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Knowledge is power! Even if that knowledge causes you to rethink some of those lovely summer memories.
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Summary: I visited Lindsay Blackstock at the University of Alberta to learn about her ingenious method for measuring the amount of pee in a pool by looking at the concentration of an artificial sweetener called Acefulfame Potassium. We looked at some samples from some pools in my area to determine how much pee was in them and I conducted an experiment of my own to see what was the cause of that "classic pool smell". I also presented average amounts of pee in large pools as well as an equation to determine how much pee is in your own pool.

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Cat Of Cats
Cat Of Cats 27 minuta më parë
I guess i like to drink pee 🤷‍♂️
Comey Callate
Comey Callate 44 minuta më parë
That smell isn't only from urea, it comes from any organic material like your skin
Lindsay Gaudet
Lindsay Gaudet 4 orë më parë
"poo water"
Freddie’s World
Freddie’s World 9 orë më parë
Who else poops in the pool? St first I thought it wouldn’t work but it comes out nice and soft and dissolved quick, I just do it in the corner you should try sometime!
Faith returns
Faith returns 10 orë më parë
I eat real sugar Your theory fails
Evieツ 12 orë më parë
It makes me uncomfortable that they call it "Artificial Sweetener" lmao
xXOreoPro PlayzXx
xXOreoPro PlayzXx 12 orë më parë
stranded 850
stranded 850 14 orë më parë
6:06 Wait, it was pee the whole time? Always has been
Angela Estrada
Angela Estrada 17 orë më parë
please tell me in the begging with the jug that was juice NOT PEE in your hand
Mcpe 9000 Hasbi
Mcpe 9000 Hasbi 23 orë më parë
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Ditë më parë
If your tapwater has more pee per litre than your pool, you *really* need to talk to your water utility company :-/
Rosendo Viegas
Rosendo Viegas Ditë më parë
Is that actually pee in the bottle?😅🙀
Anvit Watwani
Anvit Watwani Ditë më parë
Can we take a moment to appreciate how he didn’t contemplate his life once in this video
Anvit Watwani
Anvit Watwani Ditë më parë
Can we take a moment to appreciate how he didn’t contemplate his life once in this video
FeatheryHalo Ditë më parë
As a competitive swimmer who goes to a well used pool everyday... _Yeeeeah_ let's hope my teammates are nice
VoidReaper Ditë më parë
Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness Ditë më parë
Most pools now use enzymes to clear out any organic material. Between the chlorine and enzymes, if properly added. Your pool water is fine.
ScooterRacing2 Ditë më parë
I am probably the only person that doesn't p in the pool Prove me wrong
ChrisKar21 Ditë më parë
How did you get that much pee
SARKAR 2 ditë më parë
Next time I am gonna carry a bunch of artificial sweeteners and pour them in my local society pool. Hehe
Trwewogo Wagner
Trwewogo Wagner 2 ditë më parë
Omg I live in Alberta
TheRobloxRookie 2 ditë më parë
oh god
Liza Snyder
Liza Snyder 2 ditë më parë
It's funny how he makes the tittle "How to measure HOW MUCH PEE IN YOUR POOL" like it's easy
Jaami Quraishi
Jaami Quraishi 2 ditë më parë
That’s nor
Helena Ólafsdóttir
Helena Ólafsdóttir 2 ditë më parë
Evryone :wow there is so much pee in the pool 🤮. Me: wow he saved his pee for this vidio..
Cliff Dodson
Cliff Dodson 2 ditë më parë
I dislike this video because it has the word P in it
28_Sunny Thompson
28_Sunny Thompson 2 ditë më parë
so basically when you go in a pool you are swimming in a pool of pee
Strange colorz
Strange colorz 2 ditë më parë
time to buy a baby pool
PLEBBY 2 ditë më parë
Watching this makes me want to drink the water
Hollie Pisani
Hollie Pisani 3 ditë më parë
Ppl are yucky 🤢
Swordz Anderson
Swordz Anderson 3 ditë më parë
Disclaimer: Having artificial sweeteners in urine does NOT make it sweet. Don't ask how I know.
