Koe Wetzel - Good Die Young (Official Audio)

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Music video by Koe Wetzel performing Good Die Young (Official Audio). (C) 2020 YellaBush Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.

TxTimxT 6 ditë më parë
Holy f*ck .. #reallifemusic ....
Tanner Santo
Tanner Santo 6 ditë më parë
What a boss
4 aces guide service
4 aces guide service 10 ditë më parë
Man I dont get the hype. This guy is trash lol
R. M. Gormley
R. M. Gormley 11 ditë më parë
Paris Jewell
Paris Jewell 12 ditë më parë
This one's a good one fasho
MTB TX 13 ditë më parë
Fuck yes!!!
Kc Kc
Kc Kc 14 ditë më parë
Can’t wait for the album tonight or tomorrow!!!!
texas outlaw
texas outlaw 14 ditë më parë
Kc Kc
Kc Kc 17 ditë më parë
A few more days and the album will be out!!!
Josh Pisarcik
Josh Pisarcik 20 ditë më parë
why does he sound like upchurch not a bad thing either
Songstats 25 ditë më parë
Awww yes! Did you see that this track reached #7 in the Apple Music Country Charts in Moldova!
Mariah Davis
Mariah Davis 26 ditë më parë
I just lost a brother to suicide this week. I’ve been listening to this on repeat on apple.
Kc Kc
Kc Kc 23 ditë më parë
Big prayers to you and the family koe will make it a little better!
Nicole C
Nicole C 27 ditë më parë
Alex ortiz
Alex ortiz 27 ditë më parë
Thx a lot Johnathan for showing me this legend
Ashton Malloy
Ashton Malloy Muaj më parë
jamming in the 970 to the 936
D Brn
D Brn Muaj më parë
Damn this one hits too close to home
Hurley Cribb
Hurley Cribb Muaj më parë
I'll be forever thankful for Koe🖤🖤
Clayton Mortenson
Clayton Mortenson Muaj më parë
Going to see him in February in rapid city cant wait
Ross Bowman
Ross Bowman Muaj më parë
When are we gonna hear Koe on country radio??
Tavish Haycock
Tavish Haycock Muaj më parë
Don’t fuck around bring a show to California.
Tiffany Blankenship
Tiffany Blankenship Muaj më parë
Can’t wait to see you play in Maryville, TN ♥️
genia van noord
genia van noord Muaj më parë
This freakin song....😍
Eric Montemayor
Eric Montemayor Muaj më parë
I'm runnin' 'round like a fish with my head cut off I know, it don't make much sense to me either The sun's shinin', I'm still broke as hell But it's good to see the grass got greener My mama called to say she's prayin' for me And Jesus called but I wasn't there He left a message on my answering machine Just to tell me how much he cared And I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young I've terrorized everything in my eyes And left them there to bleed It's hard to hurt something that I love When the only thing I love is me So call the doctor, run for the hills He's going insane, he's ran outta pills He can't be saved, he's too far gone Maybe I'm really alone But I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young Where the good die young
Collin Gouge
Collin Gouge Muaj më parë
Amy Winstead
Amy Winstead Muaj më parë
The best. As always. Love you bro
MrAggieman21 Muaj më parë
This one is gonna be a thousand times better live! Can't wait to catch a concert eventually!!!
David T Ferguson
David T Ferguson Muaj më parë
Dude I say this all the time 👽🤠
Dalan Brown
Dalan Brown Muaj më parë
Zach Long
Zach Long Muaj më parë
Loving the new stuff! 🤘🏼
Benito Burrito
Benito Burrito Muaj më parë
Wow bro Koe never disappoints
Jay Muaj më parë
100/10 missed your voiiiice!!😣
Justin White
Justin White Muaj më parë
Fucking killed it again Koe!!
Alec Beal
Alec Beal Muaj më parë
Just found out my best of friends was shot in the head ... No one knows anything and no suspects #justiceformajor he was so loving and caring , now he is in a coma and odds are severely stacked against him
Adan Garza
Adan Garza 20 ditë më parë
Prayers man. God sees everything!
