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Tom MacDonald

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TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald

Mikey NemBang
Mikey NemBang 41 minutë më parë
Which music video is he talking bout'?
Donovan Barron
Donovan Barron Orë më parë
love your videos and my favorite is no lives matter
Snoodle Girl
Snoodle Girl Orë më parë
Good story
Snoodle Girl
Snoodle Girl Orë më parë
My mom read bible every night. One night she fell asleep reading . I heard a blood wrenching scream in the dark it woke me. She ssid a cold hand touched her arm she looked up saw tall big solid dark figure with glowing red eyes. She screamed and started praying the thing vanished
Snoodle Girl
Snoodle Girl Orë më parë
Ohthatsrad 3 orë më parë
Wait i wanna see this music video
Brandon Hudgins
Brandon Hudgins 3 orë më parë
@TomMacDonald: HOLY SHIT!!! Bro, I BELIEVE your account of what happened!! Your account of your experience in that town gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!!! My wife and I are paranormal investigators, we’ve had our fair share of personal experiences too. I’ve seen similar MASSIVE SHADOWS, except one of the ones I’ve seen was 8+ Feet tall!! I’ve heard feet shuffling around in a room where NO ONE was On that floor, I was by myself!! Scared the Fuck outta me!! Did I mention that this experience of mine was also in a Sanitorium??? If you ever get the chance, go on an investigation at St. Albans Sanitorium in Radford Virginia....
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp 9 orë më parë
Doesn't the halls at 10:58 look like the tunnels under the insane asylum from grave encounters?
Greg Estabrooks
Greg Estabrooks 9 orë më parë
Ok real or not this story was awesome, you told it well and it spooked me out! More of this!
That Guy Dave
That Guy Dave 10 orë më parë
This was fucking amazing!
Declan Henneberry
Declan Henneberry 15 orë më parë
so heres what i want for christmas, i want tom to do more ghost stories. i dont care if they arent his stories. i just want to listen to his story telling.
bryan rzoska
bryan rzoska 16 orë më parë
Nice. Think that is creepy, go to Centralia, Pennsylvania
GIGAC man 18 orë më parë
Damn...I believe you bro
Elin-Margareta Nordin
Elin-Margareta Nordin 19 orë më parë
This is awesome.
Jeremy C
Jeremy C 19 orë më parë
I'm not into music. I like this type of content from you. Good story, well done. Subscribed.
ZBruh Ditë më parë
Close your fucking cupboard lmao 🤣 this needs to be a series btw
bonze1973 Ditë më parë
Yup, that's a big F%%%%%%%%%CK NOOOOO from me. I've had encounters as well, but not like that... And hell no would of I walked down them stairs. I'd of been ya'll goin to die, I'll be right That sh%ts straight out of House On Haunted Hill... Yup, nope...LOL That camera.?... It gone, get a new one...
brenda okuda
brenda okuda Ditë më parë
Story telling skills: EPIC
Space Rooster Jim
Space Rooster Jim Ditë më parë
lets go
Amanda Shoemaker
Amanda Shoemaker Ditë më parë
He is an AMAZING story teller 🤘🏻
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas Ditë më parë
senthics Ditë më parë
u have black genetics tom, all you knew was to get the FUCK outta there.
reaper 420
reaper 420 Ditë më parë
Please keep making thease I enjoyed the shit out of that and I think ghost adventures went there and did an episode
ThatBoyDaws Ditë më parë
ThatBoyDaws Ditë më parë
ALPHABINI Ditë më parë
2012 wasn't the real year... because the Gregorian calendar was wrong... its not the same as Maya's calendar 2020 and 2021 is the real year ( 2012 in Maya's (Ethiopian) calendar )
Burrito Bohdan
Burrito Bohdan Ditë më parë
Holy fuck
Howard Liberty
Howard Liberty Ditë më parë
Yo tom I might just have to go and have a few buddies and stay a couple nights in that building maybe even in the tunnels 🤘🏻 blast some slipknot hell maybe even a few of ur songs lol 💪🏻😂😂
Electro Sans
Electro Sans Ditë më parë
lotta swearing...