Rigidity Playz
Rigidity Playz 3 ditë më parë
The dislikes are from the people that drink the pool water
Wxsted_Vxbesss 3 ditë më parë
i have asma and i always have problems with breathing when im done swimming
Sophie Thompson
Sophie Thompson 3 ditë më parë
Gacha FreakShow
Gacha FreakShow 3 ditë më parë
I can’t anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever go in a pool again. The worst part is that I’ve been at a pool with a really strong smell. 😢😖
Brownie183 3 ditë më parë
I cannot be the only one that Heard poo water 😂
Alessandra Banez
Alessandra Banez 3 ditë më parë
Is he saying pool? Or poo?
Noah Hamilton
Noah Hamilton 3 ditë më parë
Great. Now all I need is a pool
Stuff For My Baby
Stuff For My Baby 3 ditë më parë
Imagine seeing that pool and thinking “oh no I peed in there”
Visual Lxquid
Visual Lxquid 3 ditë më parë
This is how many times he said pee 👇🏽
Ryan Kunkle
Ryan Kunkle 3 ditë më parë
8:49 EWW!!!!
Valentina Capshaw
Valentina Capshaw 3 ditë më parë
jeremy jahns
Grayson Does Gaming
Grayson Does Gaming 3 ditë më parë
w o w im now discusted
Kaydence Hill
Kaydence Hill 3 ditë më parë
I like your vido
Jake Mcmurter
Jake Mcmurter 3 ditë më parë
You can tell somebody peas in the pool because you can see yellow on the sides😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Pp Game
Pp Game 3 ditë më parë
Danh Vuong
Danh Vuong 3 ditë më parë
I am a swimmer
pasta-Josh 4 ditë më parë
what about the sea yeah see he don't know im joking but that would be cool
The Saiyan
The Saiyan 4 ditë më parë
welcome to the net episode of ' quarantine doesnt stop me '
Scarlet Smiths
Scarlet Smiths 4 ditë më parë
Sorry if the ppl disliked they like the science but not the pee =-=
Scarlet Smiths
Scarlet Smiths 4 ditë më parë
Luckily this is old or else the hand shake was the problem we are here today :’(
Scarlet Smiths
Scarlet Smiths 4 ditë më parë
Canada XD
Salvador Arana
Salvador Arana 4 ditë më parë
Salvador Arana
Salvador Arana 4 ditë më parë
Is that real pee ewww
Allyson Beatriz Alwi
Allyson Beatriz Alwi 4 ditë më parë
ppl who like swin=mming i report do not watch this😶
Gianna Falco
Gianna Falco 4 ditë më parë
I will never see a pool the same way... ⬇️
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 4 ditë më parë
Who thinks he peed in the pool.
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 4 ditë më parë
Levi Doerfler
Levi Doerfler 4 ditë më parë
p1nK lun6
p1nK lun6 4 ditë më parë
i love how he say so pool smells is pee
Maddox Valbuena
Maddox Valbuena 4 ditë më parë
It is funny how when she is discribing the process of what is going to happen he act like me in science class
Aaryan Choksi
Aaryan Choksi 4 ditë më parë
Where did he get all the pee to represent everything??
Some random guy 123
Some random guy 123 4 ditë më parë
8:05 how did they get all the pee??
Ryland Taylor
Ryland Taylor 4 ditë më parë
He gave up NASA to measure pee.
Caroline Mbugua
Caroline Mbugua 4 ditë më parë
hmm im sure its you pee
Padded Bag
Padded Bag 4 ditë më parë
"the pee in the pool of a fRieNd" sticker on the sample: "home pool" hahah
Bored Python
Bored Python 4 ditë më parë
How much yellow due did you use lol
Parth Khandelwal
Parth Khandelwal 4 ditë më parë
Never going to a pool again 😂😂
Team Vee Vee
Team Vee Vee 5 ditë më parë
PEOPLE DRINK PEE!! My 10 year old brain has exploded !😨😩😆
Omar Ashour
Omar Ashour 5 ditë më parë
Ewwww I would never pee in the pool it’s disgusting and once my friend peed in my pool I got out for a bit then I went back in
legsopen sarah
legsopen sarah Ditë më parë
i do it all the time. it's totally fine.
