Trish Sullivan
Trish Sullivan Muaj më parë
@Stephen Craig Wrong! Democrats the party of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, against the Civil Rights Bill, BLM & Antifa. Same party of HATE for humdreds of years
Iggy Moyano Jr
Iggy Moyano Jr Muaj më parë
Love it! Just what America needed! THANK GOD ;) !🇱🇷
Brandon Bohrer
Brandon Bohrer Muaj më parë
Love the Pittsburgh representation. (The Paris of Appalachia, btw)
North Star
North Star Muaj më parë
“Meet you down at Mickey’s! Next round of vaccines are on tony de Fauc”
mike t
mike t Muaj më parë
biden is xenophobic for his travel bans. what a racist
sfdfsa fsdf
sfdfsa fsdf Muaj më parë
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