George Ditë më parë
anybody know what music video he shoot at tranquill????
joe eastcott
joe eastcott 2 ditë më parë
we used to go there all the time it's just outside of kamloops bc ... and yes its hunted lol
Dwight Around-yo-lips
Dwight Around-yo-lips 2 ditë më parë
Kickass story bro
Jay Deno
Jay Deno 2 ditë më parë
waiiiiit? the rapper? nah man...stick to music.. Leave the scary stories to @chills and/or @mrballen ;) both GREAT w the YT wariness w Proof! crazy sh#t ! But..yeah man.. stay w what you LOVE
LibertyorDeath 2 ditë më parë
Should create a new channel called “Tom’s Bedtime Stories”
The Average Chinese Guy
The Average Chinese Guy 2 ditë më parë
This makes me realize how cheap jump scares are.
Eric Freeman
Eric Freeman 2 ditë më parë
Dude this story had me hooked from the get go. Excellent speaker.
Brandon Clymer
Brandon Clymer 2 ditë më parë
I don’t even care if it’s real or not. This was an incredible story and I straight up got a little scared not gonna lie. If this is actually true like... DAMN. I hope he does more of these.
Don Lowe
Don Lowe 3 ditë më parë
Fuckin' awesome Tom.
Derek Church
Derek Church 3 ditë më parë
If you need help I'll help you win rock paper scissors.. its a mind game
Derek Church
Derek Church 3 ditë më parë
This made me so anxious
Derek Church
Derek Church 3 ditë më parë
These sound affects tho
BADSPORT TROLLN 3 ditë më parë
The Illuminati disliked this video.
Garner Jansen
Garner Jansen 3 ditë më parë
23:38 did anyone else see the black dot fly over him because I swear that was a poltergeist?
Keller Kills
Keller Kills 3 ditë më parë
If he does the actual ghost hunting and debunking himself...... I am game to watch. I will wait for me to come out of this channel before I subscribe.
Keller Kills
Keller Kills 3 ditë më parë
Wait for *more* to come out the channel
Steven Hall
Steven Hall 3 ditë më parë
This needs an animation
Red Cook
Red Cook 3 ditë më parë
Tom let's go stay a couple days there and do some ghost adventure shit we will record the whole thing this would be awsome
amike4211 3 ditë më parë
Hey Tom if the rap thing doesn't work out I'd buy into a creepy pasta channel by you lol.
Colton w
Colton w 3 ditë më parë
I found the concrete hallway thing funny
Larry Cannon III
Larry Cannon III 3 ditë më parë
who else knows tranquille means quite? CRAZY!!
Ibrahim Mwaura
Ibrahim Mwaura 3 ditë më parë
Yo that’s why the kids warned them about falling because that’s how they pasted away that’s crazy how the shitt just connected to the whole story shitt man it’s 11 am and I’m scared
Ibrahim Mwaura
Ibrahim Mwaura 2 ditë më parë
@meeekoo jin yeah that’s the point 😂😂😂 I was scared in the morning 😂😂😂
meeekoo jin
meeekoo jin 3 ditë më parë
11 am is morning lol
Van Peter
Van Peter 3 ditë më parë
I love this story.Whether it‘s real or not...I'm happy to keep this story as my bedtime reading haha
Dylan Harper
Dylan Harper 3 ditë më parë
Gave me goosebumps. Thanks for the story!
Bigbug Nowadaze
Bigbug Nowadaze 3 ditë më parë
We need two Toms so one can focus on a spooky stories podcast ❤️
RAINBOW WEB TAROT 3 ditë më parë
Crossing the boarders- aka dimensions. God only shows the gifted the truth 😘 💜
Steffanie Strickland
Steffanie Strickland 3 ditë më parë
Holy Fuck that is some insane shit right there Tom! Like damn.
Joshua Richardson
Joshua Richardson 3 ditë më parë
You got lucky watchers early show them selves
Uy Somnang
Uy Somnang 3 ditë më parë
I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
AJ Winter
AJ Winter 3 ditë më parë
Stop it! Omg I should not have watched that alone! Amazing story teller, I got full on goose bumps at the end!
Thomas George
Thomas George 3 ditë më parë
I really shit my pants listening to this story, especially at the end...crazy stuff, great story though.
Isaiah_TGI 3 ditë më parë
This needs to be a movie
Hillbilly Headley
Hillbilly Headley 3 ditë më parë
It’s 2 am. Time for the nightmares 😂
TheWinterfinger 3 ditë më parë
you tell stories well Tom...
Spilt Taco
Spilt Taco 3 ditë më parë
Yeah... but did you die?
LucidOxboy 05
LucidOxboy 05 3 ditë më parë
I don't wanna sleep EVER
Grace 3 ditë më parë
Am I the only one who would have just given the director money for a new light. Like no thanks, you can go back to get your light if you want to if it's that important but I'm not going.
