Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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Listen to ‘drivers license’ out now: smarturl.it/driverslicense
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

Sohnel Bains
Sohnel Bains 2 sekonda më parë
Aesth Kim
Aesth Kim 7 sekonda më parë
Wow so she created this out of experience, that's why the feels are so raw. She truly put so much emotions on this. Deserves the recognition
Deborah Tulloch
Deborah Tulloch 28 sekonda më parë
Girl, keep your head up. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win. There is more out there for you. Unleash your pain and get back up again. Appreciate your artistry and your vulnerability. Just because it hurts now, doesn't mean it will hurt you forever. God bless 🙏
Katelyn Bowles
Katelyn Bowles 32 sekonda më parë
Cant believe people disliked the video she’s so talented!
Carlo Estella
Carlo Estella 41 sekonda më parë
Mabuhay! Another Filipino-American na namamayagpag sa music world. 🇵🇭 👏👏👏👏
Luro 47 sekonda më parë
How's ksi don't play not overtook this yet no offense its a decent song but don't play is better in my opinion
Inés Alija
Inés Alija 54 sekonda më parë
I got my “cant stop listening to this amazing song” license last week 🤍🤠
TERESITA BAJADO 56 sekonda më parë
Jon Dan
Jon Dan Minutë më parë
Song sucks
Na Jasmeen
Na Jasmeen Minutë më parë
im sorry but what's going on with this song and 'skin' sabrina.. i mean what's the relation 😭😭
Bright Hanieyyy
Bright Hanieyyy Minutë më parë
I knew this song when my friend keeps make a video using this song.Now i knew this amazing song!😍
Povfr Xisbj
Povfr Xisbj Minutë më parë
I love her but i kind of hate sibriana now
Freya FJ
Freya FJ 2 minuta më parë
0:35 the tea 👁👄👁
Leticia Bermúdez
Leticia Bermúdez 2 minuta më parë
Guys i can’t , like- i mean there is so much drama Just stop with the hate comments towards sabrina, olivia and josh, we LITERALLY don’t even know what’s “behind the curtains”
OLIVIA MOORE 2 minuta më parë
OMG since when does Olivia curse
Oliver Flores Jr.
Oliver Flores Jr. 2 minuta më parë
Morisette and Billy Eilish in Olivia Jordan...
D G 2 minuta më parë
i still cant even move on from all i want now here she is again😭
cathe pimentel
cathe pimentel 2 minuta më parë
bye olivia bye
Love Yellow
Love Yellow 3 minuta më parë
Broo i love this soooo much!
Sean Lu
Sean Lu 3 minuta më parë
remember her from Bizaardvark😌? 👏go gurl👏
Jade Chacon
Jade Chacon 3 minuta më parë
Omg I'm gonna cry you are so amazing :(
Kate 4 minuta më parë
I got an ad for drivers licence while in the middle of this video, Lol 😂
Mike Lamb
Mike Lamb 4 minuta më parë
It is a simply song about teenage crushes. They are called "a crush" for a very good reason: You feel totally crushed when it inevitably ends, usually with lots of foul language and hash words to postmark it PAID IN FULL! When you get old enough to understand this you will be an adult.
Arya Rajput
Arya Rajput 5 minuta më parë
who else likes the part when she says "I still fuckin love you babe".
V_ruubiio_ 22
V_ruubiio_ 22 5 minuta më parë
La canción de Olivia ha sido en verdad muy buena y a tenido mucha fama y sigue teniendo lo pero tenemos que recalcar que se que nosotros no sabemos toda la historia que hay detrás de estas canciones en cuanto vemos que un cantante que nos gusta saca una canción y se nota a quien se la dedica por debidos motivos de como sea la letra ya empezamos a echar heat a ese individuo, lo siento pero no me parece correcto no se qué habría entre Olivia y Joshua pero lo que si me queda claro es que nadie decide de quién enamorarse no podemos obligar a alguien a querernos por mucho que queramos tenemos que dejar a esa persona ser feliz con quién el o ella quiera. Olivia tu canción me encanta pero aveces unas simples letras pueden destruir a gente que no ha hecho ningún mal.
