Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!!!

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Hey guys! In this video, we answer questions to survive a shrinking room! If you get the question incorrect, the room begins to collapse on you. We have trivia questions asking about science, history, math, and Team Edge! Joey is hosting today's challenge and he can choose to either collapse the room or throw water balloons on us! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Dunk Your Wife Challenge!! | Dunk Tank Basketball!! Crazy Sports. We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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Eianp 89
Eianp 89 Orë më parë
Sit that murder?
Yahaira Roque Cortijo
Yahaira Roque Cortijo 3 orë më parë
Nooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo
JAY 7 orë më parë
did he really die
Caleb Zoom
Caleb Zoom 9 orë më parë
how did the spike brake from the balloon even if bobby said it was medal??????
Seema Hassan
Seema Hassan 18 orë më parë
I meant spikes
Seema Hassan
Seema Hassan 18 orë më parë
Plastic,plastic,plastic,plastic, PLASTIC
Seema Hassan
Seema Hassan 18 orë më parë
Nun of noticed that?!
Seema Hassan
Seema Hassan 18 orë më parë
Dude i know the spimes are PLASTIC one even fell of!
sarsa lakal
sarsa lakal 21 orë më parë
bobby: these are metal spikes spikes: 12:37
Amie Collins
Amie Collins 23 orë më parë
Look at brien at 19:01
S Leperd
S Leperd Ditë më parë
Trivia = trash
Sarah Bobo
Sarah Bobo Ditë më parë
You forgot about colrodo
Angelica Madrigal
Angelica Madrigal Ditë më parë
I cominted
AD Griffith
AD Griffith Ditë më parë
Diamond Pro
Diamond Pro Ditë më parë
In Canada it is BEDMAS for the order of operations
Lily Ducote
Lily Ducote Ditë më parë
Jfred: they beheaded her Bobby Bobby: OH GOOD FOR HER?!?
Moey/Jibril gaming Sally
Moey/Jibril gaming Sally Ditë më parë
Did actually die Lol
juanito camilo
juanito camilo Ditë më parë
juanito camilo
juanito camilo Ditë më parë
Alexa 101
Alexa 101 Ditë më parë
A Disney character Bobby could of said was Gaston 🙈
xHarmonious 2 ditë më parë
Wait a minute Joey said 4 - 2 times 2
Fortnite Brothers
Fortnite Brothers 2 ditë më parë
Please bring back BU because it was my favorite youtube channel
Odin Commander
Odin Commander 2 ditë më parë
Rickey Lathan
Rickey Lathan 2 ditë më parë
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams 2 ditë më parë
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams 2 ditë më parë
Lol i got the ath one and I suck at math ahah
Dominic Roble
Dominic Roble 2 ditë më parë
Z,kwjsjaalKkk Kkwkiwiwkwokwkwkwkwkjwjwrsery Unusual
olly thomas
olly thomas 2 ditë më parë
I just found out this channel and it’s so good I already subbed
Xailon_marlow3 marlow
Xailon_marlow3 marlow 3 ditë më parë
Why are they're skull who died someone probably saw money that person (ohh money ) them now (.....dies)
Shabbir Ahmad
Shabbir Ahmad 3 ditë më parë
I like this
Advance _Simmons
Advance _Simmons 3 ditë më parë
The first Team Edge video was on my birthday. September 28th.
Daniel Ferris
Daniel Ferris 3 ditë më parë
I like it
steven gregorich
steven gregorich 4 ditë më parë
steven gregorich
steven gregorich 4 ditë më parë
Brian Green
Brian Green 4 ditë më parë
Everything you do for you in this way you will have a great 👍
Brian Green
Brian Green 4 ditë më parë
Yellow is not the best 💛
Lubna Sardar
Lubna Sardar 4 ditë më parë
Are those spikes real or fake?
Toy soldier Videos
Toy soldier Videos 4 ditë më parë
0:30 what in God’s name is bobby wearing
Toy soldier Videos
Toy soldier Videos 4 ditë më parë
What shoes
Hamani Wow
Hamani Wow 4 ditë më parë
Whatchamacallit Lovva
Whatchamacallit Lovva 5 ditë më parë
No one: Teacher: the test is not confusing The first question: "How Many Inches In The Alphabet Does It Take To Measurse A Number???"
Stellan Ho
Stellan Ho 3 ditë më parë
Alisha Plummer
Alisha Plummer 5 ditë më parë
Umm Joey Brian was right it’s 4. Joey you need to learn math!
OppStad Pannekaker
OppStad Pannekaker 5 ditë më parë
Hi har du ps4?