Tigerlily Lily
Tigerlily Lily 3 ditë më parë
Why didn't I wait until morning to watch that
Paula Osburn
Paula Osburn 4 ditë më parë
I love you songs
Paula Osburn
Paula Osburn 4 ditë më parë
I am a fan uf you
James Parker
James Parker 4 ditë më parë
AWESOME story telling holy SHIT! I could binge watch Tom telling scary stories for 8 hours straight!
the narrative is real.
the narrative is real. 4 ditë më parë
This is amazing! PLEASE do more of these!
Amelia Auerswald
Amelia Auerswald 4 ditë më parë
U should do more of this
Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe
Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe 4 ditë më parë
Corey Cano
Corey Cano 4 ditë më parë
Yo I loved this storey amizing
edward ray
edward ray 4 ditë më parë
my dad is a janitor at the sanatorium and you guys scared the shit out of him that night. glad you got your light.
China Lewis
China Lewis 4 ditë më parë
Dude....I got major fucking chills with anymore stories....would you be willing to go. back
Georgios Papadopoulos
Georgios Papadopoulos 4 ditë më parë
Would you go back?
IMPERIAXE 4 ditë më parë
Mold hallucinations are great arent they
Samara Steffenhagen
Samara Steffenhagen 4 ditë më parë
Why does he use more descriptive words the my English teacher who says he’s descriptive
Chad Niggle
Chad Niggle 4 ditë më parë
This better not be cap 😤👌
Triple D
Triple D 4 ditë më parë
Yea bro u can really tell good stories we can all picture the place an events as u tell it if u wasn’t a rap god bro u could do story’s or audio books Lol the white Morgan freeman of story telling bro
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue 4 ditë më parë
Dude. The end gave me chillllllsssss
My name Josh
My name Josh 4 ditë më parë
Bro, I was glued to this one. What a story
Jeffrey Petkau
Jeffrey Petkau 4 ditë më parë
I've seen the same thing you saw but I didn't run I tried to fight it....that was the worst idea I've ever had to date and ended poorly for me. I definitely believe you
clay carpenter
clay carpenter 4 ditë më parë
Who low-key thinks he maybe making a run at WWE?? He would bring a whole new audience possibly and he is entertaining. He could cut some great promos.
Terrie Tonka
Terrie Tonka 4 ditë më parë
Imagine, amazing...
Brody Babes
Brody Babes 4 ditë më parë
Did you get that F-ing light?
Dawn Sims
Dawn Sims 4 ditë më parë
You're pretty fly for a white guy
big gamer
big gamer 4 ditë më parë
Look it up it's TRUE but I don't know if he seen the boy and girl I mean he could of..who knows face to face with a ghost that's pretty fucking scary and didn't even know they were ghost and was talking to them...
Nomad Grim
Nomad Grim 4 ditë më parë
I would love to have Tom tell stories on youtube
Just a Dakota
Just a Dakota 4 ditë më parë
Tom this was great buddy thanks for sharing it with us.
Michelle Elle
Michelle Elle 4 ditë më parë
Awesomeness! Great story
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 4 ditë më parë
you have a cool look. Thank God we have a milatery to keep you out of my country.
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 3 ditë më parë
Did I reply to this?
Master Lock
Master Lock 4 ditë më parë
you gotta finish the story i thourolly enjoyed thats and pictured what you were saying
Bazza Stevens
Bazza Stevens 4 ditë më parë
And that some shit bro u gave even me goosebumps
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn 4 ditë më parë
I found your music by accident (someone had a video in their sig) not only fantastic music, but a superb storyteller. Thank you, sir :)
gecko 1
gecko 1 4 ditë më parë
Pls do more this shit was crazy best fuckin story teller no bs
Guilt-Toy Racing
Guilt-Toy Racing 4 ditë më parë
good stuff!
Trisha Dennis
Trisha Dennis 4 ditë më parë
Dude.... Do you have fucking eye balls tatted on your lids.... Sick Bru. Love it.
Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley 4 ditë më parë
He's pretty good true or not have him tell childrens bedtime stories with the same emotion they would love it. They should make a reenactment of that story for celebrity ghost stories or something seeing it on T.V would be nice
Jeremy Hohrein
Jeremy Hohrein 4 ditë më parë
brah. this was absolutly money. Chills for real! damn good job tom!
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