Miri L
Miri L 5 minuta më parë
She didn’t said anything bad about Sabrina. Idk why she responds, when is not about her. And even if it is, is about him, not her. Sabrina is just there in the middle. But just that
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia 5 minuta më parë
love it
A p
A p 4 minuta më parë
Mariah Collins
Mariah Collins 5 minuta më parë
the fact that theres no autotune- this is a real artist
Ayumibaby 5 minuta më parë
This song hurts 10x when you don't have driver license and ex boyfriend.
A p
A p 5 minuta më parë
xd lol
Marjorie Medina
Marjorie Medina 5 minuta më parë
Anyways I love this song so much more than Sabrina's.
Kimberly .S
Kimberly .S 5 minuta më parë
The better song 💜
Deborah Tulloch
Deborah Tulloch 6 minuta më parë
So... who is this Joshua guy?
A p
A p 5 minuta më parë
Iftu Jamal
Iftu Jamal 6 minuta më parë
Is Joshua really worth all this beef ?😂
Amitabh 6 minuta më parë
Doge Lolll
Doge Lolll 6 minuta më parë
This hits different when you've been with him since you were 14, no license, always depended on him, 4 kids, and he cheats with a blonde girl 10 years younger than you.
A p
A p 6 minuta më parë
Victoria 6 minuta më parë
no way a guy is worth all of this drama
A p
A p 6 minuta më parë
hi please
***C*D*B** 7 minuta më parë
Olivia, the dude is just not worthy of you. He's too fly-by-night. Mentally let go and let God bring you wonderful true love. Character is everything in a relationship, in life. The right guy will come along, maybe already has. Or maybe a little time out from relationships maybe just the right thing for you now so you can heal. Your talent is amazing and I wish you the very best in partners, in work, in everything. ;)
jeanani G
jeanani G 7 minuta më parë
So the skin Well forgot what I was gonna say
A p
A p 7 minuta më parë
savage dude
Kitsune Anime
Kitsune Anime 7 minuta më parë
This song isn't bad...but the girls who are obsessed with it are the same ones who made fun of me for listening to juice wrld....like really?😂🤔🤔
Deborah Tulloch
Deborah Tulloch 7 minuta më parë
I feel the heartbreak in this song. Her storytelling is amazing. Excellent
Bcrbes 7 minuta më parë
Sabrina who?
Pixel 8 minuta më parë
I want ksi to get number 1 but this song hits different
Rayan Buqrais
Rayan Buqrais 8 minuta më parë
OOHHHH MYYYY Go0DDDDDDDDD ima cryyyy This is soooooo touching . It has tuched my hart 😭❤️
A p
A p 7 minuta më parë
@Rayan Buqrais really rayan
Rayan Buqrais
Rayan Buqrais 8 minuta më parë
The best 4 minutes of my life 😭❤️
vyanka !!
vyanka !! 8 minuta më parë
not on anyone's side (as should everyone else that doesn't know them both personally) but can yall stop saying all liv did was compliment sab ?? it's basically a backhanded compliment 🤷🤷
vyanka !!
vyanka !! 6 minuta më parë
@A p back
A p
A p 8 minuta më parë
victoria rangel
victoria rangel 9 minuta më parë
don't cry for him, he doesn't deserve you but it's normal ... they always change us for blondes 💔 "you said forever now I drive alone past your street"💔💔
A p
A p 8 minuta më parë
u heartbroken xd
Anna keyrouz
Anna keyrouz 9 minuta më parë
Thats my fav song love you so much 🥰🥰
A p
A p 9 minuta më parë
anna hazre
Jasmine Hollaway
Jasmine Hollaway 10 minuta më parë
This song made me give my boyfriend an evil eye. Lmao 🤣
ZenX Fn
ZenX Fn 10 minuta më parë
no one gives a shit
Nallely Aguilar
Nallely Aguilar 10 minuta më parë
Olivia's voice is very soft and beautiful
TheDisabledPenguin98 10 minuta më parë
Sabrina's response was too mean. 🥺 She's not hating anyone in this song, she's just talking about her pain. I don't even know the whole story but people should be able to feel some empathy sometimes.
