Harloween: The Haunting Of Hinsdale House Part 1

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Stephanie Harlowe

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Jessica Leser
Jessica Leser 22 orë më parë
I can't hear about a boy disappearing in a field without thinking about Lars Matink 😞
Tory Johnston
Tory Johnston Ditë më parë
I don’t believe in ghosts, but I love hearing about them.
Harlyn Royce
Harlyn Royce 2 ditë më parë
Real content starts around 6:36
earth skinn
earth skinn 2 ditë më parë
Off topic but I would love to see you do a deep dive on the Clinton kill list. “Allegedly”
Bonnie Enright
Bonnie Enright 4 ditë më parë
Richard sabo
Richard sabo 4 ditë më parë
Do you know what the Ace of spades means when read as a tarot card?? I looked at my deck as soon as you said about it: "The rapiers warn us against assaults which threaten and will occur sooner or later." And then boom they are attacked and burned!
Sharaina Menerey
Sharaina Menerey 5 ditë më parë
I'm so glad I'm finally having time to catch up on your videos🖤❤🤍
Cara Copland
Cara Copland 5 ditë më parë
Hairs bloody beautiful doll... Takes a decade off you. Not that you need it AT ALL! Consider the water situ B4 you move! - if a few took a bucket or joined hoses- problem solved. Could any of the children noticed father's unhappiness and the mother struggling and began acting out? Sorry, clearly the vet thought there was some issues... Don't stone the witch, am just saying.
L Rivers
L Rivers 5 ditë më parë
Why don't you have more subscribers?? It makes me legitimately annoyed! Newly discovered you but I am working my way through your backlog. ^_^
L Rivers
L Rivers 5 ditë më parë
@Stephanie Harlowe Aaaaaaah! Awesome creator Stephanie replied to me ^_^ *does a little dance*. Your H H Holmes was superb, by the way. Fan.Tas.Tic. I've always been way too obsessed with this kind of stuff, and now I have got so much awesomeness to watch... *thank you*!
Stephanie Harlowe
Stephanie Harlowe 5 ditë më parë
Thank you so much!!
Miriam Cooper
Miriam Cooper 5 ditë më parë
This sounds a lot like amityville.
parel pegler
parel pegler 5 ditë më parë
I'm so invested in this😱. I'm like ans then? What happened omg🥺
Matthew Tricarico
Matthew Tricarico 6 ditë më parë
Your paper falling sound effect.....perfection
Becca Kennedy
Becca Kennedy 8 ditë më parë
Love how my cat starts staring at something that I can’t see while I watch this 🙃
Becca Kennedy
Becca Kennedy 8 ditë më parë
Omg this reminds me of this one time my house totally lit up with this super bright light, it was only for a second but my dad said as it happened he saw something fly past the window, we’re still not sure what it was
James Fox
James Fox 8 ditë më parë
What is a woodchuck?
Jennifer Castaneda
Jennifer Castaneda 9 ditë më parë
You didn't link the other ALnets channel 😭.
Nicolette A File
Nicolette A File 9 ditë më parë
You are so wonderful Stephanie. Thank you for all your hard work. You make my day brighter. I love that you're so empathetic but you still love the dark stuff, kindred spirits.
coreth . s
coreth . s 10 ditë më parë
I might have had a heart attack around 28 times during this video.
michelle odonnell
michelle odonnell 10 ditë më parë
love a good ghost story great job Stephaine looking forward to part two ,you should read out books for audabile your a amazing story teller i could listen to you tell me story's all day keep up the good work love from bonnie Scotland xxx
Babygirl 10 ditë më parë
Maybe this is dumb... but instead of the whole family trekking through the snow to carry heavy buckets of icy water-why didn’t they just bring in buckets of snow right in the yard? Can’t take that much longer to heat up snow than icy water, right? Am I nuts?
Matthew Tricarico
Matthew Tricarico 6 ditë më parë
Makes sense. Maybe melting down snow doesn’t yield as much water per ounce or something. You’d think the well would be frozen too....I dunno tho good question
alexandra 10 ditë më parë
This has strong Hill House vibes
Katnkits 10 ditë më parë
Has anyone ever said you look like Julie Newmar (Catwoman from Batman tv show)? I’ve been enjoying your videos.
