RIP BATTLE: Modded RTX 3090 Overclock & Optimus Water Blocks (#RIPPAUL, #RIPJAY)

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We're preparing to RIPJAY, but first, we need to get past Paul. We've leapt far up the Port Royal hall of fame with just water, not even chilled, and some hardmods for our EVGA 3090 FTW3 cards.
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As a reminder, our objective in this overclocking battle series is always to try and advance ourselves and learn. In this episode of our RIPJAY (JayzTwoCents) and RIPPAUL (Paul's Hardware) challenge, we're trying to learn more about hard modding GPUs, starting with shunt modding an EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 (specifically, learning more about soldering on these boards). We may venture into more hard mods following that. We're using Optimus Cooling water blocks for the cooling, and as discussed in the video, they're some of the best blocks we've ever tested. The blocks are made in Chicago and these are early prototypes, so we didn't get any instructions or pre-cut thermal pads for ours, but that's not a problem for us. The final version will include both of those things, however.
Find Optimus cooling water blocks here:
We used Kingpin thermal paste, which you can find here:
Water Cool MO-RA 3 Radiator:
Watch Paul's videos here:
and Jay:
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00:00 - Responding to Tryhard Paul with Tryhard Steve
02:56 - Shunt Modding the RTX 3090 FTW3
04:42 - How to Check Shunt Resistors for Mods
06:25 - Piggyback Shunt Soldering
08:40 - Time for Optimus Water Blocks
11:02 - Microfin Density & Coldplate Construction
13:35 - Monster Thermal Pad
19:19 - Building the Test Bench (ft. CaseLabs)
24:10 - More Cardboard, More Better
25:40 - Final Build Shots
27:35 - Lion King & Alien in the Water
30:50 - Scores with Only Water (RIP PAUL)

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus Muaj më parë
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noxn Muaj më parë
great series guys its been really enjoyable so far :)
Skoopsro Muaj më parë
@MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ alright cool thanks for the info. Good food for thought. Thanks for the well written indepth reply. Starts to get to the question of is it even worth it to use a chiller at that point of just go cold forreal an use LN2.
MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ Muaj më parë
@Skoopsro It’s not that much power to cool down even a crazy CPU or GPU. 5000 BTU is about 1.5 kW of cooling for and can be done using about 500watt of power from the wall if you want just below ambient fluid temps. Now as you try to get much less than ambient your COP goes to crap and you might need a pretty big chiller but I think even something like a deep freezer is still around a COP of 1 so you need a freezer that’s rated to pull around however powerful your setup is on average. Now I think I’ve seen the SLI3090 setups pulling about 1kW from the wall total. Meaning you need another 1kW freezer/chiller if you want negative -20C fluid and probably only around a 500 watt rated chiller if you want ~0-10C That’s for SLI 3090s..... any sort of pleb build could run in basically a standard freezer ... IF .... you can keep the condenser/compressor reasonably cool.
bearded hardware
bearded hardware Muaj më parë
@Lawrence Timme yes
bearded hardware
bearded hardware Muaj më parë
If you don’t get burned you aren’t doing it enough ;)
pkgkrb power
pkgkrb power 2 ditë më parë
Honestly, why do you really want to oc this card when it's powerful enough already..
Pleasantly Rusty
Pleasantly Rusty Ditë më parë
It's a hobby...
Matias Vidal
Matias Vidal 4 ditë më parë
Any one nows what is the adaptor of 26:35 to turn te psu on without motherboard?
Авессалом 4 ditë më parë
Походу совсем делать нехуй 🤦‍♂️
Gromit 4 ditë më parë
GN is the tech youtuber for tech youtubers.
broton 6 ditë më parë holy shit my man I don't need this kind of anxiety on my day off
Zak Unknown
Zak Unknown 11 ditë më parë
Used to do small scale soldering for a living. This was fun to watch.
BundyBear 14 ditë më parë
Good to have money and get Free stuff thrown at you all the time. This guy is rugh as guts and there is shit going everywhere. lol Don't get me wrong, he knows what he is doing, but anyone else at home would not have shit everywhere and just slapped together like this out of fear of damage. $$$$$$
DEBASISH DAS 16 ditë më parë
..ppl like me waiting for rtx u all wasting rtx3080....feeling deep pain...
goodtogoace 17 ditë më parë
i am super interested to find out if that waterblock fits into an o11 dynamic
Alejandro Bossan
Alejandro Bossan 17 ditë më parë
So you are aiming for the 2 place, the chinese guy competes against himself...
