Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen

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Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen. This might even be more INSANE than manhunt.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Hitmen. This video there are THREE hunters/hitmen instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to survive for 60 minutes, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from surviving. They can see me through walls, and the world is small. It's a chase, a race, and it's super intense. A lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen

Dream 11 ditë më parë
Check out my new Merch website: www.dream.shop Hope you guys enjoy this new concept :)
*-Logic-* *-uwu-*
*-Logic-* *-uwu-* 4 ditë më parë
We all enjoyed the the content! Now you inspired Us. Bye!! Sincerely,*-Logic-*
VAIBHAV DAGA 9 ditë më parë
I loved it !!!!
ValEliza Tan
ValEliza Tan 10 ditë më parë
Dale Turner
Dale Turner 11 ditë më parë
I'm hyped
Frank Roma
Frank Roma 11 ditë më parë
So knew
Shnört .
Shnört . 2 orë më parë
Every time dream says oh my gosh, I feel like he is someone from mean girls or something lol
Ceso's Lego Tutorials
Ceso's Lego Tutorials 2 orë më parë
Ceso's Lego Tutorials
Ceso's Lego Tutorials 2 orë më parë
Oh no
Archean 2 orë më parë
you cannot stop the ticking of the clock *It marches ever onward*
Ceso's Lego Tutorials
Ceso's Lego Tutorials 2 orë më parë
You will die but I want you to win
Ceso's Lego Tutorials
Ceso's Lego Tutorials 2 orë më parë
What are you doing there is no water you will die
Heather Draper
Heather Draper 2 orë më parë
Dream you play Minecraft 😀
Amins Eldirawi
Amins Eldirawi 2 orë më parë
Dream: Is corned by everyone on top of a tower. Me: Aw man how is he gonna get out of this one? Dream: Proceeds to start flying with a boat
xavier tan
xavier tan 2 orë më parë
The most entertaining 40mins of my life
Dental Floss
Dental Floss 2 orë më parë
35:10 just got unus annus flashbacks
justin ramkissoon
justin ramkissoon 2 orë më parë
you are a pro
Rolando Cueva
Rolando Cueva 2 orë më parë
I would have hidden underground so they can’t find me 😈
Llama Boy76
Llama Boy76 2 orë më parë
Rolando Cueva
Rolando Cueva 2 orë më parë
0:15 nope, I ain’t subscribing bruh
MR.TIR. YT 2 orë më parë
13:03 is awsome🤣🤣
Đạt Khưu Tấn
Đạt Khưu Tấn 2 orë më parë
Jack Sherman
Jack Sherman 2 orë më parë
I really avoided looking at how long the video was to avoid spoiling it for myself the entire video right up till there was 5 muinutes left and my mom asked me how much time was left in my video and I instinctively told her and spoiled it 😕
SUSHI YUKI 2 orë më parë
Spoiler alert: video is only 40min long
Dinh Nha
Dinh Nha 3 orë më parë
I love u girl
Vi G2HR 3 orë më parë
i thought Dream might do something with the hay bales at the end there, but ngl...i did not see it coming when he did use it...so slick!!
Luma1607 Wes
Luma1607 Wes 3 orë më parë
We have you 3 to 1 Dream: I like those odds
WeTeRaN SO2 3 orë më parë
Русские есть?
Karla Stocks
Karla Stocks 3 orë më parë
The sleeves were god start if only you got into the blacksmith😃😃😃
Yoshiake PH
Yoshiake PH 3 orë më parë
Badboyhalo is said "I CAN'T KILL HIM, HE HAS BREAADDD!" as if bread is a weapon of mass destruction hahhaha
Mohammed Abdul moid adnan
Mohammed Abdul moid adnan 3 orë më parë
Dream's vocabulary: oh my gosh
hen ko
hen ko 3 orë më parë
2:37 you know it’s over when he has the boat
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores 3 orë më parë
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 3 orë më parë
38:00 Wouldn't it have been smarter to just throw the enderpearl somewhere else while the others were also towering up? I mean from that height he could've thrown it pretty far and it would've taken them ages to get back down.
hen ko
hen ko 3 orë më parë
Should have made a bed
Lucas Pascoli
Lucas Pascoli 3 orë më parë
there is one word to look at this video drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeam
Lucas Pascoli
Lucas Pascoli 3 orë më parë
dream is so cluch its fu**ing amazing
Alexis R
Alexis R 4 orë më parë
Dream continue this
BarnyDaDino _
BarnyDaDino _ 4 orë më parë
John Wick: I fear no man, but that...THING...it scares me...
No Thung
No Thung 4 orë më parë
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 4 orë më parë
plot twist : video was supposed to be 4 hunters but antfrost just went mining
afk luke
afk luke 4 orë më parë
1 week 18m views wow wtf
뭔디고 4 orë më parë
13:00 39:15
How To Apps
How To Apps 4 orë më parë
the biggest enemy here is food source
Skaroy Banquets
Skaroy Banquets 4 orë më parë
Lynn Mcalexander
Lynn Mcalexander 4 orë më parë
Jodi 2000
Jodi 2000 4 orë më parë
This is way more stressful than Manhunt.............because it is just continous stress for 40 minutes straight
Lyra Whitemore
Lyra Whitemore 4 orë më parë
It takes dream a week to get 18 mil views
Clement Clement
Clement Clement 4 orë më parë
Mr beast is gonna giveee
Guren Ichinose
Guren Ichinose 4 orë më parë
Should have made a bed
GUNDHAM TANAKA 4 orë më parë
2:37 *you know it’s over when he has the boat*
Руслан Колесников
Руслан Колесников 4 orë më parë
You're the top blogger in the world.
Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins 4 orë më parë
Think I can kill him....he has BReaD
Guren Ichinose
Guren Ichinose 4 orë më parë
Nice concept bruh
Alastair 4 orë më parë
What's the music at 13:07 ?
Lurkingphantasm 5 orë më parë
This video is cursed it’s 40 minutes long and he has 1 hour to survive.
Meet Bokhiria
Meet Bokhiria 5 orë më parë
Haven't seen anyone comment it but at 1:44 theres a pink sheep
The Prophet Shu'aib
The Prophet Shu'aib 5 orë më parë
See, its different cause they're hitmen
SAMANDAR IKROMOV 5 orë më parë
Dream playing
Собиржон Рахмонов
Собиржон Рахмонов 5 orë më parë
wtf moments
Luke Qualkenbush
Luke Qualkenbush 5 orë më parë
"here take a stone hoe thanks, Wait seriously!!!
Va Nhan
Va Nhan 5 orë më parë
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
SurvalistGamer 6 orë më parë
somebody said in the chat that dream sucks and that teachno is better
rami pro
rami pro 6 orë më parë
Shinji Ponce
Shinji Ponce 6 orë më parë
do face reavel
Kwil 6 orë më parë
skin tone chicken bone no home flip phone disowned ice cream cone extra chromosome metronome
Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams 6 orë më parë
Who thinks dream should do a minecraft survivalist vs 4 hitmen? | V
Leo Hauger Delbekk
Leo Hauger Delbekk 6 orë më parë
next time do it in an AMPLIFIED world plzzz
Ayato Sakamaki
Ayato Sakamaki 6 orë më parë
"*HE'S GETTING FOOOOOOD*" me :- ah yes... A delicacy from where I am 😁
clorox leech
clorox leech 7 orë më parë
nimrods 😭😭
Jahawk 44
Jahawk 44 7 orë më parë
Dream when someone beats the speed record Guess im a Survivalist now
Lilluke Yt
Lilluke Yt 7 orë më parë
This is the same as manhunt
•ii Annika•
•ii Annika• 7 orë më parë
the worst part is hes lime/yellow green/light green which means hes easy to see
Salamander Sam
Salamander Sam 7 orë më parë
This is such a good concept, I love it, please continue this as a series
4 life Bacon
4 life Bacon 7 orë më parë
39:33 imagine he fall of the boat right there ...
Rishit Chirania
Rishit Chirania 7 orë më parë
Who else knew what he was going to do with the boat because of his later videos?
Arad Abevardi
Arad Abevardi 7 orë më parë
Doctor: you only have 27 minutes Me: At least I have time to watch Dream
The One And Only zeeentos
The One And Only zeeentos 7 orë më parë
OH MY GOSH me: please god no stop it don't say it again
FishyBeetroot 7 orë më parë
No one gonna mention the teleport at 27:47 where the timer doesn’t move?
Symphony Kingdom
Symphony Kingdom 6 orë më parë
No, because he didn’t cut, you probably think it’s that because he was constantly switching between 1st person and 3rd person point of view.
Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore 7 orë më parë
Bro this is in fare it’s time for you to get 100 people with the dream skin and names turned off you have to beat the game
Polish Cow
Polish Cow 7 orë më parë
Dream: **makes bread** Others: *He's unstoppable.* Soldier: meggot.
trabelsi baldi
trabelsi baldi 7 orë më parë
BeatMusic 8 orë më parë
I was actually hoping that the hunters will win :/
Reuben Doran
Reuben Doran 8 orë më parë
I can't kill him he's got bread!!!!
Vishal Parwani
Vishal Parwani 8 orë më parë
hey Dream! you got the world record!!! (18million views in one week) soooo cooooollll
Donut power
Donut power 8 orë më parë
Wow dream every time you surprise me with your skills! When i’m like oh now he’s dead he has nowhere to go dream is like fly boat, FLY!
Music Central
Music Central 8 orë më parë
Everyone prepare for the rematch and then the never-ending series
Crisanta Longjas
Crisanta Longjas 8 orë më parë
Oh my word holy flip 100000000iq bra
kropal 8 orë më parë
O..... M..... G.....
PotatoBoys 243
PotatoBoys 243 8 orë më parë
Dream is the smartest
MythicSock 9
MythicSock 9 8 orë më parë
Well, u can see helost
Wongywoo :3
Wongywoo :3 8 orë më parë
Good Gamer
Good Gamer 8 orë më parë
2:33 why did u have glowing II?
roky.r 1
roky.r 1 8 orë më parë
tcg flares
tcg flares 8 orë më parë
Goohan HG
Goohan HG 8 orë më parë
wow Like!
Mr. Willy
Mr. Willy 8 orë më parë
22:44 i thought dream was gonna die but then i realized its Dream😎
PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile 9 orë më parë
2pro vs 3 hitmen
ML Queen
ML Queen 9 orë më parë
Fudge: 30:13
Lewizm 9 orë më parë
The percentages add up to 100.1% :/
David Santiago
David Santiago 9 orë më parë
yo what is that ending soundtrack tho its insane
Duu Hat
Duu Hat 9 orë më parë
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.
One Two
One Two 9 orë më parë
Ahhhhh fuch 30:09 and 36:32
Pewds Cools
Pewds Cools 9 orë më parë
Harrys Kristanto
Harrys Kristanto 9 orë më parë
The Real Minecraft God Ia You Dream
nepzski 9 orë më parë
mr beast man
Tommy DaPro1
Tommy DaPro1 9 orë më parë
Never thought shears would be really useful
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