Ashleigh Carr
Ashleigh Carr 11 ditë më parë
I was like I live near a hinsdale it cant be the same one....in NY 🤦‍♀️
Nunya Biddies
Nunya Biddies 11 ditë më parë
So eerie I've never heard this.
Raquel Lucas
Raquel Lucas 12 ditë më parë
After living on a haunted house, your doing a great job!
Monica Hall
Monica Hall 13 ditë më parë
If I hear creepy monk ghosts up in the hills, I’m def never taking my young children and their friend there. I’m never going back. That may be considered an invitation of sorts. In fact the number of times these people ignored warnings is troubling. Seeing creepy eyes in the tree means back up, go inside and stay there. Just time and time again, trust your gut.
Violet 14 ditë më parë
OMG I have been to the state of New York and now you tell me it is a big Indian Burial Ground, creepy. Never going there again.
Keith M
Keith M 14 ditë më parë
Holy balls
Lucy Painter
Lucy Painter 14 ditë më parë
I know I’m late but I am not sleeping tonight xxx
Margaret Curtis
Margaret Curtis 14 ditë më parë
Where was the husband?
Maria Mesiti
Maria Mesiti 15 ditë më parë
I’m in Rochester and everything you said couldn’t be more true!
FeloniousAngel 16 ditë më parë
oh, you're from Rochester! I'm in Buffalo. We are kindred. lol
Néstor Tomaselli
Néstor Tomaselli 16 ditë më parë
Why didn’t these folks move upon the first set of hauntings??
1stepcl0ser 17 ditë më parë
i dont believe in god at all and i dont think much of religions BUT i so believe in spirits and ghosts.. it creeps me out tho lol
Vanity & Beyond
Vanity & Beyond 17 ditë më parë
What spirit was hunting her home, Candy Man lol🤔.. bee problem and honey dripping from the walls?? Sounds like Candy Man to me.
Cassidy Florencio
Cassidy Florencio 18 ditë më parë
"I found it to be creepy A. F." is my favorite quote form any of your videos, ever.
Anntesha Chesterton
Anntesha Chesterton 18 ditë më parë
Stephanie I don't know if you'll read this, but I found your page last week and was automatically addicted! I've been beinge watching all of your videos. The way you are able to make any topic interesting is such a gift. You are an amazing storyteller and I can tell you put a lot of work into researching and sharing your knowledge with the world. You inspire me! I just wanted to let you know as long as you continue to make videos I'll continue to watch them and forever be a supporter. Thank you for gifting the world with your videos. Oh and my favorite videos are the long ones that have multiple parts so you don't have to apologize for how long the videos are. ❤
Annmarie Sailings
Annmarie Sailings 20 ditë më parë
I couldn't imagine living in that home I would have taken my entire family and abandon this home. I feel like they were all sencetive to spirits. Witch I've always heard to be a gift, to me it is more of a curse. I've never seen a spirit but I can feel them around me and I don't like it or embrace it. In my family it is like half can feel them 1percent can see them and the rest just laugh and make fun of those of us who feel or see them. As far as I can remember my first Incounter was when my great grandma passed away. Okay within a month my grandmother and my step dads best friend passed away. I was headed towards the front door of my childhood home I was stopped in my trackes. I didn't see anything or anyone but I felt the presence of a person. I actually had to walk around it to get to the door. I believe it was my grandma whom I had only known when I lived in Georgia for a year. My mom had moved us from kentucky to Georgia with yet another step dad. We spent about a year living in a traylor on her land and she lived in a shack that she had lived in even when my mom was a child. My mom's mom was a teenage mother and still living with my grandma when she gave birth to my mom. I slept with my grandma in her bed and she would always say goodnight to my dead grandpa every night. I could feel my grandpa with us only in that room. I didn't feel scared even though I knew my grandma was right about his spirit still being around. I was 9 or 10 years old. Anyway as far back as I remember I could get the sence of the presence of a human spirit around me but I could ignore it and not be bothered by it. When I was a teenager I started having a reacuring dream of a young girl in a dirty wedding dress. She was tall with long dark hair, beautiful and waring are torn up dirty bloody wedding dress. One day I was at my grandma and grandpa s house for Sunday dinner. I had a overwelming feeling that I had to tell my