Grey Buckleton
Grey Buckleton 17 ditë më parë
Fingerless gloves for soldering?
HonorNecris 21 ditë më parë
Wonder if they could use lasers to form micro-fins.
aigomorla 23 ditë më parë
that jelly stuff is most likely the propyl glycol which has solidified from age. It was more commonly known back in the days as "swiftech mystery jelly" on XS Forums as it was seen in almost all systems which used swiftech hydrx.
René Gottschalk
René Gottschalk 24 ditë më parë
When is the next vid comming up?
Piotr 25 ditë më parë
So when do we see helium quantum cooling for near absolute zero OC attempt? :)
alfaDude156 26 ditë më parë
Tbh, if you suck a soldering, then soldering surface mounted components are not the best thing to so with the wrong equipment. If you are going to do some SMD soldering anyway, get a hot air soldering station and a component holder. But the best thing is to learn to solder and _get the right equipment_!
Number_9_large 26 ditë më parë
Warranty might not cover it when something goes wrong with this :DD
Josh JP
Josh JP 26 ditë më parë
Just picked up the Optimus block for my 3090 thanks to your video GN. Can't wait!
Sinh Nguyen
Sinh Nguyen 26 ditë më parë
Just ordered one of these block for my 3090. A bit more than I want to pay for block, but the result looks like it will be worth it. I can’t wait 😄.
Robert Martinescu
Robert Martinescu 27 ditë më parë
Now will be the same battle between all of you ( Jay, Paul and you Steve ) but with rx 6900xt ?
peachypeach 28 ditë më parë
Kombucha. Yummy.
soul4feels 29 ditë më parë
Flux helps to keep the metals from oxidizing which facilitates a cleaner stronger solder and connection. Without flux, it will oxidize and produce gunk that starts to build up quickly and won't produce a strong solder.
fingerz024 29 ditë më parë
This ain't even right, we can't buy them yet and you already get to mod it :(
Christopher P.
Christopher P. 29 ditë më parë
Would having a CPU with more cores help the score? The top 3 guys all have more cores than you. Could make no sense, but I waned to know.
Richard Salazar
Richard Salazar 29 ditë më parë
In welding flux keeps atmospheric air from contaminating the weld metal ;)
Big McLargeHuge
Big McLargeHuge 29 ditë më parë
Flux keeps oxygen away from the joint. The problem when joining two metals is oxides. As soon as a metal surface is exposed to air, the surface will turn into an oxide layer that will melt at much higher temps than the base metal and keep anything from adhering to it. If you keep oxygen away from the joint when you're soldering or welding, the it won't form an oxide layer and the surfaces will "wet" with molten metal.
WooDWorkeR 29 ditë më parë
If it smells like chicken you touch the wrong side of the soldering iron :D
Vero Muaj më parë
i thought Paul passed away or something.
BC-MasterKush-QC Muaj më parë
Try pump to gpu to radiator to gpu to radiator and finally going back to the pump, im sure you will get even better thermal cya steve :)!
Clickbait Muaj më parë
My OCD was at max while watching this video.
Mauricio Martinez
Mauricio Martinez Muaj më parë
I think those cooling mods can get better, but for now are just are really impressive vanguarding tech right there. If somehow Gamers Nexus team can manage to put one of those in between two linked cards... maybe they can find the way of cooling desired.
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson Muaj më parë
flux keeps the joints cooler and cleaner reducing risk of burning the board/components and adding a protective coat to the solder joint so its less prone to degrade from oxygen
FerrumBellator Muaj më parë
stabs super expensive gpu with soldering iron "I don't know what I'm doing" lol
Respawn Restricted
Respawn Restricted Muaj më parë
Jay literally has no skills when it comes to computers he's all show
Bark Muaj më parë
28:57 For some time I was jumping in my chair there, thinkin the right card had a leak on the back outlet. Damn was I scared.
Jez Rose
Jez Rose Muaj më parë
Impressed, how did you solder that with no glasses :) ever so small
Дмитрий Яковлев
Дмитрий Яковлев Muaj më parë
the video card Board is almost the size of a motherboard )
EchoConstellation Muaj më parë
Is that site live? Because it sure should be
TheMXer42 Muaj më parë
This has got me wanting my 980ti since I'm considering upgrading anyway...... Ohhhhhh boy
G Man
G Man Muaj më parë
Brush your nasty grill!