Alec Beal
Alec Beal 22 ditë më parë
@Timothy Park bohnham texas
Timothy Park
Timothy Park Muaj më parë
Sorry to here about that buddy where did that happen
Zeth Williams
Zeth Williams Muaj më parë
Aaron Tucker Prank T.V
Aaron Tucker Prank T.V Muaj më parë
koe wetzel great song brother
David Ornelas
David Ornelas Muaj më parë
Good O’l guy from Pittsburg
Clayton Wells
Clayton Wells Muaj më parë
Bad ass song
K James
K James Muaj më parë
This is good shit. Stoked for the album
Eli Adams Music
Eli Adams Music Muaj më parë
A well-deserved artist who always lives up to the hype! Not all artists take risks and succeed and he’s the example that you should play the music that makes you move and hope people respond! Great song for what’s going to be a badass album.
silkyworm Muaj më parë
Ready for the album
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Muaj më parë
Hell yeah!
Josh hicks
Josh hicks Muaj më parë
Yesss thank you !!!!
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez Muaj më parë
😍😍😍 never disappoints!!! Come back to Lubbock already, it's been 3 months 😂 We'll be ready for you!
Shawn Mitchell
Shawn Mitchell Muaj më parë
gotta love sum koe!!! love the new music
Luke Huskey
Luke Huskey Muaj më parë
Fuck you if you don’t like Koe Wetzel
daddy jay
daddy jay Muaj më parë
Just got the name from Kolby Cooper album The Good Ones Never Last, Kolby still the king!
Adam W
Adam W Muaj më parë
Been waiting for this voice to say something new.
dago barrera
dago barrera Muaj më parë
love koes voice, every song i love by him
JoHn JaCkMaN
JoHn JaCkMaN Muaj më parë
Hell yea son
SCAR Muaj më parë
Christopher McLaury
Christopher McLaury Muaj më parë
Koe I met you a couple months ago in Hochatown Oklahoma. It was your third year at our cabin Deer Crossing and BLUE BASS. Love your music... would like to write a song with you.
Jack Burnette
Jack Burnette Muaj më parë
Koe has been killing it
Alisha Black
Alisha Black Muaj më parë
Just casually dropping new music in the middle of the night 🌙 🤪
Nick Mata
Nick Mata Muaj më parë
Fuck koe wetzel
DYLAN COCHRAN Muaj më parë
Heck yeah 72 comment not bad for a artist
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson Muaj më parë
It’s good to see the grass got greener
Spencer Uhland
Spencer Uhland Muaj më parë
This gave me chills
J Fitzer
J Fitzer Muaj më parë
I'm Koes dad. Thank you for your support everyone.
MTB TX Muaj më parë
Fuck yes!
lit riding
lit riding Muaj më parë
Yes sirrrrr
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald Muaj më parë
Can’t wait for the album to drop right when I get back from the ship gives me something to listen on the way home
Carson Sorrells
Carson Sorrells Muaj më parë
Not my favorite song by him but still rocks🤘🏻
MORRISETT 41 Muaj më parë
anyone eles think he should do some christmas song covers
Matt Gallik
Matt Gallik Muaj më parë
Let’s go koooooeeeeeee
Brittany Fromhold
Brittany Fromhold Muaj më parë
Pills kill. I would be just devastated if you died from the pills Koe. I hope you are recovering bud. I had two ankle surgeries in one year, and I know how hard it is to quit. Many blessings to you sweety!
Benito Burrito
Benito Burrito Muaj më parë
Wow never knew he was he was struggling prayers to you bro but I guess after I tryed this song it makes more sense thanks for the me comment hopefully he sees this 🙏 ✝️
Drew Hobbs
Drew Hobbs Muaj më parë
So much great music just released in the last hour. Koe, Luke, Stapleton. I’m so happy rn
ryan grafft
ryan grafft Muaj më parë
Hell yes! 🔥
Dana Wimer
Dana Wimer Muaj më parë
My opinion.....for the 2 people who put a thumbs down, go suck a d*ck. Koe never Disappoints in music!
Dalton Outlaw
Dalton Outlaw Muaj më parë
Midnight. Tonight.
Adam Flores
Adam Flores Muaj më parë
Koe Never disappoints
Diana Valenzuela
Diana Valenzuela Muaj më parë
Never Disappoints!
Zac Guy
Zac Guy Muaj më parë
I found out I'm going to be a dad today!
Rylan Muaj më parë
Congrats Big Papa, a Dr. once told me "It will change your life." After cutting my first umbilical cord lol
Pennington Muaj më parë
Awesome dude being a dad is the greatest thing on earth just work extta hard
CKGOTBANNE D Muaj më parë
congrats ! many more blessings to come!