grandma. After explaining my dream and the woman to my grandma. My grandmas eyes lit up and said the young girl I was discribing was her sisters young daughter who died on her wedding day. Her and her husband was driving on thire way back from thire wedding. They had a wreck, thire car had went under a semi truck and they were decapitated. Anytime my mom shows me a picture of the girls twin sister I get chills. I have had this dream several times throughout my life. Also my uncle my mom's younger brother committed suicide 11 years ago, is spirit has been with me and two of my kids off and on sence he passed away. Also he was the one person in the family who could see and feel spirits the most. I know all this sounds crazy but it's just part of me. My uncle who passed away had a best friend when he was a teenager. His friends name was Davey. My uncle lived with us for a year before he took his life. Sometimes I would pass him in our hallway and he would look down the hallway and say not now Davey. When my uncle was a teenager he and some friends including Davey were riding in the bed of a pick up truck. Davey fell off the bed of the truck and was ran over by another vehicle and lost his life. My uncle witnessed it all and he never recovered. My uncle hung himself on his property in his horse stalls a year later. It doesn't matter where I move or any home I live in he is always with me. The home we're living in now. My five year old a month after we moved in said there is two goasts here. One is good and named lelow and Mockeypooh is the bad goasts. My uncle's name was Leo. Anyway I try not to dwell and I don't I courage my five year old to igknowage the spirits. I apologise for my grammer I know it's awful. Goodnight and sweet dreams to all.
Annmarie Sailings
Annmarie Sailings 20 ditë më parë
All those poor pets, you would think they would stop getting more pets as the pets would surely die!!!
Leighanna M
Leighanna M 20 ditë më parë
I love the style of your vids..it’s like a podcast except straight to the point and without all the interruptions for sponsors 💜👏🏼
Patrick Tschirhart
Patrick Tschirhart 20 ditë më parë
Suggested podcast. ..... Thomas Williams on speaker! These are awesome podcasts!
Ainsley Flint
Ainsley Flint 21 ditë më parë
Stephanie, could you please look at the case of Deidre Kennedy in Ipswich Australia? She was just a little baby who was murdered. The perpetrator got off due to a technicality and tormented Deidre's mother Faye by lurking around her workplace for years...decades.
faith6833 21 ditë më parë
Carrying buckets of water. . .why not just melt the snow? Seems much more efficient.
Savage Queen
Savage Queen 18 ditë më parë
i was looking for this comment... why would you go out on that cold with kids when you have fresh,clean snow infront of your door...? you need to heat it anyways so what is the difference?🤔🤔🤔
Son Of The Serpent
Son Of The Serpent 22 ditë më parë
On a lighter tone you remind me of Velma. I think I love you 😍😍😂
P Lovving
P Lovving 22 ditë më parë
MADsammy100 22 ditë më parë
I love the sound effects you added to the video! It makes this story even scarier! Best 2020 Harloween video so far!
Persephone Parr
Persephone Parr 23 ditë më parë
Fall Of Civilizations is amazing! Ancient History Nerd is also a really great channel.
QuietBloom 24 ditë më parë
I’m so jealous you live only 2 hours away from the Hinsdale House! You are a hell of a storyteller!
Laurie P
Laurie P 25 ditë më parë
Love Stephanie’s proper display of onomatopoeia at 48:20!
LuluHatter 25 ditë më parë
So excited for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Willow Iannetta
Willow Iannetta 26 ditë më parë
if i had a dollar for every time i yelled “OH MY GOD MOVE HOUSE” i would be rich 😂
Lazonia Luster
Lazonia Luster 26 ditë më parë
This is freaky! That poor family went through a lot of scary stuff!
Katie 26 ditë më parë
I am so happy I stumbled across your channel! OMG- your my new fave! Thank you for making such awesome videos!! I love em!
MysMiranda M.
MysMiranda M. 26 ditë më parë
I love hearing this woman talk!
Suzanne Brady
Suzanne Brady 26 ditë më parë
You remind me of Thelma from scooby doo ;)
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth 27 ditë më parë
Love your Channel my mom watches you your good yes I Believe in ghost but my dad allways said only the living can hurt and we have a lot of faith in God love ya God bless
Les 518
Les 518 27 ditë më parë
Lots of love from Buffalo, NY 😊 I'm going to have to check out this house one day!