Caleb Capps
Caleb Capps Muaj më parë
Waiting for that Louis Rossman comment
RhinoNigel Muaj më parë
How do I get a job doing stuff like this
Corban Sommers
Corban Sommers Muaj më parë
22:05 my cable management
Tech NO City
Tech NO City Muaj më parë
Why not just run liquid nitrogen through the loop?
Read Only Memory
Read Only Memory Muaj më parë
Those blocks are SICK
James Beckingham
James Beckingham Muaj më parë
The hair changed from Steve the reporter to Steve the nutty professor in this one.
LegitScoper Muaj më parë
Yooo 5 Days after Upload. Optimus is sold out. By the way what really do cost such a thermal pad ?
X Y Z Muaj më parë
28:33 MOLD? SLIME?
james timmons
james timmons Muaj më parë
those blocks are amazing! cant wait to get mine
Adam Larson
Adam Larson Muaj më parë
your camera person probably hates how much you move your hands and the product they are tying to shoot lol.
Hexoson Muaj më parë
Somebody must have dropped one of their gummy worms in the loop, lmao
Thumper Muaj më parë
Flux helps soldering iron heat transfer quicker and removes metal oxides for a cleaner joint(solder lol).
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell Muaj më parë
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GrimmDawg_SG Muaj më parë
From someone who has worked in the electronic manufacturing business for over 15 yrs. I can assure u for the soldering u are trying to do u don’t need the board preheated. It’s probably doing more harm than good depending on the type of flux in the solder roll u are probably burning it off before it haze a chance to react. The flux is a cleaning agent, each time u heat cycle the solder joint with ur iron ur creating a cold solder joint that’s why they look dull. I would recommend Turing ur iron temp up a lil and doing away with the board preheat.
Mr.GamingMonk Muaj më parë
Jey owned everyone tho... with his very recent score..
Mr.GamingMonk Muaj më parë
I was right... Jey did owned you guys then.. with his i think over 31000+ score... if i remember right
Erikgasm Muaj më parë
Love how candid and honest you are. You play with an open hand. It's awesome!
Yanky Muaj më parë
I Love it ! At same room température I think this build look like just more fast and efficient.
Jeremy Black
Jeremy Black Muaj më parë
Come on brother, its the HDR age, start filming in HDR. Lead the pack.
alberto robinson
alberto robinson Muaj më parë
Ready for mining
Timothy Boorman
Timothy Boorman Muaj më parë
Being a Aussie, I loved the shirt mate.😉
Redman147 Muaj më parë
Optimus is the black maker I wanted to use for my build at home as they make such great products from what I've seen.
Zander Alexander
Zander Alexander Muaj më parë
Lion king and alien in the water
Z287899 Muaj më parë
That's an awfully nice soldering station for not doing much soldering 😂
Jett Angeles
Jett Angeles Muaj më parë
That block looks amazing.
Martin S
Martin S Muaj më parë
I want those blocks... Exactly that design No logos No rgb's No nothin'... just a shitload of copper Only thing I'd like to see is either nickelplating or anodising (black) of the backplate.
Weston Will
Weston Will Muaj më parë
Need to find a friend that solders up quadcopter/RC controllers all day, that's how I upped my soldering skills, so many tiny connectors!
Dlihc Muaj më parë
Kinda jealous. Haven't been jealous in a long time.
Reynier R.A
Reynier R.A Muaj më parë
AMD will own
TahmidTameem Talukder
TahmidTameem Talukder Muaj më parë
there mindset is racing like racing to do the things first very bad dont write rip to any person cause they did dont be a racing mindset guy . but its okay i dont have any problem
Joseph Wimer
Joseph Wimer Muaj më parë
I'm loving the friendly comp.
Toy-Yoda Muaj më parë
Jay got over 30k score with his AC unit. LMAO.
Alexandre Azevedo
Alexandre Azevedo Muaj më parë
Congrats for the tech channel insted of the influencers disguised of tech youtubers.
Rafael Jacalan
Rafael Jacalan Muaj më parë
Its like watching a Cyborg getting a Surgery
Tim Hunter
Tim Hunter Muaj më parë
I bet the cards have heat soak in the power plains. This causes the resistance of the board to increase, causing vdroop. I had a poor designed AM3 MSI board that would do it with an overclocked x6. A fan pointed at the back of the socket would only delay it, it will still get unstable after lots of runs. The fiberglass of the PCB makes for a poor heatsink for internal traces.