James Crow
James Crow Muaj më parë
Jim Martin
Jim Martin Muaj më parë
Great day in your life
StarksYT Muaj më parë
35 minutes in and already a certified ✨BANGER✨
Ian Wells
Ian Wells Muaj më parë
This...this is the one I needed to hear
Anthony Avila
Anthony Avila Muaj më parë
Nickkilmer Muaj më parë
Koe never disappoints!
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey Muaj më parë
Adam Quinn
Adam Quinn Muaj më parë
Favorite damn musician and lyricist by far now days looking forward to hearing more from you guys may very well be the soundtrack to my life lol
Robert Billalobos
Robert Billalobos Muaj më parë
A day before my Birthday. Niice 11/20
Zachary Jennings
Zachary Jennings Muaj më parë
2 days before my
SATX Jared
SATX Jared Muaj më parë
Fuck yessss koe
Jonathon Sumner
Jonathon Sumner Muaj më parë
This is better than Luke combs song change my mind
Jamie Patterson
Jamie Patterson 11 ditë më parë
Definitely better than that sellout
Cody Adams
Cody Adams Muaj më parë
Not since noise complaint
Andrew Goddard
Andrew Goddard Muaj më parë
Thats exactly what i says.
Devin Tillotson
Devin Tillotson Muaj më parë
Damn right
James Muaj më parë
Hell yeah
Connor Scudder
Connor Scudder Muaj më parë
19 mins, hell yea just what I’ve been needing got a little to drunk and forgot this was dropping
Braiden Shoulders
Braiden Shoulders Muaj më parë
This is exactly what I needed the second this dropped my gf got a call saying her grandpa had passed away and we have just been listening to this on repeat thank you koe
C Cooke
C Cooke Muaj më parë
My man!!!!!!!!!! Fucking love it! Can't wait for next album and concerts!
Brandon Daniels
Brandon Daniels Muaj më parë
Named the album “sellout” as a big fuck you to all the people who made assumptions when he signed
Sewer Slide Gaming
Sewer Slide Gaming Muaj më parë
Koe fucking Wetzel❤️ Odessa, Texas in the house🤟🏼
Kelly Gregg
Kelly Gregg Muaj më parë
Love you Koe!!
Bubba Steppin TV
Bubba Steppin TV Muaj më parë
We love you Koe.
RJ52 son
RJ52 son Muaj më parë
I love all of your songs
Jason Burch
Jason Burch Muaj më parë
Hell yeah koe love it!
Bubba Steppin TV
Bubba Steppin TV Muaj më parë
Well two bangers dropped tonight
Trynt Airheart
Trynt Airheart Muaj më parë
Another amazing song
Eric Denson
Eric Denson Muaj më parë
I’d love to fucking listen to this but my drunk ass girlfriend wont stop arguing about how this isn’t koe 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂
zach kostick
zach kostick Muaj më parë
I stayed up to hear this 🤟 never disappointed glad I found your music 💯
Cade Hooper
Cade Hooper Muaj më parë
B C Muaj më parë
First one from Oregon....
paul shaw
paul shaw Muaj më parë
georgia here 🤙🏼
TakeaRisk Muaj më parë
Washington here
R.E.M.20 Muaj më parë
The rest of the album will be released on November 20th, 2020! Marking it on the calendar😂
Poncho Escobar
Poncho Escobar Muaj më parë
@Jerry Sohns lol got em
Michael Reaves
Michael Reaves Muaj më parë
@Dustin Sartor yooo same here
Dustin Sartor
Dustin Sartor Muaj më parë
My bday is the 24th hella present.
Jerry Sohns
Jerry Sohns Muaj më parë
@R.E.M.20 He’s Just Fucking with Y’all ....
R.E.M.20 Muaj më parë
@Jerry Sohns Koe posted on Instagram saying 11-20-2020
Kc Kc
Kc Kc Muaj më parë
Whoever disliked it already can eat a dick
Shut up zombie1
Shut up zombie1 Muaj më parë
Who ever dislike this song is gay
Its Chuck
Its Chuck Muaj më parë
Kc Kc
Kc Kc Muaj më parë
Mf koe Wetzel 🔥🔥🔥 never disappoints
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