Lara Phoenix
Lara Phoenix 9 minuta më parë
Sabrina was getting death threats and she was talking to those people
Lara Phoenix
Lara Phoenix 9 minuta më parë
She wasnt hating on her. She was singing about her part of the story
A p
A p 10 minuta më parë
Nallely Aguilar
Nallely Aguilar 11 minuta më parë
this song is so beautiful
A p
A p 10 minuta më parë
Wellica Barroso
Wellica Barroso 11 minuta më parë
A p
A p 10 minuta më parë
Francesca Medina
Francesca Medina 11 minuta më parë
Oh Olivia I love you u inspired me a lot on music and all you shouldn’t be sad about that Sabrina girl brunettes are better hehe 😉 I love you just remember do not cry about a boy boys come and go but family and fans never leave you that’s why we are fans meaning of fans: to support you in what you do and to blow away any bad feeling you have like a fan I love you stay strong 💪
A p
A p 10 minuta më parë
Mia Sven
Mia Sven 11 minuta më parë
nobody: absolutely no one at all: my head after 🎶you said forever now I drive alone past your street🎶: *MONICALEWINSKY*
iAm sALmA
iAm sALmA 12 minuta më parë
olivia: i still f*cking love u me: him tooo
Itati Solis
Itati Solis 12 minuta më parë
Its me or this is so similar like selena, Justin and Hailey
mansi 12 minuta më parë
olivia: you're probably with the blonde girl sabrina: maybe blonde was the only rhyme joshua: lie lie lie
A p
A p 11 minuta më parë
Aaran Pande
Aaran Pande 12 minuta më parë
Does she reply?
๛Candy crush
๛Candy crush 12 minuta më parë
olivia: "probablemente estés con esa chica rubia" sabrina: "quizás rubia era la única rima" yo: 👁👄👁
iAm sALmA
iAm sALmA 13 minuta më parë
no offense sabrina but liv said nothing wrong about u she just said that u have everything that she's insecure about and ur way older than her and u make her doubt like wth u should be happy that she talked nice abt u!!!
iAm sALmA
iAm sALmA 10 minuta më parë
A p
A p 12 minuta më parë
Julius Gromeo
Julius Gromeo 13 minuta më parë
This is very sad song. the sad part is I don't know how to drive so I don't have drives license.
Hannah Salazar
Hannah Salazar 13 minuta më parë
No matter what happen I'll support Olivia 'til her album gets completed and so other albums soon to come.
Valeria Valdivia
Valeria Valdivia 13 minuta më parë
todo lo que ocasiona esta gente :v
Isa Is gaming
Isa Is gaming 13 minuta më parë
The song is dark
Angie Valencia
Angie Valencia 14 minuta më parë
I will always stan drivers license
Kimberly .S
Kimberly .S 9 minuta më parë
As we all should!!
A p
A p 12 minuta më parë
Francesca Medina
Francesca Medina 14 minuta më parë
Septima Goshawk
Septima Goshawk 14 minuta më parë
Plz let the girl tell HER story, not THE side of the story. She got heartbroken, and this is her way to express herself. So proud of Drivers License. Don’t play 👩🏼’s game, Olivia didn't mean to hate on her lmao.
Hayley Gregar
Hayley Gregar 14 minuta më parë
Anybody just hear skin by sabrina carpenter
Just Drawingz
Just Drawingz 14 minuta më parë
Some people might be hating on Olivia, some people might be hating on her. They are both talented singers and song writers, with feelings like everyone else. Imagine getting threats and a lot of bad attention. Yet, they both are still handling it. Would you be able to handle thousands of hate comments and threats? Maybe you could, maybe not. But yet again, they both are still humans, who have emotions and feelings, they are not objects. So go ahead. Bully them. But is that really gonna help? What do you want them to do? Disappear from public? Something else? Rumors go around, and people believe in them, but did they say it's true? The best we can do is say nothing. If you dislike something, just keep it to yourself. It doesn't have to be them but What does it do putting a comment directly to them? To start a group for hating on or something? The both are incredible, so no need to say who is better. If you have come this far, please take this to note. (I have no hate for anyone in this comment)
๛Candy crush
๛Candy crush 15 minuta më parë
No lo nieguen tu tambien estas aqui despues del skin de sabrina carpenter - "siempre chismosas nunca inchismosas" xd
Hannah Salazar
Hannah Salazar 15 minuta më parë
Now here's another Blonde issue.
Rodrigo González
Rodrigo González 16 minuta më parë
Shortcake 24
Shortcake 24 16 minuta më parë
This song is so fucking great
Keziah Dela cruz
Keziah Dela cruz 16 minuta më parë
Girl Sabrina just posted a new song, she wanna diss you .-.