Jack Joshlin
Jack Joshlin Muaj më parë
I love these RIP series, you need louis rossmann to do a colab and teach you how to solder those mods.
NickPicker WI
NickPicker WI Muaj më parë
"Responding to Tryhard Paul with Tryhard Steve" had me rolling in the first second of this video. I absolutely love your breed of comedy, Steve.
Stanisław Kowalski
Stanisław Kowalski Muaj më parë
Look at the fan of the test bench! It looks like Pure Wings 2 by be quiet!, but there's some different logo. Are Pure Wings 2 some chinese fans, which bq! just resell? Or bq! resell them to other brands?
P3chv0gel Muaj më parë
When i saw Paul entering this Battlefield, i thought "Only a matter of days, until Steve asks Roman or kingpin, if they would have some spare Powerboards or something
Will Langford
Will Langford Muaj më parë
I'm not saying I could do any better cause I know I can't. But watching that soldering was so hard to watch.
Fuze -
Fuze - Muaj më parë
35 minutes? *IM READY*
Chris Norman
Chris Norman Muaj më parë
So in a few years we are going to see Steve go mad man next level. Example and not limited to* A full 3 atmosphere of pressure being 99.99 nitrogen in a sealed room, with 0.00001% moister so no condensation. So Steve and Kingpin are in lack of better terminology 'space suites' doing overclocking as the rooms mean temp is -220'c. A man can dream.
Corey The Chimney
Corey The Chimney Muaj më parë
congrats on 4th dude thats awesome
Frédéric Voland
Frédéric Voland Muaj më parë
I kind of remember that flux's purpose is to isolate the melting iron from the oxygen to avoid oxydation
Brad Cokayne
Brad Cokayne Muaj më parë
Me: Sitting here hoping to be able to afford a 3070. Them: Ripping apart 3090s in the name of science.
Jon Topham
Jon Topham Muaj më parë
Jesus christ I read that and thought he died
Rainy Loschiavo
Rainy Loschiavo Muaj më parë
Flux lets solder ((literally))flow, always use plenty and keep it hot. ideally you want a hot air gun for this but proper ones are very expensive. you also need a flux wick to wipe excess grime if any accumulates
Hugh Wong
Hugh Wong Muaj më parë
This is getting extremely exciting and fun. Thank you.
Eastyy Muaj më parë
you know overclocking has gone to far when it creates life
Siddhartha Guchhait
Siddhartha Guchhait Muaj më parë
Hi Steve why dont you travel to some place where ambient temparature is around -40degree C and test benchmark in air cooled .. I think that would be epic video which Jay and Paul would never think of doing nor they will match your aircooled results (or may b liquid cooled with some special liquids).. If you are wondering about -40C place. ..please watch the video from below link( not my video so not doing any promotion)
Skizzzy Styles
Skizzzy Styles Muaj më parë
Lols the breathing hard got me
John Antikainen
John Antikainen Muaj më parë
This vid just sold me on the Optimus GPU waterblocks.. I really like those!
Jay Time
Jay Time Muaj më parë
OMG look at that water block LOL i bet that would passively cool the card... I had a CPU block from 2000s that was beefy like that & my pump died 8 hours later It still did not damg or melt anything because of the massive surface, this was before real power saving features to so it was full intel extreme TDP all day while i was at work
M. K
M. K Muaj më parë
Jay clearly said "air cooled" in the description.
Nza420 Muaj më parë
Steve, you put too much water in your bong, brah.
bluephreakr Muaj më parë
Steve, Andrew:
Michel Lafleur
Michel Lafleur Muaj më parë
Soldering is quite amateurish
Trump Muaj më parë
Never heard of Optimus. Used to use Koolance, they’re US based, but they stopped making blocks it looks like. And have been using EK for a number of years, but to be honest have not been super impressed with their performance, although their customer service is excellent. I’m gonna check out Optimus this year, I too am planning to get a 3090 FTW or an MSI X Trio which I already preordered, but I’ll still buy the FTW and sell the MSI card if I get that first or cancel it if I get the FTW first Uuuhhh...maybe not, they’re insanely expensive, +$80 at least vs EK. I’ll have to see how performance is vs EK.
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