xXtocatubeXx 5 ditë më parë
8:59 he sounds like heavy from tf2 screaming
Titrix Ace
Titrix Ace 5 ditë më parë
When they said yugoslavia i remembered that i speak Bosnian and that i was botn here and live here Pozdrav iz bosne🇧🇦🇧🇦
Tyler Kress
Tyler Kress 5 ditë më parë
Bryan got the math equation right technically
Ninjamzster YT
Ninjamzster YT 5 ditë më parë
Just so u know nobody used P E M D A S anymore
Ben Hancock
Ben Hancock 5 ditë më parë
I saw his eyes am is not auntie Dan’s
Tiffany Thurston
Tiffany Thurston 6 ditë më parë
I love your extreme trivia challenges
Real Neal7839
Real Neal7839 6 ditë më parë
Crimson Gaming
Crimson Gaming 6 ditë më parë
Go to 10:27 thank me later
Joel Jr. Sebuja
Joel Jr. Sebuja 6 ditë më parë
You kan gump
Ella Keith
Ella Keith 6 ditë më parë
2:50, cheeky cutie 3:49, I love this guy 5:46, Shadow crew 6:36, Shadow crew, 😁 hehehe,
Kamden Agan
Kamden Agan 6 ditë më parë
GreenySpeedy Gamer
GreenySpeedy Gamer 6 ditë më parë
I love them when they do these challenges
Brittney Perrin
Brittney Perrin 6 ditë më parë
Bobby is short
drcr83 7 ditë më parë
Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer 7 ditë më parë
I have to report this channel
Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer 7 ditë më parë
Why did you kill him
Alex Robins
Alex Robins 7 ditë më parë
That’s a freaking capitle of indeia Bobby
Ryder Collins
Ryder Collins 7 ditë më parë
Oh hell no
Devin Shrewsbury
Devin Shrewsbury 7 ditë më parë
I'm upset they didn't say wv
Mia Hospel
Mia Hospel 7 ditë më parë
God that history quiz made me cringe so hard as a massive history nerd.
Mr Epic
Mr Epic 7 ditë më parë
Did he just say New York for a Country
Agustín Fuentes
Agustín Fuentes 8 ditë më parë
9:22 Bob 1 of those is soviet or comunist
GILIANYS SERRANO 8 ditë më parë
Bro whenever he’s fully inside of the spikes he looks up and opens his eyes 2 TIMES
Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer 7 ditë më parë
He's dead
Sofia Adorno
Sofia Adorno 8 ditë më parë
6:15 brooo I thought that only happened to me, sometimes say something and question myself. 😂😂
Gelid Mimiz
Gelid Mimiz 8 ditë më parë
Luxenburg is in nederland
Janet Smith
Janet Smith 8 ditë më parë
I knew the carborator answer right before I love old cars
Xxrandellwolfz Gaming
Xxrandellwolfz Gaming 8 ditë më parë
18:48 Wait is he faking death? Can someone comment it
Charlotterosetj Whitaker
Charlotterosetj Whitaker 9 ditë më parë
Arturo Sanchez Palacios
Arturo Sanchez Palacios 9 ditë më parë
Deadward Riptofen
Deadward Riptofen 9 ditë më parë
Anyone know the name of the tune that plays at 18:42?
Anastasios Davis
Anastasios Davis 9 ditë më parë
Im 9 and i know napoleon was the empire of France. Bobby, just Bobby
Ryan Li
Ryan Li 9 ditë më parë
Bryan’s sounds are sooooo weird
Ryan Li
Ryan Li 9 ditë më parë
Bryan hey that’s a little quick a agresive
Lucy Wadsworth
Lucy Wadsworth 9 ditë më parë
I say BIDMAS brackets idides etc
Steffan Limon
Steffan Limon 9 ditë më parë
Wait the first team edge vid in 2015 was in my birthday. Neat
Jeff Bowden
Jeff Bowden 9 ditë më parë
Looks like the other crew mates died trying to win before them due to the skeletons and one of them looks like matt
A Weirdo
A Weirdo 10 ditë më parë
Weak sauce(United States anthem plays) man I’ve never been so proud to be an American
Home Depot
Home Depot 10 ditë më parë
Curlyhead Tay
Curlyhead Tay 10 ditë më parë
I think Joey needs to be in the messiest/painful challenge next
Hunter Kebert
Hunter Kebert 10 ditë më parë
History is my favorite
reaperz 10 ditë më parë
9:25 😂
septicguard 33
septicguard 33 10 ditë më parë
I love your content.
ninja god
ninja god 10 ditë më parë
go shadow crew!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Tanner
Kimberly Tanner 10 ditë më parë
Do some nerf. Remember NERF OR NOTHING!!!! I mean there is this channel lol. Just do nerf pls
Joe’s on The fly
Joe’s on The fly 10 ditë më parë
Metal spikes😂
jesse griffin
jesse griffin 10 ditë më parë
I legit learned order of operation in 3rd grade
kenneth espiritu
kenneth espiritu 10 ditë më parë
18:15 RIP bryan
??? 10 ditë më parë
wait did he die
??? 10 ditë më parë
Jail is a thing
??? 10 ditë më parë
??? 10 ditë më parë
You can’t be going around killing people
??? 10 ditë më parë
Lee Caruana
Lee Caruana 10 ditë më parë
BRIAN death:impaled by cardboard
Kyle Crook
Kyle Crook 11 ditë më parë
Savage Vision
Savage Vision 11 ditë më parë
Joey look tired
MMMSANTOS87 11 ditë më parë
Bella Gonzalez
Bella Gonzalez 11 ditë më parë
bobby and joey trying to teach bryan and he is like agdkadgfksjadfgkjdgfwfgkjdfgkjsadgfkdsj
Max Uy
Max Uy 11 ditë më parë
Actually we now use gems Grouping Exponents Multiplication/Addition Subtractions/divsion
dylan laplant
dylan laplant 11 ditë më parë
This is my first time watching team edge in 2 years
MyrtleTreeTales 11 ditë më parë
Bryan sounded like shrek for awhile at 10:26
TTV 1341
TTV 1341 11 ditë më parë
So good being back to the channel😂
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