Jack 16 minuta më parë
Olivia: Your probably with that blonde girl Sabrina: Maybe blonde was your only rhyme
FranticPug 5 minuta më parë
Sabrina also said she wasn’t sh#t and how josh is touching her and not you 🧍‍♀️ sabrinas song was unneeded and unwanted I used to like her but honestly not after that, like legit in this song she says how she thinks Sabrina is beautiful and then Sabrina does that?
Ahmet Kutay
Ahmet Kutay 16 minuta më parë
Scarlett Boden
Scarlett Boden 17 minuta më parë
Amazing love this song totally not obsessed
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 17 minuta më parë
U are strong ❤️
Lu Gatto
Lu Gatto 17 minuta më parë
Fiz questao de vir deixar meu like
Nuzhat Tazreen Y7A
Nuzhat Tazreen Y7A 18 minuta më parë
Olivia: RED LIGHTS STOP SIGNS Me: Wow!! that hit different.
Ha He
Ha He 18 minuta më parë
Omg this song is also good
Alice Tyler
Alice Tyler 18 minuta më parë
just covered this on my channel - obsessed
Sumit Sarsaiya
Sumit Sarsaiya 18 minuta më parë
love 💕 your voice ❤️
Melina Vásquez
Melina Vásquez 18 minuta më parë
Daniela Barbosa Badia
Daniela Barbosa Badia 19 minuta më parë
✨Omg i love this song✨
Mary Pearl Tv
Mary Pearl Tv 19 minuta më parë
She looks like, Ms.Cat the Miss Universe 2018. 😍😍😍
Christine Tahil
Christine Tahil 19 minuta më parë
He made me cry a lot today and the saddest part is that he's gone now. I give up. I cried so much and he's not even mine to start with.
Tsheba Bandojo
Tsheba Bandojo 19 minuta më parë
I don't have an bf nor an ex but this song Hurtsss me everytime I don't know why😭
lifeisrosyyy 19 minuta më parë
What may have started off as a genuine song about heartbreak is now just being used to promote music and prolong the drama. At this point Joshua and Sabrina are just riding off of Olivia’s success.
Mina Funs
Mina Funs 20 minuta më parë
Тогда деньги есть я бы тоже такой популярной стала
Jordan Soriano
Jordan Soriano 20 minuta më parë
y’all really switching up on sabrina meanwhile on Halloween when they dressed up as shark boy and lava girl u said, “this couple is gonna save our 2020” I-
Adam Kamei
Adam Kamei 20 minuta më parë
Is nobody gonna talk about how pretty she is
Bethany Bratton
Bethany Bratton 20 minuta më parë
Um excuse me first I see her on Bizzardvark and now all of a sudden we find out she's fricking musically talented as crap???
Isobel Young
Isobel Young 20 minuta më parë
"Dont drive yourself insane" 🏃🏻‍♀️💨
iAm sALmA
iAm sALmA 20 minuta më parë
i think sabrina ruined EVERYTHINGGGG like theyre soo cute together Joshua please get back with liv 😭 she really lovess uuuu
call_me_blink 21 minutë më parë
I love Sabrina and Olivia so stop this guys
Great Oyem
Great Oyem 21 minutë më parë
Olivia got under the blonde skin
Veeka 22 minuta më parë
For those who are saying that Sabrina is being rude or petty. Here are her lyrics from her song 'skin'. I just hope that one day We both can laugh about it When it's not in our face Won't have to dance around it Don't drive yourself insane It won't always be this way She is BEING NICE FOR GODS SAKE.
Katie Scogna
Katie Scogna 22 minuta më parë
Ngl, I like Sabrina better No disrespect I've just been a fan of Sabrina for years, and I feel like Olivia just kinda showed up out of nowhere, decent song though
Maya Linh
Maya Linh 22 minuta më parë
okay so I'm not gonna war here, but you all need to know which one is true, even her (Olivia) didn't say anything about that, why would you make a fuss about this? some of you even send death threat to sabrina? i'm just gonna tell you this, DON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN. you think you have the rights to protect your idol, and we don't? c'mon, understand please, she literally did nothing wrong, that's it. Enough is enough.
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