Courtney Ritter
Courtney Ritter 27 ditë më parë
Thought she was going to give the link to podcast, something about civilizations that she listens to with her earbuds. She said her husband said it was so interesting it kept him awake... I have to know! Help me out! Was it ‘Fall of civilizations?”
Stephanie Harlowe
Stephanie Harlowe 27 ditë më parë
Yes!! Fall of Civilizations!! Its amazing!
Yelhsa Sokolova
Yelhsa Sokolova 27 ditë më parë
So cool that we're both from Rochester!
AbsyntheAndTears 28 ditë më parë
I grew up in a family that believes in ghosts, I am generally not afraid of ghosts, I am very curious about them. But a ghost situation like this would scare the crap out of me.
charlotte white
charlotte white 28 ditë më parë
Excellent story!
Kelsey Guire
Kelsey Guire 29 ditë më parë
the bright light shining reminds me of AHS
Catie Lankford
Catie Lankford Muaj më parë
I've tried watching other true crime youtubers. You are definitely the best.
Pabro Rodriguez
Pabro Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Wait whut you have skin walker ranch video!? Brb
CindyluWho Muaj më parë
I love this video! I have lived in a house that became haunted when my ex husband comitted suicide. My and my two children went THRU IT GIRL. It becomes semi normal after a while. Keep on doing what you do so well Stephanie!
Karissa Bishop
Karissa Bishop Muaj më parë
This is honestly one of my favorite video series you’ve done so far
Jessica V
Jessica V Muaj më parë
Very interesting story! Just as a friendly FYI. The sound clip inserted, regarding the nightly concerts in the hills, was not Gregorian chanting. That was Native American singing. Maybe you should consider correcting this. 💞
meredith jemola
meredith jemola Muaj më parë
this is some creepy shit
Kat Turner
Kat Turner Muaj më parë
I love your channel!!! Thank you for all you do. ❤️🎃👻☠️💀👽🤡😘
Alex Muaj më parë
First vídeo i watch from you (random recommended) and I am só in love. Your timeline is perfect and you are só smart i can Trust your informations with closed eyes. For i am a bit skeptical in general. Will Love to stick around and see How you do with your work. I was entertained the whole time, invested and impressed by the quality of your content. Thank you for da time you re a star :)
bipptyboppity byebitch
bipptyboppity byebitch Muaj më parë
“She was 37, so my age” 😱😱😱 Stop, you’re 25. You can’t fool us!
NOLA GIRL Muaj më parë
Do you have to say quote..end quote lol love ur channel...listening on Halloween 2020
Cameron Applegath
Cameron Applegath Muaj më parë
The Pro-Wrestling Encyclopedia
The Pro-Wrestling Encyclopedia Muaj më parë
Beth Perrell
Beth Perrell Muaj më parë
I had a kitten who climbed into the dryer - I didn't know he did when I turned it back on. It was horrible :(.
Dalia Baby
Dalia Baby Muaj më parë
A pet raccoon?🥴
Gaymer Girls Gaming
Gaymer Girls Gaming Muaj më parë
I really wish you wouldn't use the sound of Natives singing during ceremony as a way to demonstrate a "scary prayer"
Laura Rocha
Laura Rocha Muaj më parë
Freakin scary! Can’t wait to hear pt 2, Stephanie ur my favorite story teller! 🎃
Patti Katerle
Patti Katerle Muaj më parë
I live in Rochester cool
Krista Boring
Krista Boring Muaj më parë
Takes me back...I used to visit Rochester often when my boyfriend at the time was going to RIT...my parents came up one weekend and He was such a wonderful tour guide. He took us all to Mt. Hope on a cold, dreary, rainy kind of day...The Eastman building....You live in a super cool city.
melissa belle
melissa belle Muaj më parë
to me the worst part of this is that the cat died in the dryer... wtf 😿
Amanda Lloyd
Amanda Lloyd Muaj më parë
Why didnt they move ... they should make this a series like the haunting of bly !