Siddharth 5 ditë më parë
Meme templates
Meme templates 5 ditë më parë
but i dont want to
ɢᴀʀᴡɪɴ ʟᴜᴜ!!
ɢᴀʀᴡɪɴ ʟᴜᴜ!! 5 ditë më parë
Over 130 gallons of pee. How much pee does a normal person have?
A&K 5 ditë më parë
Jillian Plotkin
Jillian Plotkin 5 ditë më parë
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 5 ditë më parë
bruh he should do this same thing but for a lake
William Mendez
William Mendez 5 ditë më parë
SCOOBY The Karaoke Guy
SCOOBY The Karaoke Guy 5 ditë më parë
They put artificial flavors in foods and drinks so I guess all of us are drinking piss lol
Itsjusta Hemi
Itsjusta Hemi 5 ditë më parë
So you're saying that if i smell chlorine then keep myself out of that pissy water.... awesome!
Shafia Ijaz
Shafia Ijaz 5 ditë më parë
Dudes Despicable
Dudes Despicable 5 ditë më parë
I'm guilty :(
Tyler Chapman
Tyler Chapman 5 ditë më parë
Ethan Maness
Ethan Maness 5 ditë më parë
"The only place artificial sweetener comes from in a pool is pee." Little did they know, I've been dumping splenda in every pool every time I go in.
Abi Ruben
Abi Ruben 5 ditë më parë
Was i the only kid who was so desperate to go in the middle of completing 20 lengths during swimming class and decided to pee in a corner and quickly swim away. i mean there is chlorine in the swimming pool and essentially it sanitizes the pee (kills of the bacteria) soooooooo it aint as baddddd but still i know its still bad and disgusting to swim in pee.
legsopen sarah
legsopen sarah Ditë më parë
it's fine, as you say chlorine sorts it. I always pee in the pool and have never had a problem.
Ben Stars
Ben Stars 6 ditë më parë
Mr. Meme Daily
Mr. Meme Daily 6 ditë më parë
I bet there would be 10 mil pounds of pee in my pool.
Luckser R
Luckser R 6 ditë më parë
Next it’s going to be how much pee is in a sewer
Kale Lemaster
Kale Lemaster 6 ditë më parë
Thanks for making me never wanting to swim again
Isaak Rodriguez
Isaak Rodriguez 6 ditë më parë
Mark has a crush on Lynsey
Brian St. James
Brian St. James 6 ditë më parë
What ever it was.... Its changed now.... Zip
XEVO MUSIC OFFICIAL 6 ditë më parë
me, watching this because i want to know how much it maters if i pee in the pool
Sagialo Edwards
Sagialo Edwards 6 ditë më parë
Sagialo Edwards
Sagialo Edwards 6 ditë më parë
i just replyed to my own comment
Toby Hom
Toby Hom 6 ditë më parë
Who else knew they weren't going to want to go into the pool again after watching, but still watched it
Laser Cactus
Laser Cactus 6 ditë më parë
i dont want to go swiming
Aidan Lang
Aidan Lang 7 ditë më parë
Do “how much per is in the sewers” next
Shadowz 7 ditë më parë
Sometimes i *c o n s u m e* the water in my pool
Amber Sanders
Amber Sanders 7 ditë më parë
Rutujeet Nayak
Rutujeet Nayak 7 ditë më parë
bro i aint used to American accent it sounded like how much pee is there in poo water XD
•Nightmare •
•Nightmare • 7 ditë më parë
The people who didn't like doesn't want to admit it
Doges Reborn
Doges Reborn 7 ditë më parë
If that is how much is in a pool, then I don't want to even know how much is in a beach
Doges Reborn
Doges Reborn 7 ditë më parë
Really sad if you accidentally drink the pool water
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