Beth Wood
Beth Wood Muaj më parë
I spy a Ouija board in that bedroom on the shelf. 👀
Zanele Valverde
Zanele Valverde Muaj më parë
I got scared when you mentioned the scream thinking you might put a scream in, I don't think I could've taken that 😅😂
aj Watson
aj Watson Muaj më parë
Mason Winfield has many great books about Western New York. I own shadows at the western door.
aj Watson
aj Watson Muaj më parë
Great research , I live in buffalo, n.y. and my sister is good friends with the owner of this house and has investigated it.
Deanna Rose
Deanna Rose Muaj më parë
This reminds me of the family from The Conjuring!
Cherish Benson
Cherish Benson Muaj më parë
Growing up in a very new age home where we did seances psychic readings and proclaimed medians always hanging out at the house I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as ghosts I highly do not believe in ghosts they easily could have been tormented by some freaks living in the Hills homeless people breaking into places or maybe even their daughter was messing with them and maybe she has a problem with stealing money or making up stories. Now the whole doll situation I'm not sure why the mother would say that her children were crazy and give this weird doll to another family knowing that there are a lot of weird things going on in her house that she supposedly couldn't explain. And the fact that you wouldn't call police when she would hear boots walking around her house that doesn't even make sense. why would they even stay !! I would have moved. Why even let your daughters be scared while you hear somebody walking around your house and tell them as long as they don't come upstairs it's okay ,none of that makes sense!! This happened back in the day. how do you know Mom isn't making crap up to trying to sell books maybe she has a mental disorder maybe she believe in UFOs maybe she's been watching too much Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Erin Parsons
Erin Parsons Muaj më parë
This gave me goosebumps at so many points in the story. The singing and chanting I’m the woods NOPE NOPE NOPE
Izabella Clark
Izabella Clark Muaj më parë
When you mentioned the Skinwalker Ranch video it occurred to me that I’ve been watching for over a year!! Really glad to be along for the journey with you Miss Stephanie! Love your content!!
mia burton
mia burton Muaj më parë
Oh was that the conjuring house?
Known_Terrestrial Muaj më parë
This is one of the best videos you have ever done!! Wow!!!
Cat O
Cat O Muaj më parë
Uhh...leave!!!! Can you imagine staying?
SOUL SPEAKER Muaj më parë
I bought 2 sets of raycon ear buds and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Their sound is awesome. Thanks for sponsoring Raycon Stephanie!!!
RL Muaj më parë
Your voice is sooo soothing to me 🤗 new subbie!
Heinrich aka Henry & His Girl
Heinrich aka Henry & His Girl Muaj më parë
Using stray dogs 4 target practice?!!! 🐶 WTH is wrong with people?!!! If I'd seen some1 trying 2 do that I would've used those people 4 target practice!!! 🔫
Emilie xo
Emilie xo Muaj më parë
The sound effects you add in just adds to the creepiness. Love it
Morgan Begley
Morgan Begley Muaj më parë
Omg. Can't wait to watch part 2 next!
jeannette danbom
jeannette danbom Muaj më parë
I had ghost issue in 1987 in an old farmhouse in Iowa. I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I heard the screen door and the back door Wham shut her down flat Sole shoes across my linoleum and stop outside my bathroom door. IE mediately stop peeing pull my pants up as quietly as I could and I had left the door open cuz nobody else was down there I grabbed the back off the back of the toilet and jumped out to swing it out the person I was so sure somebody was there nobody was there so then I proceeded to look for them around the house we started out with this house I had a baby and have a C-section I had migraines the minute I brought him home migraine after migraine after migraine and went from having a nice house to everything falling apart ended up in foreclosure and several years later the people that ended up purchasing it and it also ended up moving out of the house because of fuel oil poisoning from when the wind would blow a certain direction it would blow the fumes back down the pipe to the house causing illness which I was picked up in this diagnosed with bad spinal tap and everything else turns out the real estate agent told my husband when we purchased the house that the previous owner had killed himself hung himself in the hallway so I'm thinking after he told me that after my pregnancy I was thinking yours are real ghosts and I heard him he came out of the porch where he hung himself turns out I had fume poisoning because I was home all the time moved out of the house got a divorce migraines went away
Max Powers
Max Powers Muaj më parë
I think something is wrong with me I laughed when you made that paper shuffling noise. lol
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